Weekend Of Bliss


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Her name is Jessell. She’s 5’6, long, red, curly hair, with green eyes and a wide sensuous smile. She’s a little bit plump, but it works for her. Her breasts are an overflowing handful by the looks of them beneath her v-neck blouse. She has on a skirt that reaches just above her knees; it hugs her ass perfectly.

I met her while shopping on Friday afternoon, she stopped me in Extra Foods to ask me for directions to the Hospitality Inn. After introducing herself, she explains to me that she is in town for the weekend to attend a family re-union on Sunday. I tell her that I am heading that way and she can follow me there.

“I am on foot” she replies, so I offer her a ride.

I finish my shopping and lead the way to my car. We chit chat idly. She’s 27 years old, no kids, and works in real estate. She travelled here hitch-hiking from the Interior, she lives in Quesnel.

“Why hitch-hike? Why not take the bus or drive?” I ask curiously.

“Oh, it’s so much more fun,” she practically gushes, “I meet so many interesting people this way!” “Do you have a boyfriend?” she asks.

“Yeah, a real cutie, his name is Jordan, we’ve been together for nearly five years now” I answer happily.

“Doesn’t it get boring in the bedroom after that long with the same person?” she inquires.

To which I reply, “Weell, sometimes it does, but we do what we can to spice things up, you know, toys, pictures, filming ourselves, porn, ect, ect.”

We’re nearing the Hospitality Inn and she smiles at me prettily, “Perhaps as a thank you, I can buy you and your boyfriend dinner & drinks tonight? We could make a night of it, it would be nice to have some company”

I agree thinking it sounds like a fun change from our normal hum drum Friday nights and turn off to go pick up Jordan from his house before hitting the H.I.. Rather than tell him that I have a friend with me, I just call him out, otherwise, I am pretty sure he’d say no.

He climbs into the car with a puzzled look on his face. “Jordan,” I say, “This is my new friend Jessell, Jessell, this is my boyfriend Jordan.”

They nod at each other and Jordan still looks puzzled, so I explain to him that Jessell is here for the weekend and how I met her. “As a thank you for my help, she wants to treat us to dinner and drinks, what do you say?”

Jordan groans a bit & asks if he can just go back home because he isn’t really dressed to go out for dinner and he hasn’t shaved either. I reluctantly start to say ok, when Jessell interrupts me: “I think your five o’clock shadow is sexy Jordan, but if you don’t want to eat in a restaurant, I can always buy some beers and order room service for us, from what I understand, my room is quite nice.” Her smile is angelic as she says this.

I look pleadingly at Jordan. I don’t want him to be rude to my new found friend. “Oh, all right.” He says and off we go to the Hospitality Inn.

When we get there Jessell quickly zips off to the beer store and returns with beer and a nice bottle of wine. We follow her to the reception area, where she checks in to her room as Jordan and I loiter around the stairway waiting for her. She approaches us with her room key, a menu, booze and a big grin. “I ordered dinner and some pay per view movies to my room for us.” She says with a giggle.

I smile back “Cool.”

“What movies did you order?” Jordan asks.

“I can’t remember the titles.” She bakırköy üniversiteli escort says casually as we get to her deluxe room.

It seems very luxurious, with a king size bed, lots of pillows and those cozy terry cloth bath robes.

“Make yourselves comfy.” She tells us as she takes a seat on a corner of the oh-so-big-bed. I climb aboard and take the opposite corner and Jordan grabs the office chair that is sitting in front of the room’s desk, spins it around to face us and rests his feet on the bed.

We crack open a beer each and share some small talk, soon enough, food arrives and I am delighted to see that dessert is also included with dinner. Strawberries and whipped cream! Yum! We sit around eating a delicious pasta and seafood dinner, wine and good conversation, getting a nice buzz on.

“It’s time for dessert and movies!” Announces Jessell. She flips on the big screen t.v., leans towards me with a strawberry and tells me to open my mouth and close my eyes. I do as I am told.

I feel the light touch of a fresh strawberry and cream brushing my lips, she traces my open lips with the creamy berry and asks me teasingly if I really, really want it? I giggle and say “Of course!”

Expecting to feel her put the berry in my mouth, I part my lips slightly more. Jordan gasps the same time I do. He, because he realizes the movie that is just beginning is a porno. Me, because instead of creamy berry in my mouth, Jessell slipped her tongue in my mouth!

Instantly my pussy became slick with my juices. My eyes flew open and she pulled away. “Was that ok?” She asks sweetly. I look to Jordan for a yes or no and could see by the tent in his pants that it was perfectly fine by him. I glance at the t.v. to see two hot girls finger fucking each other while sucking off a well hung guy.

I slowly nod my head, closing my eyes as she leans in for another kiss. Her tongue sliding between my lips, touching the tip of my own tongue is electrifying. I lean closer, hands on her perky tits, tweaking her nipples through the thin material of her blouse. I want to look at her, breaking the kiss, I pull back, still playing with her nipples, I pull the blouse down to reveal a gorgeous set of milky, white tits and perfect pink hard nipples.

I see Jordan out of the corner of my eye rubbing his cock through his pants. Jessell raises my arms and removes my top, pinching and kneading my nipples; she kisses me again, then slides her mouth to my ear, whispering:

“I want to fuck you. I want to watch your boyfriend fuck you. Then, I’d like to fuck your boyfriend. Is that ok with you?” A low moan escapes my mouth as she nibbles on my earlobe.

“God, yes, please!” I whine in pleasure.

She takes first one breast, then the other into her mouth, biting gently on my hard nipples. My hands are feeling all over her hot body and one slips under her skirt, joyously discovering she has no panties on! Her pussy was slick as I ran a finger from her asshole up to her clit.

Enjoying her slippery slit, I ran my fingers over her pussy lips, I could feel the smoothness of a freshly shaved cunt. She pushes me away and asks me to stand up, removing my pants and panties when I do.

I stand naked before her and she directs me to kneel on all fours on the bed. I climb on and turn to face Jordan, Jessell abruptly spanks my bare ass bakırköy bdsm escort and tells me: “You have to turn around so your boyfriend can have a good view of your cunt while I fuck it and suck it.”

By this time, Jordan has taken all his clothes off, stroking his rock hard cock while watching us and the porn. I position myself on the bed face down, ass up, my hands holding my ass cheeks apart for Jessell. She starts by slowly licking me from clitoris to asshole, her tongue circling it at the end of each lick.

I feel her fingers entering my dripping pussy, she licks my asshole again, making me squirm with pleasure. As she fucks my cunt with her thumb, rubbing the wall of my pussy, she works her index finger into my ass, rubbing her thumb in my pussy against her forefinger in my asshole. She ducks her head down and gently, but firmly sucks on my clit, rubbing thumb and finger together, I could feel them making circular motions around each other.

The feeling in my ass sensational, the feeling on the other side, in my pussy, amazing, she used the flat of her tongue against my clit while she sucked on it. I moaned loudly, screaming as the orgasm coursed through my body. Suddenly, Jessell stopped.

I whimpered greedily. “Turn around and look at your boyfriend.” She commanded. I obediently did as I was told. As I faced Jordan, my eyes locked on his huge erection hungrily.

“Go kiss him.” She said.

As if in a trance, I climbed off the bed and stood before him, leaned down and gave him a passionate kiss. “Kiss his neck, then his shoulders. Then, I want to see you lick and suck his nipples.” As I followed her orders, I reached for his dick at the same time.

“Not so fast!” She snapped and slapped my ass again, “Wait until I say you can touch his cock. Keep kissing him, pinch his nipples, now lick his thighs, kiss his legs all the way down to his ankles.” She barked out my orders and I didn’t dare disobey her.

Once I reached his ankles, she stood up behind him. “raise your feet in the air Jordan and help me hold your ankles.” He did as he was told and as I kneeled before him in his chair his ass was splayed out before me. His cock so hard his balls were tight and looked ready to explode.

“Now, kiss and lick the back and insides of his thighs, work your way up to his ass. That’s right. Now,” She looked at me slyly, “Lick his asshole, Lacy, in slow, wet circles, I want to watch you lick his asshole.”

She watched in fascination as I sloppily circled Jordan’s tight little asshole with my tongue. I looked up as I did so to see her lean down and grab hold of that beautiful cock of his, her hand twisting and stroking slowly up and down his solid shaft.

There was an expression of pure bliss on Jordan’s face as he neared orgasm, he groaned in frustration when Jessell commanded me to stop seconds before he came.

“Jordan, put your legs down, Lacy, turn around and climb onto your man”

I quickly obeyed, my slippery slit tingling in anticipation of impaling myself on that huge cock. Jessell moved to the front of me, guiding Jordan’s dick into my cunt. She sat between our legs, watching him enter me, then leaned forward, dragged her tongue from his balls, to the base of his shaft, sliding the tip of her tongue between my pussy lips, almost entering my slit with Jordan’s cock, then traced her way up to my clit. bakırköy elit escort She kept rythym with our fucking, eating us both as I rode reverse cowgirl on my man’s rod.

“Go faster Lacy, slam that cunt Jordan! I want you both to come.”

Our bodies met faster and faster; Jordan pounding my pussy from beneath me as I bounced up and down in his lap. She stopped eating us and demanded that we come so that she could see.

I screamed out as Jordan slammed into me, pulling me forcefully down on his cock until he was balls deep inside me. I stayed there on top of him, with his dick still in me, deflating, semen oozing out, mixing with my own come.

I held there, enjoying the afterglow, as Jessell began licking the come mixture from the shaft of Jordan’s not so hard dick. I watched as she licked and sucked on his balls, occasionally lowering her head to lick his asshole or raising it to lap up my come filled cunt.

Amazingly, I could feel that deflated cock begin to harden again inside me. I slowly began to rock back and forth as Jessell continued eating us both, slipping a finger into my well fucked hole every now and then to see how hard Jordan’s dick was getting. Finally, he must have had a satisfactory hard on for her because Jessell suddenly stood up facing me and raised one leg so that she stood spread open before me.

“Lick my cunt, Lacy, suck my clit and fuck me.” I took her clit in my mouth and began ravaging it, grinding my face against her juicy slit.

I reached around and grabbed one of Jordan’s hands and fucked her with his fingers, first one, then two, then three. Moaning and groaning frantically, she came all over my face, I continued lathering her clit, making her come more and more, pouring her sweet tasting pussy juice all over.

With a whimper, she demanded I trade places with her. I quickly obliged. I kneeled down on the floor between their legs as she had done for us and for the first time, watched my boyfriend fuck another woman.

I took his balls in my mouth as she lowered her sloppy cunt onto his cock, watching him enter her was the single most erotic sight of the evening for me. I rubbed her clit as she rode my man reverse cowgirl, continuing the tongue bath on Jordan’s balls and occasionally his asshole.

She paused for a moment and ordered me to sit on the bed facing them, spread wide, as I did so she rolled the chair right up to the bed so that our cunts were nearly touching. Every few strokes in her slippery slot, Jessell would pull that cock out and fuck me with it, going back and forth between two pussies, Jordan’s breathing was getting faster and faster. Just as she thought he was going to blow his load, she stopped him,

She pushed me back on the bed to lay flat and crawled up, positioning her cunt above my face. I pulled her down and savagely fucked her as I licked and sucked her clit, pulling her a bit further, lathering up her asshole, giving it plenty of lube, I worked my fingers into her not so tight anus, giving her the same treatment she did me.

Jordan sat and watched for a moment before climbing aboard, I guided him into her juicy cunt and ate them both while they fucked, rubbing his cock through the wall of her ass.

Jordan’s cock pounded faster and harder into Jessell. I could almost see the pressure in his prick building up to orgasm. Then with a primal grunt and one final slam, he unloaded then pulled out to see his come dripping from her pussy onto my face. I reached up and lowered her ass so I could lick her clean to another orgasm.

Jessell never did make it to her family re-union, she ended up staying the entire weekend in her room fucking me and Jordan. Hopefully, there will be many repeats, that is one girl I don’t mind sharing my Jordan with.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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