Watching Désirée Ch. 01


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Big Tits

*The story of a young woman whose needs make her work at a government run brothel and her handler.

*Literotica rules apply


Marshall looked at the clock on his media centre, it was time to go to work. A new girl was coming to the relief centre today and he had to show her around and discuss her preferences which meant he had to get there earlier than usual.

The relief centre was a fancier name for the government operated cheap brothel where men and women could get a quick fuck without having to rely on illegal prostitution and shady practices. The centres were set up after a bold experiment showed it reduced the number of crimes involving sex to almost nothing, although it took its time before it became widely accepted.

His job was being a handler to four of the women working there. He would assist them, keep an eye on them through a special camera for their safety, provide food and drinks when they wanted some, help freshen them up after each customer including their private parts, and tie and untie them every time since the section he worked at was specialised in light bondage like soft handcuffs, wrists and ankles bound by leashes, shawls, things like that.

He himself wasn’t particularly into that kind of thing, but sometimes he discussed an idea with the women and then used it if they liked it. He had also never been interested in using the option of getting service from any of the women, offered to the handlers to relieve any pent up desires while working with naked women all day. It wasn’t that he didn’t like sex, but the few times he’d been with a woman had been for just a little fun while on vacation. He also didn’t have to complain about the attention because he was in good shape and women flirted with him to get him into their bed at least once. He just didn’t have that much desire to get laid.

He put away the book he was reading and got dressed in his standard black suit. A suit was the official dress code to show the customers he was a handler, but there was no insignia or anything to indicate he worked at a relief centre. Handlers just looked to the public as people working as managers working at an office or maybe a nightclub or restaurant. He preferred it since that would avoid any strange and curious looks or questions which was still a thing despite the common occurrence of centres like this.

A quick hand through his black hair was enough to make it look decent enough and he left, mildly curious to meet the new girl.


Marshall arrived at the plain looking building downtown. To avoid any direct embarrassment to their customers there were no signs or lights indicating its purpose. Only a simple sign with the address hung next to the revolving door with opaque glass at the front, and a similar entrance was at the back out of the public view. It was a public secret what went on it there.

He didn’t care much for it and always used the most convenient entrance to him. He had to sign in at the front desk anyway.

‘Good evening Carry.’ he said, taking the clipboard from the desk and filling in his name.

The young woman in blue skirt suit gave him a charming smile. ‘Good evening Marshall. Your new girl has already arrived and is waiting in the staff lounge.’

He gave her the clipboard with a little surprise. ‘Oh? And I thought I got here in plenty of time to receive her.’

‘She said her shopping was done more quickly than she had expected.’

‘I see.’ he said and took his security badge from the rack on the wall behind the desk. ‘I’ll go right away then. See you later.’

‘Later.’ she said as he left for the employee lounge.

The lounge was a comfortable large room in light pastel colours with two screens to watch the media, several big chairs and couches, an open kitchen and an entrance to dressing rooms, showers and baths in the back. Marshall greeted the women and men who were just finishing their shifts. One of his fellow handlers gestured at the woman in her early twenties sitting in a chair at the side, leafing through the information booklet she was given at the front desk.

Taking a cup of coffee with him he went over to her. Despite having no expectations he had to admit she looked cute. Full blonde hair down to her neck, a big pony reaching her eyes, pleasant blue eyes, full lips, a cute slightly round nose, her colourful shirt and light blue short skirt not hiding her slightly plump figure and legs, not to mention a nicely round pair of what he estimated to be D cup breasts.

‘Good evening.’ he said, standing before her. ‘I’m Marshall.’

She looked up with her friendly eyes and held out her hand. ‘I heard you’d be my handler. I’m Désirée.’ she said looking at the handsome man with honest brown eyes, thinking she got lucky to have him assigned to her.

He shook her hand which was warm and gentle. He already sensed she’d be pleasant to work with. ‘Welcome here.’ he said and sat down in the chair opposite of her. ‘I see you’ve been given the guidebook.’

She nodded. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri ‘Most of it I’ve learned at the training I got.’

He nodded. Everyone who’d start working at relief centres would be given a training first to see if they were ready for this sort of work. ‘Good. If you have any questions please ask.’

‘I will.’ she said, putting the guidebook into the bag next to her chair.

‘Shall we begin with a quick tour of the place?’

‘Okay, if you’re ready.’

He smiled at her and stood up after a drink from his coffee. ‘Let’s go then.’

He showed her the layout of the building first from a map hanging in the kitchen, the waiting rooms for the customers, the rooms where they would be serviced, the emergency room and the dressing rooms and attached bathrooms.

They walked down the soft yellow painted front hallway where they saw a couple of customers were waiting in the rooms, a middle aged man who looked like he just left the office and a man in his thirties who looked like he needed to relieve some pent up sexual stress before going out tonight.

Going through the door separating the waiting rooms from the others they entered a dimly lit hallway where Kevin, one of Marshall’s co-workers just came out of one of the rooms.

‘Hey Kevin.’ he said.

Kevin looked back and smiled. ‘Hey Marshall. Who’s this?’

‘Désirée, meet Kevin.’ Marshall said. ‘She’s new here.’

Kevin shook her hand. ‘Well, I hope you’ll enjoy working here.’

She smiled at Kevin, thinking he also looked good with his boyish long blonde hair and blue eyes. ‘Thank you.’

He glanced at his pad. ‘If you’ll excuse me, I have to fetch the next customer.’ he said. ‘We’ll talk more later.’

They watched him leave for the waiting rooms and resumed the tour by going up wide stairs at the back and visiting the section Marshall handled and where Désirée would work.

Marshall opened one of the doors and showed her the small room. The walls had a light touch of red and the floor and ceiling were white. There was no bed but there was a wooden bench with soft leather top at the end with several cushions. In one corner stood a large trunk and in the other was a low sink behind a screen where the customers could freshen up quickly.

‘This will be your room from now on if you accept the job.’ he said, patting on the bench. ‘If you want something else to use like a bed or chair or something, we have plenty of options.’

She felt the softness of the bench and looked at the bars on the wall above it, imagining how her wrists could be tied up there and then have men use her as they wished. The tingle that had been building up inside her from the moment she stepped into the centre grew bigger. The anticipation to feel her pussy fill up with dicks all night made her panties moist already.

Marshall thought he saw a tiny smile of lust on her face and felt amused.

‘I think I’ll start with this.’ she said, turning back to him.

‘Good.’ he said and gestured at the door. ‘Let me show you the monitor room.’

At the end of the corridor was a room where two more handlers sat and watched the monitors on both sides.

‘Hey Bob, Stuart.’ Marshall said. ‘Meet Désirée.’

Both men looked almost as good as Marshall and held up their hands in greeting. ‘Hello.’ said Bob, ‘Hey there.’ said Stuart.

‘Here we monitor what’s going on to make sure you’re all right in there.’ Marshall said. ‘We don’t see the customer’s face, but the hidden camera will show you and let us know if anything happens.’ He turned back to Désirée. ‘Not that anything has happened since the centre opened up, but we want to make sure nothing will happen. Customers know this so we keep the bad ones out.’

She nodded as she looked at the feeds on the monitors. Most rooms were occupied and showed the women as they were busy. Some performed blowjobs, two were in handcuffs and taken from the front or behind, others had vanilla sex in missionary and doggy style.

One of the monitors showed a handler cleaning one of the women between her legs. She was a slim young woman with long black hair and laughed while he wiped her with a wet cloth.

‘There’s four women to every one of you guys?’ she asked, counting the monitors.

‘Correct.’ said Marshall. ‘We each are responsible for four ladies directly and keep an eye out for the others when one of us is busy outside this room. Or occasionally when he’s sick or on leave.’

‘I see.’ she said and it made her feel safe.

‘Now, let me show you the dressing rooms and showers.’ he said and let her out the door.

They went down again and Marshall knocked politely before entering the dressing room. There was one plump red-headed girl putting on her black underwear.

‘Why Marshall!’ she said in faked indignity. ‘How dare you enter a ladies’ room just like that!’ She covered her bare breasts with her arm. ‘Or were you so desperate to have a good look at me?’

He grinned at her and grabbed her güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri tight. ‘I’d break down any door to get a glimpse of this fine figure of yours, Brenda.’

She chuckled and gave him a smooch before he let her go. ‘Damn you. Why can’t I make you mine for real.’ she said, picking up her bra, put it on and turned around for him to fasten it at the back. She looked at Désirée. ‘Don’t be fooled by his ways. All of us girls have tried to get him in the sack, but he’s just stubborn as a mule, or as gay as a pelican.’

Désirée let out a laugh before she controlled herself.

‘I’m just difficult.’ he said, slapping Brenda’s firm tush. ‘Otherwise you’d have succeeded long ago.’

Brenda chuckled and took her jeans from the locker. ‘I wonder who’ll ever end up with you.’

‘So do I.’ he chuckled and led Désirée to the back area with showers and bath tubs. ‘You can use these when you want. Some of the girls like to enjoy a long soak after their shift, and you’re welcome to it if you’d like to.’

Despite the completely white tiled room it had a cosy feeling from the light blue lamps illuminating everything and the touches of light green from the shower heads, hoses and towel racks. She could imagine herself enjoying some leisure time in the bath.

‘I think I’d like that, yes.’ she said. ‘I don’t have a bath at home.’

Marshall brought Désirée back to the lounge where he got her a cup of tea and a coffee for himself and took out his pad from his pocket. ‘So, you’re going to stay here?’

She nodded, smiling softly. ‘Yes. It looks good.’

He smiled back at her. ‘Wonderful, then all I need to know now is your preferences so I can let you enjoy the time here as much as you can.’ he said and opened his notes, creating a section with her name. ‘I know you like light bondage, otherwise you wouldn’t be in my group. What in that do you like most?’

She pondered about it for a moment. ‘Well, I like leather cuffs if they’re lined with soft material, soft cloth like shawls or scarves. And then to have my hands tied down of course, and my legs.’ She thought about it some more. ‘As long as I have the feeling I’m unable to get away or defend myself.’

Marshall nodded and made notes. ‘Any position you prefer?’

‘Leaning back.’ She liked it best when she could see the one fucking her.

‘Blowjobs, anal?’

‘Blowjobs not really, and I’ve never done anal. Don’t think I would do that here.’

He nodded again. ‘Well, blowjobs are covered by enough girls here, and most men prefer the simple standard ways because they just want a quick release.’ he said. ‘I think I know enough and if you have anything you’d like to do, all you need is to tell me.’ He put his pad in his pocket and leaned forward, extending his hand. ‘Welcome to relief centre Tiny Pleasures.’

She shook his hand and looked forward to start receiving her customers. ‘Thank you.’

He assigned her her own locker and she undressed while he fetched her a new bathrobe to wear during her shift from the laundry room.

She had just finished folding her clothes and putting them away when he returned. She saw him appraise her and she smiled, letting him have a good look. After all, he would be seeing a lot of her from now on, even down to her intimate spot when he’d clean her since she couldn’t do it herself when tied up. She giggled when he gave her a big smile and gestured for her to turn around.

He thought she was looking very good. Not into skinny types himself, he liked how her slight belly curved at her puffy shaved mound to her full thighs. Her tush curved nicely from her back to her legs without sticking out too much to look unnatural. Her ample bosom drooped just enough to invite one to hold them in their hands and her big nipples had a touch of brown in their darker colour. She looked very huggable.

She watched him with a soft smile. ‘What do you think?’

He cocked his head and looked her in her blue eyes. ‘This is how a natural woman should look like.’ he said and held up her robe.

She giggled and blushed a little from his compliment while he helped her into her robe. ‘Thank you.’

‘No, thank you for a lovely sight.’ he said and he held out his arm. ‘Now, let me escort you to your room.’

Just as they walked out two of the women under his care came to the dressing room.

‘Good evening, ladies.’ he said. ‘Let me introduce you to your new co-worker, Désirée.’

He introduced a slim, tall woman with short brown curls and brown eyes in her late twenties as Melissa, the blond woman with hourglass figure and blue-grey eyes in her late thirties as Zafira.

They shook hands and told her they’d see her at the next break.

‘You’ll meet Fran later, she has a few days off.’ he said while they walked to her room.

Inside he checked his pad. ‘Looks like the night is starting.’ he said looking at the waiting list. ‘There are already a few on the list for our group.’

The anticipation of getting her first fuck güvenilir bahis şirketleri for the night made her whole pussy itch. ‘Is it always busy?’

He nodded and put his pad away. ‘We get plenty of customers during the night since most of those who come at this time work during the day.’ he said. ‘There are few relative quiet nights, usually during the holidays.’

She licked her lips and smiled as she moved her fingers across the bench. She could find her satisfaction here.

Marshall opened the trunk in the corner. ‘What would you like to start with?’ he asked.

She looked at the items in the trunk and saw a variety of toys and materials to get tied up with. She picked up a roll of red ribbon and felt the smoothness of the fabric. ‘This?’ she asked, looking at him for approval.

‘Okay.’ he said and took the roll from her. ‘Shall I tie you up then?’

A shiver shot through her pussy and she smiled as she nodded. He helped her out of her robe and had her sit down on the bench with the cushions in her back. Tying one end of the ribbon to the bar above her head, he lifted her arms above her and wrapped the ribbon around her wrists to the bar.

‘This comfortable enough?’

She pulled a little and nodded. Tight enough to make her feel restrained, but not so tight as to hurt her.

He lifted her left leg and wrapped the ribbon several times around her thigh just above the knee so she couldn’t reach the ground with her foot, then wrapped the ribbon back up around the bar to do the same with her other leg. She couldn’t rest her legs unless she kept them spread and her pussy in full view.

Her excitement grew while he tied her up and she admired his skill and care. He even wrapped the ribbon around her chest, gently lifting her breasts with each loop under and above them. The light tightness around her upper body increased the feeling of restraint and she liked it a lot.

When he lifted her chin and looped the ribbon twice around her neck her pussy had become moist from the sensation she hadn’t experienced before. He could make her feel helpless without overly restraining her.

He had finished her off with a bow in the back of her neck and smiled at her. ‘How’s that?’

She smiled up at him. ‘It feels good.’

‘I’m glad.’ he said. ‘I’m always a little nervous when it comes to a new girl and how far I can go.’

‘Do it like this and I’m always ready to get tied up by you.’ she said, then giggled. ‘Oh god, that sounded way too flirty.’

He chuckled. ‘No worries. I take it as a compliment.’ he said and watched her smile for a few moments. ‘Ready for your first customer?’

She nodded and tensed her abdomen, almost unable to wait to get the first dick for tonight inside her hungry pussy.

He tapped under a round black spot on the side wall. ‘Remember, we keep an eye on you so if there’s anything wrong or you need something, let us know.’

‘Thanks.’ she said and watched him leave the room, feeling a little nervous, but mostly excited.

She didn’t have to wait long when the door opened again and a man in his late thirties came in. She caught a glimpse of Marshall behind him, giving her a wink before closing the door.

The man, she guessed was someone who spent his day at an office doing something like accounting. A decently dressed man, fairly good looking, probably married, but who needs something to distract him from his daily life.

‘Hi.’ he said while he took off his jacket and pants. ‘Do you mind if I keep the rest on? Less hassle to get dressed again.’

She shook her head and felt pleased to see his dick grow into a nice, big size at the sight of her. He moved between her legs and she felt his dickhead touch her mound, sending a shiver of lust up her back.

‘I love the sight of a tied up woman, but my wife doesn’t want to fulfil my fantasy even once.’

Désirée smiled gently at him. ‘I understand. So indulge yourself in your fantasy with me now.’

He smiled at her, pushed his head inside the slit of her puffed up pussy and let out a sigh as he slid easily inside her moist pussy.

She breathed deep through her nose while she felt herself fill up with his thick dick and could finally enjoy what she had hoped for since she satisfied her urges with a dildo that morning.

He started pumping and breathing heavier, looking at her body caught in the ribbons and unable to resist him. He loved his wife, but he needed this once in a while.

She watched his dick slide in and out of her, her pussy relishing in the rubbing inside her and sending the shivers she desired through her body. She closed her eyes and smiled, feeling the shape of his dick exactly inside her. ‘Ahh, I’m so unable to stop you, but it feels so good..’

He breathed harder and thrusted harder inside her, increasing her pleasure with every thrust. She tightened her lower muscles to grip him harder and he responded to the increased sensation by pumping even harder inside her.

‘I’m almost..’ he groaned, his balls tightening with the growing pressure pulsing through his dick.

Désirée moaned as she felt the tension in his dick building up inside her ‘Yes.. Use me and come inside me..’

His hips buckled and he managed to thrust a few more times before he shot his seed deep inside her wet pussy with a groan.

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