Testing Limits Pt. 02


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***I want to note that although I may not the best of writers, I do appreciate you taking the time to read my story. I appreciate any feedback***


After finding out about Jackie’s sexual past with larger cocks and discovering a new fantasy of mine, I decided to take this experience to a new level. I decided to start researching this newly discovered and uncharted fantasy of mine. I discovered that I was fairly turned on by the idea of Jackie with a cock that was larger than mine. Just the idea of her being satisfied by something longer and thicker than I turns me on. There must be a way to make this fantasy come true.

I decided through much research, porn, and sex stories, I had the idea of purchasing a large dildo for her. I found one that was a realistic purple that stood at 8 inches tall, 2 inches wide. This is larger than me. Purchased, received, and when compared to my cock, very excited to see it in action.

I was heading out to see Jackie for the weekend and I wanted to introduce this new toy to her. Somehow, I had to find a way to include the toy into our sexual act without her being freaked out or turned off by it. The best way to make this work is to start slow. My idea is to have her fantasize about someone or some other cock while we were in the act ourselves. I was to use her fantasy of Magic Mike to make this work.

I was on top of her in our usual act with escort ataşehir her on the bed with her face up with her ass towards the edge of the bed with me standing off the bed, thrusting my cock into her. As the feeling of cumming builds up in her, I start to say something different than our usual sex talk…

“Jackie, I want to try something different.”

She lets out a moan of curiosity but with a subtle bit of uncertainty, “Yesss?”

“I want you to try thinking of someone else fucking you right now. I want to make you cum to someone that you’ve always fantasized about.”

“Umm” as she shows a bit of hesitation.

“Just imagine that you were at the strip club earlier for your friend’s bachelorette party and imagine that Magic Mike decided to come home with you. Mike is on top of you as I am now and with his hard long cock, he slowly thrusts his cock into you.”

There’s still some hesitation in the tone of her moans but I could tell she wanted to try it out.

“Picture his huge cock and tight body on top of you. Having passionate but dirty sex with you. He only wants you to come.”

I didn’t have to say more as I could hear her sounds of an orgasm building.

“Yes, Yesss, YES!” As she begins to come.

“Say that you want him to fuck you harder. Tell Mike that you want his large cock to thrust deeper and deeper inside you. Say his name.”

“Mike, kadıköy escort Mike, MIKE!!” She comes and damn she comes hard.

Her orgasm lasts quite a while as I continue to fuck her while she envisions Magic Mike fucking her with his large cock.

Afterward, she does admit that the fantasy was pretty fun and exciting. That’s my in…

After enjoying a lovely day together, we finally make it back to her place to crash. As we’re lying down on her bed together I began to tell her how I had a surprise for her. She closes her eyes and in her hands, I place this large purple dildo. She’s shocked at first but slightly interested, which she’ll never admit. I tell her about my fantasy of using the dildo on her while she fantasizes about someone else. After some persuasion, she finally gives in.

“Just lay back, close your eyes, and relax. I want you to envision Magic Mike standing in front of you shirtless, with his large chest and washboard abs glistening. Keeping your eyes shut, I want you to picture him begin to undo his belt.”

I begin to undo mine for sound effects.

“Imagine him slowly pulling off his pants exposing his large, thick cock. Imagine his cock then spring out lightly grazing your slit.”

I pull off my pants and grab to dildo to lightly graze her pussy lips with the head. Slowly grazing up and down and all around the clit to maltepe escort bayan get her wet. I soon realize though that there is not much need to make her wet as she’s already very wet. I’m assuming this is from the idea of Mike standing naked in front of her, only inches from gifting her the best sex of her life.

“How does Mike’s cock feel?” I ask already knowing the answer.

“Mmm” is all I get out of her.

I start to add pressure to her opening trying to get the head in.

“Oh my goodness your head is so big” she proclaims.

I try to push a little harder but pull out while lubricating the dildo a little more with her wetness.

“Yes, don’t stop. Keep going, Mike.” She moans louder as I’m more turned on by her saying another man’s name.

I begin to insert further and further and I feel her getting tighter and tighter as I’ve reached uncharted territory.

“Ahh ahh AAHHH!” Her orgasm comes quickly and lasts what seems like forever.

Her orgasm turns me on so much. I’m rock hard as well as dripping precum but what pushes me over the edge is what I hear next.

“Faster, faster Mike! FUCK ME MIKE!”

Her back arches and her body quakes uncontrollably as ecstasy runs rampant through her body. She cums harder than I could ever have done.

Floored and beyond the point of my control, I can’t help but stand up and unload my cum all over her while plunging the dildo in her harder and deeper.

We both share the strongest orgasms we’ve ever had.

After we both calm down and clean up, we collectively agree that was the best sex we’ve ever had!

My newly founded fantasy has finally come true.

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