The Breeding of Emily Ch. 03


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Emily was leaning over the kitchen sink, her breasts dripping like two broken faucets, when John walked in the kitchen through the garage door. She looked over her shoulder at him as he laid his briefcase on the kitchen counter. John could see the discomfort on her face. “You ok baby?”

“No daddy! My tits are killing me they hurt so bad! But I did as you told me! I waited for you to come home from work!”

John walked up behind her, wrapped his arms around her and cupped both her breasts. Her breasts felt like two huge rocks that had skin wrapped over them, they were so engorged. It had been almost a week since they’d began their incestuous relationship. John had been milking her several times each day, which only caused her milk production to increase. Emily moaned in pain as he began to massage her engorged mammaries. Emily hung her head and whimpered. “They hurt so bad daddy!”

“I’m sorry baby! That was selfish of me to tell you to wait for me to get home from work!” Her milk streamed down his hands flowing into the sink. He massaged her breasts for several minutes, draining them into the sink, before Emily’s discomfort was replaced by the pleasure of being taken care of.

“Thank you daddy! That’s feeling much better,” Emily sighed. “How was your day?” She asked still leaning over the sink. She felt the bulge in his pants growing in the crack of her ass.

“It was alright baby. Nothing special. I’ll never ask you to wait for me again to come home. I forgot how fast your mother’s tits used to fill-up.”

“That’s ok daddy!” She giggled. “I think you milked them so much over the weekend, they got used to being drained several times each day.” She finally stood up, grinding her ass into his hardening cock as she wrapped her arm around her head to grab him by his head. John pulled her into his body squeezing her tits with greater force. Within a few minutes her fluids were running down her chest, over her stomach and soaking into her jeans and panties.

“Oh daddy! That feels so good!” She cooed. “No matter how many times you do this, it always turns me on! Don’t stop!” As John continued to squeeze her right breast, milking it like she was a cow, he ran his left hand up and down her milk soaked stomach. “Take me daddy! Please!” She moaned.

“Unbuckle your jeans baby!” John whispered in her ear, and then began to nibble on it.

Emily gasped as he sucked her ear into his mouth and began to lick it with the tip of his tongue. She quickly unsnapped her jeans and pushed them down as far as she could. John ran his milk soaked hand down her smooth skin till he was cupping her smooth pussy. Emily cried out as John began to play with her clit. “OOOOHHHH DADDY!” Emily’s legs almost gave out from the sensations coursing through her body as John rubbed her clit in a circular motion. “Don’t stop daddy! Don’t stop!” She panted, her body building towards climax.

“Do you need to cum baby?” John whispered in her ear.

“Yes daddy!” She groaned. “Your dirty little slut needs to cum so bad! Make me cum daddy! PLEASE MAKE ME CUM!” She almost shouted.

John curled two fingers inside her gushing pussy and almost lifted her off the floor as he rubbed her pussy and tit. The sloshing noises of her pussy being finger fucked filled the kitchen. John played with her body the way he used to play with Laura’s. He knew it was wrong to continually being comparing the two of them. But they were so much alike in their personalities, cravings, needs and responses to his touch, he couldn’t help but continually see her mother in Emily. He knew his love and lust for Emily was going to consume him the way it had for her mother.

“I’M CUMMING DADDY!!! CUMMMING!!” Emily screamed. Her body shook and convulsed as he held her upright with his right hand mauling her chest, while his left hand played with her pussy. Her scream gradually gave way to guttural noises John had never heard come from a woman before. John chuckled to himself as he thought about videoing this sometime and then playing it back to her. As much as he was enjoying all of this, he knew Emily would be humiliated by seeing how she lost control as her daddy was playing with her. Not that her humiliation was anything that concerned him. John had a feeling she was just like her mother in that regard too. Laura was drawn to humiliation and pain from John like a moth to the flame. It always seemed the more he drove her sexually and psychologically, the more she craved it. He would have to test Emily’s limits.

Emily bucked and shook in his arms as her orgasm took control of her body. John held her tightly, enjoying her orgasm almost as much as Emily was. Every tremor and convulsion of her body only served to feed his lust and desire for her. John dug his fingers into her chest and pussy as he growled in her ear. “You’re mine Em! Mine! The way your mother belonged to me, now you belong to me! You’re my slut and whore! And I’m not letting you go anywhere!”

Emily groaned her approval as her daddy voiced his ownership of her. “I’m your slut daddy! Your slut! Oh daddy! Fuck your slut canlı bahis daddy! Fuck me! I need your cock inside me!” She moaned as she ground her ass into his hardening cock.

“You ready to get fucked baby?”

“Yes daddy! Yes!” Emily groaned.

John released her. Emily almost collapsed on the floor, her legs were so weak. She turned in his arms and threw her arms around his neck to hold herself up. He stared down at her as she returned the stare. There was a primal look in her eyes. The look of a woman who needed more than just to be fucked. She needed to be bred. “I think I’m ovulating daddy.” Her voice had a husky sound to it. “Breed me daddy. Fuck me and breed your slut!”

John just stared at her, overwhelmed with the intensity of his lust for her at that moment. He couldn’t remember anything Laura had ever done that had fueled his lust and desires the way Emily was at this moment. “Get upstairs to our bed and get ready for me.”

Emily steadied herself on the kitchen counter as she walked across the kitchen toward the stairs. John watched her walk out of the kitchen and up the stairs. She was a gorgeous creature. Her sensuality coupled with her sexual appetite only served to stoke his all-consuming lust for her. He walked over to the liquor cabinet and took his favorite bottle of scotch out and poured himself a double. He held his hand out. It was shaking. His stomach was one giant knot. ‘What the hell is going on?’ He thought to himself. ‘I never reacted this way with Laura!’

He took a sip to help calm his nerves. Up till now it had been just talk. There was no turning back from what he was about to do. He downed the rest of his drink and walked upstairs.

Emily was sitting on the edge of the bed naked when he walked in the room. Her breasts were glistening from the moistness of her leaking milk. She looked so good, so delicious, so sensuous. He literally wanted to devour her to satisfy his insatiable hunger as he stared at her. John closed the bedroom door behind him without thinking. Why he did that as he thought about it later he had no idea. There was no one else in the house. Maybe it was his subconscious way of shutting out the world and hiding what he was about to do.

John undressed without taking his eyes off her for a second, throwing his clothes on the floor one piece at a time. He then walked over and stood directly in front of her. Emily reached out with both hands and grasped his cock. One hand cupped his balls as the other lovingly stroked his hard shaft. Neither said a word as they stared at each other. Nothing needed to be said between them. Both knew what they wanted. Both knew what they were about to do.

John reached for her head with one hand and gently guided it to his throbbing erection. He needed no help in getting ready to fill her womb with his cock and then his seed. He just wanted to feel the sensations of her warm mouth wrapped around his manhood, and watch her as she submitted to him. The eroticism and feeling of dominance that came every time she took him into her mouth, every time he fucked her face and used her for his pleasure, every time he watched her swallow his load, it never got old or boring. But he wasn’t going to shoot his load down her throat this time.

Emily slipped off the bed and onto her knees as she sucked his cock into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down several times as she lovingly sucked on his manhood. She looked up at him, her mouth full. John stroked her head saying nothing. She was her mother’s daughter. She pulled off his cock and looked up at him, a string of saliva running down her chin. “Breed me daddy! I need to feel you inside me!”

“Lay down on the bed baby!”

Emily climbed up on the bed and lay on her back, legs spread wide as she offered herself to him for his taking. John crawled up and knelt between her legs. He lifted her right leg and laid her ankle on his shoulder. He then took his cock in hand and began to stroke her swollen clit with its head. Emily’s back arched up and off the bed as she squealed from the sensations that shot through her body like and electrical shock. “EEEEAAAAAAHHHHH! PLEASE DON’T TEASE ME DADDY!” John continued to torment her clit with the head of his cock. Emily began to sob and gasp for air as the emotions and sensations being forced on her overwhelmed her.

“What’s rule

baby?” John asked as he continued to stroke her.

Emily opened her eyes and looked up at him, tears streaming down the sides of her face. “I’m your slut daddy, and you can do whatever you damn well please with your slut.”

John chuckled. That was exactly how he had said it. “Good girl!” He then dropped her leg from his shoulder and crawled up her body, hovering over her, propped up with both arms, his face inches from hers. “I’m going to take you now the way I took your mother when I bred her with you.” He leaned his weight onto his left hand and arm as he reached between them and took hold of his cock. He laid the head at the entrance to her womb. She gasped as he pushed just hard enough to insert the head of his cock in her. bahis siteleri He had fucked her enough since they’d began their relationship that she was adequately stretched now to take his manhood. Yet she was still tight. A quality John hoped she’d never lose.

The two lovers stared at each other as John slowly slid his cock into her. Emily’s mouth opened. But the only sound she made was a gasp of pleasure as his hard meat filled her womb. John stayed perfectly still after he’d shoved his cock inside her all the way. Emily began to squirm trying to get more of his shaft inside her.

“Lay still!” John said sternly. He had every intention of making this last as long as he could.

Emily whimpered. “But daddy! I need your cock! I need to be fucked so bad!”

“I said lay still!” John hovered over her as his cock lay buried inside her warm, soft womb. He couldn’t decide what he liked more. The feeling of her pussy wrapped around his cock, or the feeling of her mouth. Then he thought, ‘Who the hell cares! I’ve got them both! I don’t have to make a choice!’

He began a slow and steady pumping of his hips, driving his rod in and out of her body. Emily squealed with delight. “Yes daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me good!” John continued to stare down at her not saying a word. “You’re going to make me cum again daddy! Oh daddy make me cum!”

“Cum for me baby! Cum for daddy!” He grunted as he felt his own orgasm building.

Emily lifted her legs and wrapped them around the small of his back. John began to pile drive his cock in and out of her spasming womb. He felt her body tense as she approached that moment when her body would explode. Emily stared up at him as her orgasm slammed into her. She wanted to close them and get lost in those exquisite sensations, but she couldn’t break the stare each held on the other. She opened her mouth as a low guttural scream came out that slowly built to an ear shattering scream. Her body convulsed and shook under his, her legs squeezing his torso in a vice grip.

John couldn’t hold off any longer. With a huge grunt he began to pump his seed into her womb, grunting with each spasm and ejaculation. The two lovers never taking their eyes off the other as they rode the other through their orgasm. John’s cock felt like it was on fire as he drove it in and out of her, pumping his seed in her. Emily wrapped her hands around his biceps and dug her fingernails into them as her body shook from the pounding she was being given.

John collapsed on her body. Emily wrapped her arms around his neck and held him tight as the two lovers lay silent, except for the sounds of their panting. After several minutes John rolled off to her side, rolling her onto her side so they were facing each other. He began to caress her face and breasts with his free hand. They began to kiss gently, softly like two lovers. He cupped her breast and lifted it, lowering his head till he could suck on it. Emily groaned with satisfaction as she ran her fingers through his hair. He nursed on her breast for several minutes before Emily spoke above the slurping noises.

“Think that one will get me pregnant?”

John pulled off her breast and looked at her smiling. “Maybe. But if not we’ll keep trying. I’m going to breed you baby. Count on it!” He then lowered his head again and resumed nursing at her breast. After several minutes they rolled over and switched sides so he could nurse on her other breast. All the while fingering her pussy through several more lesser orgasms. Emily’s body was humming like never before when John finally rolled out of bed. “Stay in bed! On your back!” He said smiling as he stroked her tit. “Give all those little swimmers a chance to crack an egg.” He grabbed his phone from his pants on the floor. As he turned around to walk back to the bed he saw that Emily had changed positions. She was still on her back. But now her head was hanging over the edge of the bed facing him..

“What are you doing?” John laughed.

“You told me to stay on my back in bed. I am.” Emily giggled being in a more playful mood now.

“Well are you hungry? I was going to order some Chinese.”

Emily reached for him as he stepped closer. She grabbed his cock and balls and pulled him closer. “Yep. That sounds good. I’m hungry.”

John stepped forward feeling like a lamb being led to the slaughter till his nut sack was directly over her face. He just looked down in amazement as she sucked the underside of his sack into her mouth and bathed it with her tongue. “You’re as fucking insatiable as your mother!”

“Yep! That’s me!” She said pulling off his balls with a slurping noise.

“I swear I could fuck that woman all day and she’d still want more before bedtime.”

Another slurping noise as she pulled off his sack again. “Yep! That’s me!”

John called in his order as he stood there, his balls being sucked on and his cock stroked as he spoke. He reached down and grabbed one of her leaking tits, squeezing it till Emily moaned with a mouthful of his flesh. John smiled as remembered the many times he had done bahis şirketleri something similar with Laura. There had even been times he had conducted business over the phone as Laura knelt between his legs sucking on his cock like the hungry slut she was. As much as he missed her, he had no doubt Emily was going to step into that void and keep him a very satisfied man.

He ended the call and threw the phone on the bed. He bent over and began mauling her tits with both hands as she continued to bathe his manhood with her mouth. He ground his sack into her mouth as he rotated his hips in a circular motion. He marveled at her oral skills as she slowly brought his cock back to life. “Are you sure you want to keep doing this?” He groaned as he was practically sitting on her face.

“Uuuhhh!” Was the only response she could make with a mouthful of scrotum.

John laughed. “I’ll take that as a yes! Your mother enjoyed a good throat fucking occasionally.” He reflected for a moment. “That woman really loved it rough!” He looked down as he squeezed her tits again. “We’ll see how much you enjoy it.”

Emily worked his cock with her hands and mouth loving every minute of it. Every groan or word of approval from her daddy just spurred her on to want to please him more. She really was her mother’s daughter. There had been times Laura had gotten off as much on pleasing her man as anything he could have done to her. Emily was no different. She couldn’t please him enough. ‘Bring it on daddy!’ She thought to herself.

John knew this would take awhile. He wasn’t the young buck he used to be. Turn around time took a little longer these days. He chuckled to himself. But he was ok with that. He had no place to go, and his baby was doing a great job of pleasing him. Plus he was enjoying playing with her milk soaked tits. He began to wonder if he was going to be able to keep up with her. He remembered how voracious and insatiable Laura’s appetite had been. He might have to bring in some backup from time to time, as he had with Laura.

After about twenty minutes his rod was nice and stiff again. “OK baby! You ready for your first throat fucking from daddy?” He asked as he pulled his balls from her mouth with a popping noise.

Emily gasped for breath. “Bring it!” She opened her mouth with the eagerness of slut wanting to please.

John laid the head of his cock on her lips and rubbed her lips and chin with it as he watched her reaction. He smiled as he watched her chase his cock with her mouth trying to devour it. “Mmmm! My baby is a cock hungry slut! Just like her mama!”

Emily was almost giddy hearing her daddy praise her. She was a pleaser. She knew her greatest satisfaction now would come from pleasing her daddy and lover. She grabbed his cock with her hand and held it over her upturned mouth, then began to flick the underside of it where the head meets the shaft. She remembered being told that’s where her dad loved to be pleasured. John’s gasp told her all she needed to know.

John leaned down just enough to grab both her tits. He mauled them as she teased his cock with the tip of her tongue. He thought every nerve in his body must end right there under the helmet of his cock. After several minutes of enjoying her talented tongue, “Open your mouth!” John slid his cock slowly and completely as he felt Emily’s body tense as his cock invaded her throat. He felt her nose touch his nut sack as he bottomed out.

John stood still for several minutes reveling in the feeling of her mouth and throat engulfing his cock as her chest heaved in his hands. She was no longer his daughter. She was a creature to be fucked and enjoyed at his whim. He pulled out slowly, savoring every sensation as her teeth and lips slid along the length of his shaft. Then with the same slowness he shoved his cock back into her. Back and forth, in and out, he began a slow fucking of her mouth. His pace picked up as he felt his body building to that point of blessed release.

Emily was unable to swallow because of his unrelenting fucking of her mouth and throat. As a result her saliva began to ooze out the sides of her mouth, around his cock, and down her face, covering her eyes and dripping into her hair. At one point John tried to pull out of her mouth. But she wrapped her arms around his ass and pulled him back into her oral fuck hole. She was his for the using, and she didn’t want him to doubt it for a second. Emily used her tongue as best she could on his cock as it plowed in and out of her mouth.

John felt his orgasm building as he pumped his cock in and out of her mouth like a pile driver. His grunts filled the room as the sweat began to drip from his face. There was nothing gentle or tender in the way John was taking his baby girl. He was using her as his fucking slut, and that wouldn’t end till his lust had been satisfied. After several minutes of riding her mouth and throat he felt his body approaching that glorious precipice. He pulled out of her mouth and with one final “I own your mouth” shove he rammed his cock into her mouth and throat, and began to grunt as his cock shot blast after blast of his seed down her throat. “UGH! UGH! UGH!” His hands mauled and squeezed her tits like they were two giant lumps of dough. John rode her mouth till he had emptied himself.

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