The Best Christmas


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“Mom, don’t worry,” Scott Armstrong heard his sister Carrie say into the phone. “We’ll be fine. Robyn is here and Scott made it home this morning. I’m just sorry you and dad won’t be here for Christmas. “

Realizing he wasn’t going to hear anything new, Scott returned to his previous activity– pretending to be interested in the movie on TV, while secretly checking out Carrie’s best friend Robyn , who was laying on the couch across the room. Besides his sister, Robyn was easily the sexiest woman Scott had seen in awhile. Her curly brown hair hung to the small of her back and while she was a little on the skinny side, her breasts were still a good handful. And her ass….that ass drove Scott crazy. Tight and compact, she had the kind of butt blue jeans were invented for. Robyn’s only flaw, as far as Scott was concerned, was that she liked to tease. She knew she was hot and enjoyed flaunting it.

His sister, on the other hand, was shy and demure but no less sexy. Carrie’s beauty was more natural — the kind that didn’t come from a make-up kit or the latest fashion magazine. Her auburn hair was cut short, which suited her—- though she wore it that way because it was easy to take care of. Carrie stood just a little taller than Robyn’s 5″4 but had fuller breasts and hips. Prejudiced as his opinion might be, Scott thought his little sister was one hell of a woman. Which made the fact that she very rarely dated even more puzzling. For some reason the boys didn’t flock around her the way they did Robyn. The phone didn’t ring off the hook with date requests and Carrie spent most of her evenings at home. But she didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she seemed to like it that way.

Both girls were eighteen and seniors at West Moore High School, the same school Scott had graduated from two years earlier. He was in his second year of college and still didn’t know why he was there. He didn’t have a major, much to the chagrin of his parents, and he was no closer to picking one then the day he enrolled. His body was lean and muscular, kept that way by playing pick-up games of basketball and football around the campus. And while Scott would never be considered God’s gift to women, he had enjoyed some luck with the ladies. No steady relationships, but some nice moments spent with some nice women.

Robyn was staying with Carrie since her parents had been abruptly called out of town due to a family illness . Scott and Carrie’s own parents were also gone and wouldn’t be home for Christmas, thanks to a winter storm dumping several feet of snow on the Midwest, leaving them stranded in Chicago. So the three of them had the house to themselves.

Carrie said goodbye to her mother, hung up the phone and joined Scott and Robyn back in the living room.

“So Scott? The movie any good?” she asked, sitting next to Robyn.

“Yeah, Scott. How’s the movie? See anything you like?” Robyn sweetly said, her smile letting him know his attempts at discretion had failed.

The movie in question was some Nicholas Cage flick where he is supposed to be an angel. Meg Ryan was also in it. And while Scott had always thought she was hot, he hadn’t been paying much attention to the story. Instead, he had been devising a plan for getting into Robyn’s pants. But he couldn’t tell them that.

“It’s ok,” he mumbled turning his attention back to the television. Scott spent the next hour trying not to blatantly leer and frequently re-adjusting his pants. Robyn wasn’t helping matters any, taking every opportunity to show off her trim body. Carrie seemed oblivious to the cock teasing going on beside her and was intent on the movie. Finally Scott could take no more and announced he was going to take a shower and go to bed.

“Make sure the water’s good and cold,” Robyn teased as he walked past the girls and headed upstairs..

Some Christmas vacation this was going to be, Scott thought as he stepped into the shower and stood beneath the hot spray. What with finals at college and no steady girlfriend, it had been several weeks since he had gotten laid, and he was feeling more than a bit antsy. Having Robyn around was only upping the level of his frustration.

God, he wanted that girl in the worse way.

He had tried to play it cool and not be so obvious, but he couldn’t help it. His cock took on a life of it’s own every time she came near. Even now, beneath the nearly scalding water, he was sporting a full-blown erection. Scott wrapped his fingers around his swollen member and leisurely began pumping his prick. He thought about Robyn going down on her knees before him and taking his rigid cock in her mouth. His hand moved faster as he imagined digging his fingers in her hair and fucking her full red lips. He was just getting into the fantasy when he felt a cool draft of air that meant someone had opened the bathroom door. Curious, he turned the water off and opened the sliding shower door enough to see who had come in.

Robyn was sitting on the toilet, her panties around her ankles. From demetevler escoırt beneath her came the barely audible sound of her peeing.

“Sorry, she said, blushing slightly. “I had to go.”

Scott didn’t mention the bathroom downstairs she could have used. She knew exactly what she was doing. Robyn had changed into her bedtime ensemble of plain white panties and a T-shirt that came to her midriff. Her stark brown nipples , erect and beautiful, stood out beneath her shirt.

Entranced, Scott watched as the girl tore off several pieces of toilet tissue and wiped herself. As she stood, he caught a brief glimpse of her mound, darkened slightly by a fine layer of pubic hair. The color was the same golden brown as the hair on her head. Robyn turned her back to him, bent over and slowly began pulling her panties up her shapely legs. Scott stared as the lips of her cunt opened slightly , revealing the pink flesh inside.

Looking over her shoulder, Robyn winked as her panties slipped back over her ass cheeks. She then turned to the mirror and picking up a hairbrush began brushing her hair, but her eyes never left Scott.

Turnabout was fair play, so Scott fully opened the shower door and stepped out.. Robyn’s brown eyes immediately zeroed in on his now semi-hard cock. Dripping wet, Scott reached for a towel with one hand and with the other gripped his shaft, giving it a few strokes, until it grew to it’s full seven inches.

“Oh, jeez,” Robyn whispered, her eyes widening in appreciative wonder.

Enjoying her reaction, Scott dropped the towel and stepped towards her . The girl’s dark eyes met his in the mirror and for the first time Scott saw hesitation there, as though she knew she had pushed too hard and didn’t know what to do next. Scott took matters into his own hands, wrapping his arms around her. Robyn gasped as his hands slid over her firm stomach, beneath her shirt and cupped her tiny breasts. Closing her eyes, Robyn shuddered and leaned back, pressing her shapely ass against his swollen cock. Roughly he tweaked her nipples, eliciting a moan from her lips as she steadied herself against the sink. Her skin was soft and fragrant and Scott inhaled deeply as he kissed her shoulder.

“Mmmmm, you’re being wicked, Scott.”

“Am I?” he whispered against her neck.

Robyn started to reply but couldn’t as Scott slowly licked the inside of her ear. Reaching behind, her fingers gripped his cock, rubbing it against her ass cheeks and between her legs.

“You’re going to stick this in me, aren’t you? I’ve been a bad, bad girl and need to be punished. I need to be fucked hard.”

Scott stepped back and pulled her silky panties down around her knees. Robyn bent over, pressing her breasts against the countertop and scattering a bottle of liquid soap in the process . Scott gripped her ass, pulling the cheeks apart. The excited scent of her hot pussy was strong, causing Scott to lick his lips as her glistening cunt was spread before him.

“Do it,” she begged. “Give me your cock.”

Holding his cock steady, Scott pressed it against her parted pussy lips.

“Yes,” Robyn moaned as the mushroom head entered her, followed by the thick shaft spreading her slippery tunnel apart.

“Fuck my little pussy. I need to cum so bad.”

Back and forth Scott’s hips moved, slow at first , growing in intensity until he was fucking the girl with long powerful strokes. Panting and grunting with each thrust. Robyn wildly threw her ass back against him. Her cunt was snug, gripping his prick with willing surrender, sucking at his shaft with each withdraw and welcoming each new plunge.

The next several minutes was filled with lustful abandon. In and out of the teen, Scott took his pleasure, giving as much as receiving. Robyn began rubbing her clit, her fingernails brushing Scott’s balls when he slid deep inside her. Her honey was flowing around the invading prick and running down her inner thighs. Scott couldn’t recall ever being in a woman as wet as she was; it was like a swamp inside her. Robyn bit her bottom lip and, stifling a scream, came just as Scott shot his load inside of her.

“Oh, God,” she moaned. “I can feel you cumming. So hot…so hot.”

Impaled on his shaft, Robyn collapsed on the bathroom counter, the spasms in her pussy continuing as Scott filled her with hot cream. Robyn’s hips writhed as her orgasm overwhelmed her. She pushed back against his groin, burying his exploding prick deep within her milking cunt until her snatch overflowed, coating his balls with a combination of their juices.

And then it was over.

Scott’s wilting cock slid from her moist nest and he leaned back against the wall to catch his breath. Looking back at him, Robyn smiled and ran a finger delicately between her swollen cunt lips. She collected a glob of cum and brought it to her mouth. Her pink tongue snaked out and gathered the cream before disappearing.

“I guess that’s what I get for rus escort teasing you,” she murmured , reaching for a box of Kleenex . She used several to clean her drenched pussy before tossing them in the trashcan and pulling her panties back up. She opened the bathroom door and started to leave when she stopped and turned back

“You’re a good fuck, Scott. Almost as good as your sister.” And with a twitch of her ass she was gone.

It took a moment for her words to register with the boy. And when they did , Scott had to wonder if he had heard right. Were Robyn and Carrie lovers? It was hard for him to believe, but it could explain why Carrie never showed much interest in guys. His sister was a lesbian or at the very least, she was BI-sexual. Scott chuckled, what a trip! Prim and proper Carrie Armstrong got her kicks by eating pussy. But soon his amusement evaporated. as he began to picture the two girls together.

Scott lost track of time as he stood there pondering the revelation Robyn had revealed. Thinking of his sister and her best friend fucking each other was causing the boy to have all kinds of thoughts—-the kind of thoughts one wasn’t supposed to have about a sister. Finally, when the air in the bathroom cooled enough to raise goosebumps on his flesh. Scott dressed and walked down the hall to his bedroom. On the way he passed Carrie’s room and, through the partially opened door, saw her in bed, head propped up by pillows and her nose buried in a book.

“Where’s Robyn,” he asked.

Carrie looked up and fixed him with a puzzled look.

“What do you mean? She’s sleeping in the guest room downstairs.”

Carrie was wearing a light blue night gown with frilly white lace around the collar. His sister had always gone for a feminine, very lady-like look. Her hair, make-up and nail polish were always perfect. She had been that way since they were kids growing up together. Scott felt a real affection for his sister swell up inside him ; she looked so innocent lying there in bed.

It was then he realized he wanted to fuck his little sister.

In a matter of a few seconds, a hundred different images flashed through his mind—- Carrie pulling down her gown to allow him to suck her breasts; his hands holding her head steady as he slides his cock down her throat ; Carrie on her back– begging him to pump his cock into her; he saw himself covering her pussy with his mouth, licking her clit and tasting her sweet juice as she orgasm .

“Scott?” Carrie said, looking at her brother puzzled. “Is something wrong?”

Nothing that a good fuck wouldn’t cure , he thought. He knew he could just rush in and jump her right there. As big as he was, she wouldn’t be able to fight him off. But something held him back.–possibly the realization that, as sexy and inviting as she was , Carrie was still his little sister. He was supposed to watch out for and protect her from guys like him.

“Hmm? No, nothings wrong. Night, Carrie,” he said before walking across the hall and into his bedroom. He didn’t hear her reply as he closed his door. Nor did he see Carrie as she slid her hand between her legs and gently began fingering her cunt.

Scott tried to sleep, but wasn’t having any luck. He tossed and turned , the bed sheets becoming tangled around his body.

Every time he closed his eyes, Carrie was there- her emerald eyes, the inviting lips and alabaster skin. When he breathed, it was her perfume he smelled. It was like she was laying beside him. And as he stared at the ceiling, listening to the desk clock count away the seconds of the night, Scott came to one simple conclusion- he was going to have his sister. Some how, some way it was going to happen. Perhaps it wouldn’t be that difficult, he thought. Several times that day he had caught Carrie staring at him as though she was checking him out. At the time , he didn’t think much of it. But maybe it was possible that she was having some of the same thoughts that he was. Or maybe, he was trying to rationalize what he was planning to do. It couldn’t be rape if she wanted it also. Could it?

Finally, about two in the morning , he gave up and decided to go downstairs, grab a beer and watch some television. A kaleidoscope of blinking colors emanated from downstairs. Carrie must have forgotten to turn off the Christmas tree lights in the living room. Funny, he didn’t recall them being on when he had told his sister goodnight. The light was enough that he could easily make it downstairs without turning on any more . Scott just reached the bottom step when he heard a giggle, followed by a moan come from the living room.

It was the same moan he had heard earlier in the bathroom while he was fucking Robyn.

Silently, he moved towards the living room, already having a pretty good idea what he was going to find. But the sight still shocked him. Robyn was laying in the floor, several pillows beneath her head. She was naked, the bright colors of the flashing Christmas lights dancing batıkent escort across her smooth skin. Kneeling , with her head between Robyn’s thighs, was his sister wearing only a pair of light blue panties. Carrie was really going to town on her best friends cunt, probing and licking with her tongue. Robyn rolled her head and sighed.

“God, you can really eat pussy, Carrie.”

Carrie paused and using her fingers, opened Robyn’s cunt enough that Scott could easily see the pink glistening flesh from his hiding place.

“You taste different tonight,” Carrie said.

“Do I? I wonder why?”

The little tease knew exactly why. When Robyn had left the bathroom earlier, she had done so with a cunt full of cum, and now Carrie had her tongue buried in that same cunt- she was tasting her brother’s sperm. That knowledge and the sight of the two sexy teens caused Scott’s cock to come to full attention. He reached through the opening of his boxers and began stroking as he watched his sister sensually rub her own pussy through her panties. There was already a fair sized wet spot in those panties and it was growing by the minute.

“You taste good,” he heard Carrie say. “Just different.” Carrie teased Robyn’s clit with the tip of her tongue, flicking it back and forth, sending a shiver through the other girl’s body. Robyn rocked her hips, urging her friend to continue by placing one hand on Carrie’s head and holding her there.

“Yes, just like that. God, I wish you had a cock like your brothers. I need to be fucked again.”

Carrie stopped.

“What did you say?”

“I said, I wish you had a cock like your brothers,” Robyn replied, a mischievous gleam in her eyes. “He fucked me so good in the bathroom.”

“You fucked Scott?” his sister asked, clear amazement in her voice. As though she were performing only for Scott, Carrie slipped a finger beneath her panties and slid it into her cunt.

“Uh-huh. If I had known he was such a stud I would have let him do me a long time ago. He came in my pussy. That’s why I taste different. Do you like your brother’s cum?”

Carrie moaned and rolled onto her back, her finger furiously working on her clit.

“Tell me more,” she panted. “What’s his cock like? Is it…big? “

Robyn crawled over to Carrie and began rubbing the girl’s breasts. The nipples were like rose buds, swollen and red.

“You are really getting off on this , aren’t you?”

“Please tell me.” The need in Carrie’s voice was almost painful to hear. Her eyes were closed tight as she slid one, then two fingers inside herself.

“Yes,” Robyn replied. “Scott has the biggest, thickest cock I’ve ever had inside of me. Even bigger than my fathers. His prick felt like a baseball bat when he was inside of me. I wasn’t certain I could take it all.”

“Ohhhh..” Carrie whispered, her breath was coming hard now, her fingers slick with her juices made wet noises as they continued to assault her cunt.

“And when he came…No-one has ever filled me like that. He really dumped a load. I tell you, Carrie, if he were my brother I’d be fucking him day and night. Would you like that? Would you like your brother to fuck you right now? Do you want him to jam his prick up inside of you and screw your brains out?”

Carrie’s hips were rising and rolling, sweat beading on her forehead as she worked for her climax. Her breathing was ragged as she gasped in her ecstasy. Robyn resting on one elbow, leaned forward and kissed her neck.

“I didn’t hear you, baby. Don’t you want you brother to screw you? “

“Yes,” Carrie gasped. “I want to feel his big cock pumping my wet box, his heavy balls slapping my asshole. I want to feel his cum shooting inside of me…”

“Well, why don’t you ask him?”

Scott’s heart throbbed in his chest as he listened to his baby sister’s lusty confession. She really did want him as much as he wanted her.

“What?” she asked.

“He’s standing right over there,” Robyn nodded towards the shadows in which Scott was hiding. “He’s been watching us and he’s stroking his big, hard dick.”

Carrie stopped masturbating and sat up, her eyes meeting her brothers across the room. She was frightened at being discovered, but there was also the intense need of her body that couldn’t be denied . Scott stepped out of the shadows and her eyes swept down his body to where his cock was sticking out of his boxers. Slowly her pink tongue swept over her lips, wetting them. Again their eyes met.

“Sis? “

Carrie shook her head and held out her hand to him.

“No Scott,” she said. “Don’t say anything. Just come here and fuck me.”

Scott felt like he had landed in the middle of some sort of surreal erotic dream where everything was happening in slow motion. He pulled his boxers off and dropping them, went to his sister and knelt between her legs. The air was tinged with her perfume–light and delicate, mingled with the musk scent of her cunt. Her fingers traced the muscles of his chest and flat stomach, before she gently slid them over the hardened flesh of his cock. Scott gasped as her soft fingers grasped him. Never in his wildest dreams could he had imagined what was about to happen. His sister– his beautiful little sister– was offering herself to him.

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