The Price of Lust Ch. 03


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~ Never so high the price of lust, as when a man hungers for his own flesh ~

Disconnected from reality, I watched the slow, methodical, trail of oil slither down the backs of Julie and Becky. The oil pooled slightly, before seeping through at the thong strings, and continued the journey. Unlike me, the girls were relaxed, resting their heads on crossed arms, facing one another.

“I love that part.” Becky sighed out.

“God, me too, the oil feels like a finger – a hot finger.” Julie answered back, closing her eyes.

Becky raised her head slightly and rotated enough to look back at me and down. A smile made her lips curl as she witnessed exactly what she’d hoped for. My penis, thick and heavy, lay across my right thigh. Her smile was one of appreciation, as my penis stirred, starting to enlarge for the second time. Silently, she resumed her head position just as I placed my hands on their backs.

I was quiet. My shaking hands told the girls everything they needed to know, as I began to massage in the suntan oil. The girls too remained quiet, at least for a few moments. Their only sounds were soft moans, in time to my slow hand rotations.

I closed my eyes and returned to the tactile feel of tender young, hot, skin. It may have been my imagination but, I swore I felt my cock enlarging with every rotation of my hands. It was a glorious feeling that I never wanted to end.

I felt the muscles of their lower backs, hard and firm under my hands, contrasting with the softness of their sides and early flaring of hips. I eased my hands up, fully massaging their naked bottoms and felt goose bumps rise at my touch.

“Umm Mr. Benson, you’re wonderful! You do that so well.” Becky purred out, as she lifted her butt ever so slightly.

“Yeah daddy, you do! A little harder — please?” Julie cooed out, separating her legs slightly, and then added, “If the thong is in the way just move it, okay.”

I opened my eyes and watched Julie wiggle her tight ass under my hand. I squeezed the ass cheeks simultaneously and moved down farther. I was in total awe watching my thirty-nine year old hands sliding up between the butt cracks of Becky and my daughter. It was the most surreal experience I’d ever had.

The thong strings were no problem at all. Becky’s legs parted, as Julie’s had just moments ago and the offering was obvious, from both girls. I toyed with Becky’s pink swirl and slid my little finger in. At the same time, my ring finger and pinky of the other hand found Julie’s wet pussy and wiggled in.

“God yes, that’s it Mr. Benson! Oh yeah your finger feels so good. Use a bigger one please, your thumb Mr. Benson – please use your thumb!” Becky cried out and raised her butt even higher.

Becky’s out cry created a reaction in Julie, who spread her legs wide, dropping them off the lounge chair and elevated her ass. Easing my fingers from the girls I changed up with both hands. Julie’s pink inner lips were soaking wet and easily accepted my index and middle finger. A wet slurping sound came from her young box as I rotated and thrust my fingers inside her.

Becky waited patiently and was rewarded when I finally tore my gaze from Julie and inserted my thumb into her rectum. A muffled cry escaped her lips, just as she started undulating her hips, driving my thumb deep into her ass.

“Yes, God yes! Oh Julie your dad is better than mine — he’s so, so gentle and big!” Becky moaned out. Her words instantly created a twitch in my face, shocking me. I stopped my finger movements and the girls protested but, I couldn’t help it. The implication of Becky’s words wouldn’t leave my head. ‘Becky’s had sex with her father? Julie? Oh God, Julie too?’ I wondered silently and gently removed my fingers.

“Daddy! Daddy don’t stop now — you were doing so good!” Julie cried out and turned to look at me.

“Julie have you had sex with…”

My question was never fully asked before Julie’s sweet little smile told me she had. Her eyes were bright, sparkling almost, in their light, eerie, blue shade. Pausing for effect, she placed a single finger between her pert lips. Briefly sucking on the finger, she pulled it out slowly and replied,

“Daddy — of course I have! Mr. Arnold loves fucking in the shower. Why would you ask?”, and giggled softly.

I sat back hard on my haunches in full shock. The thought had never occurred to me — I thought I’d been lucky with Becky. I suddenly knew I had no idea what I’d thought, being caught up with Becky but, now this.

My God, my daughter was fucking Becky’s father! The revelation had no affect on my growing erection, which was now standing hard and straight between my legs. It only affected my facial twitch which grew more prominent, as my mouth dropped open.

“Mr. Benson didn’t you enjoy me the other night? It felt like you did! I loved it and Julie enjoys my dad…you aren’t mad or anything are you?

I turned slightly, facing Becky as she spoke. Her words seem to echo in my head and not really come from her mouth. Her lips were moving, that much escort ataşehir I seemed to know, when Julie stood up, fully nude, having removed her thong bottom without my noticing.

“Daddy? Daddy are you okay?”

Julie rested her hands on my shoulders and squatted down to look into my eyes as I turned back to face her. I was speechless and felt paralyzed, as I watched Julie squat lower after placing her feet on either side of me. Julie’s knees neared the patio deck, her tender young pussy hovering just above my cock head, when I felt Becky’s fingers grasp my penis.

“I’ll hold him — ease down Julie.” Becky spoke out softly.

With a sharp intake of breath, I clamped my eyes shut feeling Julie’s wet labia surround my cock head. She eased down more, and then suddenly jerked up, before finally settling back down, slowly impaling herself on my stiff shaft. The tightness was unimaginable. She flexed her vagina muscles and I cried out in a low guttural wail.

“Daddy! Shhhh – its okay, you feel wonderful! I love your cock just like Becky said I would!” She purred out in my ear and then moved to place her lips on mine.

When Julie released my lips I leaned away, trying to catch my breath, throwing my arms back to rest on my hands. Julie’s nude form swayed and moved on top of me, as she started to thrust her hips and drive me deep inside her. My cock throbbed with every movement. I could feel the firm tissue of her uterus, as it moved to each thrust she made. I finally opened my eyes and caught Julie just she reared back and moaned out.

“Fuck Becky you were so right, he’s huge — I love it, I love his cock! Oh daddy, say yes, God please say yes! You want us I know you want us daddy!”

Julie’s eyes popped open and she peered into mine, thrusting faster with a wild lustful look. I took the weight from my hands and leaned forward, placing my hands on Julie’s hips pulling and pushing her — helping her reach orgasm. I didn’t speak. I wanted just one thing. I wanted my daughter — I wanted to know what she looked like in the throws of climax and I didn’t have long to wait.

Following a loud, sexually induced scream, Julie lunged forward and wrapped her arms around my shoulders and bore down. Her hip movements turned circular, as she rubbed my cock head furiously against her uterus. She was cumming and cumming hard.

“Oh God — Daddy — Ah — ah — ah Daddy God, Daddy…yesss!”

Hot vagina juice flowed from Julie. She clamped tightly on my cock, as her body went into convulsions and she came swiftly and hard. Her body rocked and spasmed over and over until she cried out one last time,

“OH FUCK ME — SAY YES!” and collapsed in my arms.

I hadn’t cum yet but, amazingly I felt as out of breath as Julie. Gently I eased her back and cried out as her pelvis bent my cock. I managed to somehow lean enough to pull my penis free and ease the pain. Julie moaned and whimpered on the patio deck, mumbling over and over, say yes — say yes — God please say yes.

Becky’s soft voice and tender touch shocked me away from staring at my daughter’s splayed legs and engorged pussy lips. I jerked to my left, wide eyed, like I’d been caught and then sighed with relief seeing Becky.

“Beautiful isn’t it? My dad loves her pussy.”

“My dad can’t do what you can. He’s one of those one shot guys — you know what I mean? You’re still very hard and I’m waiting.” Becky added before I could reply.

Becky had no idea how my mind was screaming out YES, as she got up and repositioned herself at the end of the lounge chair. Resting on her knees and elbows, Becky presented her ass and looked back at me.


It was a struggle but, I managed to shift my position and rise up on my knees. The porno movies came to mind immediately and I cupped Becky’s ass cheeks and bent forward. Burying my nose in her ass crack, I sucked in her lower labia lips and made sounds like a starving man sucking the last from a bowel of soup. Becky giggled and wiggled her butt urging me on.

With saliva dripping from my mouth, I slid my tongue into the bottom of her slit and started a slow migration up through her crack. Becky’s giggle turned into a gasp when I stopped at her rectum and rimmed it, preparing to push my tongue in as deep as I could.

“Jesus Mr. Benson I’ll fuck you even if you say no!” Becky cried out, just as I pushed my tongue past her rectal muscle. The oil was flavored and Becky’s musky sex scent drove me on, like a sex starved animal. I’d never had anal sex and my cock felt like it would explode, as the thought of doing so raced through mind.

“Fuck me, fuck my little ass Mr. Benson — God I’m so ready!” Becky mewed out, between quick breaths.

I pulled away and grasped my stiff cock, staring at it. My eyes took in Becky’s rectum and I felt afraid — afraid of hurting her. It seemed so small but, God help me I wanted it so bad.

“Becky are you sure honey?” I gasped out in a raspy voice.

“Yes! Yes for God’s sake fuck my ass!”

After Julie’s wild pussy massage kadıköy escort I knew I wouldn’t be long in cumming. In fact, I felt the urgency growing in me just staring at Becky’s ass. I slid my cock head up her crack and stopped at her portal, listening to her breathing change quickly to shallow rapid breaths. Slowly, I rubbed her rectum with my pre-cum and started to press in. I thought I’d faint.

With a loud, OH GOD, Becky pushed back and forced my cock head past her rectal muscle. We both cried out. Becky from the initial penetration and I from the intense tightness I felt. My head was in and I felt the urge to cum almost immediately. Becky seemed sense it and like the night the night before she didn’t care.

“Shove it in — shove it in if you’re going to cum!” She screamed out and tried to push back harder.

“Oh fuck not again! Becky I’m sorry — I’m so sorry I’m cumming baby, I — I…”

As the first load pulsed through my penis, feeling like it would tear the head off, I pushed in hard, sending my cock sliding into her cum slick hole. Becky screamed out in delight and I grabbed her hips, wildly thrusting my dick into her ass. I came hard, again and again until the force of my thrusts began to push out a thick gooey mess of cum.

“Don’t stop…dammit don’t stop Mr. Benson you’ve almost got me there!”

“The answer is yes! YES — YES — YES!” I cried out driving my penis in and out of Becky.

The youthful hold they girls had on me kept me firm enough to fulfill Becky’s desire to climax. Like Julie, she convulsed and shook wildly as she came and then launched from my cock like I’d shot a cannon ball into her ass and screamed out.

Julie had watched it all. I saw Julie’s hand reach out to Becky just as I collapsed and dropped my head between Becky’s spread legs. My throbbing cock seemed to keep time with Becky’s fading shudders, when I heard Julie speak.

“Thank you daddy — you’ll never be sorry.”

There was that giddy feeling again. It was instantaneous and debilitating. I sat there bent over resting my head, even after sensing the girls getting up to leave. My cock had run another marathon. It was spent, incredibly satisfied and all I needed to get over was having sex with my daughter and knowing she was having sex with her best friends father! Simple –right?

Some thirty minutes later I was dressed and setting at the patio table, bent on finishing the balance of the wine. A lit cigarette lay in the ashtray, smoldering, as I surveyed the patio — the scene of great lust and sexual gratification. Nothing there would have given an outsider any indication of what had happened. With a heavy sigh, I poured a glass of wine and picked up the cigarette. ‘A taste of fruits forbidden.’ I thought taking another drag from the cigarette, letting a knowing smile creep across my lips.

The afternoon sun, wine and the physical exhaustion all combined in a decision to go inside and rest. Standing, I swept the patio with my eyes for the last time and satisfied nothing incriminating remained, I turned for the house. I chuckled to myself thinking that I really felt as if I needed a nap. A nap for Christ sake! When the bed came into view it seemed less humorous and more like a great idea. I was out in seconds.

It was early evening when I woke. My rest had been heavy and deep and it took me a few minutes to collect my thoughts and climb from the bed. Two things hit me almost immediately, as I stood up and headed for the door, hunger and a dull ache in my loins. The first was nothing new but, the second was another thing entirely. The ache took me back to my youth when it seemed I spent hours on hours thinking of sex, or wanting sex. The ache never seemed to go away in those days. The feeling was back and it felt glorious. I had Becky and Julie to thank for it.

After a wide yawn and a one armed stretch, I ambled down the hallway heading for the bathroom. Without a thought, I opened the door and walked in on Julie, just as she raised a naked leg to step into the shower.

“Julie! God I’m sorry honey! I didn’t mean to…”

“Daddy! You naughty boy! Did you come to join me?”

“Join you? No, no I just had to pee…I didn’t realize you were home.” I stammered out and started to back out of the door.

“Don’t be silly, come in! Did you shower this afternoon? If you didn’t I think you should — Doreen, if you get my drift. Besides I’d like to talk to you. We have time, join me, please daddy.”

Julie’s plea was heart felt. Her allure was without match, except for perhaps Becky. She waited patiently at the open shower door with her arm outstretched, beckoning me in. I stepped back in and closed the door, locking it. Julie smiled.

“I’ve never had a man as big as you daddy.” Julie commented watching me drop my kakis. “You’re going to spoil me, I know it.”

“Julie I shouldn’t be doing this.” I replied back, even though I enjoyed hearing what she’d said.

“Doing what daddy? Showering together?” Her coy response came back, as she took my hand.

I maltepe escort bayan stepped into the shower with my daughter, feeling my penis thicken once again. God I loved her for that! But, I strived to make my point and held her away at arms length.

“Now look Julie, we…I can’t have sex with you any more. It’s wrong Julie and if anyone ever finds out — Oh God Julie you have no idea what will happen!” I stated plainly, in a pleading voice.

“Daddy…you’re absolutely precious! Of course we can! We can even have sex when Doreen is home! I never wear panties and you can slip in any time you want! Wash me please.” Julie answered back flat and to the point, handing me the soap bar.

“Julie – for God’s sake!”

“Oh God daddy, alright! Give me the soap then!”

I was shocked when Julie grabbed the bar from my hand and almost relieved, finally believing she’d gotten my point. Of course I was wrong. Before I realized what was happening, Julie was down on her knees and my thickening penis was lying in her left hand.

“I really love your penis daddy and I won’t give it up! You have no idea how good you made me feel today. I came harder than I ever have…” Julie said softly and trailed off as she cocked her head to one side and began soaping my penis in slow, long strokes.

“Jesus Julie no, don’t do that, don’t rub me like…”

Why daddy? I can tell you love it, you’re growing. You want me as bad as I want you! Admit it daddy, you do don’t you?” Julie’s reply was barely audible, a whisper of sensual begging, as she continued to stroke me to erection.

I started to melt and reached out quickly, steadying myself against the wall and shower doors. Julie giggled and moved her hands to soap my testicles, squeezing playfully and pulling on them, watching my penis grow totally erect. Her left arm disappeared between my legs, which were shaking madly, and I felt her fingers slide up the crack of my ass, as she clutched me tightly.

My soapy, erect, penis lay against her young, beautiful, face as she looked up into my eyes, with a questioning look. “Daddy?”

“Yes Julie…Oh God Julie — yes!” I mumbled, clutching at the wall and door.

“I knew it daddy! Now what are we going to do with this? Hum?” Julie replied back and softly gripped my penis. “Blow jobs are really fun but –you were bad today! You didn’t cum in me did you? Would you like that? Would you like to cum inside my pussy daddy?”

Without waiting for an answer Julie stood up. Gently she urged me to turn and wash the soap from my loins. I felt sure she’d turn back and bend over but, she opened the shower door and stepped out, grabbing a towel. With a beckoning finger she lured me from the shower towards the bathroom door.

Wet and dripping I followed her, unable to break the spell she cast. My eyes were riveted to her tight young ass, as she moved off down the hall, drying herself. With a casual look over her shoulder she turned into the master bedroom. When I reached the doorway Julie was on the bed, resting easily on hands and knees, looking directly at me.

“Daddy I want you to fuck me here — on the bed. When Doreen comes home I want you to think of my sweet little pussy and how good it felt cumming inside me! Please daddy, make me scream, make me cry out your name – make me want you forever daddy!” Julie moaned out softly, as she dropped and rolled over.

I approached silently, awe struck and hornier than I’d ever felt in my life. With an easy movement, Julie lifted her butt and slid a pillow under her hips. I stopped at the foot of the bed and watched a she lifted her legs and spread them wide, begging me to climb on.

Small hands clasp my cock, guiding me, as I eased down over top of her. Julie rubbed my cock head gently between her, wet, pink labia and closed her eyes, sighing.

“Slow daddy — slow and deep. I want to cum hard with you…please daddy please.” She begged, as I eased down.

Julie’s strong legs gripped my waist and rode me with every slow deep thrust. Her breasts moved gently under me, begging to be sucked and I squeezed them, making her nipples pop out even more than they were.

“Yes, that’s it daddy — take all of me, fuck me like I’m the love of your life and always will be. I’m yours daddy, any time…even my ass daddy if you want it. I want it daddy, like Becky — ah, ah yeah daddy, ah Oh God yesss daddy that’s it fuck your little Julie!”

Our sex was hot, long and immensely erotic, Julie made it that way. She was the love of my life. She made me come alive and vibrate with sensual intensity I’d never imagined. Julie turned wild as I came inside her. Her hips went crazy, thrashing below me, as she clung tightly to my waist with her legs. With short, erratic breaths, Julie cried out my name. She cried out her own cumming and then as we started our downward spiral of orgasm she moaned out,

“A — red, a red Miyata — convertible — daddy.”

It wasn’t exactly a mood killer but, close. I groaned and rolled off Julie, when she released her legs. She had called out the price a day ago and named it during the throws of sexual bliss. My groan wasn’t because of what she said; it was because I hated not being inside her. Even in my semi-flaccid state, her tightness was intensely pleasurable. I felt exhausted, mentally and physically.

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