The Anal Travails of Patty Jones Ch. 01


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Big Tits

ALL Characters are 18 years plus or Older.


It’s half 10pm on a Saturday night; Halloween is a few weeks away, and the nights are brisk as Summer becomes Fall…in the upstairs master bedroom of the Jones household, I’m seated atop my daughter Cyndi 20 yo blonde), trying desperately to relax my sphincter enough to accommodate the very thick, 10″ latex strapon she’s wearing; here comes my niece, Laurie (21 yo honey blonde), pushing into the same apperature from the rear… I groan pitiably as the second strapon bullies its way into my over-stuffed rear portal, still terribly sore from the repeated intrusions of the previous night…after the briefest respite, they begin thrusting in sync, building speed, and…LORD HELP ME, I forget the discomfort and the shame, the horror of being used sexually by my own flesh and blood…

I’m Patty Jones, and I’m a LESBIAN ANAL SLAVE to my daughter and niece… my husband of 20 years was imprisoned for securities fraud 6 months ago, and since then, I’m not even sure HOW, our household dynamic has changed DRASTICALLY…

Outside of the bedroom (or bath, or kitchen, sitting room, etc: wherever they come upon canlı bahis me and endeavor to slake their seemingly unquenchable hunger for my luscious curves), I maintain the authority of a Mother and Aunt: they are expected to keep pace with their schoolwork and some household chores, and I insist that they keep up the pretense of a ‘normal’ (that is to say, COVENTIONAL) Mother/Daughter, Aunt/Niece relationship…Once we are alone, there is a dramatic shift in power: they are only TOO HAPPY to don the mantles of MISS BOSSY BRITCHES (with me as their MORE THAN WILLING subbie)…

I’m no stranger to anal sex; my husband loves (at least before his jail sentence LOVED) “cocking” me in my big behind almost more than he does the “normal” way, but these two and their ever-hard buggering tools have me at my wit’s end…Dave is an incredible lover with lots of stamina; these two seem to have ENDLESS SUPPLIES of energy, as our sessions often last hours. Dave has been toppled from his perch as the best lover I’ve had in my 43 years: Cyndi and Laurie now hold that distinction…

One thing I’ve found true about younger lovers is that this wonderful, boundless energy is both bahis siteleri a blessing and a curse: at my age, these marathon arse-fucking sessions are absolute MURDER on my poor old bones and joints. I’m fortunate that my appetite for this ‘backdoor bum-fiddling’ is matched (and perhaps EXCEEDED) by theirs. Laurie’s soft lips browse upon my shoulders, her lips nip at my earlobe…she has reached around to cup and fondle my enormous, thick-nippled melons, tugging the lacy cups of my bra down to form a sort of obscene shelf, baring them so that Cyndi can feast upon the bloated dark brown buds; they fairly quiver, I’m so incredibly aroused. As one pushes in, the other withdraws, perfectly syncing their thrusting so that the wave of lust threatening to engulf me is like a powerful drug that has been injected into me…my hips swivel about in circles, they have a mind of their own.

Laurie can’t get enough of my massive mams; her lips and mouth tug madly at my erected nipples, together, then each in turn. Her teeth scrape and tease them like crazy. I feel as I’m being slowly, inexorably roasted in the hot flames of raw, animal lust.

We are all three sheened bahis şirketleri with sweat from our exertions. These two are experts with a strapon; I must ask some day just HOW they became so good. I am nearly mad with lust, as both rubber appendages bottom out in my besieged rear end. Cyndi is knawing continuously at the huge, bloated nipples of my EE cups, suckling me like did as an infant. Laurie’s muscular thighs collide non-stop into my pallid, pillowy buttcheeks, which jiggle and wobble wildly to their rough pounding.

While they work me over so thoroughly, so DELICIOUSLY, I work WITH THEM, using my knees and legs to rock forward and back on the ever-thrusting dildo-cocks impaling me. As Laurie reverses direction, pulling OUT, Cyndi thrusts IN, I have no choice but to allow them to use me as they will, and we are all moving like a well-oiled, well-calibrated machine (We SHOULD; we’ve been engaging in this type of behavior for more six months…)

In perfect, synchronized unison, Laurie and Cyndi deliver a final, bowel-skewering thrust, which is all that it takes to push me over the edge. My orgasm hits me HARD, my quim continuing to gush un-impeded all over Cyndi’s flat belly while my poor, defeated pooper clamps spastically (at least TRIES TO) around and about the incredible girth of the still-pumping rubber cocks…hot cum spurts gout after gout into my squirming innards.

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