The Blanket Ch. 02


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….This is a continuation of part one of the story….

“I haven’t felt that feeling for so long,” you whisper in my ear.

“I know honey, I know,” I reply. “And there is so much more to come.”

“Please make love to me dear. I haven’t been with anyone for so long. I want to feel you inside me.”

I turn my body against you and we kiss deeply, my arm pulling your body tightly against mine. Your breasts are against my chest and I can feel your hard nipples against me. My hand slips from your back and slide up between us as I feel the weight of our breast in my hand. Our tongues continue their games in our mouths as I knead it softly.

You lean away and push my shoulder with your hand, rolling me onto my back. With the flourish of a bullfighter, you grab the bedding and toss it off of me. My erection is still trapped in my underwear as you reach down and place your palm flat against it. You can feel my pulse with each heartbeat as you press your hand against me. Your fingers curl around my hardness through the cotton material as you look at me and smile.

You shift your body downward slightly and hook your fingers in the waistband. With the playfulness of a child, you pull the band from my stomach and peer inside.

“My, my. Did I do that?” you giggle as you pull at my underwear..lifting them away from my hard cock and sliding them down my legs.

I shift my legs as they pass my knees and kick them off to the side.

Your canlı bahis şirketleri hand returns to my cock, wrapping around its fullness. You slowly stroke up and down, squeezing every time you reach the base then releasing slightly as you slide up to the head. With each upward stroke of your hand, my hips raise slightly reaching up into the circle you have formed with your thumb and finger. You glance up at me and smile.

“You like that, huh?” you ask although my moaning should probably have answered that question for you already.

As you continue stroking up and down, my eyes close. The only sound filling the room is my groaning as every stroke makes me harder than I thought possible.

You take your hand away and I open my eyes to see you shifting to lay beside me. The look in your eyes tells me what should come next as I roll over to you. I kiss you deeply as your body shifts, then I move down along your legs. You open them as I slide between your knees. I reach out with my fingers to touch your pussy lips and feel the moisture there. They are red, swollen and glistening.

As I shift my body up toward your hips, you pull your knees up closer to your chest. The tip of my cock is pressed against your opening. I take my cock in my hand and rub it up and down your slit, spreading the moisture and parting your lips, revealing your opening. I place the head of my cock against it and press against you.

You feel the wide head of my cock canlı kaçak iddaa making its way past your lips, then slip slowly inside you. I see the look on your face, a combination of passion and concern. I am only slightly inside you and begin to withdraw when you reach down and steady my hips.

“No, deeper please,” you whisper as you pull my hips tighter.

With one firm push of my hips, I am totally within you. My hips are firmly pressed against yours and can feel the depth of your pussy at the tip of my cock. Your hands are still pulling me tightly against you as you tighten your muscles around me, squeezing me.

After moments of eternal ecstasy, I feel your hands loosen and start moving within you. Each stroke brings the head of my cock out of your entrance before I press down and sink myself completely in to you once again. As I reach deeply into you, you raise your hips sinking me even deeper as you moan loudly.

Our hips repeatedly separate and collide as we finally consummate the passion of weeks of teasing and flirting. I continue to stroke myself within you and you continue to raise your hips in encouragement. Your hands move from my hips and find their way to my chest, weaving into my chest hair. As I continue to look into your face, I see your eyes partly close and fix their stare into mine.

With the next few strokes, your body starts to shudder beneath mine. I can feel your pussy tighten and then release around my cock over canlı kaçak bahis and over. Your arms reach up and wrap around me neck pulling me down to you. As you reach up and kiss my lips, your body tightens and you pull me down against you, my weight fully on you.

“Oh yesssss,” you almost hiss into my mouth and I feel your whole body tighten.

I am gripped by your arms and by your pussy, unable to move. Your tongue dances in my mouth as your orgasm washes through your body. I can feel the warmth of your face as its flushes with orgasm. Your mouth is moaning words I cannot understand into mine. Your grip finally releases me as you release our kiss.

“Okay, sweetheart, your turn,” you whisper as you press your hands against my chest again. I sit up and move my hips rapidly against you once again, as you reach between us and make a small circle around the base of my cock with your thumb and finger. The extra friction they produce is an erotic feeling I have never felt before with anyone else and it is the motion that takes me over the edge.

My movements slow as I feel the pressure building in my hips. With each slow thrust, your pussy and fingers stroke my entire length..urging me to cum for you. I do not hold back as I push deeply within in. You can feel each pulse of my orgasm as I empty myself within you. Pulse after pulse fills you. As my orgasm subsides, the walls of your pussy squeeze tightly in a lovers embrace.

As I slide slowly out of you, I slide up to lay beside you. You roll so you are facing me, our heads on the same pillow. A soft kiss is passed between us and then you smile widely.

“Even better than I imagined it would be,” you whisper as you close your eyes.

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