Talia Ch. 04


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Eric whispered to his young daughter a second time, “Baby girl, I’d love to fuck you,” as he slowly inserted himself into the 19-year-old beauty. Her soaking pussy accepted him with not too much resistance, but he could tell that she had never been with someone of his size, before. As she lay underneath him, he could feel her hot breath on his neck as she began to pant.

“Oh, daddy,” Talia, his sexy only daughter whispered to him. “Daddy, I want you to really fuck me,” Talia pleaded. Eric had been letting Talia adjust to his size, his hips only moving slightly, but with her encouragement, he began to thrust. With a moan echoing from Talia’s lips, he continued. Withdrawing half way and then shoving rapidly back into the young little thing that lay before him was pleasurable as much as it was torture. With each withdrawal his cock ached and begged to be back inside the warm abode it had left, yet once inside, his cock began to yearn for movement.

“Daddy,” Talia leaned up, to speak directly into his ear, “you’re not really fucking me, yet. I want you to take me hard, daddy” Talia paused, and then continued, “…like you did with Sadie.” Eric groaned with delight as he heard his daughter mention one of her best friends. It had been such a treat for him to take Sadie earlier that day, but being with Talia was even better. As he sped up and began to pound away at his daughter, he recalled all those nights of gentle caresses, of yearnings, of pent up frustration. And as he felt her warmth and a fresh gush of juices caress his cock, he knew that that long wait was worth it.


Talia was amazed as she felt the tip of her father’s penis enter her. She could feel it push into familiar territory, and then way past it. Her pussy started to feel full, and then went beyond full. She was stretched to a point where she had never been before. And as his hips started to shift slowly, undiscovered feelings arose from within her. She began to pant, but quickly her pants turned into a soft whimpering. Then, she let out her first moan. Her father had her made her moan. Her father, who was inside of her hot, aching pussy, right that very moment, had made her moan. With just those simple thoughts, more moans erupted from her throat. But soon, her pussy began to quiver with need; her father’s delicate and slow ministrations were wonderful, but nowhere near to what she desired. She had to tell him that she needed more, that she needed to be fucked hard; she needed pure lust and passion.

“Oh, daddy,” Talia began, as she murmured to him of her fervor and her lust. She could feel him greet her requests with more enthusiastic thrusts. Yet, he still seemed to be holding back on her. Again, she exhaled a soft desperation in an attempt to indicate her wants. She wanted to be taken by her father, she wanted to be used like how he used every other girl he’s ever been with, she wanted to feel his hard and throbbing cock fill her like she had never been before. She wanted everything so much.

As Talia whispered to him of her longings, she could feel Eric’s cock twitch and jump inside of her. Cooing with delight at the feelings, Talia pushed her hips upwards, drawing her father deeper inside her sultry warm pussy just as he began to shove harder into her. She moaned and felt a spurt of wetness soak both of them as his penis reached an extreme and inflexibly hard, yet steady, pace. Her body shook with pleasure underneath his forceful onslaught. Yet, bursa escort suddenly, Eric stopped, and she felt her pussy yearn for more. Talia looked at him, questioningly.

“Baby,” Eric said as he stopped thrusting and pulled himself out of his daughter, “get on your knees.” Talia smiled, she had been worried for a brief moment that his guilt had overcome him; that maybe he had wanted to stop. But, fortunately for Talia, he was just starting. And, as soon as Talia was on her knees, Eric thrust deep into her, causing Talia to scream in ecstasy.


Sadie lay panting across the hallway in Talia’s room. Lacey, another one of Talia’s best friends, had just finished licking and nibbling on Sadie’s very sensitive nipples. Both Sadie and Lacey had paused when they heard a scream echoing from Eric’s room. Lacey had smiled and continued to caress her friend’s nipple with her tongue. Sadie, however, was slightly distracted.

Although Lacey’s tongue was doing a more than adequate job of soothing her hardened nipples, Sadie’s mind was beginning to shape a plan for receiving ultimate pleasure. She was now unsure why she had left with Lacey as she realized how much more delicious it would be for all four of them to be together. She smiled down at the girl who was eagerly lapping at her breasts. She knew Lacey was a virgin, and perhaps it would be shocking for her to delve straight into such depravity, but Sadie couldn’t help but feel that it would be delightful as well. Sadie’s mind greedily painted a portrait in which Eric’s hard cock stealing Lacey’s virginity as she had the girl lick her, and then Talia could…

“Ohhh,” she moaned suddenly as Lacey bit down on one of her nipples. She popped back to reality. As much as she enjoyed Lacey’s continued ministrations, she gently pushed the girl’s head away from her breasts.

“Lacey, sweetie,” Sadie said, whispering softly to the curvy blond, “lets take a very short trip down the hallway.”


Talia’s cheek was pressed against the bed; her arms had given up supporting the onslaught of hard and heavy thrusting. Her ass was stuck up into the air, her legs were spread open slightly, her pelvis was tilted upwards, and her breasts were shaking with each movement. Her body was saturated with perspiration causing her to gleam. Her moans had ceased to be separate entities and instead turned into a continual utterance of largely unintelligible words and shrieks. Each new push into her pussy caused a slightly louder moan to interrupt the regular whimpering and monologue of sexual worship. The slippery wetness of her sex coated her father’s penis and much of his pelvic area causing slight smacking sounds to penetrate the air each time his cock entered her.

The room had somehow evaporated during this time, and it seemed as if Talia and Eric existed apart from it. But despite their sexual haze, the world very much still continued on around them. And in their cloud of sexual lust, they were oblivious to the presence of the two other 19-year-old girls. Talia and Eric had long since forgotten about their guests in their own eagerness to copulate. But Sadie, especially, had not forgotten about them.

Sadie’s juices spilled out of her sex as she watched the scene before her. Eric was finally doing it, Sadie thought to herself. After all the times Eric had taken her in the exact same place, hoping that he could be taking Talia that way, he finally had done it. Sadie was elated bursa escort bayan at having everything turn out so well. And soon, she thought, it would be even better. All four of them together would be a wonderful treat for Sadie’s sexual appetite.

Lacey was initially aghast as she watched Eric’s cock pump into his young daughter. It was exciting, certainly, to think about something so taboo, but to have it actually happen? Lacey was feeling a bit unsure about that. But the pure sexuality and lust of the scene was undeniable as well. Lacey felt conflicted. So much had occurred at once. She knew that if she wanted to she could leave. There was nothing forcing her to stay, except for the alluring site before her eyes. And, what a tempting site it was…

Eric’s cock felt heavenly surrounded by the wet folds of Talia’s pussy. His whole body was completely absorbed by that one feeling. It felt as if all his other senses had been extinguished and the energy diverted into feeling that simple motion. He felt oblivious to the world, almost not even hearing the cries of ecstasy that reverberated from his young daughter’s throat. He would, however, feel his cock twitch each time her moans included the word “daddy.” His separation from the world felt like it was reaching a peak, and he knew that he had to regain control if he wanted to prevent himself from reaching a climax. Eric forced himself to slow his thrusts slightly, and open his eyes.

It was then that he met Lacey’s gaze. She stood staring, her eyes darting uncomfortably from his face to his cock that was continuing to slip in and out of his daughter. A wave of guilt washed over Eric. Here he was, using his daughter…Eric stopped moving and pulled his cock out of his 19-year-old daughter.

Talia, feeling all the wonderful sensations cease, turned around questioningly. Shocked at seeing the return of her friend, after entirely forgetting that Lacey was still in the house, she moved quickly away from her father, and attempted to cover her flushed nakedness.

Sadie gave an exasperated sigh as she watched her three other companions be overcome by embarrassment and insecurity. She knew how ever awkward it might feel at that exact moment that they all wanted this to occur so very badly. Sadie decided that everyone probably just needed a little bit more coaxing, and things would be alright again. She figured, however, that everyone had probably had been through enough already today.

She quietly told Lacey to go home, and that she’d call her tomorrow. Lacey just nodded dumbly, and headed out of the room. Sadie glanced over at the bed where Talia lay curled up underneath the sheets, her eyes tightly squeezed shut. Eric had stood up and put on a pair of boxers and was listlessly gazing at his daughter. Sadie went over to Eric next, and once again, using hushed tones, reassured him that everything was fine, and sent him downstairs. Talia, Sadie figured, would be the first person she needed to really talk to.


Talia’s mind searched desperately for something that made sense. She vaguely recalled somewhat normal events that occurred yesterday, but they didn’t seem to belong in this new world. The contrast between the pleasure she had just been feeling and the guilt over what had just happened plagued her. She hadn’t noticed when Lacey and her father had left the room, and she didn’t recall seeing Sadie at all. So, it was an utter shock to her when she felt a escort bursa presence on the bed, and heard Sadie, in a gentle soothing voice, tell her everything would be okay.

Talia blinked open her eyes. Sadie had put on one of her father’s old shirts and a pair of panties, and Talia almost wanted to believe that they were at a slumber party and the whole thing had been a dream. But, everything felt too real. Talia quickly shut her eyes, again.

“Talia, sweetie, it is okay,” Sadie said, again, as she saw Talia quickly try to block her out. “Talia, look, it’s alright. I promise. No one is upset about what happened, okay? Its great, you know? Didn’t it feel good?” Talia nodded slightly. “And I promise, Talia, you don’t have to do it again, if you don’t want to.” Sadie paused, unsure of what else to say.

“But that’s the problem,” Talia answered meekly, “I do want to do it again.” Talia could feel her face flush with embarrassment. “I know that it’s wrong, but I really want it.” Talia looked up at Sadie, hoping for understanding. Sadie pulled the girl close to her, giving her a reassuring hug.

“You know what else I want?” Talia told Sadie, nervously “I want…” Talia hesitated, “I want all of us to be together.”

“What?” Sadie said, uncomprehendingly, at first, “You mean, you want…you want Lacey and I…and your dad…all together?” Talia smiled and nodded. Sadie considered the proposal for a moment, and then questioned Talia further. “When do you want this to happen?”

Talia, after a quick recovery from her shame, grinned. “Is now too soon?”


Lacey felt like she was in shock. She had managed to blindly stumble down the stairs and had begun to make her way towards the doorway when she felt a hand on her arm. Startled, Lacey turned quickly.

“Oh…um…hi,” said Lacey, awkwardly greeting Talia’s father.

“Lacey…uh, about today…” Eric paused. “Um, look, I’m sorry about what happened. I understand if you’re well…if you’re upset about the whole thing. I shouldn’t have let it happen. And, uh, I just want you to understand that it won’t again. I mean, um…so there’s no need to call, um, you know, anyone. Or tell anyone about it. Or anything, you know?” Lacey could almost see Eric’s heart beating, and the air was palpable with his nervousness.

“Don’t worry about it…” Lacey found herself saying, before she had decided whether or not it was something she should tell anyone else. Lacey stood awkwardly in the hallway, unsure whether or not the conversation was finished. Her eyes glanced towards familiar everyday objects in an attempt to reinstate a level of normality. But, through her own nervousness, she perceived Eric’s quiet shallow breathing heighten slightly, and so, she glanced towards him.

He was, undoubtedly, staring at her rather large breasts. She had, moments before, felt almost sorry for him, but now, here he was looking her over.

Lacey cleared her throat, annoyed, “Well, if that’s all…”

Eric looked up into her face, and Lacey could perceive his need. She had seen that look many times before on college boys when she had stopped sucking only moments before they were about to cum. But, there was more to it than that. He was desperate for relief, but feeling conflicted and guilty at the same time. She could relate so well. Lacey had earlier given Sadie a beautiful little orgasm, but Lacey had been barely touched herself. Instead, she had been forced into awkward sexual situations, which had caused her to have the same mixture of desire and fault.

Lacey, for once, decided to throw caution to the wind, as she leaned forward and kissed Talia’s father, passionately.

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