Teacher and a Married Former Student


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Background, I am a 38 year old high school teacher. I’ve been teaching for about 15 years. In that time I’ve had sex with a number of my former students. I have been married during most of that time. This takes place 2 years ago.

It was a summer evening. I was working out at the gym. I was on the treadmill. On the treadmill next to me is a cute brunette with short hair in her mid or early 20s. She is wearing a tight sports tank and short running shorts. We exchange smiles a few times. She looks a bit like the actress that plays the sister on Supergirl.

After my run, I slow down to a walk to cool down. The brunette turns off her treadmill, pulls out her headphones and waves at me. I pull out my headphones.

“Mr. Hanson?”


“I thought that was you.”

“Yep it is. Sorry …”

“It’s Jennifer Jones [not her real name]. Class of 2010”

“Jennifer, of course. How are you?”

We share a sweaty hug and chit chat. She graduated college, got married, and is a house wife. She actually Jennifer Williams now. She seems to check me out a few times while we talk. I definitely check her out.

Later that night, I facebook stalk her. It looks like her husband in his late 20s/early 30s and a doctor. They got married right after she graduated. They must have met when she was an undergrad and he was finishing med school.

Over the next couple weeks, we see each other once or twice a week. Our chats gets increasingly friendly and flirty. One evening, I am checking out the bulletin board that lists the exercise classes available. I had recently started to feel my age, waking up with a sore back from time to time. I am thinking yoga might help.

Jennifer slides up next to me. She asks which class I am looking at. I tell her I was considering the yoga class that starts in about 20 minutes. She says, what a coincidence, she was going to go to the same one.

We go in together and quickly realize this is one of those hot yoga classes where they heat the room up to some stupid temperature. Jennifer and I get spots next to each other. I spend ataşehir escort bayan the first 20 minutes enjoying all the women in yoga pants. I spend the remaining 40 minutes trying not to die.

After the class, Jennifer and I walk towards the locker room. She asks what I am up to for the rest of the night. I say not much since my wife is out of town at a conference (hint dropped). She says she is in the same boat since her husband has 12 hours shift at the hospital. I ask if she wants to get a drink. She says yes.

After we shower, we meet in the lobby and go to a bar down the street. The combination of a couple drinks and the yoga make turns us into a couple of giggling drunks in under an hour. We start off on opposite sides of a table. We end up sitting kitty corner with our chair almost pulled up next to each other. She is laughing way too hard at my shitty jokes, touching my arm or chest each time. She leaves her hand longer and longer each time.

I say drinking after hot yoga may have been a bad choice. She agrees. I ask her, “Well, should we make some more bad choices?”

She gets a serious look on her face. I just moved this from innocent flirting to potential adultery. She looks down and says, “I don’t know.”

I slide my hand along her cheek and lift her head to meet my gaze. She nuzzles into my hand just a little. With my other hand I sweep the hair out of her eyes and say, “I do.”


I summon a Lyft while I pay the check since neither of us are in a condition to drive. We both get in the back seat. She leans into me and I put my arm around her. She whispers, “I can’t believe I’m going home with Mr. Hanson.” We start making out.

The trip is maybe 10 minutes. As we walk into my house, we try to act casually for the neighbors. Once we get in, I pick her up and she wraps her legs around me. We make out while I carry her to the bed I share with my wife.

We undress. I suck and bite her erect nipples and make her moan. She kisses her way down my chest and abs before licking my cock. I love seeing her wedding escort kadıöy ring with her hand wrapped around my cock. After a few minutes, I pull her up. I return the favor kissing down her body and abs. I start to lick up and down her pussy. I start to suck and flick her clit with my tongue. I slide in my middle finger and start stroking her g-spot. My ring finger soon joins in. I get off on seeing my wedding ring just outside her pussy, covered in her juices. She grabs two handfuls of my hair. She grunts as she fucks my face. She cums hard calling my name “MR. HANSON!!”

I climb up on top of her and kiss her deeply. “Are you sure you want this?”

“Yes, please”

“Have you cheated before?”

“Not since we got engaged”

Kneeling on the bed, I put her legs on my shoulders and put my cock head in her pussy. I go nice and slow until I am getting deep. I keep going slow but get more and more forceful. I move one hand down to her clit. I grab the head board with the other for more leverage.

She just says “Yes, Yes, Yes” and “Oh my god, Mr Hanson” over and over. She shudders and cums. I slow down because I am close. I let down her legs. I lean down and kiss her neck while she catches her breath. She giggles. She is in the post-orgasm zone where she is flushed and super sensitive.

After couple minutes, she pushes my shoulder. I turn over and take her with me so she is on top. “My turn.”

She mounts me and starts slide up and down my cock. My hands play with her nipples. Eventually one goes down and plays with her clit.

“Oh my god, Mr Hanson. I’m…I’m…cu…cum… cumming!”

That sends me over the edge. I fill my condom. We catch our breath.

She says, “Thanks. I’ve needed a stress free fuck for a while.”

“What do you mean?”

“Me and my husband are trying to get pregnant. It takes a lot of the fun out. Like it’s a job or something.”

After a nice long snuggle, we clean up and a Lyft back to the bar so we can get our cars and go back to our respective homes. We start meeting pretty regularly. Since it’s maltepe escort summer, we both have days free so it is easy to meet.

About a month and a half in, we are at her place. We are making out and getting ready to fuck. I open her nightstand and her condom box is empty. I don’t have any with me. She says, “it’s fine, just pull out.”

“But what about-“

“It’s fine. I need you in me.”

We start with her riding me. She is comparing me to her husband a lot more that usual. (“God you’re so much deeper”, “he can’t make me cum like this.”). It turns me on.

I turn her over and start doing missionary. I try to move so her legs are on my shoulders and she stops. “I want you like this.” So we keep doing missionary.

I start to get close. “I’m close” and start to pull out. She wraps her arms around my neck and wraps her legs around my waist and pulls me deep. “No, cum in me. I want it.”

That sends my dick over the edge and I blow my load. I stay inside her while we make out some. I think nothing of it. I’ve forgot what she said weeks ago about trying to get pregnant with her husband. After we clean up, I ask her if she wants me to run out for a morning after pill. She says she’ll take care of it.

We hook up one more time at my place with a condom and one more time at her’s without. School starts back up so we agree to stop seeing each other.

About 4 months later, I am out Christmas shopping. Happen to see Jennifer at the mall. She is wearing a flow-y shirt and a big coat. I give her a hug and notice something in her shirt.

“Are you…?”

“Yes, my husband and I are expecting.” – She is trying to act like this is a normal pregnancy announcement. I try to play along.

“When are you two due?”

She gives me a date, I do the mental math. It’s plausible.

I lean in an whisper, “Is it…?”

She looks me in the eye. “My HUSBAND and I are expecting. WE are very excited.” I take the hint.


I am more than happy to believe it. Her husband and I are demographically similar enough (blond, blue eyes, white) that it’s not going to be an issue.

5 months later, I am scrolling Facebook. I see Jennifer has posted picture of her new born son, 7 lb 11 oz. I notice his middle name is my first name. My wife leans over and says, “What a cute baby.”

“Yeah, he is.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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