The Birthday Boy Ch. 02


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Hey there!

Thanks for reading on about what happens next between my brother and I. Luckily, things didn’t end with last night. But they still have a kind of sad ending. 🙁

* * * * * *

I awoke in the morning with the scent of bacon and eggs in the kitchen. I tumbled out of bed in a half asleep manner and found my way without my contacts (and I am proud to say, without stumbling) to the kitchen. Kyle was behind the kitchen bench; topless, with an apron wrapped around his lower half.

“It smells good.” I said, feeling very awkward about the previous night. He craked the eggs against the pan and then poured the contents in.

“Wow,” I said, “you are trying to impress mum and dad.”

“They’ve gone out for a run,” he said, “and I thought it would be nice if they had breaky to come back to.”

I willed myself to go into the kitchen, and I wrapped my arms around his torso. It felt so forbidden and painful; to think that in the living room which opened up from the kitchen, in just viewing distance was a family portrait of us as kids. And we were in our school uniforms in it; little kids.

“We shouldn’t.” he said, peeling my arms from his body.

“Why not?” I asked.

“We’re related,” he replied, “very closely.”

“So what?” I asked. I felt my eyes beginning to burn with want.

He got a perplexed look on his face that ran across his mouth and eyes. Then he reached out across the bench where a plastic Buzz-Ez squirt bottle of honey had been left out.

“Stay away or you’ll be real sticky.” He said.

“How sweet of you.” I flirted back.

“Ha de ha,” Kyle replied, obviously finding me funny but not wanting to admit it.

I gave a little play full scream, and he came chasing after me down the hallway with the squirt bottle.

Kyle was faster than me, and held my body up against a wall. We were laughing. He got the bottle and pulled the collar of my pajamas away from me, pouring the honey down my top.

“Yuck!” I said, “now I’m all sticky!”

Kyle smiled. “I’ll have to get it off for you.”

He lifted the top of my pajamas off, over my head, again exposing the boobs and the sticky trace of honey between them.

“When are our parents going to be back?”

“Not for at least another ten minutes.” Kyle replied.

“Well, what say they come back early?” I asked.

“Then mum would scream because they’d be freaked out.” Kyle replied.

Despite my hesitations, I was thirsty for Kyle. I wanted him against my body.

With my body pressed up against the wall, he began licking down between my breasts, with his tongue. And it felt good. As he licked, he used a hand to stimulate my clit again, making me want to come. And then just before I did begin, he reached for the squirty bottle again and he put a dab of honey on his finger, and then stuck it down my pajama pants, smearing it over my pussy lips.

“Ewww!!!!’ I laughed.

“That’s for being bad.” Kyle said.

“I’m not bad!”

“Yeah? Well you flirt with your own brother,” he retorted.

Kyle dropped to his knees, in front of me. I placed a hand on the top of his skull. He pulled my pajama bottoms down to the floor. I didn’t wear underwear under my pajamas. I let him dak me passively, and ran my fingers through his messy blondish hair.

“I would like to see you come again.” Kyle whispered. His mouth was at the site of my slit, and he bent forwards and kissed me. He began to suck and lick and it felt amazing.

I wriggled around in the ecstasy of it; drawing myself closer to his body so that I held him against me. Quickly I began to come. And it was hard. I threw my head back a little, letting my hair cascade down my back. I felt like nothing could possibly be more desired than Kyle’s mouth. I was becoming shaky and weak at the knees from the orgasm, and let myself slide down the wall so that my legs slipped down on either side of his torso. He bent over me, kissing my lips.

“So it didn’t work,” I said, “the honey didn’t get rid of me. It just stuck us together”

“No,” he said, “it didn’t. I want you too much. I wish for my birthday you could be wrapped up in a box and I could keep you forever.” He said.

Then his thoughts retracted.

“Fuck!” he yelled as the fire alarms went off, “The breakfast!”

“Oh Kyle!” I exclaimed.

I quickly put my pajamas back on and joined him running around in a frenzy, opening the doors and windows; letting in the morning air as the alarms stopped ringing and the burning smell went. At that moment our parents came in and I rushed to the bathroom to get showered and washed.

I heard my parents laughing when I got out of the shower.

“You’re a useless cook, but its very sweet.”

My mother was saying. They said good morning to me as I entered the kitchen in my towel bath robe. I felt paranoid that they could tell what had happened; but hey seemed unaware.

After breakfast of burnt eggs, toast and pancakes, I helped Kyle with the dishes in the kitchen.

“That’s not going to happen again,” canlı bahis stated Kyle to me.

“Oh, I’ll do breakfast next time.” I offered.

“No,” said Kyle, “I mean, we’re not going to touch each other again.”

I felt like my heart was clenching inside me.

“Kyle…what say…we have feelings for each other?”

“We can’t” he said

“Don’t be so closed minded. There’s no genetic program telling us that.”

He gave me a hug holding my body firmly against his.

“Yeah, but there is a social program. And that says we can’t be together.”

We finished the dishes and Kyle went to his room because he said he needed to do some work for a colleague on his computer.

I was worried. I didn’t know what to get Kyle for his birthday; and I didn’t have much money. I asked my dad what I could get Kyle, but he just said some beer glasses or footy gear. I wanted to give him something special..

In the afternoon I asked Kyle if there was anything specific he wanted I could get.

“No,” he said, “I told you this morning, you wrapped up in tissue paper with a pretty bow around the outside.”

In the evening Kyle asked me to come to the hall with him to help him set it things up ahead of time…he wanted to get the lights and everything positioned just right. Some friends of his were flying in from Melbourne the next day just to come to his twenty first party.

I watched Kyle’s arse the whole time as he unpacked cardboard boxes of coloured light bulbs and their cords, and found power outlets to extend them across the ceiling. I told him where to put them; if they were straight and so on. He also had boxes of streamers and there was a disco globe in the middle of the hall.

Kyle was notably excited about his party. He moved energetically and talked fast and elevated. He pulled me in towards him, and we kissed passionately for five minutes. Holding me, he walked me backwards against the wall and pressed his knee up between my legs. It was as if I couldn’t get enough of my brother. We had so many things in common; and we were both attractive. We were perfect for each other.

“That yellow light needs to be two more centimetres more to the right” I teased him. He let go of my body and raced up to the light to try and adjust its position on the supporting cord.

“Hey, I was just joking, Kyle.” I said. I wanted him to come back and touch me more.

“You cheeky puss!” He laughed, and ran back over towards me to give me another kiss.

Kyle drove himself and I back to our parents place at eleven p.m..

My father was up in the lounge, staring vacantly into the TV.

“It took the two of you six hours to put everything up?” He asked.

“Hey, I want it to be perfect.” My brother said. He pinched me on the bottom where my father couldn’t see, and I could feel the tingly sensation through my legs again.

My father pointed the control at the TV, turned if off, and went to bed.

Laughing silently, Kyle picked me up again and carried me off into his bedroom. This time he tucked me under the covers of his bed, and we slept together in a little huddle. I woke up during the night, gave him a few pecks on the cheek which he returned, then went off into another phase of rapid eye movement.

I woke up first in the morning to see the rise and fall of Kyle’s chest. I touched him lightly across the forehead. He awoke, staring into my eyes.

“Happy Birthday.” I said.

Kyle smiled at me, engaging in another deep pashing session. His hands were creeping down my pajama’s again; and I was getting incredibly horny.

“Can I give you your first birthday present now?” I asked.

“What is it?” Kyle asked.

“Sex.” I said bluntly.

Kyle’s eyes widened.

“I can’t believe you said that.” He said.

I moved across towards his body.

“Don’t you want to?” I asked.

“Of course I do. But do you?” He asked.

“Definitely.” I said.

I felt the hardness of his muscles as I positioned my body so I was on top of him, my eyes aligned with his. I leaned my lips forwards. Kyle returned the kiss, and then threw me off his body, positioning me beside him, then he then rolled over so that he was on top of me.

Kissing me, with my hands pinned down with my wrists crossed and placed over my head, I could feel the weight of him pressing down onto my chest and abdomen. He was a little heavy.

“I’m scared our parents will find out, is all.” I said, I gasped under his weight.

He adjusted his position so he wasn’t as heavy on me, and quickly glanced up to his bed side clock.

“Nah, its seven a.m., they’ll be out running again.” He said.

He held one of my arms to his face, and began kissing my finger tips, kissing them down following the bones in my hand, over my wrists. I giggled when he got to my wrists at the hypersensitive quality my skin had taken on.

It was like every hair was feeling every thing he did.

His kisses continued down to my elbow, I could feel my face smiling from the intimacy of it, then he pulled bahis siteleri my arm a little straighter so he could have access to my arm pit.

He kissed the inside of my armpit; which luckily I had shaved before.

“It must taste of deodorant.” I commented.

“You’re so beautiful.” He whispered.

I was trembling with the excitement.

Next he pulled the top of my blue pajamas off, so that my chest was exposed to him. When I looked down I could see the mounds of my breasts, and then the ledge where my rib cage sank down into my abdomen.

He kissed me across the length of my rib bones, and touched my nipples.

I was moaning with the anxiety to have him inside me, it was almost unendurable.

His tongue flicked into my belly button as his lips sealed across it. It was unnerving to think we’d once been connected to the same person. Below that his hand slipped down my lower abdomen, sliding down into my slit. I had shaved all my hair off for the occasion. I was so wet the wetness had ascending a fair way up my slit; and his fingers moved across it smoothly.

“Full monty,” he said, noticing I was totally shaved, “you seem so smooth down there.”

He moved his body down below mine, so that his tongue could reach my cunt. I was breathing heavily in bouts and puffs with the ecstasy of it. He was playing with my labia, teasing my clit and then dipping his tongue slightly into my hole. Then he moved up my body again so are faces were aligned.

“Is that all your going to do?” I asked giggling.

“No,” He said, “we’re going to do the full thing, aren’t we?”

“I want to.” I said.

Having him there on me, and feeling the pressure of one of his legs between my legs, I began to came without any further stimulation. Seeing the desperation of me, he pulled me closer to him, and focused on touching me down there with his hand.

It was only a small series of shakes which followed; and didn’t take long for the climax. I needed to come again and get the rest of the tension out of me.

I pushed his body over mine and slid out from under me so he could have his turn, as is sexual etiquette.

I began to kiss the underside of his elbows, tasting a very light salty sweat; but by no means unpleasant. I looked up to test his reaction in his face, and he was smiling.

He laughed at the tension of it all as I put my hand into his crotch. Then I pulled down his pants, and then lay to one side of him so he could mount me again. I withdrew a condom from my undies; which he laughed in surprise to. I had put it there last night in hopes this would happen.

“Our girl scout motto was always to be prepared,” I said as I rolled the condom over his cock.

We were both naked.

“Here we go!” I laughed.

He mounted me with his naked body and I could feel the hardness of his cock pressing into me. I pushed his body down so that his cock was lined up with my hole; and where there was the most wetness.

“Are you sure you want to?” he asked.

“Yes, I do.” I said.

I had never had intercourse before; just simply giving my ex hand jobs. This was a new experience.

His cock began to slide into me. The tip was in, and I could feel myself stretching. My friends had warned me that first time sex was painful for girls; but it seemed pleasant. And incredibly intimate to have him in me.

Slowly he went in further, very slowly, until I could feel him widening. He must have now been all in me, and he came out again, thrusting his hips.

I felt my cunt tightening and my clit being hit by the pressure from the movement. I gasped, and he was gasping to. The thrusts began to progress in their speed until I was trying not to scream. I didn’t want to scream. It was getting intense but.

I was holding onto his torso with my hands, digging my nails into him harder with the excitement. Soon I felt his quaky body and new that he was coming, and then I felt myself go. It felt like his thrusts couldn’t be hard or fast enough for me, and I felt elevated unaware of anything except what it felt like.

After I came, he kissed me and remained to lay on top of me.

“That was the best present ever.” He said.

“Yeah, I’ve never done that before.” I said. I felt emotionally connected with Kyle more than ever.

“Are you okay about what we did?” Kyle asked.

“I wanted to. And I have no regrets. It was great.” I said sleepily.

Exhausted, we lay against each other panting.

“Up and at the day,” Kyle stated.

Kyle’s party went well, but I felt like a distant observer. I remembered some of his friends from before he went to Melbourne; who where there; and some of the Melbo’s took an interest in me. I had chosen some black slacks to wear with a slim silver belt and a pale pink top which I knew for a fact showed my bosoms and I looked like a killer in. I pinned my hair up to a messy bun, and had chose all the right shades of makeup. And the attention Kyle’s friends were giving me confirmed that.

Kyle kept turning around and smiling.

“Are bahis şirketleri you okay?” he asked me. I wanted him; and I wasn’t interested in any other men there who came up and said hi and introduced themselves. I watched his butt under his cargoes he wore. There was a table in one corner with a collection of his twenty first presents. There was no bar; so my parents had hired some waiters who were in the corner serving drinks on a mobile set-up type of bar. Rather limited. I drank some VB.

I tried to not make it to obvious how badly I wanted Kyle. The party was okay; but Kyle was spending time with his friends. He kept trying to include me. All I could do was stare at Kyle’s body.

After the party it was six a.m.. The bar had long ago closed; but some friends had continued the process of stocking out drinks. I was tired from the alcohol. Kyle kept putting his arm around my neck; he was a little drunk; and I kept shaking it off incase things would start to look a little suspicious. I kept rewinding what had happened in the morning and wanted it again.

Kyle drove me home although he would have been above the alcohol level. It was light outside; and it seemed wrong to go to bed. My heart was aching and I felt like I’d burst; because he was going back to Melbourne today because he had to go back to work. Kyle had incidentally fell asleep in the lounge room on a bean bag. I stayed awake, resting against his chest and listening to the rise and fall. Tears were beginning to swell in my eyes thinking about being without him.

A few hours later Kyle arose, and we continued our kisses. I wanted him to suck me away.

“I don’t want you to go, Kyle” I whimpered.

“I have to,” Kyle said, “but there’s no reason why you can’t come to Melbourne with me. And nobody there knows we’re related except those at my party…so we could have a relationship.”

I must have looked a mess after the night, with my hair coming out in all directions, my eyes black from the melting makeup.

“It’s wrong, Kyle.” I said, my logic again coming through over my emotions, “I have to go back to study as well; I wouldn’t want to mess my studies up.”

My parents said we’d clean up the party mess later after taking Kyle to the airport.

The Kalgoorlie airport is pretty small; with just two boarding gates; and the way to get to Melbourne is to go via Perth first. Kyle looked handsome with his suitcases by his side; he looked professional. My parents walked with us; which was annoying as I couldn’t get more of Kyle. The four of us went to the glass observation windows just next to the boarding gate and check out point; and store through at a little white and blue SkyWest Fokker 50 on the tarmac, with stairs leading up to it. I moved between mum and Kyle so I could be closer to Kyle’s body.

Then he leaned sideways towards me.

“Do you want a good bye kiss?” He asked.

“Not here” I said.

“No, we’ll take where no one can see us.”

“Like where?”

“The bathroom. I’ll stand outside the men’s, and then signal to you when it’s okay for you to come in.”

“Kyle and I are going to the toilet.” I told mum and dad. Mum nodded, and I followed Kyle to the toilets. The men’s was on the right, the women’s on the left. I stood outside his door impatiently as he went inside, worried about the people outside that they might suspect something. A few men passed out the toilet, but then he grabbed my arm and pulled me in.

“This isn’t the most romantic place.” I said.

There were some showers attached to the bathroom too. He took me inside a shower cubical, and he pushed me up against the wall. He started kissing me deeply, and put his hands on my buttocks, pulling me in towards him. Tears were swelling in my eyes.

“Kyle,” I whispered so no one would hear “I really am going to miss you.”

“Me too.” He said.

I rested my hand on his cock which felt like the hard pipe again. I slipped my hands down his cargoes and some yellow jocks to feel the skin of it, and I slid my hand down, palpating the balls. He moaned. I wanted to give him his final blow.

“Its good, he said, but I can’t relax, and we can’t take too long in here.”

“I want to kiss you down there.” I said. I hadn’t tried this before.

I dropped his daks to the floor, and put my mouth over his cock. He pressed my head downwards with his hands, so I took it deeper, and then with all the clam force I could master, I moved the tip of it up and down.

He came in no time; which surprised me. I could feel the tightening and widening and the swelling and distending of his cock; and then the shaking of his body as his cum shot out into my mouth. I closed my eyes and swallowed it for him. It wasn’t something I thought I’d ever be able to do; but it wasn’t that difficult. It tasted warm and watery, with a slightly sticky consistency and slight metallic taste behind it. It wasn’t a bad taste. I stood up and he pulled his daks up and held his body against mine.

“We have to get out of here before our parents wonder why we took so long.” He whispered, stroking my hair. He checked there were no men in the bathroom, before I came out into the lobby. Some women saw me come out of the male toilets, but said nothing. My parents were still over by the window.

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