The Misty Valley Cooperative Ch. 02


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Our journey continues. This chapter contains incest, interracial sex and lots of horny people. All characters engaged in any sexual activity are 18 or over.

Tomas Azaria watched the frothy whiteness of Chrissie Corcoran’s pussy cream coat the length of his cock. He thrust hard and deep into her sopping wet cunt. Her frothing pussy juice coated the deeply tanned globes of her full round ass. It ran down her vulva and dripped into the open mouth of his mother, Kathy, laying under them.

He groaned as Kathy raised up and lay her tongue on the underside of his cock. With each powerful stroke he could feel her tongue sliding along the underside of his length as he buried it in his grandmother’s spasming pussy.

“Chrissie, your pussy looks amazing from here. You should see how your pussy lips are engorged and spread around my son’s cock.”

It took a force of will for Chrissie to raise her head. She was addicted to the sweet taste and musty aroma of her friend’s aroused pussy. Her face was coated in Kathy’s juices. The fact that those juices were mixed with Tomas’ thick potent sperm only added to her lust.

She looked back over her shoulder at her grandson, her son Tom’s first child by Kathy, sweaty lust filled face.

“So like his daddy,” she moaned.

She thrust back hard, burying his large tool to the hilt. Like his father, Tomas’ cock filled and satisfied her completely.

Tomas groaned as he fought to hold back his rapidly approaching orgasm. Just when he thought he would explode in Chrissie’s mature pussy, his mother’s hand snaked between them. He grimaced as she gripped his cock tightly at the base, forestalling his orgasm.

“Not yet, mijo, not yet!

Still keeping a firm grip, she pushed her head between them. She ran the flat of her tongue up one side of Chrissie’s ass savoring the delectable taste of her girlfriend’s juices.

“Awww Fuck! Kathy, you bitch! You are a fucking tease! Just when your son is about to fill me with cum, you stop him.”

With the back of her head against her son’s belly and his cock resting on her shoulder, Kathy French kissed Chrissie’s pussy. She buried her tongue deep in her quivering hole. She felt Chrissie’s pussy clamp down on her tongue.

The taste of the load Tomas had already dropped in Chrissie was like a drug. Her head spun. She tongue fucked Chrissie until she was driving her ass back against her face.

“Who you calling a bitch?” Kathy elicited a lustful scream from her friend when she sharply smacked her pussy.

Sweat ran in rills down Tomas’ tan muscular body. He watched his mother spank his grandmother’s pussy then run her tongue up and down Grandma Chrissie’s pussy. Many times in the two year since he turned 18 he witnessed this scene. His mother and aunt got as much or more pleasure from licking each other as they did from his cock.

Kathy turned her head slightly and took her son’s cock in her mouth. It filled it nicely, the head lightly touching her throat. Her pussy flooded as he reflexively fucked her mouth. Easy, mijo, she thought, you have already come once in each of us, this one needs to last.

Chrissie smiled. She and Kathy had been friends and lovers for twenty years. She knew the taste and feel of Kathy’s pussy as well as she knew her own. She could not count the times they scissored each other. Rubbing their vulvas together and then turning and licking each other to orgasm.

Kathy reluctantly took Tomas’ cock from her mouth. She positioned the head at Chrissie’s entrance and nodded up at him. With their help, Tomas was becoming an excellent lover. And why not? He had the two best sluts in the valley to teach him.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

His heart felt like it was going to jump out of his chest. His hips pistoned back and forth like a pile driver, pounding Chrissie’s pussy into submission. He could not wait to show his sister, Amelia, and their friend Julie Clark what he was learning about pleasing women.

“Querido Dios, I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Chrissie felt her vagina, pubic muscles and anus all contract rhythmically as her orgasm overtook her. Her back arched and undulated in spasms. Like an electric shock, the wave of pleasure shot through her entire body. For a few moments, the bedroom blurred.

Tomas bucked against Chrissie’s full mature ass in short hard strokes. As he came, he felt her pussy clamp down like a vice around his cock He screamed loudly as he drove hard into her. His fingers clenched and unclenched spasmodically scratching his grandmother’s hips. He felt her pussy spasming, accepting his seed.

Kathy snatched him out of Chrissie’s pussy and took him in her mouth. Kathy sucked hungrily, letting her son’s last potent spurts fill her mouth. There was no elixir better in the world than her son’s cum. It rejuvenated her. It satiated her. It made her proud that her first born was the satyr he was. She collapsed on her back. Chrissie’s pussy and Tomas’ cock leaked on to her face as she lay prostrate.

Chrissie kartal escort bayan turned and lay on Kathy. She could feel their breasts pressing together. She felt the slickness of her pussy rub against Kathy’s Mons. She ground their Mons together as she leaned down and forced her tongue into Kathy’s cum filled mouth. They snowballed Tomas’s hot thick load, their tongue’s exploring each other’s mouth.

Tomas roll to his back, exhausted. Through partially opened eyes he watched his mother and grandmother kiss. They did that a lot, before and after sex. He watched as their hands caressed each other’s body.

“Tomas, go check on your little sister. And be sure your brother, Amos, has checked on our guests, the Albertson’s”

He knew that was his cue to leave. He grabbed his clothes and walked into the bathroom to clean up and dress. As he exited the bathroom, he could see his Chrissie and Kathy were in their favorite position, pussy to pussy. The rapturous looks on their faces attested to the intensity of their lovemaking.

* * *

As Jason drove his 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee up Highway 17 towards Big Bear he reflected on his life. It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. He was just leaving a visit with his parents and aunt.

He smiled warmly as he recalled the horse play with his two four year old sons. Adam Jr. was his son by his mother and Justin, his son by his aunt. Both boys were strong, healthy and full of energy. He stretched, repositioning himself in the car seat. So much energy that his back ached from giving horsey rides.

The smile turned to a frown as he thought about his dad. He was bedridden. Two years back he was injured in a construction accident. The consensus of the best doctors in the country was that he would get no better. The news devastated his mother. She was a pillar of strength. But concerned for her husband tempered her usual brass and sassiness.

Jason always spent some time with his father. Their conversations was eclectic as they always were. It seemed they were always trying to squeeze as much into their time together as possible. But one thing his father said haunted him. Adam told his son that Susan had needs. He went on to say that it was his duty as a good son to see that those needs were met. It was as close as he came to saying he knew about Jason and Susan’s affair.

Later he shared a moment with his Helen Aunt. They stood in his old basement bedroom. Her knee length cotton robe was around her waist as he tightly gripped her lush ass.

“You remember taking my ass for the first time down here?”

Jason nodded and laughed. “Yes! And I also remember it becoming one of our favorite things to do.”

Helen slapped his arm playfully. “I don’t know about favorite. I still love your big dick buried to the hilt in my pussy.”

Her ex-husband, Andre, was a rapidly fading memory. He could not keep his cock out of other women’s pussy and she could not keep Jason’s cock out of hers.

“You know, anytime you and mom want, you can move to Misty Valley. There are a couple of empty houses. You can have your pick.”

They had this conversation before. Helen knew that at some point, she, Susan and Adam and the kids would move there. But Susan needed to reconcile herself to the fact that Adam was not going to be around too much longer.

She stood on her tiptoes and kissed her nephew lightly on the lips. “Soon, baby, soon! Her tone with from sad to sassy. “But how you gona handle my needs and all them women you fucking up there? I don’t mind sharing you, as long as I get my share!”

Jason laughed and smacked her sharply on her full ass. She had gained a little weight in five years. Her hips were fuller. Her breasts were verging on D cups. But she was still his sassy sexy aunt.

“Aunt Helen, you will always get your share!”

He took the Mount Hermon road exit. Then turned on to Highway 9. The view of the redwoods as he climbed the narrow mountain road was stunning. The drive had, to quote Tom Cocohran, a postcard at every turn. As he rounded a turn, in the distance was the sun drenched glen that was the Misty Valley.

He was surprised to see an unfamiliar car pull into the corral just past the guard house. Some years back the co-op decided to limit vehicle traffic within the compound. There were just too many children running about. Travel within the compound was by golf carts.

As he pulled into his parking spot, he saw Keith Cocohran was driving.

“Hello, Mr. Beavaneax. I’d like…!”

“Keith! Please! Stop the Mister Beavaneax crap.”

Keith laughed. “Ok…Jason…! Please meet John and Jamie Albertson and their son Sam. They are spending Thanksgiving weekend with us.”

“Welcome to the Misty Valley.” Jason noted that John Albertson’s grip was firm and he looked him right in the eye. This was a man used to being in charge. As he offered his hand to Jamie Albertson, she tucked her head slightly and covered her mouth as she acknowledge him. Shy, he thought, but I sense depths.

Sam escort maltepe grabbed Jason’s hand and pumped it enthusiastically. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Mister…uh…Jason.”

“The Albertsons will be staying in the antebellum house.” Each house in the complex had a different theme. The antebellum house was a replica of a southern mansion complete with the Doric columns and covered porch.

“Ah yes! My mother in law was getting it ready for guests.” May Allen had assigned herself the groundskeeper for the complex. Her rationale was she enjoyed the hard work and needed to keep busy.

Jason watched as the four people climbed into the golf cart for the short trip up the driveway. He noticed that Jamie Albertson showed him a generous amount of thigh as she climbed in.

Jason waved to Allison Hanlon. She was sitting on an iron bench with a brass patina. She wore a one piece cream the colored V-neck sheer jump suit. It came to mid-thigh with lace cut outs around the thighs. She waved back enthusiastically.

With the full knowledge and agreement of Annabelle, his wife, Jason and Allison were in a long term D/s relationship. He smiled as he thought back to that day nearly five years ago when it started.

* * *

Jason drove through Big Bear on his way to Misty Valley. A slight overcast was all that was left of yesterday’s rainstorm. It left the air smelling clean and fresh. Ahead he could see the golden haze lit by the sun that gave this area its name.

He decided to go see the house that was part of his employment package with MVC Enterprises after he left Bell’s apartment. He sighed as he reflected on the conversation he, May and Belle had about May’s being pregnant by him. It had not gone well.

As he rounded a curve, he saw the guard station just ahead. He slowed and stopped at the candy striped barrier bar. The guard wore a pseudo military style uniform with red piping and epaulets trimmed in gold on each shoulder. His black pants had a gold stripe down each leg.

“Yes sir, how may I help you?”

“Um, my name is Jason Beavaneax. I’m here to see a…my…house!”

The guard checked his clip board. “Yes sir! Your driveway is the second one on your right!”

Jason drove slowly around the circular central esplanade. He turned into the second drive and up the Italian Cypress lined drive. The driveway let on to an open white gravel parking area. He stepped out and surveyed the Roman style house. Large oak double doors opened on a wide short mauve stucco corridor. The floor tile was a creamy coral, complementing the walls. There were two shallow alcoves on either side of the corridor. In each alcove, someone had placed a vase filled with acacias. The fragrant aroma followed him as he walked into the large open atrium. The vaulted ceiling was topped with a large skylight. The sun streaming through the skylight caused the koi pond beneath it to flicker with golden highlights. To his right and left on opposite sides of the pond were hallways leading to bedrooms.

He walked across the bamboo bridge. Beyond the pond, an open archway led into a peristyle. A garden of fragrant flowers surrounded the pool in the enclosed colonnaded courtyard.

He spied a naked woman sunning herself. She lay with one hand shading her eyes, the other across her abdomen.

Allison Hanlon turned her head slightly. She raised her head. “Oh hello! You must be Jason!”

This gorgeous woman was totally self possessed. She showed no discomfort at being nude in front of a strange man. Her tanned skin was the color of dark olives. Faint crow’s feet radiating from her eyes were the only sign of her age. A roman nose sat between wide set brilliant oval blue eyes. Those large expressive eyes had a slight oriental tip to them.

Jason figured she was fortyish, 5′ 7″ or so, 140 plus pounds and a nice set of 36D. A slight sag in her breasts and a rounded belly pooch suggested she had children. Her legs were

“Yes, I’m Jason! And you are…?”

“Allison Hanlon, your neighbor! I live across the parkway in the chalet. I suppose you are wondering why I am in your house?”

“Good guess,” Jason laughed!

“Well,” Allison said flashing a brilliant smile that showed off her even white teeth, “I live with my son and daughter and our three children. Sometimes, I just like a little me time. This house had been vacant for a while and I got in the habit of coming over and sunning myself!”

Jason picked up the ambiguous nature of her description of her family. Intrigued, he decided to explore that. “Does your husband live there also?”

His psychology training helped him detect a change in her posture and demeanor. There was a conflict here.

“My husband is in and out of a rehab center! The Cliff notes version of the last few years is that we were sailing in the South Seas. We were boarded by pirates, shipwrecked for a week and finally rescued. My husband received a severe head injury during the pirate boarding.”

As she spoke Allison’s pendik escort head was down. Jason could see she was struggling with the memories of this traumatic experience. He was about to change the subject when Allison said:

“I got pregnant by son on the island. So did my daughter. My son and daughter now have two kids, a boy and a girl. And I have a daughter.”

Jason watched her head come up. An air of defiance came from her. She was expecting to be judged. He knew he was the last one to judge anyone! His mother, aunt and May Allen were all pregnant by him.

“That sounds like a wonderful family! Now since you probably know the place better than I do, show me around!”

Allison was impressed with the maturity of this young Black man. She had just admitted to incest and he casually asked for a house tour. And although he checked her out, he didn’t seem nervous about her nudity.

“Well, first you should know that Hank and Amelia Cotton, the founders of this community, were brother and sister. They moved here to escape society’s judgement and raise a family. There was a lot we didn’t know about them. “

“Like what,” Jason asked?

Allison led Jason across the enclosed courtyard and back into the atrium. He noted her round firm ass and the seductive sway of her hips. She looked back over shoulder and pointed to the hall on the right. The hall extended down one side of the peristyle. Two large bedrooms were next to each other. They faced out onto courtyard. She led him into one of the spacious bedrooms. The room was lit only by the sunlight pouring through the sliding glass patio door. Cedar paneling covered the walls with terrazzo tiles covering the floor.

The center of the room was dominated by a large circular bed. The bedding was black silk. At four positions around the bed were handcuffs covered in red velvet.

Allison smiled coyly and pointed at the bed. “They were heavily into D/s.”

“I’m not familiar with that”

Allison walked to the bed. She sat with her legs slightly apart. She was conscious of the fact that this exposed her shaved pussy to this interesting young man. She crossed them languorously, allowing him to see the swollen arousal of her butterfly pussy lips.

“Think of it as a driver/passenger relationship. The driver determines the direction and the passenger is along for the ride!”

“That sounds one sided!”

“Oh, they can switch if they like!”

“And you are…?”

“Available for the ride,” Allison said boldly! She was surprised at her boldness. Somehow, she trusted him. She stood, brushing past Jason to continue the tour.

Jason looked at this leggy mature vixen who just offered herself for a life style he little understood. In his psych class they discussed some peoples need for domination. Some were type A personalities who used submission as a release from life’s stresses. Others were so called natural submissives. Being dominated was central to their feelings of personal worth and fulfillment. He suspected Allison was the latter.

As she past him, he raised his hand and brought it down sharply on her shapely ass. The sound echoed through the house. He watched as Allison stumbled forward. She turned slowly, both hands rubbing her ass. An expression of pain and lust washed across her face.

Jason pointed at the bed. “Handcuff yourself face down.”

Allison assayed a lopsided grin. “Are you sure you want to learn this game?”

Jason placed a finger under her chin and lifted her head. “I have read some about this life style. I know enough to know that I just gave an order and you asked a question.” He gripped her arm tightly. Then he brought one hand down viciously on her ass.

Allison melted into Jason. A lustful shiver shook her body. Once she had a lover who took charge of her like this. She recalled the exquisite joy of that relationship.

She moved toward the bed, smiling as she brushed by Jason. “I can be a difficult bitch to control.” She turned to face him. Her legs were at shoulder width with one leg slightly forward and her hand lightly on her hip in a model’s pose.

Jason knew that the game was starting. “I suspect you will be. However, we both know you are a bitch who needs control.” Jason placed a hand on her chest and pushed her hard.

Allison fell back on the bed. Could this youthful muscular Black man be the one? Her son, Craig, tried to satisfy her need for dominance. In moments of passion, he could. But he was always fighting to overcome the fact that she was his mother.

She smiled as she cuffed on one leg. Restricted by that cuffed leg she tackled the other leg. She looked up at Jason standing fully clothed at the bottom of the bed. A faint enigmatic smile played across his lips.

“This would go easier if you helped.”

His smile widened, like the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland. “So now you want to set the agenda?”

She realized he was a natural Dom. Her body tingled as she imagined being in the control of this large bald headed Black man. She recalled the large smelly pirates who forced her to suck their cocks and then fucked her. They knew instantly what she was. Her ex lover called her a pussy with legs. Jason knew what she was also. Was he the one? The one to surrender mind, body and soul to?

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