Want Ch. 01


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Moaning as you crushed your lips against mine, silencing my protests with your mouth, your hands roaming free, under my shirt, over my stomach, feeling my full breasts. Feeling myself fall, deeper and deeper into your lust, and the beginnings of my own… Feeling myself losing control as your hands move further and further down my body, reaching for me, for my hidden depths, for my secret places, that no one has been…

Wishing I could stop you, wishing I wanted to stop you, as you take control of the situation, take control of me, leaving me no choice, with nothing to do but lie there and take what you want to give, take anything, take it all, wishing for this to stop, and yet wishing it could continue forever and ever..

I make some effort, to produce some faint sound of dissent, make some effort to stop you, to at least put on a show of resistance…

But you just look at me. “Hush”, you say. “It’s gon be alright. You know you want this, and it’s time. Just hush and let me show you the world…” I lie my head back against the soft pillows, a tear falling silently down my face as I realise you are right, again.

Remembering the first time you touched me, a faint grazing of hands as we walked past each other in the hallway at work… The bolt of electricity as you looked me right in the eye… and every day after that, finding it impossible to maintain eye-contact with you, as I picture you naked, and realise you are seeing me the same way. Remembering “accidental” touches, “accidental” meetings, “accidents”, moments where we’re alone for brief seconds and you can look at me and I can look at you .. Smouldering glances, full of promise, shot across a crowded room… But never once did I imagine this dream, this fantasy, becoming a reality.

When you knocked at my door, late tonight, I knew I shouldn’t’ve let you in. I knew canlı bahis from the start what was going to happen… but there was nothing I could do. I wanted you, but then again, I didn’t want this to happen. I was scared. I was scared, so badly, this was too much… I am twenty years old, and I am a virgin. You, you are twenty five, you are older than me, and there is no question about your virginity. You ooze sex. You walk sex. You talk sex. You are the epitome of sex.

And part of me DOES want you…

You lift your head from my body, slowly, letting just the tip of your tongue linger on my nipple, as I arch my back towards you, amazed at the way you can work with my body with slightest touch..

You look me in the eye, and slowly, ever so slowly, lean forward and kiss me, the gentlest kiss ever, the sweetest kiss, making me close my eyes in pure ecstasy… Pulling away you just look at me… lying there, defenseless, topless, aching for your touch…

You smile. It’s a smile full of confidence. You know you have me. You know I’m yours. You know that as much as I might want to pull away, I cant now. I’ve been to the brink and I’ve fallen. I’ve stepped over the edge of the abyss and I’m falling.

You touch me. Every touch is an electric bolt shooting through my stomach and down, down my legs into my very toes… and back up, nestling between my legs, nestled in my warmth, in my wetness, causing my moans, causing me to turn my head, making me lose control faster and faster, as dream becomes reality..

I reach out to you, your jeans, I want them to be on the floor, where your shirt already is, I want your firm hard body next to mine, I want your nakedness near me. I want to see you, smell you, taste you, feel you.

You let my hands move over the bulge in your jeans… You let them move to your belt, you let me undo your belt… bahis siteleri Watching me the entire time… I’m lying underneath you, shocked by what I’m doing, shocked at myself…

Your jeans on the floor, your boxers down near the end of the bed somewhere, I see you revealed for the first time in all your naked glory. And boy is that glory. Your thick, long hard cock in front of me is unbelievable. Reaching out tentatively… Just my index finger, to feel it. Like warm steel… Hard as rock, yet strangely flexible.. Warm. Mmm. Damn fine. Becoming more confident with what I’m doing…

Enjoying the way I now seem to have control over you, rather than you over me .. Running my hands up then down your shaft, loving the feel of it between my hand, cupping your balls in one hand, loving it. Amazed by it. Watching the clear/white drops of pre-cum forming on the tip, and knowing what’s still to come…

My hands moving faster now, you’re breath coming in gasps, pants… then you explode. Tendrils of white cum shoot onto my chest, my stomach. I lean forward and lick some of the tip of you. Tastes interesting.

You pull your body back, then lean in to kiss me again, slowly reaching one hand up between our bodies to knead my right breast. Without me noticing your other hand reaches out to my left breasts and pulls on my nipple, causing a shudder of pain/pleasure to run though me.

Slowly kissing your way down my neck, my chest, sucking on each nipple, trailing a line of kisses down my belly till you reach my pussy, kissing my cunt lips, running your tongue over my clit, doing things I never thought someone would or could do, I’m grasping handfuls of my bed cover, I’m arching my back, pushing myself onto your face, deeper into your mouth, letting your tongue explore my hidden depths, explore this secret area of my body. I’ve become shameless, bahis şirketleri become wanton, bucking as you add two fingers to what your mouth is already doing, as you remove your tongue and start pushing your fingers into me, deeper and deeper an ever deeper till my body is trembling and shaking and I feel like I’m going to explode with this new sensation rushing through my body…

Slowly I come back down to Earth, as you slowly remove your fingers from inside me and slowly lick them, watching me, watching my face, my eyes… I’m lying on my back, on my own familiar bed, with you.

You crawl up towards me, so your body is stretched out on top of mine, so I can feel you, feel you hard again, pushing against me… you look at me as if to sat “yes?”, although you know there is no other answer at this point. We have gone beyond asking. Now we just do.

You push against me, and with one quick hard thrust you are inside me. I cry out with the pain of it, expected yet unexpected, bad, but not the worst.

Still inside me, but not moving you kiss me. I nod. Yes. You pull out and without me even realising my hips move with you, bucking against you. You come down again, moving deeper inside me, and I’m moving with you, faster and faster, our pace builds, our rhythm matched, faster, harder, deeper, breaths coming in short ragged gasps, moving, my nails in your back, legs twined up and around yours, your arms on either side of my shoulders supporting yourself as we aim higher and higher, reaching for the unavoidable climaxes.. You can feel my tight pussy clenching around your hard hard cock, my juices flowing, allowing you to slide in and out so easily… And then we cum, together, two bodies fused into one… Gasping for breath, covered in sweat, wishing the moment would never end…

You pull out, slowly, leaving your seed inside me. You know you can. I know you can. Thank God for the Pill. Calming ourselves down, breathing returning to normal, we lie in each others arms, glad that the dream has become real. No thoughts of tomorrow, or consequences.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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