The Birthday Present Ch. 2


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Lauren was upstairs in her room when the doorbell rang downstairs. Brushing the last stray hairs from her face, she bounded down stairs exuberantly. Giving herself a final once over in the full-length hall mirror, she pouted her lips and struck a sexy pose, hoping her brother was watching. As she pulled open the door and greeted the guests, she remembered how she and her brother had “reacquainted themselves” earlier that morning.

It had started as breakfast–but it had ended in a world-class fuck in the shower. She remembered how she had screamed when she and her brother had come at the same time and how the water had run down between her breasts, tingling all the way. It was precious. And it was their little secret.

Guests soon began coming in a steady stream, she had invited half the school (or so it seemed) to her big 18th birthday bash. Her whole house was hung with “Finally Legal” signs that her friends had made as jokes, but that had really come true that morning.

The party was a swim/barbeque/hang-out thing and so many of the party goers had congregated outside. She used this as a chance to show off her new birthday clothes. Her gift from her parents was a shopping spree. They were so busy with work (as usual) that they didn’t even bother to buy her a gift. Just left her a note and the credit card.

So after the shower-suck-and-fuck, she and Ryan had driven out to the mall where she found the cutest clothes she could find–within her thousand dollar price range, of course! For the party, she had white micro-mini shorts with rainbow pinstripes and a matching belt with a dangerously low-cut red halter top that displayed all but her nipples. In fact, she found that if she bent over at all, her upper torso was completely in view! So of course she took advantage of her opportunity. And with red stiletto heels on, she could just blame anything on being clumsy. She was in a constant state of arousal from all the male eyes that followed her every move. Lauren made sure that she gave every guy at the party a hard-on before they left. It was like a grown up goodie-bag.

The party was in real swing when she announced dinner, and soon Ryan, the chef of the hour, had orders for 72 hamburgers, 13 cheeseburgers, and one make-out session with a cute brunette named Britney. By the end of the party, all of his orders were filled. Britney, he found out after a very intense French-kiss, was bi and very interested in threesomes. When he asked her about incest, she replied that it made no difference to her who fucked who as long as they wanted to. Ryan got her number, but decided to save it for a later date. Who knew? Lauren might like threesomes too!

Just as the sun set, a bunch of the girls decided to go swimming so they all paraded up to Lauren’s bedroom (those who weren’t off with their boyfriends, of course.) Lauren had no fears of being naked in front of her friends and she stripped off her shirt without a thought. After an awkward moment of silence, the other girls tore their eyes away from her mounds and began undressing themselves.

But Britney had other ideas. Taking a bold step forward, she grabbed Lauren’s nipples and pulled them away from her body. Lauren strained from the exquisite pain, mentally writhing in exotic pleasure. Britney put her mouth on Lauren’s and roughly shoved her tongue inside her friend’s mouth. She struggled to taste every corner and crevice in Lauren’s mouth and did not stop to breathe until she had completed her goal. When she finally came up for air, she put her head up by Lauren’s ear and whispered, “I’ve wanted illegal bahis to so that for so long,” so that only her friend could hear.

By this time, the two girls had gathered the attention of everyone in the room. Katherine, known for her gutsy questions, broke the silence rudely saying, “So, are y’all, like, lesbos or something?” Everyone began to giggle uproariously at her comment, knowing that they had all meant to ask the same thing.

It was Lauren who replied. “Actually, I’m not. Though I might be bi, considering how good that made me feel. God, y’all should try it sometime. It’s like your not even here. Talk about an out-of-body-experience.”

The girls returned to their changing, except now the focus of talk was on orgasmic experiences, and everyone was trying to think of their best. Britney, still holding onto Lauren, whispered, “Tell your brother you think it’s a good idea.” and then disappeared into the throng of clothes and half-naked bodies. By the time the adventurous girls made it down to the pool, it had been a good forty-five minutes and there were many flushed faces coming down the stairs.

The rest of the party was a success. Lauren in her tiny white bikini from the previous day looked absolutely stunning and even the straight girls looked twice when she walked by with that g-string bottom. And her perfect day was almost complete when Ashton Jacobs, her all-time crush, kissed her full on the lips and massaged her ass during a victory dance for volleyball. He even asked her out on a date for the next night. She was so excited, he was known for giving mind-blowing orgasms on first dates. Lauren couldn’t wait until the party was over to mull things over in her mind. And to get the second half of her brother’s gift.

Finally, when the hall clock struck three, the last of the stragglers were pushed out the door. During the last hour she literally had had to pull couples apart long enough to get dressed and out of her house. At first she had felt bad, one of the nerds had gotten a girl to give him a blowjob in the kitchen, but Lauren had pulled the guy’s cock out of the girl’s mouth, said “sorry,” and pushed them outside. She hadn’t even let him pull up his pants! But she couldn’t help it. With guests in the house, she couldn’t fuck her brother, they could be arrested.

With her home finally quiet, she began the search for her brother. As she walked she wondered what had made her so attracted to him in the first place. True, he was ruggedly handsome with his disheveled blonde hair and perfect complexion, but it was something deeper that made her so horny for him. Maybe it’s the incest–being illegal and taboo and all, she thought to herself.

She came across her brother in the mudroom, hanging up wet towels and sorting the leftover clothes. You would be surprised at what people left behind!!

“Awww, what a good little boy,” cooed Lauren. “Pickin’ up after his little sister’s party.” She reached up to give him a soft, sensual kiss. The familiar tingle zapped through her body as their skin touched and she involuntarily shivered.

“We need to get you warm,” said Ryan, “And I think the best way would be to get you out of your wet clothes.” Together they laughed, knowing the real reason for Lauren to lose her suit. Lauren grabbed Ryan’s hand and led him to the living room, the best place in the house for a strip tease. She lightly pushed him onto his back and situated herself in the middle of the room. She began her dance twirling around slowly, as if to give her brother the best view of her nearly-naked body.

She illegal bahis siteleri began to sway to the music in her head, running her hands over her body and rolling her hips seductively. Ryan audibly gasped when she came over and rubbed her breasts into his face. It didn’t matter that she still had white triangles on them, it was still incredibly sexy. When he tried to pull of the tiny bottoms, she tsk-tsked and walked away from him. But before he had a chance to be disappointed by the loss of contact, she slid the string out of her ass crack and wiggled out of the bottoms. Though they were tiny to begin with, the actual sight of her ass caused Ryan to groan. He could never tire of seeing his sister’s naked body. As she untied the back of her top, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her pussy hair. It was just as blond as the hair on her head, and she had clipped it into a little triangle above her lips. The rest was bare. Her top dropped to the ground and she atepped back.

Ryan, still on the couch, stared at her naked body. Her long strawberry blond hair fell in waves just past her shoulders and barely touched the top of her 34C breasts. With every breath she took, her chest rose and fell, accentuating her eraser size nipples. His eyes traveled downward, past her flat tummy to her patch of hair and then on further to her dainty toes. He twisted his finger in a “turn around” motion and Lauren did as she was told. Her back was perfectly unblemished and her vertebrae disappeared into the swell of her perfectly shaped ass. She slowly bent over so that her brother could get a good view of her puckered hole and dripping cunt lips.

At the sight of her juices, Ryan slid off the couch and positioned himself with his hand on her ass and his mouth directly under her clit. He then slowly began to slide his tongue along her outer labia, but he did not go far enough to touch her clit. After several minutes of this very precise treatment, he changed tactics and started to poke the very tip of his tongue into Lauren’s pussy. This action elicited her very first moan and Ryan took this as a motion to continue. He slid his tongue all the way into his sister’s pussy and began to rotate it ever so slightly. As a suggestion for more “heavy” work, Lauren pushed her hips back onto Ryan’s mouth–urging him to continue. Ryan flicked his tongue out ferociously and tongued his sister with no mercy. She soon felt a feeling of rapture flooding through her body and she came for the first time. Sensing a willingness to continue, Ryan became more adventurous and touched the tip of his tongue to his sister’s puckered ass hole. Lauren jumped and said “NO!” So Ryan stopped and erached up to kiss his sister instead.

Despite his latest error, Lauren did not diminish the kiss she gave to her brother. It was still just as warm wet and passionate as every other one she had given to him. He was slightly surprised at this.

“Why aren’t you mad at me?” asked Ryan.

“Should I be? You didn’t know that I can’t stand people touching my ass, so I have no rason to reproach you for it.” Ryan just shook his head at his sister’s simple logic and continued the kiss from where they had left off. But then they heard a car door slam.

Lauren gasped and ran up the stairs. Ryan straighted his clothes and ran a hand over his mouth, making sure that there were no signs of the recent encounter on his lips. Just before her parents walked in the door, Lauren turned on the shower.

“Hello? Anybody home?” asked Mom.

“Yeah, I’m in the living room, Lauren’s in the shower, washing the chlorine canlı bahis siteleri out of her hair. You know how girls are about that,” Ryan rolled his eyes for effect.

“Did you two go swimming?” asked Dad.

“Uh…yeah…today was Lauren’s big party, remember? It’s her birthday? And why are you home so late?”

“Well,” said Dad, his voice shaking slightly, “After work there was an office party and it was close to the office so we decided to go. And then there was the movie, and the bar, and the…” his voice trailed off.

“What your father means to say is that we went out and had a good time this eventing and it shouldn’t concern you why we aren’t home at our usual time.”

Ryan sat on the couch stunned as his parents headed upstairs to their bedrooms. They were workaholics…very religious ones at that. He couldn’t imagine tehm at a bar, much less one at 3am. He made a mental note to do some snooping later, when they left the next morning. For now he went upstairs and after peeling off his swim trunks, fell to sleep and did not wake until morning.

It was actually Lauren who woke him up. She had crawled in with him around ten and after getting bored by just watching him dream, she decided that he needed a wakeup call. She moved her head down to his sleeping cock and expertly sucked it into her throat, bringing it in as far as it could go in the first movement. Then she continued his pleasure by constricting her throat muscles around it.

Ryan awoke to a warm sensation around his member. He looked down to see his little sister bobbing her head up and down over his cock. He sighed in perfect relaxation. As soon as Lauren noticed he was awake, she stopped her ministrations and looked him straight in the eye, asking, “Why didn’t you give me my present last night? It was my birthday after all. I know I’m being spoiled, but what can I say? I’m used to getting what I want.”

Ryan smiled and rolled over on top of his sister, saying, “Before we fucked. I know it sounds crude and all, but it’s true. Now we will make love. Fucking with emotion. Trust me, it’s much better.”

Lauren grinned up at her big brother, and replied, “Now that’s what I’m talking about. My body needs sex and you are just the man to give it to me.” Then she giggled as Ryan’s experienced fingers began to roam across her abdomen, tickling her ever so slightly. He rotated his hands downward ever slowly inching closer to her golden pussy. Once he reached her lips, he kneaded his hands across them, massaging the folds of skin as if they were bread. He moved his hand up towards her clitoris and began to spell out the alphabet on it. But before he got to ‘h,’ she was thrashing about the bed in and intense orgasm.

He considered an attempt to rim her asshole again, but after a memory of last time, he told himself to forget it. Instead he positioned his cock at the opening to her pussy and very slowly slid it into her opening. For the nest few moments, he didn’t move, relishing in her wonderful pussy. Her walls squeezed against his cock creating wonderful sensations that flooded through both their bodies. He pumped his organ slowly in and out of her moist opening and rubbed his thumb against her clit. To add to her pleasure he bent down to gently lick at her breasts, eliciting moans from her wet lips. This rapture continued for hours, or so it seemed. When Ryan finally came deep within his sister’s womb it was almost a relief to the both of them–their emotions were so strong.

After their incredibly emotional love making, they both rolled onto their sides and talked until lunchtime. By then, they were both very hungry–and not just for food!

~~To be continued~~

Since this story is only my second, I would really appreciate any comments, even the critical ones. Thanks for all the ones from Chapter 1!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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