Teacher’s Pet


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Robert Brown was a thirty year-old chemistry teacher at Washington High School in Silver Springs, Maryland. He had taught there for five years and was regarded, by the female students, as a hunk. Robert knew of his reputation as a good-looking ladies man and enjoyed the attention he got from both female students and female faculty. He especially liked the attention he received from female students. He dated quite a few of them after they had turned eighteen and had graduated from high school. He liked his women young. There was something about a young, firm, well-built female body that turned him on, him and countless other men.

During his chemistry class, he would enjoy looking at all his female students, particularly the ones with the low cut blouses. It seemed his female students were only too eager to show off their bodies, especially to him. Some of them got so bold that when they would ask him for help, they would rub their bodies against his. Just another perk of a high school teacher, he thought. It was all harmless flirtation; as long as he did not make any advances back, he was safe.

That all changed when Heather Young took his senior chemistry class. She was a beautiful young woman, with a figure that put most woman to shame. She was extremely intelligent, had a great personality and was a star basketball player on the high school team. Robert was helping her secure a scholarship to the University of Maryland, his old alma mater. They have an annual full scholarship that they present to the most outstanding chemistry student in Maryland. In order to win the scholarship, the student must do original research and present a paper on their research by March. That meant Heather was spending a lot of time after school, in Robert’s chemistry lab, doing her research. The more Robert worked with her, the more he got to know her. She was one of the most mature students he had ever taught. It also seemed to him, she was flirting with him more and more, as she worked on her experiment. She always seemed to wear something revealing when she stayed after school. Robert enjoyed looking and started to look forward to the days Heather would spend working in the laboratory area. It was harmless enough, but that was about to change.

It was basketball season and Heather had to practice after school. That meant her work in the chemistry lab would not start until after basketball practice, usually around Four O’clock. At that time of day, there were not many people in the school, usually the custodial staff and some administrators working in the office. It was one of these days that our story begins.

Heather came in to Mr. Brown’s classroom ready to work on her experiment. She had just come from practice, where she took a quick shower and rushed up to his room.

“Hey, Mr. Brown, I’m ready to work,” said Heather as she entered the room. “I wanted to work on the energy transfer part of the of the experiment. After I get it set up, it should take about thirty minutes. Can you stay until I’m done?”

“No problem Heather,” replied Robert. “In fact I am waiting for a phone call from a supply house that needs to ship me some chemicals that I need for an experiment next month. So I would be staying anyway.” Robert looked at Heather as she walked to the lab table where her experiment was set up. What an ass she has, he thought to himself. She always has on the tightest shorts to emphasize it even more. Just then, she reached the table and bent down to get some supplies out of the bottom drawer. The tight shorts got tighter and rode up exposing a tiny portion of her ass cheeks. Robert could help but stare.

“Mr. Brown, I can’t find the lighter for the Bunsen burner. Heather asked, “Do you know where one is located?”

Robert got up, adjusted the bulge in his pants and went back to help Heather find a lighter. She was still bending down, looking in the bottom drawer when he arrived at the lab table. Her scooped necked blouse was hanging away from her body, giving Robert a clear view down her blouse. Her large tits were encased in a push up bra, the ones that show an ample amount of cleavage.

“Here it is,” Robert said and he reached in the drawer to get it. Just then, Heather turned her body so that his arm was pressing against her right boob. She made no effort to move it, in fact when Robert moved his arm away; she seemed to press her tit even more against his arm. Finally, Robert got the lighter and they both stood up.

Heather looked at Robert and said ”I would like to thank you for spending all this extra time with me. I really do appreciate it. Is there anything I can do for you?” She asked. “Anything at all.”

The way she said it, Robert thought for a moment, she was insinuating something sexual. She was a mature girl, but she would not be so bold as to come on to him. Maybe she saw how he tended to watch her, especially when she wore rather provocative attire. No, he was just imagining it, he thought.

Heather turned to ataşehir escort bayan face him, “Mr. Brown, I really think you are a very good teacher. I am so happy to have had you for chemistry.” Then she moved closer, so that her boobs were lightly touching his chest. “I know you have spent many hours helping me and I would like to pay you back, if I could.” Saying that, she pressed her body tight against his titled her head up to meet his and began to kiss him. He kissed her back, at first out of instinct, but he broke the kiss and tried to move away from her.

“Heather, we should not be doing this, we err I could get in trouble.” Said a rather excited Robert.

“Mr. Brown,” said Heather, as she drew him back to her. I have seen you looking at me. I know you want me as much as I want you.” Saying that, she grabbed his ass and pulled him tight against her. “I can feel your hard cock pressing against me. Admit it, you want me.”

Robert could not believe how badly his body betrayed him. Yes, he wanted her, even though he knew it was wrong – wrong and very dangerous. Still, he had to have her. He took her in his arms and pulled her body close to his. His hands slid down her back until they we on that beautiful ass, the one he watched for so long. He looked into her eyes as he brought his lips to hers. Just as their lips touched, a voice came over the intercom. Mr. Brown, Mr. Brown report to the main office for a phone call.

He broke the embrace. “I have to go and get that phone call, Heather,” he told her. “They know I am up in my room, if I don’t go down to the office, they will come up to my room looking for me.”

Robert broke the embrace and quickly left the room. That was close, he thought, in another few minutes, I would have not been able to stop, he told himself.

He was out of the room so fast; he did not hear Heather say “shit.” Or see her reach for her cell phone and dial a number. “I almost had him,” told Heather to the person on the other end of the phone. “I did what you told me and he held me in his arms and was about to kiss me, when he got a phone call and was called to the office. What do I do now?” Heather asked the person on the other end of the line. “Oh, that’s good, that should work, if it doesn’t, nothing will. Let me get ready.”

Robert walked up from the office after taking his phone call. He tried to think how to handle the situation with Heather. She was a very attractive girl and he would love to fuck her, but it would be too dangerous. He would just tell her, what they did was wrong and it can’t go any further. He would give her the old standby, when you are eighteen and have graduated from high school, then we will get together, but not now. He felt more relaxed as he neared his room, he was sure his plan would work.

Robert opened his door and walked into his room, Heather was at the lab table working. She had put on her lab coat, like she always did and was conducting her experiment. “Heather, we have to talk,” said Robert. “What happened between us was very exciting, but it can’t continue.” Heather was facing away from Robert and did not stop working. “Heather, do you hear what I am saying,” asked Robert?

“Yes,” replied Heather. “I can not stop what I am doing right now, but keep talking, I am listening to you.”

“Alright, as I was saying you are a beautiful, sexy girl and if I was a boy your age, I would be asking you out. However, I am not a classmate, I am your teacher and I can not date you, not until you turn eighteen and have graduated from high school. It is the only way that a relationship between the two of us can happen. Do you hear what I am saying, Heather?”

Heather stopped what she was doing and turned to face Robert. “Mr. Brown, I am sorry if I did something that upset you, I did not mean to do that. I just thought you wanted me as much as I wanted you. I have seen you looking at me and checking me out. I believed you found me sexy and you wanted me. I guess I made a mistake.”

“Heather, you are right, I did look at you and I can see how that would give you the wrong imprecation. I do find you sexy, but I cannot allow any thing more to happen between the two of us. Let us just think of it as our little fantasy.”

“If that is what you what, Mr. Brown, then that will be fine with me, but are you sure that is what you what?” With that, Heather opened her lab coat and let it drop to the floor. There she stood in front of Robert totally naked. “Are you sure you would not like any of this,” she asked him?

Robert was so shocked at what Heather did he could only stare at her. As he looked at her, he started at her head and her beautiful reddish-brown hair. Heather had hazel eyes that accented her hair. She always wore the appropriate amount of make-up and today was no exception. Robert’s gaze shifted downward and he gazed upon her beautiful breasts. They were full, about the size of a grapefruit, but her being young; there was no sag to her escort kadıöy breasts. Her erect nipples were the size of a quarter and stood out about one-half inch. They were a brown-brown in color and almost matched her hair. They looked so inviting it was all Robert could do to keep from taking them into his mouth and sucking on them. He continued to move his eyes downward and saw Heather’s tiny waist and flat stomach. As his gaze went still lower, he found himself staring at her hips, which were the perfect size for her body. Then, his eyes finally settled in on her pussy. She had shaved her hair around her lips so they were totally bare, and trimmed the rest of her hair so there was only a slight tuff of brown hair above her pussy. Robert’s concentration was interrupted by Heather’s voice.

“Don’t forget this,” she said, as she turned around allowing him to view her beautiful firm butt. “You are always checking it out, I thought you would like to see it now. And by the way, I am eighteen.”

Robert’s gaze went to her gorgeous, firm hard butt. He had always been a butt man and before him was the best butt he had ever seen.

Robert could not control his urges. He knew he should leave the room or ask her to cover up, but he could not, his little head was now in control. He had never seen a body like that the one in front of him, Most woman look better with their clothes on, hiding imperfections. Usually, ones imagination is usually better than reality, however, not in this case. Before Robert was a perfect body, one that measured a ten.

Heather moved even closer to him. She took his hands in hers and placed them on her tits. “I know you have wanted to do feel them for a long time.” She squeezed her hands, making Robert’s hands touch and grab her tits. When she removed her hands, Robert’s hands continued to massage her tits. Robert was lost to lust. He grabbed Heather and held her close. He could feel her nipples pressing into his chest. He leaned down and kissed her on the lips, a gentle kiss at first, then a passionate, tongues intertwining, kiss. His hands traveled down her back until they reached that spectacular ass. As his hands groped and grabbed it, he thought her ass feels even better than it looks.

Robert broke the embrace, grabbed Heather by the hand and led her to his office. “We better go in here,” he said. “We will not be disturbed and it’s much more comfortable in here.”

Robert’s office was huge, eight foot by twelve foot. At one time, it was a supply closet. However, as the safety laws for storing chemicals became more stringent, the school refurbished another room and made it the storage space. That allowed Robert to have an over sized office. He had his desk, with a computer, a telephone, filing cabinets and a large couch. If anyone inquired about the couch, he said it was there in the event his back acted up and he had to lie down. Really, it was there so he had a place to fuck. He had screwed a few of the young female teachers. They found him helpful and understanding when they approached him with problems in their classrooms. One thing would lead to another and before they knew it, they were laying on the couch getting laid.

He even bagged an older teacher, who was going through a divorce, her husband left her for a younger woman. Robert realized this was her way of feeling good about herself. Hell, she was not bad looking and quite experienced. Robert enjoyed their afternoon romps for a few months. He even screwed a parent that came in for a conference about her son. He was not doing well in school, especially in Robert’s chemistry class. The mother blamed his father’s absence from home for long periods of time; he was into some type of construction work. Before the end of the conference, he even helped the mother get over her husband’s absence. So as you can see this was not the first time Robert fucked someone on his couch. However, it would be the first student he screwed on his couch.

“Heather sit on the couch, while I get out of my clothes,” he said to the naked girl.

“Here, let me help you,” responded Heather. She began to unbutton his shirt. When she had his shirt open, she began kissing his chest and sucking on his nipples. She dropped to her knees and undid his trousers. As she pulled his pants and underwear down, his erect cock popped up and hit her in the chin. She immediately licked the head of it. She then ran her tongue down the length of his shaft and kissed and sucked on his balls.

This girl was very experienced in lovemaking thought Robert. “You do that so well.” He said to Heather.

“Thank you,” she replied. “ I really enjoy giving head, I guess you can tell that? I have had some practice and had a good teacher.”

Robert wondered who taught this girl to suck cock so exquisitely. However, as soon as her lips encircled his cock, he could care less who taught her, he just enjoyed her talented mouth.

Heather had Robert sit on the couch so he could relax maltepe escort and enjoy her attention. She crawled between his legs and continued to work on his cock. Again her lips encircled the head of his fully hard cock, but this time her tongue licked the very tip of his cock. Heather used the very tip of her tongue to probe the opening at the end of Robert’s dick. Hearing him moan slightly, she knew he was enjoying her blowjob. She took more and more of Robert’s cock in her mouth and down her throat. Soon she was buried all the way down to his balls.

Robert was watching her take in his cock, he was not huge about seven and one-half inches, but not many of his female conquests deep-throated him. When Heather reached the bottom of his shaft, her eyes moved up to met his. Robert though that was a very erotic sight, her lips brushing his pubic hair and her eyes locked on his. Her eyes seemed to be smiling, telling him she was enjoying it as much as him. Heather’s fingers gently caressed his balls, and then slowly she let his cock slip out of her mouth. Again, she moved her lips to the tip of his cock; but instead of slowly taking his cock into her mouth, she accomplished that feat in one swift motion. Robert never had anyone do that to him before, the sensation was unbelievable. She moved her head up so that most of his cock was free of her mouth, then she went down on him again. She kept this up for a few minutes, establishing a very pleasant rhythm to her cock sucking. She moved a finger toward Robert’s asshole. She played around, gently probing, seeing if he objected to her attention there. She knew some men did not like that, her mentor had told her. The mentor also told her, the ones that will allow it will have a more powerful orgasm when a finger is inserted deep into the asshole and massages the prostrate gland. As Heather’s finger was buried in Robert’s asshole, she felt his balls tightened. She increased the pace of her cock sucking. Soon, he was moaning, and then he said loudly, “I’m going to come, soon.” Heather moved her head up so that only the tip of Robert’s penis was in her mouth. She wanted to taste his load. She jacked his cock with her hand, still holding the head in her mouth. Within seconds, she was rewarded with the first squirt of Robert’s come.

Robert’s hips began bucking wildly. The sensation was fantastic, he looked down and saw Heather’s mouth still wrapped around his cock. “Oh, fuck, here it comes again,” moaned Robert. “Oh, shit, that’s it, take it all.” Then, he cock spewed forth another four or five big loads of sperm that she caught in her mouth. She managed to swallow most of the load. Robert’s come was tasted rather sweet, much nicer than some of the other loads she tasted.

Heather waited until his orgasm had passed and then got up and sat aside of her teacher. “How was that,” she asked? “Did you enjoy it as much as I did? You seem to like it, did you?”

“Heather, that was one of the best blow jobs I have ever had. Who taught you to suck a man’s cock like that?”

“Someone who enjoys sex and wanted to make sure I liked it as well. I may tell you later. But enough talk,” she said, spreading her legs and looking down at her pussy. “Don’t you want some of this?”

“Oh, yes. Yes I indeed would like to taste your young pussy,” replied Robert. “But first, I have to suck on those tits of yours, they are magnificent. I have to taste your nipples.”

He leaned over, kissed Heather’s neck, earlobes and worked his way down her body toward his goal. He could not believe how soft her boobs felt. He messaged them with his fingers, he kissed them with his lips and he bit them with his teeth. Finally his lips locked on to one of Heather’s erect nipples. He used his lips, teeth and tongue to stimulate her nipple. He could tell Heather was getting turned on by her movements; and by the small moans that escaped from her throat. He increased the intensity of the biting and sucking. He moved his hand to the other tit and messaged it for a while and then turned his attention toward the nipple. Since his mouth was already busy, he took the other nipple between his thumb and forefinger and began to pinch and pull on it. He looked up at Heather. Her head was back, her eyes were closed, her mouth was open and groans and moans were coming out of it.

Robert did not need his hand to support the boob that his lips were feasting upon; it was way up firm and high. He allowed his free hand to slide down her flat stomach and move toward her pussy. His fingers found her slit hot and moist. He pushed one, then two and finally three fingers inside of Heather. As his fingers moved in and out of her pussy, his thumb made contact with her clit. He used his thumb to rub her clit in tiny circles.

Within a matter of seconds, Heather was in deep in the throes of a powerful orgasm. She grabbed the back of his head and mashed it hard against her chest. Her hips were thrusting out to meet his fingers that were plunging deep into her. Heather began to yell, “Oh, goodnessssss, ooohhh …..yesssss, that’s it, …….oh more, ….bite ….bite….my nipples harder,….. harder … har…..oh my godddd…. Right there……..don’t ….stoppppp…..please don’t stopppp. I neeeedddddd ittttt.” And then she collapsed against Robert.

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