Who’s The Boss? Ch. 01


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My lover Nikki and I had talked for a while about having a threesome, and one day we decided to take it beyond talk and make it a reality. We got on the Internet and it took us about a week to find someone to play with. His name was Ben; he was in his early forties; tall, lanky, with brown hair and eyes – and bi-curious, as I also was.

Nikki insisted early on that everyone be prepared to have fun with everyone else, no holding back, or she wouldn’t play. Both Ben and I agreed, understanding what it meant: both of us would have to have sex with each other – with another man – before it was all over.

End of preface.

Beginning of story:

We met at the hotel, had introductions all round, and went up to the room. We’d rented the place for a long weekend – Friday morning through Sunday noon – so there would be no need to rush through things. Once inside the room, we locked the door, made sure the curtains were closed, and then Nikki told us to undress, setting the example by stripping naked in record time. Ben and I followed suit, not looking at each other, and went over to stand by Nikki.

Ben stood on one side of Nikki with me on the other. I think maybe this plan still made us both a bit nervous, and as long as we didn’t actually touch, it wasn’t real.

Nikki was having none of it. She kissed Ben first, then me, then with a hand on my ass moved me closer to Ben, while pushing him toward me.

We were almost touching when Nikki spoke up. “C’mon, guys, you agreed to do this. Don’t wimp out on me now.”

She took a step back and thrust her shoulders back, spread her legs and planted her feet, thrusting her pelvis forward. “Neither one of you is getting any of this until you follow through.”

She stepped back in and pushed us both the final step.

Our skin touched – and we didn’t die. We didn’t burst into flames, we didn’t go insane. In fact, while it felt strange, it also felt kinda – nice.

Nikki took my hand, wrapped my arm around Ben’s shoulder. She walked around to the other side, sighing, and took Ben’s hand and wrapped it around my waist.

“C’mon, guys… it’s not going to kill you. But I might,” she warned, her brown eyes flashing fire. “Just kiss, and we can get started.”

I looked at Nikki and I melted. My body, once taut with tension, molded itself to Ben’s.

It seemed like the signal he’d been waiting for. He leaned forward into me, and our lips met.

The kiss was tentative, still strange. As Nikki’s gentle whispers urged us on, we gave ourselves to it, lips clinging, exploring, tongues entangled.

I could barely hear Nikki now as the kiss enkindled a hunger in us both, and became fiercer, more demanding. Kissing became nibbling and finally biting, our hands now moving across the other’s hot flesh.

I curled my fingers in Ben’s hair and roughly pulled his head back. My teeth fastened in his throat and he gasped, his lower body tight against mine, his hands moving on my ass, up my back.

Now Nikki stepped in to kiss me, then Ben, taming the hunger with her wet mouth. We were feverish with passion. My skin felt taut, as though it would split unless I gave the passion full rein.

Ben’s mouth moved across my chest, licking, biting. Nikki’s tongue was in my mouth and our tongues dueled with a fire neither had ever known before.

Her voice was soft in my ear. “Touch him, Mark. It’s okay. You know you want to. He wants this, too. Just trust me, and let go.”

Nikki took my unresisting hand, guided it to Ben’s cock. As my fingers touched the smooth skin, he stiffened with a little gasp. My fingers traced the length of him, cupping him gently, stroking from the base to the head, lightly, over and over again. I squeezed gently and he shuddered. his eyes rolling back.

Nikki touched my arm and sank to her knees. She looked up at me with a mixture of passion and tenderness in her eyes; then she took me in her wet mouth.

I clutched tighter at Ben’s cock, wringing a gasp from him. Her mouth slid smoothly up and down my shaft, going deeper each time, till my cock was buried in her mouth, just inside her throat. She swallowed once, and I gasped.

She guided Ben’s hand to my cock now, relinquishing it with her mouth, and as he touched me, she took him in her mouth, letting me watch her pretty mouth engulf him. He gripped me hard, stroking fast, but Nikki’s hand on his wrist slowed him. She pushed us into each other and began to take turns with us, one in her mouth for three thrusts, then the other.

We clutched at eve gelen escort each other, moaning, not knowing and not caring that it was a man we touched.

Nikki rose to her feet, still clutching us, and gave us both a deep kiss. “Come to the bed, lovers. I want to watch you with each other, and then I want you to make love with each other, and with me. C’mon.”

The bed wasn’t that far away – good for me; my knees were weak from both Ben and Nikki’s ministrations. She pushed Ben onto the bed, made him lie flat on his back, his legs spread. Then she turned to me.

“Mark, I want you to get up there and suck his cock. I want you to treat him the way I treat you – tease him till he can’t stand it, and then back off. Tease him some more, then back off – and when he can’t stand it any more, I want you to hold him in your mouth while he cums, and swallow it all. Will you do that for me?”

I looked into her eyes, and if there had been any rebellion left in me, it was gone in that instant. I merely nodded, and climbed up on the bed.

Before, I hadn’t had a chance to properly appreciate Ben’s cock. He was throbbing, the blood pounding in the big vein, and it must have been at least nine inches long, and correspondingly thick. How the hell was I going to do this?

I looked at Nikki, four inches shorter than me, and decided if she could do it, so could I. For Nikki, I’d find a way to make it happen.

But first I looked at Ben. I leaned up over him, my cock bumping against his, and I kissed him. This time there was no resistance in either of us; the kiss was as gentle and as genuine as any I’ve ever given, any I’ve ever had.

Moments later, I turned around and knelt above him. My tongue reached out, to lazily swirl around the head, not only touching but tasting. Ben moaned quietly and I experimentally licked again, longer this time. I was rewarded with a louder moan. My fingers reached underneath his balls, cupped them gently as I took the head into my mouth and sucked lightly.

Ben jerked, his hips thrusting upward, and I took another inch or two into my mouth. Behind me, Nikki stroked my cock, keeping me hard – as if there was any longer any doubt of that! – occasionally stopping to lick along my shaft. I moaned with three-quarters of Ben’s cock in my mouth, and Ben groaned deeply as the sound sent ripples down his shaft, all the way to his balls.

Nikki walked up to stand beside me, her fingers lightly caressing from my ass to my shoulders. My mouth was full, so kissing was out of the question; but she bent down and bit my ear gently. and then whispered, “Do you trust me?”

I let my eyes answer: Yes.

She put one hand on my neck, caressing, then abruptly shoved my head down with all her strength. The last of Ben’s cock popped into my mouth, down my throat, and Nikki said quickly, “It’s okay, Mark. You can breathe. Just take it easy – don’t fight it.”

I was pretty sure I was dying, but I trusted her, and after a few panicked moments I realized she was right- I could breathe. The realization made me relax a bit and my throat muscles ceased to spasm. I breathed deep, Ben’s entire cock still buried in my mouth, down my throat.

Nikki let go of my neck and I moved up, going all the way up his cock, leaving only the head in my mouth. I moved down, slower this time, meeting resistance at the back of my throat again, but I knew it could be done, and I did it. taking it all the way down my throat.

My short but sharp nails teased his balls as I worked his cock in my mouth, moving up and down, corkscrewing a bit on the downstroke, taking him into my throat again and again. I wasn’t doing this for Nikki now. I was doing it for Ben, and for me. Finally, with every inch of him in my throat, I slammed him into my mouth with a series of short jabs.

I felt him cumming before it happened, and I swallowed him down three times before it burst out of his cock and down my throat. I swallowed like a man dying of thirst, taking every hot drop, letting none escape.

I held him in my mouth until the last spasm, the last ripple worked down his spine, and then I gently moved my mouth up, sucking gently as I did, raking my teeth along his shaft as a final tease.

I moved off the bed and Nikki met me, her mouth meeting mine in a kiss that was half-crazed. I could scent her arousal, and a careful finger-probe settled the matter; she was drenched to the point of dripping from watching us. Her hand slipped down to encircle my rigid shaft as I tried to grind against fatih escort her, my arms going around her to pull her tight against me. Our mouths met, our tongues circling each other like moths circling a porch light. She moaned when she realized I hadn’t swallowed all of Ben’s cum, but had reserved some for her. She went after it frantically, like this was the only chance she’d ever get to taste it. I leaned in and bit her neck and her hand tightened on my cock. I groaned; I was horny as hell, I wanted to cum and I didn’t care how or with whom. No matter how it happened, I was sure it would be mind-blowing.

Nikki fell to her knees on the carpeted floor and took just the head of my dick in her mouth. I almost came right then, but she turned her head so far as my cock would allow her and motioned to Ben. He came over to us, still somewhat wobbly from his orgasm, and knelt next to her. His hands went to her breasts, started to tease them and play with her nipples. She moaned and I felt it all the way down my shaft, but then she raised her head. “Come over here, Ben,” she said. “Your turn.”

If he’d felt reluctance earlier, it was clearly all but gone now. He took my cock loosely in his hand and looked up. His eyes met mine and a variety of emotions played across his face – chiefly, I think, wonder. Then he lowered his head and his tongue lapped at the head of my cock, slowly. In fact, he went a bit too slow for my taste and I hissed impatiently. He looked up at me again and gave me a twisted grin. “Relax,” he said. “I’ll get there. I can only give my first blow job once, and I want to do it right. Ease down and I’ll take care of you.”

I hitched in a ragged breath and tried to relax. Ben looked up at me a moment longer, then bent down again and began running his tongue from the head down the shaft. One hand cupped and gently squeezed my balls as he teased me with his tongue. I shivered, my cock hard as stone as he traced his tongue back up the shaft to the head, then took it in his mouth. He held it there for a second, as if getting used to the feel of it, then slowly ran his mouth down my shaft, licking as he went. He got about four inches into his mouth before he stopped and came back up… licking… licking. I was moaning loudly. My first experience with a man… so far it was so much better than I had expected. My eyes closed as he gently sucked the head a few times… then I felt his teeth close on the supersensitive skin just under the head.

I hardly dared breathe. His tongue continued to swirl about the head, and the pressure of his teeth made a mild adrenaline surge shoot through me. He took me completely out of his mouth, then he began to bite his way down my shaft. He maintained a very light pressure of his teeth against my skin, and the danger of it ran through my veins like lightning. Part of me wanted to pull away; the other part had no will to resist as he took me in his mouth again and glided his teeth down my cock, going farther than before. Then his teeth retracted from my skin and he began to suck. His mouth moved back up my shaft, licking and sucking, and on his next thrust, he buried my dick in his mouth, taking nearly all of it.

Nikki had been kissing us both anywhere she could reach, but now she lay on her back and leaned up to lick my balls, slow, wet swipes of her tongue that made the blood sing through my veins. One hand went behind me and she slipped a finger between my cheeks to probe gently at my asshole. She pushed a little, just the tip of her finger entering me; then she pushed in a little farther, Ben’s mouth gliding up and down my cock. Finally his lips were right up against my balls and the head nudged the back of his throat. He swallowed and Nikki pushed her finger all the way up inside me. I tensed, but that’s when Ben swallowed my cock.

I almost came.

Nikki was pushing her finger in and out of my ass and Ben began to move back, sucking hard, his mouth maintaining an almost-vacuum around my steel-hard dick. He kept his mouth moving – up and down, up and down, licking and sucking, nibbling now and again. Nikki added another finger and I gasped, but my cock jerked harder still. When she was sure I was relaxed, she reached for a tube of silicone lube I hadn’t seen before and began to work the cold stuff into my asshole.

I didn’t know how to feel, my mind was whirling. My lover was preparing my ass to be fucked by my other lover, who was giving me one of the best blowjobs of my life. She finger-fucked my ass slowly, licking and sucking my balls, her tongue fluttering halkalı anal yapan escort slowly against my perineum. She knew exactly how much I could take without cumming outright, even with Ben added to the equation. She added more lube and her fingers now glided into me instead of pushing me aside. She smiled up at me. “There, that wasn’t that bad, was it?”

I couldn’t answer. Between Ben’s mouth and Nikki’s fingers, I was on the knife edge of orgasm . Sensing it, she told Ben to slow down gradually – “keep him hard, but don’t make him cum.” Ben pulled his mouth off my cock and smiled, then began to lick and suck my balls. That’s when Nikki added a third finger.

I yelped, caught between pleasure and pain. Ben pulled away long enough to squirt a little extra lube up my ass and Nikki’s fingers eased it in. It was still a little painful, but I continued to relax and soon she was back to gliding her fingers out of my tightly clutching ass – only now it was three fingers.

I hadn’t noticed until now, or maybe there hadn’t been anything to notice before, but Ben’s cock was standing straight out again. I reached out to give it a gentle stroke and Nikki said, “Perfect!”. She pushed us into a hot 69 and while we sucked each other, she started lubing Ben’s butt.

Ben and I were lying on our sides – much easier on the neck than the traditional 69 position – and I was in an ideal position to watch as Nikki fingered his ass, following the same procedure she’d used on me – first one finger, then lube – two fingers, more lube – and finally three fingers, as far and as deep as she could go, spreading him wide, and lots more lube. Ben had taken my cock down his throat several times so far – he learned faster than I did, though I could tell I was no slouch at it, either – if the look on his face was any indication, anyway.

Nikki finished her lubing chores and moved to sit where we could both watch. She spread her legs wide and pulled her folds apart; then she slowly and deliberately pushed two fingers into her soaking pussy. Ben and I broke apart to watch her, but our fingers curled around the other’s cock and stroked sensuously, keeping ourselves hard – though the show Nikki was putting on would have done that on its own! She watched us stroke each other and her fingers pumped into her pussy faster, harder. She moaned, a long, throaty sound that sent chills up my spine as I teased Ben’s rigid shaft. She twitched several times as she gave her clit some quick flicks with one juice-covered finger. “Get over here,” she commanded. “I need to be fucked – now!”

Happy to oblige, we moved forward as one. Nikki smiled wickedly as her fingers continued to tease her swollen clit. “Oh, fuck,” she moaned, “how, to choose…?” She shut her eyes tight for a second, then opened them again. “Ben – I want you in my pussy.” She lay on her back, legs spread wide, knees up and feet flat on the bed.

Ben didn’t hesitate. He took her hips in his hands and slid his hardened shaft deep into her. She groaned and pushed back into him to take all of him. “Mark, get behind Ben. Fuck his ass while he fucks my pussy. Hurry… I can’t wait… I’m too hot….”

I moved behind Ben and grasped his hips, lined up my cock with his ass. I hardly dared breathe as I felt the head of my cock push against him. I went slowly, but never moved backward… just pushing inexorably until the head of my cock popped into his tight ass. I paused to let him become accustomed to the feeling, then pushed forward again, slowly. I felt him push back against me, forcing my shaft deeper and I began to fuck his ass, gently at first, then as he showed no sign of discomfort, harder… deeper.

I filled him to the hilt as he filled Nikki to the hilt. God, how can I describe that feeling? He was tight and slick as any woman, but his body was hard and lean against mine. We found a rhythm then, pulling back and slamming forward as one, Ben fucking Nikki, me fucking Ben. Every time I surged into him, he slammed forward hard and buried his cock deep into Nikki’s wetness, as deep as it would go, bouncing off her cervix again and again. Our voices were entangled, too, moaning and groaning, and once again I found myself on the razor’s edge. I hadn’t cum yet and my cock felt enormous, hot and swollen as I slammed it in and out of Ben. I no longer worried about hurting him and I pounded him hard and deep, driving him into Nikki over and over and over… We fucked and fucked and fucked and suddenly I went completely over the edge, filling Ben’s ass with a torrent of hot sticky juices, cumming like a waterfall. That set him off, too, and he exploded deep in Nikki’s tight cunt and she wailed and screamed and came as we continued to fuck, drawing it out, making it last as long as we could. If I lived to be a thousand, I would never forget this night, this forbidden ecstasy. Never.


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