‘Zat You, Santa Claus?


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For Women

Author’s Note:

Greetings fellow lover of erotic fiction. This is my Holiday 2018 Contest entry. Please take the time to enjoy all the entries. They’re really pretty great.

This is a work of fiction. It would be best if you just suspend disbelief and enjoyed it.

This is a work of fantasy. Time is compressed.

This is a short story by Lit standards; just under 1000 words.

You’ll find depictions of various sex acts between consenting adults, both of whom are over eighteen. Most of the sex is kind of kinky, so if you’re easily offended, please stop reading and find a story more to your tastes. Spoiler Alert: there is toy use, nipple play and bondage in here! You were warned!

I’d love to hear what you think, so please leave a comment. Don’t forget to vote!

The red snowmobile rattled across the fields, occasionally leaving the trail completely. The sled behind protested every bounce.

The driver, dressed in red, was intent on making his last stop. The night had been long and he was tired.

The field gave way to a park, then to the yard of a condominium complex. He put the machine in the shadow of a large fir tree, and killed the engine. The silence was refreshing.

He dismounted and removed a red velvet sack from the sled and approached the second unit from the near end. He laid his palm flat on the door above the doorknob, and the door swung open with a soft “clack”.

On the radio, Eartha Kitt started seducing Santa Claus. He smiled.

He removed his helmet, revealing a full head of long red hair and a full, bushy beard. He stepped out of his snowmobile suit and boots. Beneath, canlı bahis he wore faded jeans and a red plaid flannel shirt over a slightly pudgy body. He grinned as he climbed the stairs.

The bedroom door was ajar. He pushed it open. He raised his hand and the lights came up slightly. The sleeping woman’s long black hair spread over the pillow.

“Merry Christmas Janet!” he said in a loud, clear voice.

Janet opened her eyes, blinking at the light.

“What? Who? What’s going on?”

“Christmas! I’m here to fulfill your Christmas wishes.” He said

“What the fuck? Who are you and how did you get in?” said Janet, still confused

“I’m Jimmy Claus. I’m Santa’s nephew. I’m in charge of the Naughty List. You’re on it.” He said.

“How did I get on-“

“The Naughty List? Everyone asks that. Let’s see,” Jimmy produced a small note book. “There was that guy in the women’s bathroom at the bar last week. You blew your best friend’s boyfriend while she slept in the other room. You made out with a drunken co-worker at the Christmas party, you-“

“Okay, I get it. Slutty behavior.” She purred “Fine. I like sex. Is that wrong?”

Jimmy chuckled. “Not at all. I’m here to fulfill your darkest desires. First, covers off.”

She threw back the covers. She wore an oversized t-shirt.

“We can do better than that.” Jimmy said, snapping his fingers.

The t-shirt was replaced by a black bra and garter, fishnet stockings, no panties and black peep toe pumps. A patch of luxurious fur matched her hair and the outfit.

“That’s better. Now, gifts. Do you remember what you asked for, other than that outfit?” asked bahis siteleri Jimmy, rubbing his hands with Glee.

“I haven’t written a letter to Santa in years…” Janet began.

“Ah, but, you wished for some very naughty things, didn’t you? Like,” he checked his list “Oh, nipple clamps. Alligator?” Jimmy snapped his fingers.

Janet felt slight pressure on her nipples. “Oh, mmm!” she moaned.

“Clovers?” he asked. Janet felt a much stronger pinch on her nipples. “Oh my God! That’s so fucking good!” her left hand reached for her rapidly dampening slit while her right cupped a breast and flicked the clamp that was torturing her nipple.

“Fingers? You imagined something else, right?” Jimmy snapped his finger again, and a purple, U-shaped vibrator appeared in her pussy, massaging her clitoris and teasing her wet core.

“Oh, yes! That’s uh, oh, wonderful!” she gasped.

“There’s so much more!” he said leering at her. “Like that little glass butt plug.”

Janet felt a sudden pressure from behind as the toy she’d loved in a downtown sex shop filled her back passage.

“Oh my! That’s uh, oh! That’s so fucking hot!” Janet worked the vibrator over her clitoris while holding the other end deep in her pussy.

“Now, one last thing. It says ‘submission’. Do you remember spending hours on that porn site, watching bondage videos?” Jimmy asked, looking up from his list.

“I like the idea of surrendering to my needs. As long as I still get to say ‘enough’.” She replied.

“Safe word is ‘enough’. Got it!” Jimmy said, writing on his list. “Now, what’s your pleasure? Leather?” he snapped his fingers and red leather cuffs bahis şirketleri coupled her wrists and ankles.

“How about cold steel?” he snapped his fingers again and she was spread-eagle with steel shackles on her wrists and ankles. She struggled a bit, clanking the chains.

“If you’re going to do that, the bra has to go. I like seeing titties shake. He waived his hand and the bra disappeared. Her breasts were large and shapely. Her nipples, tortured by the clover clamps were dark and prominent.

She shook them to show her freedom.

“Deep down, you’re an old fashioned girl, aren’t you? You want rope, don’t you?” Jimmy said, consulting his list again. He snapped his fingers. The chains, disappeared and her wrists were tied to her ankles in an elaborate knot.

“How’s that?” He asked. “Comfy? Not too tight?”

“Mmm.” She purred. “feels great! I love being so open.” She spread her legs to demonstrate. “Do you like a hairy pussy, Santa?”

“Jimmy. Yes. Very nice. Had ‘enough’?”

“I’m just getting started.” Janet answered, grinning.

“Well, that’s everything on my list.” He said.

“Are you sure? There is one thing I’ve wanted all year. You want to make sure Santa knows you did your job and left a satisfied naughty girl. Right, Jimmy?”

“There’s nothing else on my list,” he said, turning the list over in his hands.

“Jimmy, think. What makes me such a naughty girl?” she said in a singsong voice.


“Cock, Jimmy. I love cock. And after all this naughtiness, I need a cock in me. A Nice. Fat. Cock.”

“Well, I do want to make Santa happy.” He said, unbuttoning his shirt and taking off his pants.

“Look at you, hard already!”

“I’ve been seeing naughty girls all night. It gets to a man. Will this do?”

“I think so. Why don’t you take that toy out of me and fill me with good cheer?”

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