The Real Light Meter Pt. 02


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Hi, just a quick note from the Writer,

I wrote this a few years back after writing the Light Meter and I thought I had lost it.

I found it a month or so ago after I had posted the Light Meter Part 2 story.

Anyway enough rambling from me, here’s the story, hope you like it.


It was a fortnight, nearly, since Barb and I had modeled for Dean and had his beautiful cock inside us- for the first time. We had taken turns from then on and we both now had that swagger well fucked women have. My friends had marveled at how much more positive I had become and how much more confident.

I hadn’t told anyone and made sure not to mention either Barb or Dean any more than I had before and it was killing me; I had to share with someone. This evening it was a Tuesday and I had invited my old friend Linda over for a few games of cards and a glass or two of wine. She only lived a few houses up so no problems with driving while intoxicated.

Linda was a few years older than me, forty four to my forty. She had gained a few pounds since Oliver had divorced her but hadn’t run to fat, closer to cuddly than big boned I guess you’d have to say. Oh look, I just liked her; this was pretty explosive stuff I wanted to share and, well she was the one I chose: the one I chose. The one I liked and, if I’m going to be completely honest, the one I fancied.

She had been surprised at my phone call but she didn’t have anything on, just watch some TV and off to bed with her book so she didn’t take much persuading and she came down with a few nibbles and a bottle.

So there we were on the couch using the middle cushion as our table playing cards. She was really good and I was awful so she was killing me. The wine was going down and we were both getting quite tipsy and very giggly. I had been sort of testing the waters and doing eight year old pouts and pretending to go huffy when she beat me- again and she was doing them back with the nose in the air routine when she won.

She had just finished destroying me for the third time when I raised my glass and leaned towards her. She raised hers and leaned towards me. We clinked glasses and as we did I eyeballed her and, failing to hide the grin on my face, said,” Lets see how you play under pressure Linda. Strip poker- I dare ya.”

Her face went from smiling to dumbstruck.

“Strip poker? Us? Here? Now?”

I eyeballed her again and licked my lips.

“Us, here, now.” The challenge hung in the air.

She hesitated but I knew she was going to say yes. It took a while but finally she gave me a smile, kind of terrified and horny at the same time and nodded.

Well she played just as well under pressure, the bitch- no, just kidding, she was lovely, never gloated (other than pretend gloating) – and I lost my shoes, my blouse and my skirt before I finally won one and she removed her top. I pointed out she could just take off a shoe if she liked but she smiled and told me that would be insulting to me considering. That’s how she was but now either I had struck a rich vein of form or she had started throwing games because I won a few in a row; her skirt came off, her shoes ( she did both at the one time, unlike, err hem, me) and we were both in bras and panties. Well she was in panties and I was in my thong.

She hadn’t really seen it as I had slipped my dress off part turned away so she could see it was a thong at the back and check out my butt but then sitting side on it was obscured at the front. The next game went to her and as I stood to take off my bra she saw it. Barb had modified it for me by cutting along the top seam at the front and folding the material in on itself, gluing it in place until the top of the covering strip was barely an inch across. Just a light pull up on the waist band and the bottom was wedged into my pussy.

Before I had stood up I had given the waist band a sneaky tug and I could feel very well where it was. I watched her face as I stood up and calmly reached round to unhook my bra. Her eyes were glued to my pussy. Well my thong disappeared into it and it was kind of out there. I slipped an arm out of my shoulder strap, then the other and slipped the bra off into my hands and put it down.

“Oh My God, Yvonne,” she said staring at me,”Oh My God, you are fucking stunning. Your hair- it’s gone. Your tummy, my God it is so flat. What happened? You’re fucking someone; you are, aren’t you?”

I stood face on to her and smiled mysteriously. She grinned back at me and I lifted my arms to fold my hands behind my head.

‘I concede the next hand,” I said as seriously as I could while rolling my eyes. She grinned again and got up to lean forward and pull my thong down for me. Well she had that look; you know the “I want sex now” look and her panties went first followed by her nearly ripping her bra off. It was obvious she was hot but she had never explored her feminine option when it came to sex.

“Hold my tits,” I told her and she put her hands up over my boobs then turned konyaaltı escort her hands to cup them and give them a jiggle.

‘They like being sucked too, “I told her in a whisper and she bent down to cup one and suck nicely on my nipple while she held me with the other hand.

Oh, she did it so well, that sucking.

“You suck on yours, huh?” I asked her.

“All the time. Like it?”

“Well I’m not backing away,” I told her and my boobs shook as I chuckled,” oh God, I can feel it, it’s like a rock. Oh fuck, oh do the other one.”

She moved over and sucked on my right nipple; it went rock hard too.

As she sucked I told her,” I am fucking some one.”

She held the nipple in her mouth and tilted her head to look up at me, asking the question with her eyes. I glanced at the hallway door and did another eye roll.

Her mouth came off the nipple and her lips moved. She mouthed ‘You’re fucking Dean?” at me then latched back on.

She got another eye roll and a shrug, then a grin. Her wonderful lips left my disappointed nipple.

“Really? Oh my God, oh that is disgusting- I mean it should be but oh fuck its hot.”

She looked at my face and I grinned and licked my lips. We were in a naked embrace by this stage and she kissed me while her fingers squeezed my butt cheeks.

“Oh my God you are so lucky, he’s hot Dean, and I’ll have to pretend on my own tonight bugger it.”

“Want him to fuck you too?” I asked her.

“Hey, don’t tease me Vonnie, K? You know I would but it aint gonna happen is it?”

“Well he turned on to me and you’re prettier than I am. Tell you what lets make you a bit more fuckable and see what happens. She tilted to look up at me and I could see she was thinking. A nod and she kissed me.

I took her hand and we went, both naked down the hall, a short way to the bathroom. I turned the shower on for her and she got in followed by me for the wash. She was heavier than me, but still very feminine – I was confident my boy would step up to the mark for this one.

She was pretty well shaved, just her pussy which she kept trimmed and her ass hole. I lathered her up and took care of the two areas then got her back in the shower and washed her off. I dried her and led her into my room so she could see herself in my full length mirror. She posed, turning this way and that as she ogled herself.

As she posed I was thinking; I had it.

“Come on, back to the lounge and we’ll get dressed.”

I got a “Huh?” look.

“Trust me, he’s a guy, give it to him on a plate and he’ll run a mile so we need for him to do, inverted commas, the chasing.”

She rolled her eyes and shook her head at the deviousness of my evil plan then gave a grin and led the way back to the lounge. We dressed and put everything back how it was.

‘You sit here, I’ll go get him,” I told her with a confidence I didn’t totally feel. She sat there looking up at me and I blew her a kiss from the doorway- she made to catch it in two hands and bring it to her lips.

I went down to Barb’s room and went in. He had her on her back, legs in the air and pounding her snatch as she lay with her head flopped to the side going,”Ooh, ooh, Oh m,oh ooh.Oh God Dean, yeah, oh…”

He said nothing, single tasking you see, just humped his sister till he gave one last great lunge and held it as he came in her.

“Hi Yvonne,” he said turning to me as his cock slipped out of Barb’s pussy. She sat up and took his cock in her mouth sucking all the cum and her own juices off it. That would have been my job but if I was going to be kissing Lin again soon, and I had every intention of doing so, then it would taste a bit odd for her to discover cum and girl juice tastes in my mouth. (Yes, I considered it a major sacrifice).

It only took a few minutes and her mouth was going up and down his shaft again.

“Mom haven’t you got a guest?” Barb asked- we just hate thinking of people left waiting, don’t we?

“Yes Linda love, um Dean, I was wondering if you might like to get a movie of Linda and I playing cards, sort of strip poker, she said she might go down to her bra maybe. I think she’s hot but, well you know a lot of inhibitions. I just thought it might be good practice for you for, um you know when a subject isn’t too willing and you need to coax the best out of her.”

“Ooh sounds tough sweets,” my ally Barb told him, stroking his ego,” an older woman, confused, deep down wanting to but held back by years of social conditioning. “

We let her words hang and waited for his reply.

“A movie, you and Linda?”

“Playing strip poker.”

“Yeah, on the couch, huh, I’d need a light out a ways and a couple of spots for the close ups, have to be hand held ” (it will be I thought gleefully, it will be) ‘ for some of the close ups and on the tripod for the full shots.”

“Barb, want to get yourself decent and give me a hand?”

She grinned at me and winked then pulled on his hand to get him to have kültür escort a shower with her. It was only a quick one, and they came out with him in his tee shirt and jeans and her in one of his tee shirts that came halfway down her thighs. Her nipples showed clearly through the fabric- she’d been tweaking them the little sweetie.

.Dean was focused now and got his camera, tripod, light meter, spot light, stand light and more stuff the serious cameraman needs and between him, Barb and me we carried them out.

“Hi Aunty Linda,” he said to her in his smoothest voice.

‘Oh, hi Dean honey, hi Barb, hey great to see you both,” she said acting up a storm and not letting on how keen she was for that big young cock of hers to be inside her.

He carried on setting up his equipment as she watched.

“Mom told me you’ve agreed to a little story, strip poker, just maybe get your top off, and the skirt possibly.”

She tensed looking very apprehensive then relaxed and nodded with a smile.

“Oh I guess the skirt too and then, well men have to have something left to their imaginations don’t they?”

She just made that up, what an actress!

Once Barb was in place with the light, she held the microphone boom too, Dean looked up from his viewer and announced,


We were standing side on to the camera. I leaned forward as did she and we kissed each other demurely on the cheek. We sat and started playing cards making a point of drinking often from our wine glasses as we did and showing we were having more and more problem with being tipsy as we went along. I gave her saucy little glances and she did look away expressions as if she was deciding how to respond and made a point of melting until she was flirting as much as me.

“OK and cut.”

We stopped and looked at him.

“Lin honey I want Yvonne to suggest strip poker to you. Do a big pitch Mom.OK?”

He was trying to instill some enthusiasm in me bless him and I nodded and made out I was thinking of the lines.

“Lin this is going to depend on your reaction. Look surprised, then um, shock, yeah, um look shocked then look away, like you’re thinking it over and then, a little shrug, show me? Yeah that’s it and a nod.OK?”

Linda was nodding and looking serious, focusing on getting in character for the next crucial scene.

Barb chimed in.

“Oh hey would anyone mind if I took my tee shirt off, its really hot here with this light, its just I wasn’t expecting it to be so hot and I’ve left my bra off. Aunty Lin? It wouldn’t be embarrassing for you would it?”

She had pulled her tee shirt right up so it was just covering her nipples as she asked. Linda stared at my daughter’s seventeen year old boobs and that “Do not disturb naughty thoughts in progress” look came over her face.

‘No, um, no that’s fine with me,” she told her reassuringly. Barb’s tee shirt came off leaving her now clad in just a very skimpy thong.

“Dean, I know you’re the director, producer, cameraman and movie mogul Hon but what if you maybe took something off, just your shirt maybe.” I said to him in my motherly voice.

“Yes OK, that might help relax things, it’s really great of you to do this Aunty Linda.” he told her as he pulled his shirt of, hesitated a few seconds the unzipped and pulled his jeans off as well. I was expecting boxers but obviously his sister The Queen of Skimpy Underwear had got to him and he was in a thong with his package looking very bulgy. Aunty Linda hadn’t missed it either.

“OK, all set, just relax Linda, you’re acting a part here so just,um, you know go with how your character will react, just be the character, that’s it, be the character and just go with how the scene unfolds.” he told her leaving her and Barb and me utterly baffled- what the fuck was he talking about?

“And Action!”

“Hey, you win all these games when there’s no pressure, what about when there’s some on you?” I said a bit loudly.

“Why?” she asked equally loudly, think I might crack? Think you won’t?”

Dean was feverishly flapping his hand telling us to speak quieter.

“Maybe. Maybe I want to see you; maybe I want you to see me. Are you up for it?” I gazed into her eyes and waited as Dean took the camera off the stand and came in for a close up of our faces. Barb moved the spot she now held so our faces were in clear light for our close ups. It was being very well done and I wanted to clap but this was a shoot so I carried on.

“I’m game,” she said and we sat down on the sofa. She took the cards, did a casino standard shuffle and fired out five cards each like bullets from a machine gun. I lost and took off my shoes. I lost again and took off my top, then she lost and after a few more hands we were both in our bras and panties and she was expecting it to stop and looking up at Dean.

I put my hand up for him to stop filming,

“Dean honey can we go on?” I asked him intently,” my God you know I thought it might just be a bit of fun but markantalya escort I felt a connection, perhaps I’m not explaining it-“

“Oh goodness yes,” Barb said, shaking her head in disbelief at what she had seen,” there was something there, a link, almost spiritual.”

“You saw it too!” I exclaimed,” I knew it wasn’t just me. Lin did you feel it? You’re new to this and there’s so much going -“

“Yes, yes I did, I wasn’t sure I was imagining it. Oh look, we’ll go on, shall we? I don’t want to think years from now “if only” and I suspect men being men if we take them this far and then its over they might not like the scene at all and all your hard work would be for nothing Dean.”

“Oh well said Lin,” I told her reaching over to give her a reassuring hug,” come on lets make this scene really special- you and me, no cameras, just you and me.”

On “action” we started, she won a hand and I took my bra off still sitting, she lost a hand and took her bra off then she lost again and she was naked. She had stood to pull her panties down and now she stood with her left leg on the floor and her right leg on the sofa facing me.

‘Think I’m embarrassed?” she challenged, pulling her lips apart.

“No, I think you look stunning,” I told her and I stood with my thong disappearing into my pussy and slipped my thong off.

“And cut.” it was Barb who did that one.

“Oh that was so hot Yvonne and Aunty Lin um Dean why don’t you tell Aunty Lin about our, um, light meter?”

He looked at Barb and I could see he was asking her,” do you think I can fuck this lady?” and she gave him a little look back that said, “you betcha.”

Dean slipped his thong off and stood importantly in front of Lin who was now openly fingering her pussy in front of us all.

“Lin, you know how I might use a light meter to check how bright, how dark the lighting is?”

She nodded, trying desperately to keep her eyes off his cock which was not quite hard and went up then arched over at the tip.

‘Well Yvonne has explained to me how the really serious adult photographers work naked and they react to their models work. So my penis, um cock, well that’s your light meter, sort of.”

She was struggling with how he could say such bullshit with a straight face and glanced significantly at me. The cow. I shrugged, meaning guilty on all charges M’Lud but thankfully he didn’t notice and Barb chimed in confirming what I had said and how helpful we had found it, to which I had nodded enthusiastically.

We started again and now he was getting two matures taking turns licking each other out and the hand not controlling the camera was flat out on his shaft. Barb left her light stand and moved to Dean pushing him away from his camera and into the scene. She pointed at herself and looked at the camera and gestured for him to move in with us. He moved close and Lin seized his cock then sank to her knees to suck on it.

I moved behind him and as I did the last time, wet a finger and slid it up his butt hole them rotated it. Oh the little slut, he sunk down on my finger and moaned. I rubbed a second finger on his rim while I worked the first one inside him. Lin had stood up now and with her arms round his neck was seeking his mouth with hers. She yielded submissively to him as he kissed her and got, as he commanded, on her knees waiting to be fucked doggy style. He got down a bit then positioned his cock over her wet hole and shoved it in. All the way. She lifted her head up and he took the hint and grabbed a hand full of hair using it to yank her head up sharply. She moaned as he completed his mastery of her. Her butt went in waves as he smacked into it and Barb and I stood fascinated at the sight.

As he fucked her Barb reached in the bag she had nearby, the one not, as I had wrongly thought full of photographic equipment, and took out a lube. She squirted some in Lin’s asshole while he was fucking her pussy and pushed her finger up Lin’s asshole, rotated it a few times then pushed two more up there and turned them as well. He came right out and I saw my dear friend’s butt try to chase him. Shameless.

Barb took his tip in her fingertips and placed it exactly on the entrance to her back passage. He knew how to open a woman’s ass hole (thank you, thank you, no you’re too kind) by this time and it was almost one continuous progression till he was standing with his cock completely inside her and his hips up against her butt. He just seemed to like ass fucking that little bit more and he gave her a fair old thumping till we could see he was just about there when Barb pulled him back then pulled on Lin to join her and me for his cum. He spurted in Lin’s mouth first and the bitch closed her lips over it and took the bloody lot.

Then she swallowed.

‘You cunt,” I told her but I was grinning, I’d had plenty the last few weeks and she’d been on a bread and water diet, no protein.

She kissed me as he watched us and Barb latched onto his cock, getting him hard again in no time. This time she and I got a fuck, and he was better up my ass than in my pussy but never mind I helped myself along with some clit work and got my usual two orgasms while my daughter Miss Multi Orgasmic had three and claimed a fourth.

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