Wife at Strip Joint Ch. 02


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Strip Club 2: Tracy Turns Pro

Let me describe my wife to you before we get started. Tracy is about 5 foot seven, or is it six inches tall. She weighs about 145 to 150 pounds. She’s not fat or chunky but just enough fat on her that lets you know that you can load up and ride her hard. Some women are so thin that you are afraid to fuck properly. Not my Tracy.

She has a great sets of legs and a nice round ass. Not to big and not to small. Just right. Every guy that has fucked her has always said the same. Her pussy!

Her pussy to this day is tight. Tracy can fuck the largest cock in the group, and then ride the guy with the smallest and give the guy a very nice tight fit. She can also take on any sized cock. Tracy may need to get fucked by a couple of guys to loosen her up a bit, but she has taken on every sized cock you can think of right down to the balls.

Her tits are very soft and succulent. The size is another asset. They are 40 triple D’s. Tracy loves having them handled and sucked. She even sucks her own tits when she is on fire. When I pull them apart and lick right in between her cleavage, she comes on the spot.

For weeks the sex with Tracy was hot and furious. We fucked like rabbits everyday. I always got a hard on thinking about her dancing on stage and her sticking her tits and ass in all of those guys’ faces to get their money. The best part thou, was thinking about the things that she did on the stage. backstage, the fucking that she got by Steve, and most importantly, the sex that she had gotten in the private rooms during the rest of the night.

While having sex with Tracy, she would also talk and tell me about how she sucked off the guys and how the three different guys fucked her.

After about four months had passed, things started to die off. So I thought that maybe we should go off on a vacation somewhere. When I told Tracy the idea that I had, she was all smiles.

We then went on the internet to start looking and to book our holiday. When we looked at the cost of the trip and our bank account, we soon saw that we couldn’t afford any such trip.

The next day, when I got home from work, Tracy was all smiles once again.

I asked her, “What’s up?”

Tracy said, “I know how we can get the money to take that trip.”

I asked her, “So how? How?”

Her answer almost floored me.

Tracy said, “I can work at the strip club for a few nights until I earn enough for our trip.”

When I picked my mouth off the floor, I said, “you are going to work at the strip club dancing butt naked and having sex with other men, no doubt, in the private rooms to pay for the trip.”

Tracy said, ” Ya! Isn’t that a great idea and besides you really enjoyed all the stories and sex after the last time.”

She did have a point, but to have her doing this to get money for a trip was like pimping her off and even thou she made fifteen hundred that night, we needed about eight thousand for the trip.

I told her to let me think about it.

Tracy said, “Okay, but it is a great idea and that she could make the needed money in a only a few nights if she worked hard.”

I said, “Ya, hard on your back, mouth, and pussy.”

She just laughed and said, ” you never minded working my mouth and pussy hard.”

Well, beylikdüzü escort after thinking about it for two days and the fact that our sex life turned right around again thinking about this, it was set. She would work at the strip club only until we had enough money for the trip.

I went back to the strip club and arranged everything with Steve for this coming Friday. Three days from now.

Steve said, “that she should buy some outfits for her to wear and that I shouldn’t worry he’ll take good care of her and that she would make the amount of money fast with her looks.”

I said, “Ya, you’ll take good care of her alright like you did in the back room that night!”

He said, ” so I guess you know about everything that went on that night then.”

I said, “Yes I do.”

Steve then just smiled and said, ” a guy has to try the talent out for himself, and I’ll see you and your wife in three days. Seven sharp, don’t forget.”

The next day while at work, Tracy called and told me that she had gone out shopping like Steve had said and that I should come home as fast as possible to look at the outfits. I went home even sooner then she had thought and surprised the both of us.

Tracy was in the living room dressed like some hooker with a huge dildo buried in her cunt.

She just looked up and smiled saying, “Hi honey, your home extra early and oh! I’m just working in my pussy for the up coming event Friday night. I’ll make that money real fast you’ll see!”

I didn’t say a thing. I guess because my mouth was once again on the floor. Not just by what she was dressed in, but also by what she was doing. She had never played with herself let alone use a huge dildo to stuff her cunt.

Tracy then said, ” Come on! Get naked! I need a really good fucking right now. I’m hot as hell and I need another good fucking.”

I must say that when I looked down at my dick, it was standing at full attention just thinking about fucking the shit out of this chick dressed like a whore and fucking herself with the dildo.

Well, Tracy just laid me on the floor, and as soon as my dick was out of my pants, she impaled herself on my dick and just rode me like a bronco on fire. Tracy kept pulling and squeezing her big tits to get both me, and herself off. Lets just say it didn’t take long for both of us to cum.

When I got up off the floor, I noticed that there were numerous outfits lying on the couch.

I asked her, “How much did she spend on all these outfits?”

Tracy said, “not much! Not much at all.”

“Not much! All of these outfits must of cost hundreds maybe even a thousand or more dollars.”

She said, ” I worked out a deal at the shop with the owner and some are just on loan for a couple of days.”

Tracy said, “well, let’s just say I’ve got another possible job and that I got a little broken in for my new job”.

That’s when I remembered that she said that she needed to get fucked again!

I said, “So you fucked the store owner for these outfits?”

Tracy said, ” Yes and no. I fucked the store owner not once but twice, as well as, a customer.”

Tracy then went on telling me how she was in the store looking for some outfits, when another customer, some guy, had come into beylikdüzü eve gelen escort the store to do the same. The guy had picked out some outfits but didn’t know how they would look, so my wife offered to model the outfits for him for a small fee. The fee was that he buys her this maid’s outfit. The deal was set and the owner closed the shop for the private viewing. To make a long story short, Tracy, the costumer, and the store owner, got so worked up with her modeling several outfits, that the two guys doubled up on my wife. Also, that when she was almost ready to leave the owner offered her a job to model outfits for his special clients two or three times a month. She was told what was expected of her during the showings and the fees that she would paid and as a bonus, she would get to keep any one of the outfits that she would wear that night for free.

While talking about this, Tracy had yet to put her bra and top back on, so while they talked, the two of them got hot and bothered again, and so they fucked again on the store floor and counter. I couldn’t blame the guy. I’ve never been able to keep from getting a hard on while my wife stood in front of me with her huge tits in eye and hand reach.

Tracy said that when she got home, she was so horny from being fucked by the two guys that she just couldn’t wait for me to get home and fuck her used pussy.

I told her that I couldn’t believe the whore that she has become so fast. Oh! I also forgot to tell you that while she was telling me this story, my dick was back to full attention and that I once again was hammering it in and out of her used cunt for the second time in less then an hour. Here she was getting, fucked for the fifth time today, by three guys including the fucking she had giving herself with the dildo. I told Tracy that she could easily do a gang of guys at once.

Her answer was, “I know! And I’m looking forward to doing it soon!”

The next day, the owner phoned my wife asking her if she wanted to model another outfit for a couple of customers. She said sure because she had to come by later today to drop off the other outfits.

I happened to have the day off, so she walked up to me and told me if I wanted a quickie because at 3, she would be modeling some outfits.

I said yes to the quickie, and then I said that, “you’re no model, you’re just a fuck toy for the store owner.”

Tracy smiled and said, “that’s no way to talk about your wife and about her new career is it? Besides, you enjoy it. I enjoy it. As well as all the guys that are going to be fucking your wife.”

I said, “You do have a point there.”

She then said, ” Come on and let’s fuck! I’ve got to get ready soon.”

While we were fucking, my wife told me not to blow my load in her cunt so that it stayed clean, but that I should blow it across her face. When the time came, I did just that. I stood up while she was on her knees, with my dick aimed right at her face, and just let it fly. Tracy was squeezing her huge tits and pulling on her nibbles. I must say it was a big load. Maybe because of the thought that she was going to get fucked by other guys soon, or maybe because it was the first load of the day, either way, it landed across her eyes, nose, hair, beylikdüzü masöz escort and into her open mouth.

There was so much that it also ran down onto her neck and tits. Her being the nasty whore that she has become, scooped up as much of the cum with her hands and fingers and eat it with a smile. This got me so hot and horny again, watching her that I wanted to fuck her again.

Tracy said, “Sorry honey, but I’ve got to get going. You can have some more of me later when I get back from this afternoon’s fuck session!”

When she left, my dick was still hard as a rock. 3 pm turned to 4. Four turned to five. Five turned to six, and six turned to seven. My dick was still rock hard and I was starting to worry about my wife. Just then she called saying that she got a little delayed and was on her way home.

When my wife got home, she was wearing a rain coat on that covered her down to her knees, which she dropped to the floor when she walked in through the door. Tracy was butt naked. Let me tell you, she looked like she got the shit fucked out of her. Her hair was a mess, she had dried or drying cum in her hair, on her face and tits, with cum running out of her cunt like a river.

She sat down and started to tell me that she modeled a little at first. Then she stated getting fucked by the three guys. Then she modeled some more, and got fucked by the two guys some more. Then, once again, she modeled some more, and finally, got fucked again by the three guys. She got three more outfits for free, plus, 500 dollars, plus some new contacts with movie and photo shoot connections.

Then she said, “Honey if you want to still fuck me, you better fuck my ass because it’s the tightest and least used of my holes today. If not, I’m going to go and take a shower and clean up my pussy.”

I had only fucked her ass once before. Now she was talking as if it was nothing at all to fuck her ass. Tracy kept telling me to slap her ass.

Tracy kept on saying, “fuck me harder…..drill my ass…. Slap it good and hard you mother fucker.” I wonder who else will be fucking her ass?

I just bent her over and fucked her ass. I just held on to her tits, and plowed her ass for all I was worth. After all, I’ve been horny and waiting for several hours while she was fucking the other guys. It only took me about 10 minutes to dump my load, but during this time, I just couldn’t believe the amount of cum that came out of her cunt and pooled on the floor.

She told me that, “the two new guys came like a fountain each time and that they really filled up her pussy each time.”

She also said, “that one of the guys was hung like a horse and that she was able to take his hole cock after she had a round with each of the two other guys. And the guy was just in love with her bit tits and never took his hands off them.”

I looked a little closer at her tits, and I could see some bite marks and fingerprints on them.

Tray said, “Oh Ya! The guy really worked over her tits good and hard.”

Tracy said, “that when the guy plowed her cunt on each down thrust, that her toes would curl each time with her having a couple of orgasms each time that he fucked her before he unloaded his load in the cunt.”

When I finished, she got up and said, ” Wow! I think I’ve had enough practice for tomorrow night. And honey, Phil, the store owner, wants to come by on Sunday to talk to us about me getting into photo shoots and even some porn movies. He said he had a lot of connections in the business.”

I just said, ” Well maybe, after all this is only to be a short time thing for you. But, we’ll see.”

More stories to follow.

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