The Interlude: Plan C


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“Well, if you expect me to just sit around forever, until you get your shit together, you better think again!” That was the final dagger I thrust into a marital argument that had been brewing for weeks.

“Fine; you do what you gotta do, I’m outta here!” Donny’s words lingered, before I heard the sound of one last door slamming.

Funny thing is, after nearly 25 years, I still can’t remember what sparked such a huge quarrel. It would be a period of about six months until things between us worked out and we fell back into each other’s arms. The year was 1983. I was nearing my mid-thirties. Baby Josh was only about three years old, and my younger brother Rudy was twenty-four, when Donny (my hubby) decided to take his sabbatical. I mention Rudy, as he figures prominently into this part of that otherwise regrettable interlude.

They say a woman hits her sexual peak in her mid to late forties, and I surely won’t debate that. However, being accustomed to having sex 3 or 4 times a week with Donny, after three months I was ready to climb the walls.

Even with my husband living in a rented apartment across town, I dare not interfere with his so-called mid-life crisis. I elected to hide our separation from my large group of siblings, but Rudy was always someone I could confide in. My husband and Rudy were also close, but Donny opted to use this period for introspection (I assumed), and never contacted him.

At that time, Rudy had taken up residence in an old warehouse loft apartment with a mutual friend, Chuck. The two of them had finished college, except for Chuck, who was doing graduate work on his art degree. A pair of young bachelors reveling in their freedom, they had plenty of female distractions around to keep things interesting.

Chuck was a sturdily built farm boy that no one would have suspected to be an artist. The whole time he and Rudy were growing up, he would always get a bit red-faced around me. Although he was too shy to act on it, plus the fact that I was already taken, I always figured he had a crush on me. In my current state of “going without”, it was only a matter of time, before my curiosity regarding the young artist got the best of me.

“Donny’s picked up the baby up this afternoon for the whole weekend, so I was wondering if I could come over and hang with you guys?” I asked.

“Sure Sis, you know you’re always welcome,” Rudy replied.

“Don’t want to intrude, if you guys have something going on,” I excused myself.

“No, nothing special planned that I know of. The girls might be here. We rented some movies. Ya know, anything to break this damn heat. Come on over.”

“Girls? Is Chuck seeing someone?”

“Oh, they come and go. This one’s name is Betsy. He’s been with her for about two months now, I guess. Why, were you thinking about taking advantage of the poor boy?” Rudy joked.

“Actually… the idea had crossed my mind. I mean if circumstances presented themselves.” I admitted.

“God Sis, you DO have a bad case of the hornies! All I can say is you’d better come packing plenty of ammunition,” he laughed.

“So, it wouldn’t embarrass you if I came on to him?”

“Hell no. We could do with a little excitement around here,” he cackled.

Ending the phone call, I went to the bedroom to scavenge for just the right ammo. The heat had been oppressive for the past few weeks, to the point that several of the town’s inhabitants had to be hospitalized. Even with our A/C cranked to the max, I still felt clammy, as I tried on a variety of revealing tops.

I finally settled on a white cotton halter-top I hadn’t worn since before we were married. Fortunately I had successfully lost my baby-making fat from around my waist and thighs. However, after breast-feeding for two years, my boobs kept their inflated size. A few unavoidable blue vein lines had emerged with the swelling, even after regularly tanning.

“God, these big suckers will never fit into this old 34-inch top,” I pondered, as I scooped and stuffed my full d-cupped 36-inch tits inside. “Hmm, plenty extra hanging out the sides, but maybe that’s the extra ammo Rudy was referring to,” I smirked. Squeezing my hips into a pair for freshly severed low riding bell-bottom jeans, I was pleased with my reflection in the floor-length mirror. Peering at nearly a foot-long amount of cleavage, a shapely toned bare midriff, and tight tanned thighs, only slightly draped by the ragged ends of my short-short jeans; I was still damn hot for a mom in her mid-thirties.

Slipping on a pair of heeled open-toed sandals, I touched up my lipstick and spent an undue amount of time ratting up my way-too-long curly ’80’s blonde hair. “Have to do something about that one of these days,” I reacted, spotting several strands of gray starting to streak my locks. Punching in a pair of new extra-long dangling silver earrings, I grabbed my purse and headed for the door.

Making my way downtown in our trusty golden Dodge Duster, I soon found myself standing outside the rickety door to Rudy and Chuck’s third floor apartment. Dabbing away a bostancı escort few beads of sweat from my chest, I took a long breath after climbing the three flights and exhaled before knocking. Suddenly having misgivings about being over- exposed in front of my baby brother, I casually brought my hand up to cover some cleavage, when the door swung open.

Staring up at my six-foot three-inch brother, I was speechless. “I… I,” was all I could lamely offer. He slowly reached out and lowered my hand to give me the twice over.

“Wow Sis, that’s some SERIOUS ammo you’re packing!”

“Oh God–too much, I’m sorry,” I lowered my eyes.

“Don’t be silly. You look fucking delicious,” he reassured me, before taking me in his patented bear hug.

“Well I guess that was the idea,” I admitted, whispering in his approving ear.

“Why, if you weren’t my sister…” He leered, broke our embrace, and let his hands slide down my arms. Ever so gently, he squeezed my elbows, which proudly pouched out my cleavage even more.

“Yeah well, let’s not forget that,” I smiled, and pulled his arms away.

Stepping inside from the short hallway, we were abruptly in a great room with extra tall ceilings and aged red brick walls. The clip-clop of my heels on the wooden floor slightly echoed as we entered the sparsely furnished apartment. This was obviously a bachelors’ pad based solely on practicality. I took note of a long couch, that only Goodwill would have turned away, facing a 25-inch television, with a hand-me-down leather chair next to it. Directly staged behind the couch, up against the only wallboard, was Rudy’s extra-long king-sized bed and box spring sitting on the floor. Bed linen and blankets were strewn around to give the place a lived in look, I’m sure.

“Hi, you must be Barb. I’m Penny,” said the petite brunette stepping away from the kitchenette counter. Holding a tall drink in one hand, she extended her other hand to greet me. The thin, but attractive girl I imagined to be in her early twenties, glanced into my eyes, then down to my chest, as we shook hands. “Rudy’s told me so much about you.”

“All good things I hope,” I smiled, letting her warm handshake continue.

“Those are beautiful,” she blurted out. Pulling her hand from mine, she reached up to caress my long earrings.


“Look Rudy; see how sexy they are. You can get me a pair just like that for my birthday!”

Rudy ignored her statement completely. It seems my brother was more intent on operating his latest purchase, a new VHS recorder, while his girlfriend continued to ogle my jewelry.

“They really do add length to your neck. That’s what I need. Mine is so short,” she lamented, letting her index finger run the length of my neck. “Do they ever get in the way when you’re… you know, making out?” Her dark eyes shifted to mine for a response.

“I really don’t know. Haven’t had a chance to…” I was somewhat taken back by her openness.

“Oh God, I’m sorry! I forgot about your husband. That was a terrible thing to say. Please forgive me?” Penny begged, affectionately running her tiny hand across my bare shoulder.

“Hey, there’s nothing to forgive. Don’t worry about it,” I smiled and returned her sign of affection with a soft hand to her cheek.

“We’re having Tom Collins; can I fix you one?” Penny offered.

“Sure, that sounds great on a day like today,” I answered, backing away from any further signs of affection. “You’ll have to give me the grand tour of this old place,” I said, as she turned back to the counter.

“I just thank God at least we have air conditioning in here. Chuck’s not so lucky.”

“Oh, is Chuck here?” I asked, fiddling with my halter strap.

“I think so. Rudy, are Chuck and Betsy still here?” Penny asked, as she topped off my drink.

“I don’t know. Is the door closed?” Rudy replied, remaining focused on the VCR.

Glancing at a closed door next to the kitchenette, Penny nodded. “Yep, still here. Must be still screwin’,” she laughed.


“Oh yeah. When Betsy comes over, it can be a regular marathon. In this damn heat, I can’t figure how they keep from passing out in that damn oven. HEY YOU TWO, fresh TC’s out here, if you want some!” Penny yelled.

“Be right there,” came a familiar masculine roar from beyond the door.

“As far as the guided tour, I’m afraid what you see is what there is. That door leads to a shared bathroom, and that’s about it.” Penny stated then went to join Rudy on the couch.

They started watching a rented videotape of “Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid,” as I escaped to the small bathroom for a quick touch up. By the time I returned, Chuck and Betsy were at the kitchen counter.

“BARB! Wow, I can’t believe it!” Exclaimed a shirtless Chuck heading my way. “I haven’t seen you in… like forEVER!” He added, giving me a totally unexpected hug.

With one hand clutching my purse and the other holding my drink, I couldn’t return the embrace, as his sweaty chest pressed hard against me. “You look fantastic,” ümraniye escort bayan he whispered, while his hands excitedly explored my bare shoulder blades and back.

“So do you,” I almost swooned, at feeling a man’s hands finally touching me after three months.

“Hey man, you didn’t warn me your sister was dropping by,” he declared, backing off for a better look at me. Resting his hands on my midriff, for the first time his eyes bathed in what he had only imagined for so many adolescent years. Of course his obvious glaring didn’t go unnoticed by Betsy, who cleared her throat.

I nervously moved away from his grasp to meet his girlfriend. I exchanged introductions with the pretty 20-something blonde, feeling Chuck’s eyes on my backside the whole time. “You look strangely familiar, Barb. Have we met?” Betsy asked, trying to place me.

“Nope, don’t believe so, unless Rudy has a strangely familiar family photo around here somewhere,” I returned. We traded a few more cordial observations about the heat wave, before she joined Rudy and Penny on the dilapidated couch. With her back to us, I took the opportunity to use more persuasive body language with Chuck, as we caught up on each others’ lives over the last few years. I couldn’t help but notice the clumsy, blushing boy I remembered had all but disappeared. What remained was a total rock-hard stud of 25 with the hint of a nasty twinkle in his eye.

After a bit of token beer crying regarding my current separation, our conversation got around to his graduate work. Seeing my excitement about his work, he asked if I was interested in viewing the latest additions to his portfolio. We made an unannounced exit from the others to the “oven,” a large combination studio and bedroom.

“You may want to keep that door open. There’s no A/C in here, and it can get unbearable,” Chuck warned. I shut the door anyway.

“A little heat doesn’t bother me, unless you want it open,” I said with an air of seduction, as I strode across the floor toward a huge freestanding painter’s easel.

“Wow, I still can’t believe you’re actually here, and looking like that!” He said, watching me viewing and flipping page after page of his excellent drawings.

“What do you mean? How would you expect me to dress on a steamy day like this?” I asked, with my eyes never straying from the easel.

“No, no, don’t get me wrong, Barb. You look perfect. So, what do ya think of my stuff?”

“Your “stuff” is good–VERY good, in fact. I’m quite impressed,” I added paging closer to the end of his collection. “Hmm, this is NICE. Is that Betsy?” I remarked at seeing the life-like, half-finished charcoal drawing.

Suddenly he stepped between the easel and me. “Yeah thanks, I’ve just started on it. And that’s about all there is,” he said, coaxing me away from viewing the few remaining pages.

“Why Chuck, are you hiding something I shouldn’t see?” I grinned, fully expecting to flip the page and see a nude drawing of her or worse.

“Let’s just say, I’d rather you stopped there.” He said, while I nudged him aside.

“Yeah right! After you’ve peaked my curiosity, I’m supposed to stop now?” I laughed and flipped Betsy’s drawing over. “Oh MY GOD!” I exclaimed and backed up for a better view of a full body nude charcoal rendering of me. “Oh my God,” I repeated, as my arms subconsciously crossed, at seeing a mirror image of myself.

“Damn, you hate it. I KNEW you would,” Chuck said, hanging his head. Judging from my stunned expression, he went to the easel to dispose of the drawing.

“Don’t you DARE! I won’t let you!” I demanded, pulling his arm away from the page, and wrapping it behind me. Our sides pressed together, as I continued to admire the rather erotic pose he had me in. “I LOVE IT! How did you ever get the proportions and everything so perfect?” I marveled, as I felt his hand on my bare back. “I mean we haven’t seen each other in what–three years?” His hand moved slowly up my backbone.

“Guess I just have a good memory,” he shrugged.

“I’d say a fairly well developed imagination too,” I added, bringing my hand up from my side to rub his muscular back. “I never told Donny, but I modeled in the nude for art classes back in college.”


“Yeah, just on a lark, ya know. But those drawings never came close to anything like this. Hell, they didn’t even show my face. Would this be really considered a nude? I was thinking more like erotic or something. What would you call it, hmm?” I turned to him for a response.

As I completely turned to face him, our faces mere inches away from each other, his other arm wrapped around me. “I call it a poor excuse for the real thing,” he whispered. Glancing down at my open cleavage, he brushed my waist length hair behind my shoulders, and returned his eyes to meet mine.

“That’s so sweet Chuck,” I said, fixated on his deep brown eyes. “So, who else has seen this masterpiece?” I asked, letting my hands fall from his back.

At first ignoring my question, he leaned in and started kissing my neck kartal escort and shoulders. “No one. It’s strictly for my pleasure,” he whispered in my ear, before lightly probing it with his tongue.

This immediately sent a shiver through me and left me weak-kneed. Sensing my arousal, after biting my ear lobe, he thrust his tongue back in my ear. My fingers rimmed the waistline perimeter of his jeans until they settled on his fly.

“And just how often do you take pleasure in it?” I teased and unzipped him.

“Every chance I get,” he breathed, while I reached inside his jeans.

After having sex with bouncy Betsy for God knows how long, he was still naked underneath his jeans. I grabbed hold of his more than adequate, rock-hard dick and whipped it out. “How about taking one of those chances right now?” I teased and roughly stroked his full erection.

I continued jacking him, until I felt his fingers fumbling with the tie on my halter-top. Still gripping his thick tool, I quickly backed away. Taking one of his hands in my free one, I led it to join the gripping one.

“Ah-ah-ah, you know your little girlfriend is in the other room,” I warned, backing further away from him. Switching my focus between his eyes and his sturdy erection, I backed up until I felt the bed. “Wouldn’t want to ruin a good thing now, would you?” I purred and slinked into the bed.

Chuck jacked away, shook his head and smiled, as I endeavored to strike the same pose as in the drawing. Taking in the pungent aroma of fresh cum, I seated myself in the middle of the unmade bed. I glanced at the drawing, spread my legs open, and bent my left one at the knee. Raising my other knee, I brought a straight arm behind me for support. Leaning slightly back, I cupped my boob with the other hand. Twisting my head down a little, I looked up and generally imitated the sensual expression he depicted.

“There, how’s that?” I winked.

“Perfect! Just fucking PERFECT!” he exclaimed, jacking his cock faster.

“Even with all these clothes on?” I asked, holding the pose.

“Hey, beggars can’t be choosers,” he shrugged.

“Ya know Chuck, don’t take this the wrong way, but come to think of it, there are a couple areas that aren’t quite accurate,” I said, slowly reaching behind my neck to loosen my halter top.

“Oh really?”

“You did get the size and shape of my boobs just right,” I acknowledged and finished untying. Holding the undone halter close to my chest, I added. “You realize this is strictly for the sake of art appreciation,” I offered a vague caveat.

He licked his lips, smiled with anticipation, and nodded. I pealed the halter-top over my full, tight melons and gave them a healthy shake. “See how much bigger my nipples are?” I kept my focus on my tits, tracing the broader outline of my areolas.

“Y-yes, I can see that now,” he said, slapping his cock harder and faster.

“Umm, they get even harder and bigger, when I’m aroused,” I simmered, as I grabbed hold of each jug to smash and grind them together. I heard him take a few steps forward on the hardwood, and gave him a straight-armed command to stop. Taking a good chunk of each melon, I hoisted each one up to lick and suck. Bringing them back down, I finally looked up at him. “See how nice and big they are now,”

“Simply incredible!” He answered. Grabbing the base of his sturdy, multi-veined, nine-inch erection, he continued stroking the length of it with his other hand.

“That thing isn’t going to explode, is it?” I said, noticing the telltale signs of precum on the tip of his cockhead.

“It…it j-just might,” he stammered, as I continued to fondle my tits.

“But I haven’t shown you the other mistake you made,” I pouted.

“There’s m-MORE?” He asked, as I undid the back tie on my halter.

“Guess we don’t need this anymore,” I smiled, tossing the halter on the bed. Kicking off my sandals, I stood up on the bed, and loosened my jeans. “Once again, this is solely for art appreciation, right?” He eagerly nodded, as I squeezed out of my cut-offs. Stepping out of them, I sensuously edged my white cotton panties down and kicked them aside.

Now standing totally naked on the bed, I rested my hands on my hips, spread my legs, and proudly thrust my chest out. “There now, notice anything different?” I asked.

“Oh my GOD; you’re Superwoman!”

“No silly, besides that,” I squinted.

“Well, you’re not nearly as hairy down there as my drawing shows,” he offered.

“That’s right; and what else?” I prodded him. He shook his head. “See that line Chuck? It’s too long. Come here, let me show you.” Bending at the knees, I sat down and reassumed the erotic pose.

“OH MY GODD! That’s the pose! That’s what I was going for!” He declared.

“Okay, now pay attention,” I ignored his revelation. “See my pussy?”

“Yes Ma’am!” He dutifully replied.

“It’s not near as big or long as in your drawing.”

“Looks the same to me,” said, jacking his meat with long strokes within arms’ length of me.

“It might LOOK the same, but… here, maybe you can feel the difference,” I said, pulling his jacking hand, and prodding his finger inside my slit. “Oh MY!” I exclaimed, at feeling another person’s touch on my wet pussy. I knew right then what going without sex for three months felt like.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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