The Bentons Ch. 2


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Ch. 2: Another Big Surprise

Lynn woke with a start. Glancing at the clock, which read 9:32 AM, he jumped up from bed. He was late for work. No, he remembered it was Saturday and sat back down on the bed. All he had to do today was help his mother with a few chores at the farm and that could wait until afternoon. Then the memories of the night came flooding back. Quickly he looked around but Louise was the only one in bed with him. She was awake, looking at him.

“Are you OK?” she asked.

“Yea,” he said. “For a moment I forgot it was Saturday. Was afraid I was late for work.”

“Oh,” she said as she reached out to stroke his back. “I was afraid you were upset about last night.”

He turned and looked at her. The sheet was down around her waist. Her full breasts looked beautiful in the morning. “Then it wasn’t a dream. It really happened.”

She smiled. “Yes, you really fucked your daughter last night. It was wonderful.”

His cock began to stir as he looked at her and remembered the night before. “You set last night up, didn’t you.”



She reached out to him. “Make love to me and I’ll tell you.”

Her eyes were full of love. Her nipples were already hard. Lynn had never been able to resist her. He pulled her into his arms. They kissed, their tongues caressing each other in a dual of love. He reached up and began to knead and squeeze her breast. She moaned into his mouth. He moved his mouth down to her neck, where he licked and kissed each hollow and valley. “Tell me why,” he commanded as he nipped her flesh.

“There are really two reasons,” she moaned. His kisses were driving her wild. She had goose bumps all over. “For the last couple of years I have been sexually attracted to Mark.”

“Our son?” he asked, surprised. He had never even suspected her to say anything like this. Wanting to hear more he said, “Go on,” as he kissed his way down to her breasts.

“Ohhh. You’re making it hard for me to concentrate.” she said, as he took her nipple into his mouth and began to suck. “I never did anything about it. You know. It’s supposed to be wrong and all that. But I could never make the feelings go away. That’s one of the reasons I’ve been so sexually active with you lately, trying to keep my feelings under control.”

“And here I thought it was because I was such a great lover.” he joked. “You said there were two reasons. What was the other?” he asked as he began to kiss his way down to her pussy.

“You are.” And then she groaned, “Yes, right there, suck my cunt. Lick my twat. Don’t stop. Tongue-fuck me good.” For several minutes she could not go on as his cunt-lapping sent chills throughout her body and she ground her mound into his face, covering it with her juices. Then she continued, gasping, “A couple of weeks before her birthday, Ann came to me. She said she just had to talk to someone. She was becoming a woman, a hot, horny, sexual woman. But she was afraid to get involved with any of her classmates because of the reputation she might get. And she was afraid of getting pregnant or getting some disease.”

“So, you decided daddy should do it. Right?” He said, climbing up over her and placing his cockhead at her opening.

“Not exactly,” she answered as she spread herself open for him. As he slowly sank into her depths, she went on. “It wasn’t until Ann made a remark about wishing she could find someone like daddy to be her first that I had the brainstorm about getting you and her together. We talked about it and she was all for it. We planned everything together and sprang it on you last night. … Ooohhh, yesssss. Fuck me. Fuck me good.”

Lynn began pounding her pussy. “And you think that because I’m fucking Ann it will be all right for you to seduce Mark. Is that the idea?” By now he could hardly talk. He had a sudden vision in his mind of Mark laying between his mother’s thighs, fucking her for all he was worth. Inspired by that thought he began to screw her deep and hard.

Louise groaned as she felt her pussy being canlı bahis ravaged by her husband’s cock. She was ready to cum. “Yes! Yes!” she said. “I want to fuck Mark and make us one big fucking happy family! OH, honey! Cum in me. Fill me with your juice. I’m cummmminnnngg!”

Lynn thrust into his wife one last time. The whole idea of one fucking happy family sent him over the edge. He began shooting his load into Louise. “Cumming! Take it, honey. I’m cumming, too.” Wad after wad shot into her hot depths.

Afterwards they lay in each other’s arms for several minutes. “Can I really fuck Mark? It’s OK with you?” Louise asked excitedly.

“I don’t intend to stop fucking Ann now that I know how hot she is. So I guess fair is fair. I would love to watch you fuck our son’s brains out.” Lynn replied. “Let’s go take a shower and talk about it.”

After they cleaned up, Louise started to get dressed. Lynn put on his robe and headed for the kitchen. There he found Ann eating breakfast. She was completely nude. She got up to greet her father. “Hi.” she said cheerfully.

This was Lynn’s first chance to really see his naked daughter. “You look beautiful.” he exclaimed, noticing her firm, full breasts and the way her inner pussy lips protruded from her shaved cunt.

“Thank you,” Ann said, blushing a little. “It’s about time you got up. I’ve been waiting for you.” She went over and kissed him, probing his mouth with her tongue. While she kissed him, he reached down and copped a feel of her pussy. It was so soft and wet. Ann moaned at her father’s touch. “Sit down,” she said. “I want to suck you off for breakfast.”

Lynn removed his robe and sat in one of the kitchen chairs. His cock was already beginning to thicken at the thought of his daughter sucking his cock. Ann knelt between his legs and gently took him in her hand. She began to stroke up and down his member. When it was fully erect, she leaned over and took the head in her mouth. Slowly she sucked her way down the shaft, licking with her tongue all the way. Lynn moaned as Ann began the up and down motion of tongue-fucking his cock. Whenever his cock appeared from her lips she would stroke it until it disappeared again into her hot mouth. Up and down, faster and faster Ann went until she was literally fucking her face with his cock. It only took a few minutes of this and Lynn was ready to let go.

“I’m going to cum.” he warned her.

She raised her head and looked at him. “Do it,” she said. “I want to taste your cum and swallow it deep into my belly.” Then she lowered her head and began sucking him in earnest. Lynn groaned and let loose, spraying his cum in his daughter’s mouth. Glob after glob of white, hot seed splashed into her sucking mouth. Ann gulped and swallowed every drop. Then she raise her head and said, “Mmmm. I love the taste of your cum, daddy. Thank you.”

“Anytime,” he responded, caressing her face with his hand. “Now, sit on the table and open those beautiful legs and let me eat my breakfast. OK?”

Ann quickly climbed up onto the table, spread her legs, reached down and with two fingers spread her pussy lips open for her father. “Come and get your breakfast, daddy. Eat my pussy. Drink my juices and make me cum.”

Lynn dove between his daughter’s thighs. He kissed and licked all over her mound. He sucked on her labia, making her moan. Then using his tongue he parted her lips and drove his tongue deep into her pussy. Ann continued to moan and began grinding her cunt against her father’s face. He was eating her so good. After tongue-fucking her for awhile he switched his attack and began to lick and suck her clit.

“Oh, yes,” she screamed. “Suck my clit and make me cum! Make me cum in your mouth. Drink my pussy juice for breakfast. Drink it!” And then she came, flooding her father’s mouth and face with her cum. Lynn licked and drank every drop he could. She was delicious. The best breakfast he ever had.

Lynn leaned back in his chair, his face covered with his daughter’s cum. Ann looked down from her perch on bahis siteleri the table and smiled. Then she slid down into her father’s lap and began licking his face clean. As they kissed she felt his cock harden in his lap. She turned to face him, straddling his hips. Reaching between them, she grasped his hard on and guided it into her pussy. Slowly she sat down, impaling herself. “Daddy, your cock feels so good. Fuck me, please. Fuck me like you did last night.” With those words she began to raise and lower her cunt. Her pussy lips caressed his cock. Her inner heat felt as if it would burn him. Lynn leaned forward and began to suck on her tits, first one and then the other. He began to twist his hips and thrust up in time with his daughter’s rhythm. Since he had already cum twice this morning he was able to last what seemed like a long time. Both of them enjoyed the long, leisurely fuck together.

While they were fucking, Louise entered the kitchen. She watched her husband and daughter for a couple of minutes and smiled. This was working out just great. Now she could seduce her son without fear. Soon Mark would be a part of their sexual fun. Soon she would be fucking him right along side Lynn and Ann. As she thought about it, she began rubbing her tits through her T-shirt. She reached one hand down into her shorts and began to fondle her hot pussy.

Lynn and Ann began to reach their climax. Ann’s thrusts became harder, more urgent. Lynn sucked harder on her tits as her cunt drove him wild. Louise, watching, could tell they were both about to cum and she fingered herself harder trying to cum with them.

“Oh, daddy, I’m cumming! Cum in me. I love it when you cum in me. Cum, daddy, cum!” Ann ground her pussy down, forcing her father’s cock deep into her spasming depths.

“CUMMING!” Lynn shouted, pushing up with all he had and letting his load go. His cum poured from his cockhead into his daughter’s pussy. Again and again he pumped his seed into her hot womb.

“Oh, yes.” Louise moaned as she joined them, cumming all over her fingers.

“Now just what is going on here?” a voice cried out.

Lynn, Ann, and Louise all jumped. They had not heard anyone come in. But there, standing in the doorway was Lynn’s mother, Mildred. Her eyes were wide, her skin flushed.

“I have to come to town for a few things and decide to come over and tell you that you don’t need to come to the farm today. I got up early and did the chores myself. And what do I find? My son having sex with my granddaughter and my daughter-in-law playing with herself while enjoying the show. What have you got to say for yourselves?” Mildred’s eyes blazed as she scolded her son and his family.

“I…uh?….uumm. Mom, I ….well….uh,” Lynn couldn’t seem to get any words out.

“Grandma….we….I….uh….it’s not….oh, shit.” Ann didn’t know what to say.

“Millie, we didn’t expect to see you here.” Louise felt silly the moment she said it.

“Evidently not. You still haven’t answered my question.” Then suddenly Millie smiled. “Let me put it another way. Did you guys enjoy yourselves? You sure looked like you did.”

They all looked surprised. “Yes, I guess so” Lynn said. “Oh, yes, Grandma, very much.” said Ann. Louise looked suspiciously at her mother-in-law. “Why?” she asked.

“I would hope that if my family is going to commit incest with each other they would at least enjoy it and not force it on anyone.” Millie responded. She began to unbutton her shirt. “I also hope you will let me join in. I’ve often thought about having sex with my son. What mother hasn’t had that idea at one point or another?” By now her shirt was off, revealing a plain white bra, which Millie removed quickly. “If I had known you were interested in family sex, Lynn, I’d have fulfilled my fantasy long ago.” She reached into the waistband of her jeans and pulled them down, dragging her underpants with them. “And now with your father gone, I as horny as hell. I need a good hard cock to put out the fire between my legs. Lynn, come here and bahis şirketleri show me what you have been doing with your wife and daughter.” She now stood naked before them.

Lynn’s mouth opened and closed several times. His eyes traveled up and down his mother’s naked body. At age 63, her body was still trim from all the farm work she did. Her milky white tits sagged a little, but the big, dark areola surrounding her nipples were very sexy. Her pubic hair was thick and untrimmed, with streaks of gray similar to the hair on her head. She stood tall and proud in all her naked glory. And well she should, he thought. She was still a very pretty woman. He couldn’t help himself. Even though he had already cum three times, more than he could remember in a long time, he felt himself getting hard looking at his mother’s naked body.

Ann climbed off of Lynn’s lap. His cum leaked from between her cunt lips. “Do it, daddy,” she whispered. “Fuck grandma the way she needs.” Louise began to strip. “Go for it, stud.” she urged. “Fuck your mama good.”

Lynn moved forward as if in a trance. First his wife, then his daughter, and now his own mother. What was happening to his world?

Millie reached out and drew her son into her arms. She pressed her naked body up against his. He could feel her sexual heat. They kissed, slowly at first, just experimenting. And then more passionately as their hands began to explore each other’s bodies. She cupped Lynn’s ass with one hand, the other moved behind his head crushing his lips to hers. He cupped his mother’s ass with both hands grinding his now hard cock into her pelvis.

Slowly, they sagged to the floor where they began to caress and explore every inch of each other’s flesh. Lynn sucked his mother’s tits while he fingered her surprisingly wet pussy. Millie used both hands to cup and caress her son’s cock and balls. Eventually they moved into a 69 position. Millie licked and sucked her son’s cock, showing him she had years of practice and knew just how to please a man. Lynn parted the mass of now wet pubic hair surrounding his mother’s pussy and dipped his tongue into her hot hole. Mother and son pleasured each other for several minutes before switching positions. As he moved up to cover his mother’s body, Lynn noticed that Ann and Louise were busy sucking each other’s cunts on the floor beside them. Millie pulled her legs up and out to give her son full access to her cunt. Reaching between her legs she grabbed his cock and guided it into her hot depths.

“Oh, yes, son. Fuck mommy good…I can’t believe this is happening. Do it. Stick your big cock in mommy’s pussy and fuck me good. I need it so bad. Fuck mommy and cum inside me. Fuck me and put out my fire…” Millie seemed to talk nonstop as Lynn drove his cock into her again and again, pounding his pelvis against hers. He could not believe the words that poured from her mouth, words he never dreamed his mother would be saying. Hearing them made him hotter and hotter. He grabbed her legs and lifted them higher and wider, opening her fully to his assault. In and out he fucked, trying to bury both his cock and his balls deep inside the hole that birthed him. “Yes, yes! Harder! Harder! Fuck mommy harder! Make me cum!” Millie continued to urge her son on.

And then Lynn was there. He drove his cock deep into his mother, held it there, and moaned as it swelled and began to shoot. “Mom, I’m cumming. Cumming in your hot pussy. Take it all. Take all my hot cum.” he cried as he fired wad after wad of hot seed into his mother.

Feeling her son’s cum spray into her cunt took Millie over the edge. Her cunt began squeezing and milking the cock within her. Her whole body shook with the force of her orgasm. “Cumming! I’m cumming with you. Mommy is cumming so hard on my boy’s cock. Fill me with your seed. Pour that cum inside my pussy.”

Lynn slowly pulled out of his mother. He watched as her cunt leaked his cum out onto the floor. Then he looked over at Ann and Louise. Both were panting hard, their faces covered with each other’s juices. He lay back and drifted off to sleep. Mother, wife, and daughter. If this kept up they would kill him before a week was up. Mark needed to get home, and soon. He needed help with these three. Mark needed to get home.

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