The Club Ch. 02


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When Deni had finished the story of how her father and she had come together, the sons and mothers sat in silence grinning like fools. Yes, they had found a family here. These people understood them. The other two couples of daughters and fathers, Bob and Beth, Alex and Jamie had heard Deni and James’ story before, but they two were smiling as they remember how each of them found the other. After a the sons and mothers exchanged knowing looks to each other, as well as nods confirming their comfort among these new found friends, something from another cluster of tables caught her eye.

“What is it mum?” Jeremy asked, and Jenny gave him a quick smile then called out.


Beth and Josh were sitting with Kyle and Heather, Nathan and Carol, Anthony and Sonja as usual. Beth turned to smile at Jenny.

“HOW LONG?” Jenny asked her, and Beth burst into laughter.

“HOW CAN YOU TELL?” Beth called back.

All the other women at Jeremy’s cluster of tables gasped in unison and looked from one to the other.

“What?” asked Benny to no one in particular.

But before any of the women could answer him Josh called out to everyone.


As one, the women — of all ages, in the room screamed their collective approval. It was obvious to all that Carol and Nathan, Sonja and Anthony knew. Yet, all the other men had no idea how to react. Wasn’t this a bad thing, they could see each other asking himself. But their women turned to them and excitedly spoke of how thrilled they were. Jenny gave Jeremy that overly indulgent mother look and smile, and he rolled his eyes.

“JOSH YOU LITTLE BASTARD, NOW LOOK WHAT YOU’VE STARTED,” he yelled to his small friend.

Josh could only continue to beam as his mother smothered him in her lager frame. Josh was engulfed by her physically and emotionally. It was evident that mother and son were wrapped.


This time it was jack, whose mother was looking at him just like Jenny was at Jeremy. However, both young men were only asking in jest, as they were both very happy for Josh and Beth. Yet in reality, the cat had been set amongst the pigeons. None of the other couples, neither daughters and fathers, nor sons and mothers had discussed this, even in the quiet dark of the night. Most had assumed it would be a mistake. The medical ramifications were too great — weren’t they?

“I’M TWELVE WEEKS,” Beth finally called back to Jenny, who smiled at her friend with tears in her eyes.

“Don’t worry, I have no desire to try to improve on you,” Jenny told her son.

Many mothers heard this and they too soothed their worried sons, as most of them were more than happy with the life they now had. However, the daughters were of a very different mind. It had been the one burning desire most of them had; to have a family by their dads. Many were desperate, and it caused a deal of friction within some couples. James looked at Deni, whose eyes were also full of tears; but they were not tears of joy for Beth, but tears of her desperate desire to be the mother of her father’s children. A pall fell over the little clusters of tables. James looked long and hard at his daughter-lover.

“I’ll stand by you, whatever you decide for us, whatever.”

These were the only words that could have lifted Deni’s spirit, and she threw her arms around her father and her sobbing shook her body. Bob and Alex looked from their respective daughters to each other, they shrugged their shoulders.

“What the hell,” they said together to their lover, and both young women erupted toward their own father. However, it would take other couples many more discussions between them before others could make a definitive, life changing decision. As each couple in the large room expressed their joy for Beth and Josh, and the room quietened down, Jamie on Jeremy’s cluster of tables volunteered to tell her and Alex’s story.


“But daddy, I want the Ipod,” Jamie screamed at her father, standing and bending forward in front of him, as Alex sat watching the game on TV.

“Ask your mother,” he replied trying to look around his eighteen year old daughter.

“I did last night, but she said no.” Her hands on her hips, she was in an agitated sate.

“Well what do you want me to do about it then,” Alex replied weaving his head from one side of his daughter to the other to the TV.

“Well that’s it then,” he said still weaving his head, but gave up as he still couldn’t see the screen.

“Alright,” she said deciding to change her strategy, if asking directly wouldn’t work maybe something else would, “what do I have to do for you to get me one? All my friends have got them, I feel like real dork.”

Maybe she could shame him into it. Now her father was looking directly at her, and she stood up straight waiting to see if this strategy would work.

“So,” Alex replied and Jamie saw it coming, “I never had everything I wanted when I was kid either,” he let canlı bahis her think about that argument, but she wasn’t spent and changed strategy again.

“I saw you looking down my top you old perv.” she accused him.

But it didn’t unnerve him.

“Yeah so, go tell your mother, she won’t think any less of me. Anyway your tits don’t look too bad.”

Jamie was shocked and her mouth flew open, ‘her father was an old perv’ she thought.

“You are an old perv,” she accused him again; “I suppose you’ve been perving on me for years.”

Her hands were on her hips again and she was thrusting her chin forward and showing him her tits again.

“Don’t be stupid,” he spat back, “but you make it so easy,” and as he said that he reached out and cupped her left tit in his hand.

Without stopping him Jamie said to her father,

“How dare you touch my tit,” she slapped his hand as he massaged her through her top and thin bra, but did nothing to prevent what he was doing.

“Yeah, well how about this,” he said to her and groped both of her tits and she hit both his hands away while saying,

“You dirty, old man.”

He then pulled her closer, reached up underneath her top and around to the back of her bra as she protested struggling and commanded,

“Get out of it, don’t you touch me,” as he proceeded to undo her bra and slid his hands back to cup both her naked tits.

“Stop it,” Jamie told her father, hitting him and continuing to struggle to get free, but her father was too strong.

“Lovely tits,” he assured her and lifted her top up and over her head to expose her bra hanging from her shoulders, and her young eighteen year old tits.

“Give me that,” she said and grabbed her top as Alex continued to grope his daughter’s tits.

Then she made an effort to fasten her bra back on, but he pulled that off now too as he stood up.

“Go away you perv,” Jamie insisted of her father, who took no notice, but continued to fondle and grope his daughter as she hit him and fought to break free.

“You like that, don’t you?” he asked her.

“No I don’t, stop it,” Jamie continued to plead with her father, trying to push him away, “I hate you, you pig, stop it,” and she hit him with her fists.

Now he was standing at her right side, positioning himself to grope his daughter further a field, and slid his right hand down her chest and down her tummy.

“What are you doing now you prick what you are going to do?” she pleaded with him, as she tired from fighting against her father.

“I’m going to lift up your skirt,” he told her.

“No you don’t,” she said.

“Ok, you lift it up, go on lift up your skirt,” he instructed.

“No, I won’t,” she insisted.

“I said lift up your skirt bitch and do it now,” he instructed angrily and more loudly.

Her hands moved toward the hem of her skirt because her father was angry now, and she could see it in his face. She was really frightened now by her father. He continued to fondle her tits. Her hands reached the hem and grabbed it but did no more.

“Lift it up, go on, lift it up now, I want to see.”

She thought she had better do what he said, and thought this would be the end of it so she slowly lifted her skirt up.

“Higher, higher,” her father demanded angrily and she complied and started to cry a little. She exposed her panties to her father and pleaded with him,

“Ok that’s enough alright daddy.”

“Keep it up or else,” he ordered with an angry, loud warning.

Jamie didn’t know what to do, her father had never been like this before and she was scared. His hands were still fondling her tits, and despite herself it felt nice. But daddies shouldn’t do this. He looked at her tiny panties as she held her skirt up.

“Do you have a nice cunt?” he asked as he stared at his daughter’s tiny white panties.

She didn’t know what to say. He was so angry, but daddies don’t do these things she told herself. She thought she had better answer or he might become violent.

“Yeah, it’s ok,” she answered and hoped that was it, but now he was looking around at her butt and then back to the front of her panties.

His hands had stopped fondling her tits and were just cupping them, because his attention was elsewhere.

“Show me,” he said angrily and Jamie was shocked.

“Daddy no,” she protested and her tears began again.

“Show me Jamie or so help me I’ll look myself and believe me you don’t want that.”

She heard the violence in his voice and trembled; what was she to do, this was her daddy but he was frightening her.

“Daddy you’re frightening me,” she pleaded hoping this would deflect him.

“Then do it, show me your little cunt,” and he asked with such venom Jamie felt she had no choice, as he stared viscously into her face.

Jamie took the sides of her panties and began to pull them down as she sobbed; her father was transfixed on the movement of his daughter’s panties. As Jamie pulled her panties down for her father bahis siteleri she sobbed harder, and she exposed her bald, fat cunt to him. Her panties dropped to the floor. Now she only had her skirt on and it fell covering her cunt, and this infuriated her father.

“Lift it up,” he commanded and Jamie obeyed, as all the struggling against her father melted away.

She could see he was looking at her naked cunt now and she felt shamed.

“You’re got a beautiful cunt sweetie,” and the compliment somehow helped; she felt a little pride that her father would say so.

“You think so?” she asked tentatively and her sobbing subsided.

“Yeah I do sweetie,” he said in a calmer voice and her fear began to ease, maybe this was all he wanted she hoped.

“Touch your cunt,” he told his daughter.

Her fear didn’t return, but she felt very odd and was unsure of what she was feeling. Jamie reached down to her cunt and as her fingers touched her cunt lips she began a very familiar movement as her fingers danced over her cunt lips, and her father watched fascinated. The odd feeling she had rose as she watched her father’s reaction to her masturbating.

“Do you like that daddy?” Jamie found herself asking her daddy.

He held her arms and crouched down for a better look at his daughter playing with her cunt.

“Oh yeah sweetie, daddy likes it alright,” he said inches from her cunt and she could feel his breath on her bare skin, and it sent a shiver through her body.

She pulled her cunt lips apart and then closed them again telling herself it was part of her normal masturbation, but deep down she knew it wasn’t. Now she could feel her daddy’s breathe on her cunt each time he breathed out, and each time it sent a little shiver through her. Jamie was very wet now.

“Spread you cunt lips for daddy again sweetie,” he told his daughter and without a second thought she obeyed, and opened and then closed them.

Jamie could feel that she was very wet, and asked herself why, but couldn’t find an answer.

“You’re beautiful sweetie, really beautiful, daddy loves looking at your beautiful cunt,” he told Jamie and that odd feeling welled up even more in her and she wanted something and it was becoming very urgent.

The more her fingers danced on her cunt, and her daddy looked at her, and his breaths caressed her bare skin the ‘something’ gained greater strength and Jamie felt it was going to overwhelm her. It must be an orgasm she thought, but that was ridiculous, she couldn’t have an orgasm like this. But the ‘something’ suddenly overwhelmed her and she found herself saying,

“Touch me daddy, touch me daddy,” she pleaded and as soon as she said it she wished she hadn’t, but to her relief her daddy didn’t move and she thought she had a reprieve, but she was wrong.

No sooner had she felt the relief then the ‘something’ came back stronger and it was overpowering her.

“Oh daddy touch my cunt, touch my cunt”, she pleaded more urgently this time and she thrust her hips at him. Her daddy looked up at his daughter.

“Do you really want daddy to touch your cunt sweetie?” he asked quietly and she could hardly answer as the ‘something’ had became the only thing in her now.

“Yes daddy touch my cunt, touch my cunt,” she pleaded like a little girl.

Her father’s reacted with swift action and eased his daughter onto the couch, took her hand away from her cunt and replaced it with his tongue. Jamie grabbed her father’s head with both hands and pressed it to her fat, bald cunt and he made loud slurping noises and he licked her lips and inside her cunt. Jamie made noises like a mad woman, and her worries were totally gone that this was her daddy and all she wanted was for him to satisfy her. Now his tongue moved up to her clit and he licked furiously, as his middle finger probed between her cunt lips and deep into her cunt. Jamie felt explosions of passion in her body, and her body was bucking now uncontrollably.

She had no idea of what was going on around her as her eyes were closed when her daddy laid her on the couch. All she was aware of was the wonderful, fantastic work he was doing on her cunt. Her father’s finger was rotating inside her cunt now and her juices were flowing very freely. As Jamie continued her loud sexual noises and wild movements of her body, her father pulled his track suit pants and boxers down in one swift movement. His dick was rock hard and big. In another very quick movement, before his daughter could become aware of what he as doing he shifted his body forward and quickly feed his dick into his daughter’s fat cunt. Jamie squealed with delight, and somewhere in her consciousness she knew her daddy was fucking her cunt, and she didn’t care. All Jamie wanted was his dick in her cunt.

“Oh daddy fuck me, fuck me daddy, fuck me daddy,” she pleaded in her little girl’s voice again.

Her father was thrusting into his daughter’s cunt for all he was worth.

“Tell daddy to fuck you sweetie, I love to hear it,” he told her. bahis şirketleri “Fuck me daddy, fuck me. Oh please fuck me, fuck my cunt daddy,” the little girl pleaded and tears ran from her tightly closed eyes.

“Fuck my cunt daddy, fuck me, fuck me,” and Jamie hit her orgasm and make more strange noises as her head shook from side to side and she thrust her cunt toward her father as hard as she could. Just before her orgasm collapsed her, he pulled out and came all over her tummy. Jamie sighed loudly and sobbed in a an urgent, gravelly voice,

“Oh daddy, oh daddy that was great, thank-you, thank-you, oh daddy I want you to fuck me more, fuck me more daddy. Oh it was so good, so good. Oh fuck me more daddy.”

Then she fell silent as she was totally spent.

When Jamie woke the next morning and her memory of the previous night flooded into her consciousness, she was furious with her father.

‘How could he’, she thought. What a bastard, what a bastard, her mind kept telling her. She dressed quickly in her track suit pants and tee shirt — she had forgotten her bra. She looked at the clock, it was 9.00am, and she stormed out of her room and then stopped. What was she going to do? She couldn’t tell her mum or she would be furious and do something that would hurt her. She decided she had to confront her father. She stormed off again and headed into the kitchen. Alex heard his daughter and knew what was coming. Jamie burst into the kitchen, her father was sitting at the table, and she had a quick look around, but her mother was nowhere to be seen.

“She’s out all day,” her father told her.

“You bastard, you pig, after what you did to me last night,” she ranted at him and her father just looked at her and said nothing.

“Haven’t you got anything to say for yourself,” she demanded.

Jamie’s fists were clenched beside her and her body was leaning forward at him and she was only feet from him.

“Well,” she demanded, rocking from her front foot to her back foot.

Her father just looked at her calmly, and she stormed around the kitchen. He was finished breakfast, so he got up and walked from the kitchen into the lounge. Jamie followed him and rounded on him again, but this time her father responded.

“Back off,” he told his daughter viciously and Jamie was taken aback, but quickly rallied.

“No I won’t,” she thundered at him.

This time her daddy reacted physically. He jumped off the couch and grabbed his daughter and whispered angrily at her,

“Don’t you come at me like that or there will be more of last night.”

Jamie saw red and tried to hit her father, but he was too strong and held her firmly. She tried to squirm out of his grasp, but couldn’t he was too strong.

“I told you to stop, or there will be more of last night,” he whispered at her again.

“Yeah, if you do I’ll tell the cops this time, so be very careful,” she warned him with force.

“Tell the cops will you?” he asked her.

“That’s right,” she replied thinking her threat worried him.

“Right, you need to be taught a lesson,” he told her, and with his superior strength he pulled her down toward the couch and then across his knees as he sat down.

Jamie struggled to get up but he was too strong for her and he held her in place, she was more embarrassed then anything. Then she felt her father pulling her track suit pants down exposing her nearly bare ass; she was wearing a thong.

“Stop it you bastard,” she ordered him and squirmed to try to stand again.

“You’re been naughty and need to be taught a lesson,” he told her angrily.

“No daddy don’t, don’t daddy,” she was pleading like a little girl again and it turned him on all the more, as it did last night.

“Don’t you say that, oh no, you need a lesson,” he told her angrily and spanked her butt once, but not too hard. It hurt, really hurt and the ‘something’ from the night before rose again.

“No daddy don’t, don’t spank me daddy, please don’t spank me,” the little girl pleaded and her father spanked her a second time a little harder.

Jamie had red hand marks on her butt. She felt the ‘something’ whelming up in side her more, but it began far stronger this time.

“No daddy don’t spank me, don’t spank me daddy please,” begged the little girl and once again all her resolve melted away.

“Will you be a good little girl?” her father asked.

Jamie couldn’t help herself and answered,

“Yes daddy, yes daddy I’ll be a good little girl, I’ll be a good little girl,” the little girl pleaded to her daddy.

However, her daddy spanked her for a third time, but this time it was lighter then the other.

“Are you sure you will be a good little girl, daddy’s good little girl, will you be daddy’s good little girl?”

The ‘something’ was driving her now.

“Yes daddy, I’ll be your good little girl, I’ll be your good little girl, please don’t spank me any more daddy, I’ll be your good little girl,” the little girl continued to plead and all Jamie wanted, was to be her daddy’s good little girl.

“What will you do for daddy, how will you be daddy’s good little girl?” her daddy asked his little girl.

The ‘something’ drove her on and she felt odd again.

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