That Last Night


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Eric’s father, Steve, had finally agreed to pay up for his over seas trip. It was to be a year long tour of Asia since he intended to undertake Asiatic Studies at university. He knew that his father’s agreement was more of a riddance gesture than any concern for his studies since Eric and his father had increasingly come into conflict in recent years. His mother, Susan, had tried to stand between father and son but with little success, and tension had grown in the household.

The one regret Eric had about the trip was leaving his mother. As the bond between father and son had dissolved that with his mother had deepened. He knew his mother had problems with his father and the marriage was close to breaking up, and he had become an emotional support for his mother. That emotional support had brought a new aspect into their relationship that went beyond the filial. Neither mother nor son had ever spoken about this but each was aware of its presence in their lives.

It had only surfaced on the night before Eric was due to take the early morning flight to start his trip. His father had gone to bed but mother and son stayed up for a little longer. They wished to say their goodbyes in a way that they could not demonstrate in front of Steve.

They sat together on the sofa embracing and Eric kissed his mother, at first gently, but as Susan responded the kiss grew more fervid. Eric’s hand had cupped one of Susan’s breasts, and Susan, realising where things were going, had pushed his hand away and stood saying, “No…no we can’t darling, it would be incest,” and she had fled from the room.

Eric, his penis still erect, felt ashamed at his attempt on his mother, but he knew that it was only the near culmination of what had existed between them for some time.

Despondently he made his way to bed thinking that it was just as well he would be away for a year because now the relationship between him and his mother might, to say the least, be embarrassing.

Still suffering from his mother inspired erection Eric lay on his back stroking his penis slowly, as if to prolong the build up to ejaculation. This he had often done before and always with fantasies of his mother. It was not that he had lacked sexual contact, there had been a number of girls, but always it had been Susan he wanted. It was with her he was in love, and it was this that had been the unacknowledged barrier between him and his father.

* * * * * * * *

As Eric lay masturbating on his bed the moonlight was streaming in though the window. A shadow flitted briefly thought the light and then Susan was standing beside his bed. Barefoot she had entered his room so quietly that at first Eric thought she was an illusion, but Susan laid finger over his lips and whispered, “Quiet darling, he’s asleep.”

She pulled her nightdress over her head and stood naked, and then climbing onto the bed beside him she kissed him and said, “I’m sorry darling, I should have let you.”

Eric was still lying on his back, his penis erect. Susan felt it with her hand and assured of its readiness she sat astride him and began to lower her genitals onto it.

Still whispering she said, “Not a sound darling or we might wake him up,” and with that she let Eric’s penis slide into her wet vagina.

As he felt his penis become immersed in his mother’s vagina Eric gave a stifled gasp. Susan’s vagina started to grip and release his length convulsively as she began to move up and down on him and he had to struggle not to cry out.

This strangely silent sexual union continued for several minutes, and then Susan, sensing that Eric was about to come in her, leaned over him and clamped her lips to his, stifling any outcry. As the first surge of his semen entered her vagina her tongue in his mouth seemed to thrust in rhythm with Eric’s ejection of sperm.

In the midst of Eric’s orgasm Susan’s body tensed and her own orgasm struck. Still kissing him she started to move frantically over him with sharp movements of her hips. There were muffled spluttering gasps as she reached her climax and then there was the slow descent from the heights until both were still but breathing heavily.

Eric was still holding on to Susan but she removed herself from him, got off the bed, put on her nightdress, and as silently as she had arrived, she left the room.

Eric lay sleepless for a long bursa escort time, stroking his penis to feel the residue of Susan’s fluid, and then smelling and licking his hand.

Eric had a six thirty call for a taxi and so he had to be up early. He and his Mother hardly dared to look at each other as the final preparations for Eric’s departure were made. They knew they had done the forbidden, and like many who before them had done the same, they knew that it was the supreme sexual act that nothing else could ever surpass.

His father shook Eric’s had in a perfunctory manner and muttered, “Good luck.” Eric gave his mother an innocent hug and kiss, and then was gone.

* * * * * * * *

Eric had taken his faithful companion, his laptop, with him. This enabled him to keep in touch with his mother with some degree of privacy. That last night at home and the brief sexual encounter with his mother was constantly in his mind and he frequently masturbated holding the memory of it in his fantasies.

He thought it hardly possible that in their exchange of emails they would not allude to what for Eric had been a superlative experience. He did not write in detail about their sexual experience, simply referring to it in such phrases as “That sad but wonderful last night.”

He was surprised and disappointed that his mother did not respond in like manner; Susan’s emails consisted largely of family matters, local gossip and asking him about the progress of his trip. In the absence of any reference by his mother to their sexual encounter, Eric came to the sad conclusion that it had been in the nature of a farewell gift from his mother, and had meant nothing more to her than that.

About three months into his trip there was one piece of momentous news, although his mother seemed casual about even this. She simply wrote, “Darling, your father and I have separated, and we shall eventually be divorcing.”

This was no great surprise to Eric since he had been anticipating this for some time, but he replied immediately asking his mother what in particular had brought about this break up. Behind this was the fear that somehow his father had learned of what he and his mother had done on that last night.

Susan wrote back to him that she and Steve had found themselves no longer compatible and further attempts by Eric to probe for detailed reasons why the separation received equally vague responses. In the end Eric gave up asking. He was however disappointed by his mother’s seeming remoteness.

Susan and Steve were no long living in the same house. Susan had remained in what had been the family home, while Steve had taken a flat. Eric’s intention had been to return to the family home when his year abroad ended, but as that time approached his mother seemed to be suggesting that he might like to live elsewhere. This took the form of implying that he might like to rent a unit closer to the university, or even live with his father.

Neither option was acceptable to Eric, and his intention remained to return home to his mother, and if it became quite clear that she didn’t want him living with her, he would then make other arrangements. He suspected that his mother feared that if he was living with her he would make sexual approaches to her.

He tried to let it be known that he would not make unwanted sexual advances by writing that he felt that they could get along happily as mother and son, but did not mention explicitly the sexual aspect.

After that email Susan seemed to accept that he would come to live with her, but Eric still felt she was reluctant about this. Her emails seemed more like arrangements she might make with a lodger.

This then was the situation as the time for Eric’s arrival home approached. He was puzzled and hurt by his mother’s attitude, but remembering how close they had once been he was determined to find out what lay behind this remoteness.

* * * * * * * *

If he anticipated a cool reception Eric was not disillusioned. His greeting had been a casual peck of the cheek, and then the typical mother question, “Have you eaten?”

Susan seemed nervous and defensive and when Eric said he’d eaten on the aircraft she seemed to come to a decision. “You’d better know right now,” she said edgily, “Come with me.”

She led a perplexed Eric to a room that had always been used for bursa escort bayan guests but when the door was opened Eric could see I had been transformed into a nursery, and there was a baby sleeping in a cot.

Eric stood stunned for a few moments, his mind racing and then he turned to Susan and said, “Who…what…is it…?”

Susan looked at Eric warily and said, “She’s ours.”

“You mean, that last night when we…?”

“Yes,” Susan replied, “that last night.”

There was a long silence as Eric tried to digest this news, and then in a low voice he said, “You never wrote a word about it.”

“Would you have wanted to know?” Susan asked.

“Of course I would have wanted to know. My God, I’ve fathered a child of course I’d have wanted to know. I would have come home and…”

“Oh yes,” Susan said sharply, “and what message do you think that would have given people, especially your father? You’ve fathered a child with your mother, with me.”

“Does father know that we…”

“No,” Susan said wearily, “Of course he knew I was pregnant, that’s what finally broke us up. He hadn’t been near me for two years so he knew it couldn’t be his. Don’t worry he doesn’t know it was you. He thinks it was someone I was having an affair with and that was bad enough because he kept asking me who it was. By the way, if you’re interested I’ve called her Erica.”

“If I’m interested!” Eric exclaimed, “of course I’m interested.”

“Let’s go and sit down,” Susan said.

She shut the bedroom door quietly and went into the living room and sat on the sofa where Eric had made his first sexual attempt on his mother.

“That’s why your emails were always so cool,” he said.

“I couldn’t have you come running home, and even if you had, what could you do, you’ve got years of study before you and I don’t hold you responsible for my pregnancy.”

“But mum,” Eric said ardently, “I am responsible.”

Susan smiled wanly and said, “No, I came to you, remember? It was almost seduction on my part, and my only regret is that I hadn’t come to you long before. I knew how you felt about me, and how I felt about you.”

“Nothing’s changed for me,” Eric said, “has it changed for you?”

“No, it hasn’t,” Susan replied firmly, “but what can we do?”

Eric thought fro a moment and then replied, “We can live together as man and wife. I mean, not publicly, but what can be more innocent than a bachelor son living with his mother?”

Susan looked at Eric intently and said, “You don’t know what your saying darling, I’m twenty years older than you, and…” “Mum,” Eric interrupted, “that means nothing these days. There are lots of guys my age having affairs with older women, even marrying them. Think of the old guys who marry girls thirty and even forty years younger than them.”

“But not their sons or daughters,” Susan replied, still looking intently at Eric.

Eric shrugged and said, “When you’ve found the woman you love and she happens to be your mother, the why not be lovers?”

“You’re sure Eric?” Susan asked.

“Very sure,” he replied.

They sat for several moments gazing into each other’s eyes, and then Susan said, “Kiss me darling.”

It began as a very tender kiss but became increasingly passionate. They were very quickly beyond restraint and Susan gasped, “Make love with me darling.”

Eric picked her up in is arms and carried her to the bedroom.

* * * * * * * *

In the bedroom they stripped and stood for a few moments gazing at each other. Susan had not completely stripped; she was still wearing a bra.

They had only seen each other naked by moonlight, and Eric said, “Mum, you’re so beautiful; let me see your breasts.”

Susan clutched her hands to her breasts saying “No darling, not now.”

Eric approached her saying, “I’m going to see what you’re hiding.”

There was a brief tussle that ended with them both lying on the bed and Eric triumphantly throwing aside her bra. Susan tried to cover her breasts with her hands but Eric pulled them aside, and Susan reluctantly surrendered to him.

It was then he saw. He should have known, his mother was breast feeding little Erica and her breasts were swollen. He thought it was rather beautiful and he reached out and gently pressed one of her breasts. Milk leaked from her nipple and ran over escort bursa his hand.

“I’m sorry darling,” Susan said, “I can’t help it.”

“Mum, it’s rather sexy,” Eric said, and licked the milk from his hand.

“Does it taste all right?” Susan asked anxiously.

“Yes, it’s rather sweet,” Eric replied, and as if to confirm this he took her nipple into his mouth and began to suck.

Susan could scarcely believe this was happening to her; certainly her husband would never have done that to her; in fact he had been revolted by the sight of her breast feeding Eric when he was a baby.

She gave herself up to the pleasure of Eric’s sucking, holding his head to her. He almost brought her to orgasm, but just as her body started to tense Eric stopped sucking her nipple and kissed her. She tasted her milk and her body again started to prepare her for orgasm, but as if to torment her Eric stopped the kiss and started to explore her genitals with his hand, first stroking her mons and then her vulva.

She felt a finger enter her vagina, and then two, and she said, “Darling, you’ll make me come, don’t make me wait.”

She spread her legs wide for him and he came over her, the head of his penis probing for the entrance to her vagina. She took hold of his penis with her hand and guided him into her.

This time there was no need for silence and as Susan felt Eric penetrate her she cried out, “Oh my darling…my darling boy, I’ve needed you so much, make it last…make it a last…it’s been such a long time…”

“It’ll never be so long again; I love you,” Eric whispered as he struggled to hold back his orgasm.

It had indeed been too long and it was impossible for them to hold back. Eric felt Susan’s body tense under him. He put one hand under her buttocks and the other at the base of her neck and thrust deep into her.

His testes released their burden, sperm shot up his urethra and burst into his mother’s vagina. For a few seconds mother and son clung tightly together, and then as Eric’s cum continued to flood her vagina Susan gave way to the orgasm she had been trying to hold back.

Thrusting up against Eric’s downward thrusts she cried out, “Yes…yes…oh my darling…yes…I want you…I need you…oh darling….oh…aaah…ohaaaa…”

Eric finished with a long groan as Susan continued to thrust against his slackening penis weeping, “Don’t stop…don’t stop…please darling… don’t stop…”

Susan came down from her climax on to that plain of tranquillity that follows satisfying sexual intercourse. Her past experience led her to believe that Eric would turn away from her and go to sleep. It was then the impossible possibility took place.

For a while Eric’s penis stayed in her vagina as if he was reluctant to separate from her. She stroked his face and hair murmuring words of love, as Eric fluttered little kisses over her face. Eric withdrew his penis from her, gasping as its still nerve sensitive head passed over her pubic bone.

“I love you,” Eric said again, and then the incredible happened. He knelt between her legs and drawing them over his shoulders he kissed her genitals.

Susan knew that Eric’s sperm mingled with her own love juice was seeping out of her vagina. It was impossible; Steve had only once looked at her genitals, and that had been before, not after copulating, Even so, he had expressed revulsion making a sound like “Ugh.” He had never looked again.

Now her son was looking at her genitals as her vagina oozed their mingled fluids. She knew what was going to happen, and wanted to stop him, but it was too late. His tongue was in her, lapping up those fluids of love. Never had she felt so loved, so desired, and despite her fear that Eric would be, like his father repulsed, she submitted.

It was just a small orgasm and when he stopped licking and sucking her Eric asked, “Did you come?”

“Yes,” Susan whispered, still scarcely believing that even her son could love her so much. “Do you think that you could come again darling?”

“Yes,” Eric replied.

Susan began to stroke his flaccid penis, feeling it rise and harden. Lovingly she took the head of his penis into her mouth as she stroked it with her hand. As she sucked she felt Eric tense, presaging an ejaculation.

Eric warned her, “I’m coming mum…I’m coming.”

Susan was relentless. She stopped stroking his penis and took as much of it into her mouth as she could, and received his cum.

They kissed, the residue of their love making mingling once more.

“Welcome home darling,” Susan said.

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