The Seduction of Caoimhe Ch. 02


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Chapter 2 – Dillon

I wake to the sound of the alarm clock blaring in my ears and know Tara needs some help waking up, which means I have to get up enough to wake her. There was a time when I hated that part about her, the hole sleeping through every damn noise, but that was a long time ago and simply a part of married life. I’ll be getting back to sleep soon enough, but for now I don’t have much of a choice.

It’s still dark out as I turn the alarm off and shake my wife’s shoulder softly. Her flesh feels soft in my hands as I have just the slightest grip. Sometimes that’s enough, but she only mumbles something in her sleep and it’s going to take a little more coaxing. My grip tightens a little and I give her another soft shake, which causes her to turn a little.

She mumbles out as I quietly say, “Time to get up.”

She lets out a groan as she speaks through a yawn. “I’m up… I’m up.”

I may be able to see little more than an outline in the dark, but I know her mouth very well and my dick twitches a little at the thought of it open for another yawn. If only there was time for that, since it’s going to be a week before I feel those lips wrapped around my dick. Kayleigh’s mouth will make up for the absence, but it isn’t quite the same as hers.

I reach down and take Tara’s slender hands in mine to help her out of bed as I yawn out, “I’m going to wake up Caoimhe.”

Tara nods as she says, “Thanks.” She’s standing of her own accord and brings her hands to my face. “Dillon, just wake her up. Don’t want to scare her away.” Her hands reach down to feel my hardening shaft for effect.

I nod as she releases my dick and she starts to stumble towards the bathroom. Her hands struggle a little in her tired state to open the door and I shield my eyes as the light floods in. My green eyes adjust and I can see her slender silhouette until the door closes and I’m left in darkness. Throwing on my robe to hide my naked body from the kids, if they happen to be out of their rooms at this hour. My dick isn’t easy to hide, since it’s no longer in a state of slow arousal and I’m tempted to ignore what my wife told me.

I slowly make my way to Caoimhe’s bedroom and listen to the sound of sleep coming from the other side. There’s no need to knock, since I want the boys to remain lost in their slumber; not to mention Caoimhe. The door isn’t locked, it never is, and I enter as quietly as I can. My eyes are starting to adjust to the darkness of her bedroom and can see her outline against her wall. She’s in a heavy state of sleep and is unaware of my approaching body.

My body stops at the edge of her bed and stare down at her sleeping face with my dick pressing out of my robe. I can smell the sweat mixed in with other scents as I stare down at her body pressing against the blanket and want to see if she’s sleeping in the nude. There’s a strong urge to pull the blanket down, but time doesn’t allow for my curiosity.

It won’t be much longer and Kayleigh will be more than helpful in passing the time. My hands reach down as I lower the blanket just enough to reveal her covered flesh and softly shake her in much the same way I did with her mother. She mumbles out with a groan and I know any thoughts of slowly waking her no longer matter. As she yawns out, I wonder what her lips would look like wrapped around my shaft.

She groans as I speak as loudly as I dare. “Time to get up, Caoimhe.”

She blinks at me as she yawns out in a similar manner as her mother. “What time is it, daddy?”

I see her starting to nod off and shake her shoulder softly again. “It’s early, but you need to get ready. Mommy’s already in the shower. You don’t want to keep her waiting, do you?”

Her eyes open fully as she sits up and the covers fall around her. I can just make out the outline of her small tits under her loose shirt and don’t bother looking away. She’s slowly gets out of bed as her eyes glance at my dick pressing through, but takes no notice in her tired state. I leave her bedroom with the knowledge that my wife is going to have an interesting week.

As I move down the hall, I can hear the water running and know my wife won’t be much longer. Under normal circumstances, she takes her time in there, but these are far from normal times and all she needs is enough time to get clean. I don’t even know if she’s bothering with makeup, since that tends to take even longer that her average shower.

I close the bedroom door and turn on the light to enable my wife to dress while giving me a show. Water starts to run from the other bathroom and I know my daughter is in there and won’t get the opportunity to press my luck. I’m tempted to see if she left the door unlocked, but remind myself that patience is the key. I’ll see Caoimhe in all of her glory soon enough, but I have to wait just a little longer.

The door to the bathroom opens and my wife steps out, which draws my green eyes to the smooth flesh just above her pussy. There’s something about seeing canlı bahis her shaved that drives me crazy and I feel my dick twitch as I move to her naked body.

My eyes pull up to hers as she grins and whispers to prevent from being overheard. “We don’t have time for this.”

I place her hands on my shaft, which causes her to grip it out of reflex. “For this, Tara, we do.”

She rolls her green eyes and her voice has a false annoyance to it. “Fine, but just this.”

Her hands start to work my shaft with her experienced touch and each movement brings me closer to release. Our eyes lock onto each other as I let out my soft groans and can see her grinning. I can feel her pace quicken as she gets me closer to what I desire.

She calls out in a soft voice, “Where do you want it?”

I grin back as I let out another soft groan. “In your mouth and on your lips. I want to see you kiss her cheek before you leave.”

She laughs a little as my eyes close and I feel one of her hands release. With as muffled a groan as I can give, I explode into her waiting hand. My wife does wonders with her hand as each twitch causes more of me to release and she quickly finishes me off. This is another thing I’m going to miss about my wife, since her sister never has gotten the grip quite right.

I open my eyes and see the white in her cupped hand. From the fingers that just released my softening shaft, she dips her fingers in and starts to rub my cum onto her lips, which causes them to have a pleasant glistening look under the bedroom light. She sticks her tongue out and starts to slowly lap up the rest and I’m reminded again of just how much I’ll miss her.

I pull my robe back on as she opens her mouth and shows me that her tongue is beautifully coated with my white. She pushes me back a little and dresses as I watch her cover herself with a much needed rush. My wife makes far too quick a job as I tie the robe and ensure I’m not sticking out, since Caoimhe’s going to be far more awake.

We head to the front door and I have their bags in hand. Caoimhe’s still in the shower, which tells me I have enough time to put them in the trunk and come back. Hers is much heavier than my daughter’s by far, but that’s because it’s almost empty. There’s her toiletries and nothing else, since getting her naked is going to be the easy part of our plan.

I get back in the house just as she steps out of the shower and watch my wife walk up to her. She presses her lips against her cheek and gives a hard kiss before pulling away. I can see the glistening on her cheek and fight to hide my grin. She has no idea why my wife just did that, which is just fine with me. All that matters is that it’s my cum on my daughter’s cheek and that’s one hell of a start.

I close the door behind them and lock it, since there’s no way in hell my wife is going to back out now. The car is pulling out as I head back to my bedroom for some much needed sleep. I’m not worried about my wife driving a little tired, since I have seen it countless times before. She’s nervous as fuck right now and that will help to keep her alert.

As I lay down on my bed, I do so with the knowledge that the next time I see my daughter, everything will be different.

* * *

I’m a little groggy as I wake to the sound of my sons and notice the absence of my wife in bed. It takes me a moment to recall that they’re really gone and my wife has a lot of work to do in a short period of time. I pull myself out of bed and head to the bathroom without bothering to cover my naked body. My sons will be leaving soon and I’m looking forward to spending some much needed time with their mother.

I throw on my robe and tie it off to keep my dick hidden for the moment, the leave my bedroom and see Kayleigh making sure that our boys are ready. Their bags are at the door and they’re oblivious to her nipples pressing through the loose, white shirt she must have slept in. My eyes want to look over her body, but have to keep them away for just a little longer.

All those green eyes glance towards me, but only hers linger for just a moment. The boys are too excited about the trip to pay much attention to anything else going on in the house. They keep taking turns glancing out the window as she asks, what has to be at least a dozen times already, if they have everything. I didn’t need to be awake to know the questions were asked, since it’s the same thing every year.

There’s a knock on the door and Connor looks out the window with a grin. That can only mean one thing and my time just got considerably shorter, which is a good thing. It’s not easy to hide the bulge of my dick with nothing more than a robe. Sean opens the door as they both give her a quick hug and we say our goodbyes.

I walk over next to her and we both watch from the window to ensure they are really gone. They are slowly, and I mean painstakingly slow with their movement, backing out of the driveway and we give our final waves. They are bahis siteleri pulling away from the house and still we watch to ensure there won’t be any surprises in store for us.

Her hair smells of the soft melon from the shampoo they all use, but it also has that morning scent of old sweat added to the aroma. We’re both in need of a shower, but that can wait a little longer. There’s something else I want first and know she wants the same.

I take her by her hands and turn her towards me. There’s sign of sleep in her green eyes and her red hair’s a little matted. I can feel my dick start to press through my robe and it catches, but there’s no sense of the ache that comes from wearing clothing that is far more restrictive.

I pull her close to me as our hands reach around our bodies and press my lips hard to hers. The morning is strong on her tongue, but I don’t care about that right now. We’ll both be brushing our teeth soon enough and I’ve tasted this many times before. Her tight ass feels great in my hands as she squeezes mine, which causes my already hard dick to twitch against her shirt.

We part and I can see that familiar grin on her lips as she holds my eyes with hers. “What do you want to do?”

I match her grin as I squeeze a little harder and watch her lips part as she sighs. “Take you to bed?”

Her lips part again, but this time it reveals that soft laugh I enjoy hearing and she’s having a little fun with me. “To do what?”

I pull her away from the window and towards my bedroom. “Sixty-nine. I want to eat your fucking pussy right now.”

She grins a little lighter at my words. “Good, because I want to feel my lips wrapped around your shaft as I suck your dick.”

Her hands release mine as she unties my robe and my dick is released into her soft hands. I pull up her shirt with the knowledge that she isn’t wearing panties. She’s a bigger risk taker than her sister ever was and more than willing to get caught by our boys, which has never happened. I feel the loss of contact as I pull her shirt off quickly and smile down at her small tits.

My fingers reach between her legs and I can feel the pleasant moisture on my fingers. We both know if someone happens to look into the window from the street that they would see everything. Her hands reach out and cup my balls as I spread my legs to let her have all the access she wants.

My thumbs run through her trimmed bush and I can feel the edges of the diamond. “Do you ever miss it?”

She lets out a soft moan as my fingers brush against her hard clit. “Miss what?”

I smile as I look into her green eyes, which are so much like Tara’s, “Having a full bush?”

Another soft moan escapes her lips. “No, but thinking of a change of design.”

Her fingers squeeze gently as I give out a soft moan of my own. “To what?”

My hands start to pull up and slowly across her stomach to where the stretch marks are. “An arrow pointing to my pussy.”

Her fingers release my balls as she starts to work my hard shaft. “I think that be so fucking sexy.”

She lets out a soft laugh as she winks. “I know. Take me to bed.”

As she releases my dick, I take her hand and start to walk to my waiting bed. Her body is pressed against mine and I love the way she feels walking next to me. I reach the edge of the bed and release her as I lay down to wait. My dick drips onto my stomach as I moisten my tongue inside my mouth.

Her narrow legs spread across my head and I can see the moisture starting to drip down her flesh. My hands reach up and caress her tight ass as she lowers herself towards my waiting tongue. I can see her lips hiding the treasure as her fingers spread herself open for me. I do enjoy this view and she knows it, which is why she’s taking her time the rest of the way down. The scent of the morning is slowly wafting from her and I do enjoy what I inhale.

She lowers herself the rest of the way and my fingers start to explore her cheeks as my lips press softly against the edge of her lips. My green eyes stare up at her pale crack as she moves her head towards my aching dick. I can feel the moisture on my lips as I press to another spot, but don’t taste it just yet, since I know just how much she enjoys my kisses.

Her crack parts to reveal her tight asshole and I fight the urge to explore the ridges so close to my eyes. I feel her hands reach my shaft as I kiss another part of her lips, while my hands continue to explore her cheeks. I may be gentle with my touch, but she’s a little eager and it shows.

I let out a soft moan as her tongue starts to explore my head and I kiss another spot, but this time with a little more pressure. My fingers press down a little and I love the way her body reacts. She lets out another of her soft moans as her tongue focuses on the tip of my dick. The smell is getting more delightful as a freshness is slowly overriding what the night has brought.

Her lips press down as she engulfs my head and her bahis şirketleri tongue continues to concentrate on the tip. I let out a slightly louder moan and my fingers start to slowly work the center of her asshole. My tongue presses through and I can taste the slickness that has been building as her hands slowly move across my shaft. There’s nothing I don’t like about the taste, which is that wonderful mix of saltiness from all the things that build while she sleeps and the sweetness of the new dripping.

As my tongue slowly explores, hers is still focused on the tip. Her head is starting to bob a little in perfect timing with her hands and my dick twitches a little in appreciation for what she’s making me feel. My fingers move closer to the edges of her tight hole and my tongue makes her give off a muffled moan. I’ve always loved that sound and serves as an auditory reminder that her mouth is full from my dick.

Her mouth takes me a little deeper and she gags from the depth. I can feel her fingers alter their grip to something much more enjoyable and moan into her pink lips. My tongue starts to explore between the folds as I bring her closer to that point that makes her body do all those wonderful things. She’s trying to get me to cum first, but that won’t happen.

My fingers start to explore the ridges slowly as my pace increases, which causes her to increase hers. My moans are getting louder and her muffled moans are getting more intense. It won’t be much longer now and I go for the kill as my tongue finds her hard clit. I know exactly how to get her where I want her and her body starts to react to everything.

Her grip tightens on my shaft as she starts to take me a little deeper. She’s got a mouth and tongue that’s almost as good as my wife’s and I won’t complain that she’s not here to join us. My moans are getting a little more intense, but nothing compared to what she’s giving off.

I pull her hard clit into my mouth and her entire body tightens for me. My fingers pull the edges of her asshole and it opens just a little. Her mouth releases my dick along with her hands and she’s no longer giving out her muffled moans. These are quite intense and I don’t mind hearing the pleasure I’m giving her.

Her asshole starts to spasm before my eyes and I hold tight to ensure she stays open throughout. I can feel her explode on my face as my tongue continues to work her clit, which intensifies the orgasm greatly. My fingers start to ache as I hold my grip, but it’s nothing I haven’t felt before.

Seeing the spasming asshole is the best part about bringing her an orgasm first. I’m not one of those people that has to close my eyes during the experience, but it’s difficult to keep my green eyes locked in place when it happens and I don’t want to miss a single movement. I don’t know what it is about this view, but it’s so fucking hot.

Her body starts to relax as I release her clit and start to clean up with my tongue. My fingers keep her asshole open, but the spasming is no longer occurring and I miss it already. Her moans become sighs as I feel the weight of her body collapse onto mine and press my mouth against her open pussy.

I love the taste of freshness dripping out of her as my tongue presses inside. My fingers release her asshole and it returns to the state of tightness. The tight hole above me is a wonderful thing to see, since I know that no matter what I do, it always returns to this state.

She gives a little shudder as I find the last of her drops and take them in my mouth. The slickness coats so much of my flesh and I’m not one to shy away from leaving it right where it is. I pull my tongue out and release her ass to let her recover.

There’s a reason they both call me good lovers and that’s because I enjoy bringing them to that wonderful state more than I enjoy reaching it myself. I know that once I reach the edge it’s going to end quickly and I’ll have to rest, which is the last thing I want to happen when I’m with either of them, or both as is often the case.

Her hands are starting to move along my shaft once again and I let out a moan from the pleasure she brings. I can feel her mouth encompass my head and her tongue is playing with the tip. My fingers move up to her lips and gently spread them to give me another view I love.

With only myself to concentrate on, I let myself go and start to grunt out as my body tightens. Her hands increase their speed and her mouth presses down to catch what I give her. The urge to close my eyes is strong, but I fight through and continue to stare at her tight asshole so close to my green eyes.

I feel myself shoot into her mouth and she gags a little as my body is taken to amazing heights of pleasure. She keeps her lips pressed into place as her hands speed up, which causes me to shoot another load into her waiting mouth. My body’s taken to another level and everything in the world is gone, except for what she is doing to me.

The last of my cum is fired and I feel myself dripping down my shaft from her full mouth. My fingers release her pussy and it stays open a little as her mouth releases my dick. Her body presses down and I can feel her hard nipples move along my flesh.

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