Taking Turns


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Dinner was lovely, candlelight and, somewhere in the distance, soft music. We talked, insulated in our own world, sipping at the wine and each other’s eyes. Time seemed to slow and then flow around us, leaving us with each other. “You’ll come home with me for a nightcap,” you said, more a statement than a question. I nodded, our thoughts as one, a request silently made and agreement given.

You were silent on the drive to your house, leaning back in the corner of your seat, your eyes closed, a small smile playing around your lips. Thinking of what, I wondered. Of me?

Inside, sitting on the deep couch, you moved around the room, lighting candles and then turned to me. “I know it is a cliché, but I have to change into something more comfortable. I’ll be right back.”

And you disappeared into the other room. Only to reappear moments later, in a long flowing gown which kissed your body when you moved. “I think,” you smiled at me, and paused. “I think you would be more comfortable in here.” And you took my hand and let me into the other room.

Candles were alight here too, giving the room a warm glow that flickered as if alive. The bed was large, with the sheets turned down. You turned to me and we kissed, softly at first but then with more urgency, more hunger. Your fingers were busy at my buttons. “You need to be more comfortable, too,” you murmured. As you pulled my shirt off, I drew you to me, and felt the silkiness of the dress and only the softness of you beneath.

“You definitely have too many clothes on,” you whispered to me, and proceed to correct that problem. With a final tug, the clothes were gone. I fell back on the bed and you knelt between my legs, your dress gapping to reveal the tops of your lovely breasts.

“What about you?” ataşehir escort I protested, rising up on my elbows.

“There’s plenty of time,” you smiled up at me, and bent down to lick my cock like an ice cream cone. “I want to taste you first. It’s your turn.” You engulfed my member and slowly sucked. The sensation flew through me like electricity. I fell back with a moan.

Then you were on top of me and I was deep inside you, liquid fire scalding me and sending shivers throughout my body. But you didn’t move, just smiled down at me and slowly squeezed. “Ah, ah,” I moaned again. “You’re driving me crazy,” I protested half-heartedly.

“Oh, we aren’t quite to crazy yet,” you smiled again. “In fact, we’ve just begun.” I reached up, untying the sash and began to unbutton your gown, slowly revealing your glorious beauty to the warmth of the candlelight. Only my hands and my eyes moved as more and more of you was uncovered. Then the gown was gone, and only you glowed in the flickering light. My hands found your breasts and caressed them, squeezing them as you continued to squeeze me.

You shifted your long, lovely legs and then were beside me. Long, deep kisses and the softness of your body next to mine. Somewhere in the middle of that last kiss, before I lost myself in you, a tiny voice inside me said that perhaps it was my turn. My hands moved over your breasts again, down over your stomach, through the softness to your pussy, to your hot core. Now it was your turn to moan. You stretched your body like a cat, your arms reaching for the iron bedstead.

Reaching behind me, I found the sash and wrapped it around your wrists and the bedstead. It wasn’t tight, you could pull loose if you wanted to, but through the curtain of your hair, kadıköy escort bayan you whispered, “What are you doing?”

“I’m about to drive you crazy,” I replied, taking a nipple gently between my teeth. My tongue flicked back and forth and I could feel you squirm. “Oh, yes,” you hissed. My tongue left your breast, and glided down your body to replace my busy finger. “No, no,” you said, but you didn’t resist when I pushed your legs slowly apart. In the golden light, you were revealed to me, glowing and wet. My tongue gently touched your clit and you bucked on the bed, with an inarticulate cry. A deep kiss was next, and my tongue began exploring you.

“I want you,” you moaned. “And you will have me,” I answered, “but we have plenty of time.” My mouth and lips caressed you, my tongue searched for your most sensitive places, and soon your moans became breathless cries and finally, one pent-up glorious shout as your entire body vibrated like a taunt violin string pulled almost too tight.

“Enough, enough,” you gasped. And I moved back to slide my hands over your body, touching every part of you. A vase of flowers and feathers was there on the nightstand and, reaching out, I pulled a long feather and touched it to your closed eyelids. Not opening your eyes, you smiled again, your hands letting go of the ironworks, your wrists still bound. The feather moved over your shoulders, across your lips and down to circle your breasts and caress your nipples, again hard and calling for me.

It was then, still kneeling between your legs, that I moved forward and slowly slipped my cock into you. The feather never stopped its journey around your body as your hips began to move, slowly at first and then faster and faster. Your cry this time was escort maltepe softer, more vulnerable.

We laid together forever, our skin doing the caressing our hands had done. Another kiss and you smiled at me, “Untie me now.” I reached up and freed you. “Lay back on the bed. I’ll be back in a few moments.” And, blowing out a few candles, dimming the room even more, you vanished again.

I might of slept. I’m not sure. I only remember being wrapped in warmth made up of light and touch and the sound of you. But when I opened my eyes, you were there, the remaining candlelight reflected in your eyes. You had put on the gown again, but left it open, your glorious body in shadow but just out of view. I started to reach for you, but found my hands bound, tied by the same sash through the same bedstead.

“My turn again,” you laughed. And stepped aside. There, in the doorway, was a woman with short curly hair, her body hidden in a terrycloth robe. “I don’t think you’ve ever met Karen,” you said. “She and I have been friends forever, and we share everything.”

“Everything?” I repeated.

“Everything,” Karen said, stepping forward. “Including each other.”

“I’ve invited her to join us,” you said, still smiling. “I’m sure you won’t mind.”

“Well,” I said, flexing my bound wrists, “I’m not in much of a position to mind, I guess.”

Karen sat beside me on the bed, her hand lightly resting on my stomach. “Oh, I don’t think you’ll mind a bit,” she said, and leaned forward to kiss me deeply. I felt the bed shift as you leaned forward to take me in your mouth, and felt Karen’s hand leave my chest to caress your breast. “This isn’t just about you, you know,” she murmured to me. “This is for all of us.” And she shrugged the robe off her shoulders so that you could reach up to tease her hardening nipple.

“I couldn’t agree more,” I said, and then I was lost in the electric fire that capture my entire being. Dimly, somewhere in the distance, I heard your soft voice:

“Oh, and the next time, it’s my turn first.”

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