The 12 Labours of Jasmine


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This is a replacement for an earlier story, ‘Punishment in the Pool’, don’t judge this one because of that one.


The water dripped off Jasmine like ants running from a fire, as she sprang out of the water. Her pink two piece bikini with black poke-a-dots held her C-cupped breast in. She swam over to the side of the pool, enjoying the nice summer day and pushed her hair back from the front of her face. There was not much out the back of her house apart from four trees, a fenced in-ground pool and a trampoline. One of her guy friends with benefits came up behind her kissing her neck, Jasmine smiled and kissed him back.

“I’m glad your parents are away for the week,” Jason said with another kiss for Jasmine.

“Yeah, but we still have to look out for Michael,” Jasmine responded, running her hand down his chest.

Michael was Jasmine’s 18 year old twin brother. Jasmine has orange hair and grey eyes and is 170 cm tall. Michael on the other hand has dark brown hair and brown eyes, at 190 cm tall, and both fit.

Jasmine pushed the sandy haired Jason around, leaning him on the wall facing Jasmine, which was easy because he was the same height as her. She wrapped her legs and arms around him and started kissing him, she could feel his boner through the shorts. Jason started playing with her breast, she rubbed his dick with her pussy, until they heard a grunt, not a grunt of pleasure, but one of impatience and annoyance. They looked towards the back door of the grey-bricked house, there stood Michael, in his work clothes from the construction site.

“You better go,” whispered Jasmine to Jason, “I will see you later”

“Okay, bye” Jason replied. Jasmine fell off him, slowly swimming back. Jason hopped out and put on his shorts going through the house since the fence was too high to jump.

“Hello Michael!” Jasmine yelled, then continuing with sarcasm, “I’m glad you could make it”. She floated on her back, not bothering to look towards her brother.

“Hello Jasmine, hope you were having fun” Michael replied, also with sarcasm.

He went inside and had a long shower, then when he finished that he went to the kitchen down stairs and looked at the washing up, really not wanting to do it, and then he thought and realized something. He walked out the back, finding Jasmine on the trampoline, water dripping through it.

“Jasmine, I have been thinking and I realized that dad would not be too happy if he found out what happened today,” Michael said while grinning.

“What are you getting at?” Jasmine asked, sitting up on the trampoline.

“Well, in the myth of Heracles, he had to do twelve… labors. So I want you to do twelve labors for me.” Michael said, excitement burning within him.

“What type of labors?” Jasmine asked, suspicion rising fast.

“Well the first one would be washing up and you would not want dad to find out, would you?” Michael threatened.

“Fine, I’ll go do the washing up,” Jasmine said while jumping off the trampoline.

After half an hour of washing up all the dishes, Jasmine came and found Michael in the pool, to find out her next labor.

“I have been thinking about this one for a long time and I also thought about Heracles having annoying, long ones. So an annoying long one I thought of for you is you have to water all the plants…” then he got out of the pool.

“And?” Jasmine interrupted knowing that was not it.

Michael started walking to the back door and continued with a laugh, “I have placed a glass in the kitchen. You have to take a drink of it and then spit the drink into the plants to water them, and they must be properly watered. But the glass cannot leave the kitchen.”

“I hate you,” Jasmine said, but could not deny the labor because if her dad found out, she would be kicked out of the house.

“I would too, now remember, we have four plants out the back, two inside and one out the front,” Michael responded.

Jasmine did this, it took her bursa escort until almost dark and she was starting to get cold in her bikini.

“What next?” she asked once she had done this.

“Slow down, mum and dad don’t get home for another six days, and I have no work for two weeks,” Michael said, giving Jasmine some hotdogs for dinner.

The next day they did not speak of the labors, actually, Jasmine was hoping that Michael had forgotten all about them, which he had not. At midday, Jasmine had convinced herself that Michael had forgotten until he said, “Next labor, well really it’s a team labor and the one that will last the longest. We are both to strip and not touch clothes until mum and dad are almost home,”

“No! That’s incest!”

“I never said we would do anything, and do you want to move out? I also thought you might get over your urges to see a guy naked if you see your brother naked for a week, well almost a week,” he argued.

She thought about it and agreed after a while. She stripped first. “Now do it like a proper striper and do it slow and sexy,” Michael encouraged as he watched.

“When are you going to strip?” Jasmine asked.

“After you”

Jasmine peeled her black tank top that she slept in slowly off revealing her pink bra. She was blushing but continued pulling down her sport shorts which she loved so much, revealing her pink undies.

“Wow your hot sis,” Michael said with a whistle.

Jasmine stuck her tongue out but continued taking her bra off revealing her perky, C-cupped breasts. Then she pulled down her undies showing a freshly trimmed pussy. After all this Michael got up and just pulled off all his clothes, revealing his 16 cm, rock hard penis.

“Where is my strip show?” Jasmine teased.

“Where is your black mail?” Michael asked.

Jasmine just stuck out her tongue and Michael laughed. They continued on as if normal clothes were on for an hour until Michael told Jasmine the next labor.

“Hercules went under painful labors as well, so I want you to rub ice cubes on your nipples,” Michael explained.

“What will this prove or show?” Jasmine asked.

“You will see what happens,” Michael responded.

Jasmine went to the freezer and collected two ice cubes, sitting at the kitchen table while Michael watched. She placed them on her nipples, coolness rushing through her nipples and breasts. Her nipples grew and hardened a couple centimeters when she took the ice off and at that moment she heard three identical noises to find out Michael had taken three pictures with his phone from three different angles. “Now I want you to type in ten random numbers and send it to them,” he commanded.

“Why?” Jasmine asked.

“Two reasons; it’s one of the tasks and I want to see what is sent back. Plus, you can’t tell who you are from the pictures,” he argued.

Jasmine gave him a deathly look and finally agreed, typing in ten random numbers and sending the three pictures.

“Now there is one more labor you have to do today,” Michael continued.

“Which is?” Jasmine asked.

“Go check the mail,” Michael replied.

“Naked?!” she exclaimed.

“Yes, your aloud to run though, that is if you want,”

Jasmine rolled her eyes, giving up on arguing. She walked to the front door, Michael close behind, and she opened it slightly peeking out looking to see if there was anyone. No one, “You must not lock it on me,” she growled at Michael.

“I won’t, promise”

So she did a double check and ran out to get the mail, three envelopes and no one ended up seeing her.

“There,” she said, throwing them at Michael.

“Thanks, that was funny”

No other labors were set that day and if you’re not keeping count, Jasmine has done six labors.

The next day went on with no labors, apart from the no clothes labor, until 7 pm.

“Your next challenge is approaching,” Michael warned.

“What is it?” Jasmine asked with a sigh.

“You are to bursa escort bayan stay out the back from 8 pm to 8 am tonight,” Michael said.

“What?! Where do you get these from?” Jasmine asked.

“Don’t worry, you can take two pillows”

At 8pm, Jasmine left the house, the air warm outside. She chucked the pillows on the trampoline and she started jumping on the trampoline.

Inside, Michael had a shower and went into his room, on the upper floor, so he could watch Jasmine through his window, which faced the back. It was now 9pm and he could see Jasmine lying on the trampoline.

She laid there, body sweaty from jumping and she watched the stars. She would have liked to have an early night but was busy thinking about Michael’s naked body. She started to rub a nipple, then after a minute she slid her other hand down her sweaty body to her dripping pussy, just by thinking of Michael.

Michael back in his room watched Jasmine slide her finger in her pussy and at this second started to rub his dick.

Jasmine’s hand was wet and slimy from her juices and sweat, and pleasure was slowly rising in her. Michael played with his balls with his left hand, his right hand still going up and down, pre-cum joining his hand. He was close to cuming and so was Jasmine. He continued to watch her and when he realized she was cuming, he cumed over his hand, bed, wall and window.

Jasmine looked up at Michael’s window but could not see anything, his curtains were closed, but if she looked two seconds earlier she would have seen them close. She fell asleep filled with exhaustion.

She woke up to splashing, Michael having a swim. “How was your sleep?” he asked.

“Great” she said, surprisingly telling the truth.

At eight, she entered the house and the TV and DVD player was set up. “Sit down, sit down.” Michael encouraged.

She did and then was handed a box, which she opened and pulled out two vibrators, one hers and the other she did not recognize. “Where did you get this?” she asked Michael.

“It’s mum’s” he answered. Jasmines eyes showing her shock, of the all things she had borrowed from her mum, this is the last thing she would think of borrowing, or her having.

“And what do I do with them?” she asked

“One for your pussy and one for your ass” Michael explained.

Jasmine thought about this and was starting to like these labors.

“I have a movie that goes for an hour and you have to keep them in for the whole movie” Michael continued.

Michael pressed play, a porno started. Jasmine put her mum’s in her pussy and slowly put hers in her ass, it was hurting, and vibration attacked her groin.

She had her first orgasm in about 12 minutes. Michael had a giant, pre-cum soaked boner, but he did not touch it. Jasmine had another orgasm seven minutes later, throughout the movie she had eleven all together. After the movie she just lay there for five minutes, the vibrators still going, her lower body soaked with her juices. When she took them out she placed them on the floor and then Michael said, “The next labor will be in an hour” and he left.

An hour later he found her in her room, reading. “Okay now, lay on your back.” he said. She did as told, waiting for him to continue, but first he came and joined her in the bed.

“One of the tasks is lying in the same bed?” she asked sarcastically.

“No, you’re going to masturbate both of us at the same time,” he replied.

She gasped, but no argument left her mouth. She started playing with his balls and started rubbing the mouth of her pussy until Michael got hard, then she started going up and down, in and out. It did not take long for her to get wet again. She had the first orgasm, and the second. She pulled Michaels foreskin all the way down and started rubbing his head with the pre-cum, then went back to stroking up and down then she felt him tense and he cumed all over her hand. He got up and walked out with a giant smile on his face and thanked escort bursa her.

She looked at her hand, cum covered, and smelt it. It smelt nice and so she licked some and rubbed the rest onto her pussy.

No other labors happened that day, but they once again masturbated over each other that night.

The next day when they were both awake, Michael said to Jasmine, “Today is your last day of labors.” and although she would not admit it, Jasmine was a bit disappointed. Michael continued, “The first task is I want you to suck me off, let me cum on some bread and then you have that for breakfast.”

He sat at the table, Jasmine got a piece of bread and put it next to them. She got on her knees and put the head of his dick in her mouth, just sucking that part for the first minute, and then she took the rest of the dick in her mouth. She loved the taste of the dick and was disappointed when after three minutes he tensed and warned her, and to this day they have no idea how she caught every drop of cum with the bread. Then she had it for breakfast, like planed.

At 12, Michael found Jasmine and she followed him to his room, where he laid on the bed, “I want you to have anal with me and let me cum in you” he said.

By this time, Jasmine was glad to do anything sexual with Michael. She crawled up to him and kissed him on the lips, surprising Michael a lot, then she sat on his dick, bit no penetration yet. She just rubbed it for a minute, pre-cum starting to wet her ass, then she put his head in, teasing him by going slow. After a minute, she was riding him fast and wildly, Michael tensed and cummed, but Jasmine continued no matter what, she would not listened to Michael, though she started to go slower when he became soft, but within five minutes he was hard again and they were doing it faster and even more harder. He cummed a second time in her ass and she got up, cum leaking out of her ass and cum covered Michael’s dick.

“Wow, now that was a good labor.” Michael said.

“I think I can guess that last labor, we will do it in half an hour if you want. Do you have a condom?” Jasmine asked.

“We aren’t using a condom,” Michael replied, “You are going to have a game of chicken with chance. In other words, if you get pregnant, you get pregnant. If you don’t, you don’t”.

Jasmine did not like this idea but was not going to back down now.

After half an hour they were both back in Michael’s room, kissing. Michael was kissing Jasmine’s lips, then went down to her neck, then to her boobs, staying here for a bit longer than the rest, then continued down to her pussy and started kissing that. He licked her for five minutes, Jasmine moaning loudly, then went back up to her mouth and kissed her lips while putting his dick in her pussy. He thrust slowly at the start, in and out, while he played with a boob, squeezing the nipple. She moaned really loud. He thrust harder and faster, then they turned over, not once leaving the joining between pussy and dick, now jasmine on top, she was riding him, her boobs bouncing beautifully, he slapped her ass, she screamed with delight. They were both close to cumming, his dick tensed, her pussy squeezed, making him feel so much better and when he cummed, the cum made her climax feel so much better. After that they just lay there kissing, his dick not leaving its soaking wet cave that was covered with both of their juices.

Michael’s phone, which they had forgotten since the pictures were sent of Jasmine’s boobs, vibrated. Michael read ’13 new messages’.

The first message showed a guy’s dick and balls. The second was a set of boobs. The third said “fuck off slut”. The 4th was a picture of two girls kissing with their naked tops showing. There were 3 more dicks and another message similar to the “fuck off slut” Then one of a beach, for some reason, then one last pair of boobs. The 11th though was from their parents, “coming home early”, the 12th also from their parents, “be there in an hour”, the last one also from their parents, “we are home”, and as soon as Michael read this to Jasmine, the door opened, two shocked parents stood there, Jasmine just sat on Michaels dick, which had been hard since the picture of the girls kissing.

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