Tequila Punishment


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Big Tits

Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Kara tip-toes around the kitchen in her robe, quietly opening and closing each cabinet she finds. She is looking for the wine glasses – and the wine.

She strikes out. All that’s left to check is the cabinet above the microwave. She stands on her toes and stretches her hands out high above her head, wiggling her fingers to get closer to the door knob. Her robe inches higher, exposing her bare ass, giving her little goosebumps.

Drat, she snaps in her head, and comes down off her toes. It’s gotta be in there. Where else would Uncle Bud keep it?

She eyes the counter, doubting whether she can make it all the way up. She’s only a little over five feet even, making her only-palm-sized breasts seem big, relative to her height. She shrugs. Kara tries to quietly scramble up onto the counter top. She makes it finally, no harm done, but her silk robe comes untied in the process. Swaying to get her balance for a moment, she knocks a olive oil bottle down with a loud crash.

Shit. She doesn’t want to be caught by Uncle Bud – he’s so serious, she doesn’t know what he would do if he found her ransacking the alcohol. He doesn’t seem the type to just “let things go.”

She waits a moment, but hearing nothing, reaches up to open those pesky little sky-high cabinets, the robe hitching up again.

Where is… a-Ha! Fucking yass!

Her hands curl around a tall, blue glass bottle and she brings it down to peer at the label – not wine, but a tequila. Corralejo? Whatever. As long as the tequila is clear inside its blue bottle, it’s perfect for stealing and re-filling with water. Uncle Bud’ll never know.

“The hell you think you’re doing?” asks a deep, quiet voice from behind her.

Kara gasps and drops the bottle as she whips her body around. The bottom of the blue bottle smashes, clear liquor spilling into a puddle at her feet. The neck of the bottle spins slowly, drunkenly, surrounded by chunks of broken glass.

Uncle Bud, wearing only white boxer shorts and carrying a baseball bat, is leaning against the door frame. He briefly glances down at the wet spots now splashed on his boxers.

“Oh, god, sorry Uncle Bud. Fuck. I mean — um, just, so sorry about that. I was just – oh shoot, I’ll clean it up, I was just looking for… some water… and…”

She panting now, her chest moving up and down rapidly, as she panics. Uncle Bud doesn’t respond, but walks silently, slowly towards her.

“You were stealing yourself some booze.” His voice is flat, eyes emotionless. It isn’t posed as a question. Fuck.

His hands shoot out and grab her hips. She’s kneeling on the counter with her butt resting on her heels. She blushes fiercely, as her breasts, exposed by the untied robe, fall just at his eye level. She reaches to pull her robe close, but freezes as he looks up, locking eyes with her. He bares his teeth, and then with a small growl, shoots his jaw forward to savagely bite down on her right nipple. His left hand shoots up to cover her mouth, which muffles her quick, surprised shriek; the bite is over in a second.

Uncle Bud pulls back and uses that same hand to tilt her chin down so she is looking him in the eyes. Her dark pink nipple stands out proudly from her honey-colored skin, pointing like a finger at him.

“How fucking dare you. Little shit. I agree to give you free rent and board all summer before college, and this is how you repay me? In just the first week?” He jerks her chin side-to-side a little with each word.

“Sorry Unc-“

He covers her mouth again.

“Be silent. Don’t say a word. I don’t want to wake up your aunt upstairs. Nod your head yes or shake your head no. Do you understand you misbehaved, sweet niece?”

Kara, her eyes wide, her body trembling, nods her head. She hopes Uncle Bud will know how sorry she is, even if he won’t let her open her mouth. That bite hurt. It also felt… well, never mind.

“Good. At least you know that. Do you also understand I have to punish you, little graduate?”

Kara nods again. She is ready to hear the worst – grounded for the rest of the summer after high school? No beach trips with friends? What if he tell hers parents?!

As if he can read her mind, he says, “Good. Do you want me to tell your parents about this, Kara?”

She bleats a heated “NO!” against tuzla escort the palm covering her mouth, and shakes her head for emphasis.

“Stop disobeying me. I said do not say a word, didn’t I?”

She opens her mouth to protest, and he pushes his hand against her mouth harder, pressing her head into the cabinets behind her. She squeezes her eyes shut in fear, and then gives a small nod to show she understands.

“If your parents knew, that would be the worst possible outcome, wouldn’t it? They’d make you stay inside all summer, alone, wouldn’t they?”

She nods, her eyes tearing a little.

“You’d do anything to make sure they never found out, wouldn’t you? Any punishment is better than theirs?”

Kara stared at him for a moment. Was he… what was he thinking of? Was this a trick question? He was standing very close to her. She thought about being kept inside the rest of summer, never being able to see Peter, her boyfriend, before she left. Never convincing him it would be a fucking shame for her to go to college a virgin. He is sweet and smart, but goddamnit, she happens to be dating the one eighteen-year-old boy in the world who’s also a prude.

Kara nods down to her uncle. Yes, she will do whatever it takes.

“Smart girl,” he says approvingly. Then he smirks at her. “You wanted the alcohol? Well, your punishment is: you get the alcohol. Get down on your knees and lick that mess up.”

Kara’s eye shoot open, thinking she is mishearing him – or is he joking? But no, Uncle Bud steps back and releases her, to let her come down, and gestures to the puddle expectantly. Oh, well. I guess I deserve this. It makes a sick kind of sense to her.

She slips down and lowers herself slowly onto her knees and hands, facing him, the hem of her robe not quite long enough to cover her round ass when she’s on all fours.

Kara tilts her head up, pleading with her eyes. This is so humiliating. And that’a a lot of tequila, right? Kara hasn’t ever drunken tequila before, but she’s pretty sure you’re only supposed to have a little.

Cotton crinkles as her uncle bends down and picks up the shards of blue glass with his fingers. She waits on her hands and knees, watching him. When he is satisfied he’s picked up all the bits, he nods at her, as if to say, Well, get to it.

She obediently lowers her head down and begins lapping up some of the spilt tequila. Her nipples are low enough to skim the surface of the puddle, dipping into the sticky mess. Lick, lick, lick; pause. She squeezes her lips together and shudders a little. It’s a shocking, weird taste. She doesn’t know if she likes it yet.

“That’s a good girl, Kara. Lap it up.”

Kara looks up at Uncle Bud to smile gratefully for the encouragement, but he’s not looking at her. He’s staring over at her butt sticking up in the air. Her smile freezes – she hadn’t noticed… oh god. She quickly reach back to pull the robe back over her ass, but Uncle Bud lunges forward and slaps her hands away.

“I didn’t tell you to stop licking did I?”

Kara hesitates. The fuck is going on? Is Uncle Bud… alright, whatever. Let the old pervert get a view. Maybe he stops this sooner if he needs to go beat off.

She shakes her head and goes back to slurping up the tequila. As she imagined the look in her uncle’s eyes when he was starting at her ass, she suddenly has to fight the urge to smile. This situation is starting to seem funny to her, for some reason. Without thinking, she wiggles her butt slowly back and forth in the air as she licks, peering up through her lashes to see his reaction. She bites her lip to keep the bubbles of laughter from escaping. Old pervert.

Uncle Bud grins at her, surprised, and then puts a finger to his lips. Oh, right. Silence, she thinks as drags her tongue in a long line through the puddle and flicks her head back to make the alcohol slide down her throat. She giggles again, and he keeps smiling at her. It makes her belly feel warm. I want to make him smile.

Her uncle kneels down behind her and puts a hand on her lower back. She pauses, feeling uncomfortable. She moves her knees over to the side a bit, but Bud’s hand follows her. He murmurs, “Good girl, Kara. Just helping you relax,” while he gently starts moving his palm in slow circles around the base of her spine. He continues soothingly, “This will go faster if you relax, hun.”

Kara starts tuzla escort bayan using the side of her tongue to try and scoop up the liquor faster. His hand… does feel nice, she concedes. Maybe he feels bad about this weird thing he’s making me do.

She relaxes into his hand as Uncles Bud’s circle’s start to get bigger. He starts caressing her butt, each circle moving farther down her ass. He cups one of her ass cheeks and starts moving the cheek around in a circle, watching her pussy wink in and out of view.

Kara protests silently, picking her head up of the ground. She feels a little dizzy for a second, but frowns, suddenly not sure if she felt her uncle massaging her butt. Maybe I just imagined it because… am I.. feely horny? Jesus. Is this the tequila working already? Am I drunk?

Uncle Bud puts a hand on the back of her neck and pushes her head into the puddle. “Just relax and fucking do what I say, Kara. It’s not hard,” he snaps. He narrows his eyes at her. “Remember you’re getting off easy. Your parents are fucking nazis. So lick like I tell you to. I want to see you lick slowly in long strokes, little graduate.”

His niece, scared, nods hastily. When Bud lets her head go, she squeezes her eyes shut and uses her whole upper body to drag her tongue from the base of the puddle she’s kneeling in to its tip. She repeats this, methodically sawing her body forward and back while lapping up no more than a single drop of tequila each time. How the fuck do dogs do this, she asks herself, panicking when she notices how slowly this clean-up is going.

Uncle Bud returns to grabbing and squeezing and kneading her butt. He lets out a little mocking laugh as he spreads her butt checks up and apart and then lets go, watching as they slap into each other again. Kara might be a short eighteen year-old, but she is a goddamn curvy one.

Kara tries to ignore it – ignore the shame. And ignore that other weird clench of her pussy she feels when she hears her uncle let out deep, satisfied grunts.

Uncle Bud dips his pointer and middle fingers in the puddle, which has barely gone down at all. Kara pauses and tries to turn around to look at him. He frowns, then draws his dry hand back. Smack goes her ass as he spanks her.

“You’re a bad student, Kara, I can’t believe you graduated. I have to spank you because you don’t take instructions well.”

Smack as he spanks her again. “Lap up your mess, Kara. Right – fucking – now.” He punctuated those last words with a spank of her bare ass each time.

She doesn’t see as her uncle sticks out his tequila-covered pointer finger. She leans her upper body back to begin her puddle-long licks again, and slides right onto his outstretched finger. Surprised, she jerks forward and his finger slips out. She squeezes her eyes shut, and, desperate to avoid another spanking, starts to saw her body back and forth again, impaling his tequila finger over and over, on and off, pumping in and out.

Kara doesn’t notice the moment when she stops panting because she’s scared and she starts panting because she’s pumping her body back and forth faster, and faster. She can hear Uncle Bud’s breathing get heavier and faster, too. “Yeah, oh yeah, Kara, that’s it, harder, my sweet girl,” he grunts. She doesn’t notice when he flicks out his middle finger, but she tries to jerk forward a second after the tips of both fingers slip into her tight pussy.

Uncle Bud stops her from jerking forward of his fingers by grabbing her by the back of her neck with his other hand. “Just wait a moment, hot head, bratty little niece, just relax, just relax Kara, you’re doing so good,” he murmurs over and over as she tries to understand what that moment of pain was. They pause silently for a minute, their breath slowing, as Kara gets used to the feeling of two of Uncle Bud’s huge, meaty fingers wiggling restlessly inside her pussy.

Kara hiccoughs. She is feeling a little… giddy? She’s giddy. As she realizes this is true, she giggles again. And horny! I’m feeling horny, too! For my uncle! This thought is endlessly funny to her and she keeps giggling.

“You see? Punishment can be fun, Kara. I should’ve punished you like this years ago. Maybe you wouldn’t be such a bratty girl now.” He pauses. “Oh, you know, stop licking, you’re not even getting anything up.”

She can’t help but keep laughing. Everything about this moment is totally weird, escort tuzla and she loves it. She turns her head and shoulders around to grin back at him as he pumps his fingers very slowly in and out of her pussy a few more times. She closes her eyes and groans as he curls his fingers at the top of the entrance to her cunt, stroking her g-spot. She’s never felt anything like that before… she wants to beg for more when he pops his fingers out. Her pussy clenches and opens wide again, begging, just like her mouth.

Uncle Bud cuts her off. “You didn’t finish cleaning up the floor, because you’re not good at sucking it up. I’m disappointed in you. I’ll give you one more chance to clean some of your mess. Get up on your knees, Kara.”

She obeys and faces him, breathing hard. Her breasts are perky, and covered in sticky tequila. A droplet drips off her nipple.

“Take off your robe and use it to soak up the mess.” Kara giggles again and, blushing, slips her robe off her shoulders and lets it fall on the floor behind her, covering the puddle. What am I doing? she thinks for a second – and then remembers she feels hyper, and happy, and wild. She likes how Uncle Bud’s eyes travel slowly up from her knees, over her taught stomach and pointy hip bones, and rest on her tits. It makes her shiver. So what if he likes looking at me naked? At least one man does! Peter never asks!

“Maybe you’re a visual learner, little niece, since you’re a bad listener. So I’ll show you how I’m going to make you to clean me up.”

Bud leans down to lick her left breast. He starts at the base of her boob, drags his rough tongue over the nipple, and keeps licking slowly all the way to her collarbone.

“I’ll do it again, so I really know you’re paying attention. You’re going to have to clean me thoroughly for me to consider you properly punished.”

He slowly licks her tits, flicking the underside of her pert nipples with his tongue until she groans and unconsciously brings her hands to rest on his shoulders. When her uncle finishes cleaning her up, he pinches each of her nipples and rolls them around between his fingers, like he is checking to see how dry they are. She smiles at him, giggling, and he grins back. She shivers.

“I guess you understand, then, huh? Great. Let’s get started.”

Her hands drop off his shoulders as he stands up and slips his cock out between the hole in his boxers. It’s hard, circumcised, with the head stretched tight, reaching for her. She’s never seen a cock this thick.

“What are you waiting for? You splashed tequila on my cock.” He grabs her head and jerks it towards his penis. “Open your mouth,” he instructs her. Reluctantly, she complies. Her uncle slides his hard dick into her open, waiting mouth until he hits the back of her throat. She gags, and he slides it out. “Come on. Clean it up.”

She doesn’t want to gag again, so she begins licking his cock from base to tip. “Slower,” he whispers hoarsely, and she complies. She’s never given head — and that’s what I’m doing, no pretending this is cleaning up anything — like this before. She tried to give head to classmates once or twice when she entered high school, before she starting dating Peter the Prude. But she honestly just sucked on their tips for a few seconds and they came in her mouth real fast.

Bud grabs the back of her head with one hand and pulls her head forward to fill her to her throat again. He holds her there while he feels he gag for a second, her throat involuntarily squeezing his dick a little.

“Suck it off, don’t just lick it off. Faster, Kara, or I’ll spank you again. Harder.”

Kara gets the hint. She slides her tongue up and down on his hard cock while slowly pulling her lips, closed around the base of his cock, upwards, till the tip pops out from between her lips. Rinse and repeat, she thinks. Easy.

“That’s it, baby, yes, yes,” Bud pants as his niece sucks and licks and kisses his dick. “I always knew your cute little mouth would be the perfect size for me one day.”

Uncle Bud can feel himself close to cumming. “Look at me. Look up,” he commands, breathless.

Her uncle grabs the back of her head as she looks up at him. He stares at her while he thrusts his cock into the back of her throat. He groans and closes his eyes as he feels her warm throat constricting, gagging, around his tip. He pulses his thick cum into her. She pushes against his thighs and he releases her. She falls back; they both gasp for breath, staring at each other. His last rope of cum drips onto the floor between her knees.

Uncle Bud grins and winks. “You missed a spot, little niece.”

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