The Awakening of a Sex Fiend!


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I think at one time or another most married men have fantasized or thought of having sex with their Mother-in-law. I have been married thirty years and to be honest I too have had a fantasy or two.

My Mother-in-law is about 70 years old, but she looks much younger. Her salt and pepper hair, I view as a badge of honor. Her figure is much nicer than most her age. In short, she is very good looking. I never thought that what I am about to tell you would ever occur.

It was about four months ago when my wife and I went to visit for the Super Bowl. When we arrived my wife’s father was out trying to shoveling snow. The fact that he was almost 80 years old was slowing his work. My wife bailed out of the truck to greet and help her dad. I parked and gather several food items into my arms and went into the house. As I entered the kitchen my Mother-in-law was standing at the table taking a drink from a wine glass.

We made eye contact and I noticed she appeared to be on her third or fourth glass of wine. I placed the food on the table and said hello. Joyce set her wine glass on the table and stepped toward me. I was expecting a short kiss and hug but this was not to be. She placed one hand behind my head. The other was firmly planted on my ass. She pulled me toward her and when our lips met I felt her tongue trying to part my lips.

At first I was, to say the least surprised. But I parted my lips to allow her tongue into my mouth. We held that kiss for several seconds. Our mouths parted and my mother-in-law said she had wanted to do that for many years. I told her it felt wonderful and I was sorry it took that long for it to happen. We kissed again, only this time both our tongues fought to gain control of each other’s mouth. As we kissed I felt my mother-in-law’s hand move down onto my groin.

Her hand made many circles around my now hardening cock. Her hand stopped and she began to squeeze. As her hand roamed around my groin, I brought a hand up and began to knead and caress her breast. I could feel her nipple begin to harden under her shirt.

The front door was still open and we both heard my wife and her husband coming up the stairs. We parted and both of us had a look of pure lust in our eyes.

My mother-in-law said “I can’t wait until we are alone for more than few minutes.”

We never seemed to find the time to be alone for more than a minute or two. We did use those fleeting moments to grope each other, which left me constantly horny!

Two months later my wife told me her parents were coming over for a few days. Her Father had found two restored, old trucks he canlı bahis wanted to look at in a nearby town. The In-laws arrived on a Sunday afternoon. It was April and the weather had started to warm up. I cooked dinner on the grill outside. The four of us ate outside on the porch and my Father-in-law discussed his upcoming adventure and hopes of buying one of the trucks. My wife stated she wished she could stay home but had several important reports that needed her attention at work. During dinner my Mother-in-law sat next to me. Several times during dinner she snuck her hand under the table and massaged my groin. This left me with a very hard cock for most of the time. After dinner I cleared the table, taking items into the house. My Mother-in-law followed with her hands full. My wife and her father remained outside while we put things away. During that time I managed to put my hands up, under my mother-in-law’s shirt, feeling her breasts and hardening nipples. In turn she would rub my cock, causing it to grow.

After cleaning up we went back outside. My Father-in-law asked if I would like to go with him. Before I could answer Joyce spoke up and informed him I was going to stay with her and help her with a few issues she was having with her computer.

The following morning I awoke and took a shower. As I was getting dressed I could hear my In-laws moving around in the kitchen. I decided to put on sweats and a T-shirt. My wife had already left for work and I walked out just as my Father-in-law was headed out the door.

Joyce, my Mother-in-law was still in her pajamas and we both stood at the window to watch him drive away. Once his truck was out of sight we looked at each other and pressed our bodies together. My hands quickly went under her shirt and I finally got to actually feel her breasts. Her nipples quickly hardened and I pulled her shirt up, lowered my head and placed my mouth on one of her nipples. She moaned and tried to reach for my now stiff cock. As I sucked on the nipple, one of my free hands slid down her side and I placed it down the front of her pajamas. Before I could get my hand on her pussy she pulled it out and told me she was going to take a shower and to come to the guest house in ten minutes and she walked away.

Ten minutes later I walked over to the guest house. I entered and walked toward the bedroom. At the doorway I froze. There on the bed laid Joyce, my Mother-in-law. She laid there naked, on her back. Her knees were up and her legs were spread. Both her hands were cupping her breasts and she had a smile on her face. “I am sure this is what you’ve been wanting”, bahis siteleri she said.

“Oh yeah!” I replied as I took off my clothes. I was standing at the foot of the bed and I climbed unto it, between her legs.

Head first I moved and placed my mouth on her pussy. She placed both her hands on the back of my head and pulled me in. I began to lick and probe her pussy with my tongue. She moaned and told me it felt wonderful and she had to feel my hard cock in her pussy. Joyce began to talk dirty, telling me what she wanted to do and what she wanted me to do to her. The more she talked, the harder my cock got. In minutes her clit was hard and her pussy was very wet from her juices. My Mother-in-law pulled my head up and as our eyes met she said, “Fuck me, do it now!”

The head of my cock was almost touching the lips of her pussy. She brought her hips up off the bed and I felt the head slowly part her pussy lips. I slowly allowed my cock to enter her pussy, savoring the velvet feel and wetness. My cock was now fully engulfed by her pussy and as I leaned over her I lowered my head and took a hard nipple into my mouth. I sucked on the nipple for a few moments and then raked my teeth over it and she had her first orgasm. My Mother-in-law first began panting, saying “Oh God! Oh God!” I felt her pussy tighten around my hard cock. A moment later I felt her cum begin to squirt out around it. My balls tightened and now I was thrusting my cock in and out. She continued to say “Oh God!”

I groaned out loudly that I was going to cum. Before I could finish speaking, the first shot blasted out of the head of my cock. My cock kept spurting and spurting, filling her pussy. Finally our orgasms ceased. My cock went limp and slowly slid out of her pussy. I sat back on my hunches and I watch as my cum slowly seeped from her pussy.

I lay down next to Joyce. She placed one hand on my cock and the other on her pussy. She began to play with both. “God! That was one hell of a fucking”. She said.

“Can you do that again?” She asked.

“I don’t know.” I replied.

My Mother-in-law rolled over and got on her hands and knees. She leaned over my cock and with one hand guided the head into her mouth. In mere minutes it began to get hard in her mouth. As she sucked my cock I began to play with her pussy. I started using just one finger, running it lightly over the lips. I then would slowly insert the finger into her pussy. My cock continued to get harder and harder. Her pussy got wetter and wetter. She began to fuck my hand and I now had three fingers inside her pussy. As she fucked me with her mouth. bahis şirketleri I fucked her with my fingers.

“Careful, you’re going to make me cum.” I moaned.

“Good,” she groaned while licking my hard shaft.

With the head of my cock in her mouth, she began to lightly massage my tightening balls. That sent me over the edge and I thrust my hips up off the bed. The first spurt of cum caught her by surprise and leaked out around her lips. The ones that followed, she swallowed. As she was sucking the cum from my cock, she had her next orgasm. I felt her pussy tighten around my thrusting fingers. At first she just began leaking cum. In seconds it was like someone had turned on a faucet. My Mother-in-law continued to squirt and leak cum for at least ten seconds.

After our second orgasms we laid side by side. My Mother-in-law was the first to speak.

“We must keep this a secret. I don’t know how often we can do this, but I know I want to do it again.”

“I agree and I sure am not going to tell anyone.” I replied.

As I lay next to my naked Mother-in-law I could not believed what had just happened. Oh sure. I did not regret it. It is just I never thought it would happen. We both agreed this was not lovemaking. It was pure sex and it was exciting.

For the next several hours we played with and pleased each other’s body. We fucked one last time while showering together. As the water from the shower head hit our bodies, Joyce leaned over, using the shower wall to brace herself. From behind her I had placed my hands on her hips and slowing pushing my cock into her pussy. She had two orgasms and when I told her I was going to cum she turned around and I helped her to her knees. I looked down as the water washed over us. My Mother-in-law took my cock into her mouth and moments later I spurted a hot and heavy load of cum into her mouth. This time she was not caught off guard and never missed a drop.

It has been well over four months since that day. My wife and I have gotten together with her parents many times since then. We have never had more than a couple of minutes alone. Groping and whispering how good it would feel to fuck each other is all we have managed to do.

The good news is I recently heard my Father-in-law had found his dream truck. It’s halfway across the states and in a week he and a friend will leave for a ten day road trip. While he is gone Joyce, my Mother-in-law will be staying with us. My wife works four days a week, eight hours a day. I can’t wait. I have several positions I want to try on my Mother-in-law. Since our first encounter she has been walking more and doing stretching exercise. I’m looking forward to feeling her pussy slide over my hard cock as I lay on my back. There is no doubt when she cums, she will soak my cock and balls. The fiend has been released!

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