The Best Present Dad Can Give Ch. 08


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This series contains male-on-male relationships, some of which are incestuous. If you think this will offend you, please do not read any of the stories in this series. If you are looking for stories that focus solely on sex, this series is not for you either since love plays a huge part in this series. Otherwise, please enjoy the series and leave a public comment, or send me a private one. I love hearing from my readers and any feedback is sincerely appreciated. Thank you!


I watched Rachel pull out of the driveway before I finally shut the door and watched a little more television. Shouldn’t my father be back by now? God knows I want his cock! I love him more than anything but whenever I picture him in my head I always get an erection. The man was just so damned sexy!

I usually get bored watching television after a while if I am not watching it with someone so I shut it off and headed to my father’s bedroom (well, technically it was now our bedroom since we started being lovers but I still kept things in my old room and just refer to that as my room to avoid any confusion…).

When I got to the master bedroom, I went straight to my mother’s mirrored vanity table (and don’t even ask why…I wasn’t sure myself…maybe just because I was bored). I don’t even know if mirrored vanity table was the right word for it because the thing was so fucking huge! The thing was literally the size of a twin bed. I never did figure out why my mother wanted such a huge piece of furniture in a bedroom but it sure was gorgeous. The entire thing was mirrored (no exaggeration whatsoever). The tabletop was mirrored, the drawers were mirrored…hell, even the fucking handles were mirrored! The vanity was up against the wall and along with everything else being mirrored, there were three actuals mirrors to go with it. The middle mirror was the longest and it was parallel to the table itself. The other two mirrors were angled slightly towards (maybe by thirty degrees or so…) the person standing in front of the mirror.

“Such an odd place for me to find you” someone said, sexily.

“Jesus! You scared the shit out of me!”

“You don’t have to call me Jesus. ‘Daddy’ would be acceptable” said the man behind me, a smirk in his voice.

For some reason I found myself not trying to search for him in the mirror. I was facing the mirrored tabletop instead, making him completely out of my view. That sexy voice could belong to only one man.

“Didn’t you miss me? I thought you’d be jumping for joy at my return” my father said, feigning disappointment.

“I did miss you. I wanted to do something different this time.”

He closed the distance between us, sliding his large his hands down my sides. “Something different, you say? Just what did you have mind?”

“I was hoping you would come up with something.”

“Mmmm. I’m sure I can think of something. In the mean time, why don’t you tell me about your last day of actual classes.”

“Well, I ended up skipping my first one.”

“Why?” he asked. I knew he wasn’t mad or anything. The reason he asked why was simply out of curiosity since I was such a goody two shoes.

“Trey wanted to ask why I was avoiding him all week.”

“And did you tell him?”

“Yeah. He wouldn’t take no for an answer so I told him. Things are back to where they were before that morning.”

“And that took the entire class period?”

“Well he talked me into giving him a blowjob so that took the rest of the time period. We almost got caught by a teacher too.”

My father laughed. “That was an incredible story! How was the blowjob? You’ve never told me what his cock is like. Tell me about his cock.”

“What?” I asked, my face turning beet red.

“I asked you about his cock. You haven’t told me any details.”

“No offense, Dad, but that isn’t really something I should be sharing with other people. I don’t like to kiss and tell.”

“Please?” My father kissed my cheek and ran a hand down my arm sensually. “It will be our secret.”

I sighed. It was really weird for me to discuss details about lover “B” with lover “A” so casually. I knew that Trey wouldn’t mind if I told him (since Trey certainly doesn’t have anything to be ashamed about…). I didn’t really know why he wanted to know so much but I supposed it didn’t matter. “I really like his cock. It is the same length as mine but much wider. It’s a fucking monster, to be perfectly honest. His girth is out of this world.”

“Really? Is it wider than my cock? My cock has an exceptional girth if you ask me.”

“Your cock definitely has an exceptional girth but it isn’t as thick as his.”

My father wrapped his arms up around my waist and pulled me into him. I was shocked to feel his extremely hard cock pressing hard against my buttocks. “Tell me more. Picture it in your mind. Tell me more about it.”

I had asked my father to try something different but this was kind of…odd. I felt my father caress his hand on my stomach as it traveled down. He grasped my groin…my fully izmir escort hard groin. When did I get a boner?

“Mmmm. That’s it, Son. Think about Trey, and get hard for me.”

“This is weird. We should stop this.”

He thrust his hard cock against my ass, all while rubbing my hard cock, forcing a pleasurable groan out of me. “Your mother and I did this sometimes when we wanted to do something delightfully kinky. You said you wanted something different so we are going to try this out. We will keep it light this first time, so don’t worry.”

“This is light?” I asked, completely shocked.

“Oh yes. You have no idea.”

“This isn’t very intimate. I want to be intimate with you, Daddy.”

“I know, darling, and this is intimate!”


“When we have sex, we become one physically, but when we do this we become one mentally and spiritually.”

“What do you mean?”

“To be perfectly honest, Trey is a very good looking kid but I would never really have any desire to be with him sexually, especially since I am almost completely exclusively straight. You are the only man I want to be involved with in that sense, however, you enjoy both men and women equally, and your attraction to Trey is almost as strong, if not as strong, as your attraction to me. Your strong attraction to him is the key for our pleasure in doing this. When you love the person you are doing this with and you know them very well, like the two of us for example, you are able to get into each other’s mind through the description of what the other person is describing. When you discuss the mental pictures of what you are seeing and feeling in your head about Trey, along with other details, I can sense your deep arousal and see that mental description you are painting of him and the arousal you feel about everything rubs off onto me and makes me see and feel and desire everything you are fantasizing about. Do you understand?”

“I understand what you are saying, but honestly I am feeling a little skeptical, especially how we become one through this intimacy.”

“Then give me the opportunity to show you. If you don’t like it, we won’t ever have to do it again. Will you try it?”

“Okay.” I honestly doubted this thing would work, but I loved my father dearly and he seemed to think that I would enjoy it otherwise he wouldn’t be trying to push it this hard on me.

“Excellent!” He held me in a tight embrace, which smothered my ass against his groin. I noticed that his erection was completely gone and I noticed that mine was almost completely gone as well. “I love you so much, sweetheart. Let’s try starting from the beginning since the mood faded away. Tell me everything about Trey and his body, and what most attracts you about it…make sure you give very vivid details! Live the fantasy out loud. Make sure you do everything from your perspective…and by that I mean refer to him as ‘him,’ or ‘Trey,’ and when you refer to yourself do it in first person and I will do the same.”

I wasn’t completely sure about what I was supposed to do but I thought I would just fantasize about Trey like I would if was going to masturbate to him, only this time I would do it out loud verbally. “I walk into the men’s locker room at the high school late in the afternoon. I am there because I have forgotten something I needed from my locker. I expect to find the room completely abandoned. To my surprise, I find Trey in the locker room, walking towards his locker. He had just gotten out of the shower, and he was poorly dried, wearing only a towel around his waist.”

I found myself getting hard at the fantasy I had created about Trey a few years ago. When I wasn’t masturbating with fantasies about my father, I would typically find myself masturbating fantasizing over Trey, and this was my favorite Trey fantasy. My father reached down and started manhandling my penis from behind, claiming full possession of my cock, and not only did I let him have my manhood, have me, but I enjoyed it too. He ground his hard cock straight up against my ass, which made me moan a moan I tried to suppress but failed to suppress. I can’t believe he is this hard already.

“Trey hasn’t seen me yet,” my father continued, which made me surprised since it was my fantasy and not his. I didn’t object though, I just listened to what he said. “The water droplets are running slowly down his body, getting closer and closer to his groin.”

I found myself picturing what my father described. My father continued stroking me and thrusting his cock against my ass slowly, never breaking his slow pace. “One of the water droplets gets caught in his thick, dark treasure trail,” I added, continuing where my father left off. “I find myself staring at his dark, wet treasure trail, as my gaze lowers to forbidden places that are covered by his cotton towel.”

“Oh, fuck yeah!” my father moans. The hands on my groin and the hard cock on my ass started picking up in speed and aggressiveness. “Trey reaches into his locker and grabs his deodorant stick,” my father keçiören escort continued, “but as he is about to put it on, it slips out of his hand and falls onto the floor on his side, the side that faces away from me.”

I felt the tingling sensation approaching and I tried holding it in, not wanting to cum yet. “Trey turns around to pick up the deodorant stick,” I added, “but when he reaches down to pick it up, his towel falls off, giving me the perfect view of his ass…the ass that even the straightest man in the world would beg to be mooned by…”

“Yes! The best fucking ass ever! So muscular and tight! Awwww…” he groaned.

“Oh my gosh!” I moaned, and with that I came, right inside my pants, feeling my boxers getting completely soaked with my cum. My father had cum too, I knew, and his once powerful thrusts against my ass were now wimpy ones as he tried catching his breath. “What the fuck was that?” I asked.

My father laughed with delight. “That was a preview of the potential this type of sex has to offer. Did you enjoy it?”

“Yes, I did…that was incredible…what the fuck was that?”

He laughed again. “We shared a fantasy together in a first-person narration style. You and I were the same person sharing the same fantasy together. We saw and felt the same things. Masturbating alone and only inside your head is fun, but limited. Masturbating by yourself while saying everything out loud is even more fun, but the pleasure of sharing the exact same fantasy experience with someone out loud is fuckin’ unbelievable…as you saw.”

“Oh my gosh…and that was just a peeping Tom fantasy…I didn’t even get to the part about his cock or the blowjob…” I told him, and I had a sudden deep need to get out of my cum-filled pants and boxers since it was starting to get extremely uncomfortable.

“As I mentioned earlier, this was just to show you what it was like. I didn’t want to get into it all the way the first time in case it bothered you…but let’s get out of these clothes,” my father said, sensing my sudden discomfort and knowing what the discomfort was about.

“Thank God!” I said, and eagerly stripped out of my clothes and climbed into the bed. Much to my delight, my father was much slower about taking his clothes off, and he wasn’t even done unbuttoning his shirt by the time I was completely stripped and on the bed watching him.

My father didn’t seem bothered by wearing cum-filled pants at all. He slowly finished unbuttoning his shirt, and as if he just now realized I was watching him intently, a smirk appeared on his face as he pulled the shirt off his body.

I found myself staring at his chest. The man just oozed masculinity and his hairy chest was just so damned sexy! Gosh, just the sight of it makes me jizz in my pants…I couldn’t hold my laughter in.

“What’s so funny?” my father asked, looking extremely amused and curious.

“I found myself thinking just the sight of your naked torso makes me jizz in my pants…but I just did that like two minutes ago!”

My father burst out laughing too. “You have the most unique mind I have ever met, sweetheart.”

I had wiped the tears out of my eyes that came when I was laughing and when I finally opened my eyes again, my father had already stripped out of his clothes and was now approaching the bed. Damn it! I wanted him to strip slowly for me. I found myself glaring at him.

My father gave an alluring laugh and said, “I know what that look is for. I’m not going to stay in those pants forever, darling.”

I cursed at him, which made him laugh even more. I knew he was messing with me just for shits and giggles. My father flopped on the bed and was now suddenly inches away from my face.

All the amusement that was on his face was now gone and now it was serious and personal. “You are so fuckin’ adorable, Nicolae” he said, using my full name. Most of the people in my life called me Nicolae (I preferred it) but a few people (like my father) called me Nick. I didn’t mind the short name so I never corrected anyone when they did call me Nick. It was only once in a blue moon when my father called me Nicolae…although I noticed that he has been calling me Nicolae a little more now since I have started being lovers with him.

My father reached out and traced his long finger along my cheekbone. I closed my eyes and reached out to his large hand and pressed it against my cheek, loving the feel of his touch. I felt his mouth press against mine and his tongue pushed against my lips, demanding entrance, which I accepted without hesitation.

My father and I kissed for a couple minutes, not hard and filled with lust, but softly and filled with intimacy. I loved it when we kissed like this. It was just so…nice.

My father pulled away from the kiss. “I think we should fulfill our vows to your mother before it completely dries up.”

I knew what he meant. My mother (who had died nine years ago…) was a cumslut (according to my father) who thought cum should never be wasted demetevler escort in any circumstances, no matter whose cum it was. She even ate her brother’s and brother-in-law’s cum when she walked in on them masturbating, when they told her they wouldn’t eat their own cum after she had asked them if they would. Cum was precious to her (hell, it’s precious to me too…) and my father vowed that he would never let any cum go to waste, and he asked me to take the same vow as well (which I did).

I lowered myself down my father’s body. When I reached his groin, I noticed that some cum was still on his cock, balls, pubes, and thighs. I grabbed a hold of my father’s flaccid cock and slid the entire thing into my mouth. I pulled off it slowly, which allowed any cum that was on his penis to be sucked into my mouth…I loved doing this. His cum was so fucking delicious. Once the head of his penis was completely out of my mouth, I held his cock up against his stomach and licked it from the base to the top, making sure all of it was off (it was…but it’s not like I didn’t enjoy doing it…). I noticed that he had a small amount on his balls so I quickly went down and lapped it up off his balls.

My father had a lot of pubes (I wouldn’t let him shave or trim them…) so naturally some got caught in there. After he asked me a few times if I would let him at least trim them, I threatened him that if he did I wouldn’t let him eat my ass anymore…he hasn’t asked me since then.

Most of the cum wasn’t too far from the top of the pubes so I didn’t have to work much. I grabbed the base of his pubes and lowered my mouth down on them and sucked the cum right off them as I slowly slid the pubes out of my mouth (much like I did with his penis).

There was a small amount on his thigh so I licked it off with one swipe of my tongue. I pulled away and closely examined his body, checking to make sure I got all of his cum (I hope I didn’t…). After about thirty seconds of searching, I gave up and flopped down on my back.

“My turn” my father said with a grin and took the same position. My father had mimicked every move I had made earlier. He had an easier job about getting the cum out of my pubes since I kept my pubes trimmed. When he had finished my thighs, I knew that he had gotten all the cum off, but to my surprise, he lowered his head down to my balls and started lapping at them with his tongue.

“You already ate all of my cum, Dad.”

“I know” he said with a grin, and lowered his head back to lick my balls some more. I didn’t say anything as my father continued working on my balls since I understood it myself. It’s fun playing with someone’s groin even if they are spent and there isn’t any cum left.

My father had raised himself slightly up my body and now he was working his tongue on my cock, giving it a tongue bath. He took his time, clearly enjoying the taste and texture of my cock. He slid my dick inside his mouth and began suckling on it when something occurred to me. “Hey, wait a minute! We are forgetting something!”

A puzzled look came across my father’s face. “Hwat awr takgn abut?”

I laughed. “I can’t hear you with my dick in your mouth.”

To my delight, my father looked disappointed as he slowly slid my phallus out of his mouth, gave the head of my penis one more quick lick, and repeated what he said. “What are you talking about?”

“Our clothes still has cum in them. Mom wouldn’t want us to let it just go to waste in there.”

“You are absolutely right! I can’t believe I forgot about those” my father said with delight, then he jumped out of bed and bent down to grab first my clothes, then his clothes off the ground.

While he was doing this, I got a very nice view of his ass. I admired that hot ass of his. It wasn’t as hot as Trey’s (that’s fucking impossible), but it was still one of the hottest asses I have ever seen. I’m going to fuck him next time we have sex, I decided. My father and I have sex all the time, but he usually always sucks or jacks me off so I never get the opportunity to fuck him. I knew that he was pretty inexperienced at being a bottom in anal sex (I am the only person who has ever fucked him) so I knew he was still a little hesitant when it comes to having a dick go up his ass but it’s not like I haven’t fucked him before. Once it’s inside, he calms down a little bit and starts enjoying the sensation of being fucked.

My father came back to the bed with the clothes. Without saying anything, he handed me his pants and boxer briefs and held onto my pants and boxers for himself. I was tempted to just dig in but I wanted to watch my father first.

I think my father was wondering why I haven’t dug in yet because I saw him give a light shrug before he buried his face into my boxers. He turned my boxers inside out and began licking my cum out of them. I took this as my cue so I decided it was okay for me to start.

I buried my face inside my father’s boxer briefs but instead of just starting out with licking the cum, I just took a deep breath. My father’s scent filled my nose. I could smell his aromatic cum (God, it smelt good) but beneath that I could smell his own scent. It was the scent of the material being pressed against his cock and balls all day. The scent had been absorbed into the material and I loved that smell.

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