Susan and the Professor Ch. 04


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Whether by unconscious design or just happenstance, the cock sucking started later and later, until by the fourth week, it began just before Jim was due. Inevitably, one afternoon, when he beeped the horn to let her know that he was there, Susan still had Robert’s cock in her mouth. The sound of the horn sent a funny thrill through her, half guilty twinge, half licentious titillation. Her head bobbed faster, her hand moved more rapidly up and down the shaft, partly in perverse excitement, partly to finish more quickly. It didn’t take long. Robert was already well on the path to climax before the horn sound, and, as he admitted to Susan later, looking down at her with his cock in her mouth, while her husband waited outside, was enough stimulus to cause an eruption. Suddenly, brought on by that stimulus and Susan’s increasingly fervent sucking, the cock ejaculated, sending a ?ood of semen into her mouth and down her throat and actually inciting her to a totally unexpected orgasm of her own. Quickly recovering, she jumped up, hastily said goodbye, hurried out and, like the hypothetical woman referred to above, greeted her husband with a brief kiss – while she still had the taste of Robert’s cum in her mouth.

As they drove home, Susan couldn’t believe how hot she was – her cunt actually felt like it was throbbing. When they were in the house, Jim was pleasantly surprised to have her initiate sex in the afternoon, something very uncommon. That resulted in one of those occasions where Robert and Jim had her the same day, Jim ?nding her cunt still quite moist from her excitement and Robert’s earlier ejaculation. Susan found it very exciting to realize that she had just sucked cum from Robert’s cock and, now, Jim was licking his cum from her cunt. Very depraved, but extremely exciting.

However, after the exhilaration wore off her conscience began to trouble her. What she had done suddenly seemed to be really perverted, not just the fun debauchery of the things she had done before. This time she felt that she had been far more unfaithful than when she had been fucked, because then it had nothing to do with Jim. But now it did! Deliberately sucking while knowing he was outside, getting excited because he was nearby, and having him perform cunnilingus on her while still aroused by that sucking of Robert’s cock, was just too much. She tossed and turned for a long time that night, trying, unsuccessfully, to rationalize her actions. So, the following morning, she turned to her resident therapist, Jean, to straighten things out in her mind.

She had, of course, finally con?ded to Jean about the spanking and subsequent screwing by Robert, and had also kept her au courant on the on-going affair. As might be expected, Jean was quite encouraging about the continuing relations, and, when told of Susan being wracked with guilt over the cock sucking episode, she simply laughed. “Look, honey, you didn’t hurt anybody, unless it’s yourself from worrying. There’s no point in blaming yourself because you got hot from doing something a little perverted, if that is what it was. Sure, Jim might be humiliated if he knew you enjoyed sucking when he was waiting for you, but he doesn’t know. More important, you didn’t do it to get back at him for something, or because you didn’t love him anymore – it really had nothing to do with him, personally. It was fun because he was your husband, not because it was Jim! That may sound like double talk, but it makes sense. It’s like a play with the character “wife” putting something over on, or doing something behind the back of, the character “husband,” not real people, Susan and Jim!”

“Well, I know I didn’t hurt Jim directly, for he doesn’t know, and, as you said, I wasn’t even thinking any nasty thoughts about him. But, why does something like that get me hot? Why do I like my cunt to be wet when he licks it? Being wet doesn’t make it feel better- it’s because it’s wet from fucking Don or Robert and he’s licking it. I shouldn’t like that!”

“Honey, we’ve been through this before. There’s no explanation of why certain things get us excited, they just do. If they don’t hurt anyone, just let it go! People get hot from any number of fantasies that, often, they are ashamed of or just don’t understand. Look, one of the most prevalent female fantasies is being raped. Now, women certainly don’t really want to be raped, but the fantasy turns them on. Maybe they like the idea of being forced to have sex, maybe they like being frightened – or heavens knows what. As you well know, spanking hurts, but except for a relatively few masochists, women don’t want to be hurt – yet the thought of being spanked (or spanking) really arouses women. Anyhow, if deliberately sucking, or, for that matter, even fucking, with your husband nearby gets you hot, it’s just another harmless turn-on.”

“Oh, I don’t know – but maybe you’re right. I still just feel a little funny to be fooling my husband by doing something like that with another man, even if he doesn’t know. Did…did you ever do anything like that?”

“Well, since you ask, yes In fact, I did kartal escort something that probably you would think was worse. If you want, I’ll tell you about it, but, it’s a long story.” Seeing Susan rapt attention and her quick nod, she continued, “This happened years ago, on our ?fth wedding anniversary. Before we were married, we had been going together for two years, and had planned to be married in the spring. I was living with two other girls in a very small apartment, while Don shared an apartment with another fellow. Privacy was very hard to come by, and we had to make out wherever we could, and we were really looking forward to being married in, probably, April. We were already looking for a place to live, for it was an extremely tight housing market, but, before we were ready, in December, a beautiful place suddenly became available. After much soul searching (and financial calculating), we ?nally decided to rent it and have Don live there until we were married, while I stayed with my roommates. Today, of course, couples would just move in together, but that was unheard of in those days. Heaven knows, I wasn’t a virgin – Don had taken care of that long before – but living together was out of the question. However, we could, ?nally, have some privacy.

“Anyway, in Boston they had a big society-type New Year’s Eve all-night dinner and dance which we and our friends attended. Two days before (the 28th), Don got a call from a friend of ours, who had been at a seminary in upper New York and had just been ordained as a minister, telling us that he and his wife were going to be able to join us. Don was delighted, and as he told me about it, we both got an idea at the same time – why wait until April? We hadn’t intended to have a big ceremony, anyway, and all our friends would be with us on New Year’s Eve, so, why wait? We called our friend back, and he thought that marrying us would be perfect for his ?rst wedding. We hurried and got the license, reserved a small room where the dance was to be held, and noti?ed our friends. So, just after 12:00 midnight, we had a short and very happy wedding – no big church ceremony, no fancy white gown, no reception – just a quiet, low-keyed occasion. However, it was announced over the loudspeaker and became very public. It was even in the newspaper the next morning as the ?rst wedding of the year. We celebrated most of the night, ?nally going home to our new apartment. No honeymoon, but we didn’t need one.

“In any case, each year we spent New Year’s Eve at that dinner dance and returned home to the same apartment – it became a tradition, at least for some years. However, year-by-year, fewer of our friends were still around. They got married and moved away, got jobs away from Boston, or, in few cases, just disappeared. By our fifth anniversary, there was only one couple left, so we made arrangements for the four of us to go together. We had the tickets and I had bought the most beautiful dress I had ever seen. It was pure silk in turquoise, low neck and a very short skirt. I also had bought the sexiest underwear I had ever seen. It was a French import, black and absolutely sheer – my nipples and cunt hair showed as clearly as if I were naked. The garter belt matched, and I had very long sheer black hose that came almost to my crotch. They had to be that long because the skirt was that short! I hadn’t shown the underwear to Don, but I con?dently looked forward to turning him on when we got home! New Year’s Eve was on Thursday, so we would have a three-day week-end in which to celebrate. Everything was going perfectly.

“Then catastrophe struck. First, the man, Dennis Doyle, in the couple going with us, called to say that his Wife, Janine – who we never had really liked – had walked out on him, returned to her family in Virginia and planned to get a divorce. He was broken up and said that, obviously, they would not be joining us. We were crushed, because we really liked him and always had wondered what he saw in her. However, we planned to go ahead and have our own, private anniversary observance – with, of course, a few thousand others celebrating New Year’s Eve.

“Then things got much worse! Don’s grandfather- the one who left us the cabin – called on the 30th and said that his partner had suffered a mild heart attack, and that he needed Don. The company was just getting well started and they had a crucial display at a trade show in St. Louis which opened, of all days, on January l, and someone had to take the partner’s place and demonstrate and explain their new development. His grandfather couldn’t do it, he wasn’t well enough, leaving only Don! We understood and knew that Don had no choice but to go, but we were crushed. We thought of me going along, but it would have been prohibitively expensive, and, in any case, Don would be putting in twelve hour days at the show and would have no time for me.

I’ll tell you, I was crying, bewailing fate and bad luck – particularly, I’ll admit because of that new out?t. Here it was, our ?fth anniversary, New Year’s Eve, and I’d be sitting home with maltepe escort bayan my new dress in the closet I tried to pretend that it was ok, but he knew how unhappy I was and, with a sudden brainstorm, said, ‘I know! We have tickets we can’t return and you really want to go. Why don’t we see if Dennis would like to take you? He certainly could use the cheering up, and you would get to go. It wouldn’t be the same, but we can celebrate our anniversary when I get back!’

“At ?rst I dismissed the idea, but it began to have appeal – I liked Dennis and it might be fun to spend an evening with him, almost like a date. Finally, after a long discussion, back and forth on the idea, Don called Dennis. That took another long discussion to overcome Dennis’s initial reluctance, but, by the time the conversation was over, he seemed much less depressed and actually accepted the proposal cheerfully. So, it was arranged that he would drive in, pick me up, and we would celebrate New Year’s together. Don left early on the 31th, promising to call at exactly midnight, St. Louis time, so that we could celebrate the New Year together on the phone.

“Dennis was to pick me up at 8:30 PM, and I began getting dressed in plenty of time. However, a little after 8:00 he rang the doorbell, explaining that he was early because there was so little traf?c on the roads. I went in to ?nish dressing, leaving the bedroom door open so that we could talk. I had the sheer bra and panties on already, added the garter belt and hose, and was walking around, sort of hoping he would get a glimpse of me. Actually, I was out of his line of sight, but it gave me a little tingle to think of it, anyway. I had my dress laid out on the bed, and, remembering the twenty small buttons up the back, I called out, ‘I’ll need you to help me with my dress, Dennis. I can’t reach all the buttons,’ and went into the bathroom.

As I came out, I stopped instantly. There stood Dennis, his eyes, ?guratively at least, bulging from his head. It was as if time had stopped, me standing there, more naked than if I had been naked, my face blushing like that of a school girl, him frozen in position, staring in disbelief and embarrassment. Breaking the chains that held me there, and showing more aplomb than I would have believed possible, I walked past him and picked up my dress, saying, ‘As you can see, I wasn’t quite ready yet!’ I stepped into the dress, pulled it up and turned my back for him to button it.

“As I did so, he stammered, ‘Gosh, Jean, I’m sorry! I thought you were telling me to come in!’ Then, he added, as he began the fastening, “You look absolutely lovely! It’s a beautiful dress, but I hate to cover up all that other beauty underneath!”

I still remember his exact words, and, even today, I can’t believe my reply, “Well, you’ll have to unbutton me later before I can get my dress off, so it will be uncovered again.” I don’t know what possessed me, but I said it! His hands stopped abruptly, then started fumbling with the buttons, saying, “Jean, honey, that’s the best thing I’ve heard of in weeks. You can’t know how bad things have been, and seeing you like that made me forget all that stuff for a while. You really are beautiful!” We were both a little ?ustered, and more than a little bemused by the unexpected intimacy – and, at least on my part, a little scared by what might be coming!

“The evening was delightful! The buffet at the dimmer-dance was excellent, and the music was wonderful, and my dress was a major success with compliments coming from people I didn’t even know. In addition, Dennis couldn’t have been more attentive or thoughtful, showering me with obviously sincere compliments. It was like a ‘heavy date,’ exhilarating, with a tinge of apprehension and anticipation about what might happen afterwards. When midnight arrived and balloons came down, lights ?ashed, etc., it was exciting, as always, and the requisite kiss from Dennis seemed considerably more than a formality. The party would go on all night, and usually Don and I stayed until two or three A.M., but, at about 12:30, Dennis asked me if I were ready to go, and, without hesitation, I said yes. We got back to the apartment around 1:00, the conversation on the way being extremely banal and somewhat forced, neither of us quite at ease. I offered him a drink once we were inside, but he said ‘no,’ and we just stood, neither knowing what to say or do. Finally, after a few minutes of desultory, really inane, prattle, I asked, ‘Do you want to help ‘me get out of this dress?’ As might be expected, he replied, ‘I’d love to.’

“In any case, we went into the bedroom, I turned my back to him, and he slowly unbuttoned my dress. When it was undone, I stepped out of it, hung it carefully over a chair and, with great trepidation, turned and faced him. I had seen myself in the mirror, of course, and I knew that every detail of my body was visible, but, even if I hadn’t looked at the mirror, his face would have told me. He was utterly mesmerized, a reaction that made me feel absolutely wonderful, of course, and kindled escort pendik a real ?re in my cunt. No more than 15 minutes later, we were both naked in bed, and Dennis was in me. It was a wild and frenzied fucking, both of us ready for the release of the sexual tension that had built up all evening. When the climax was reached, we thrashed wildly, then collapsed, spent and satis?ed – for a while.

“We lay there quietly, him fondling and caressing me. I have no idea what we talked about then, but obviously it was not important. I do know that he was very ?attering and very attentive to all parts of my body. Inevitably, all this sex play led to renewed ardor mid, soon, I was on top with his cock buried in my cunt again. It felt wonderful and I was actively fucking myself as I moved up and down. Both of us were becoming extremely excited when, shatteringly, the phone rang. ‘Oh, my god,’ I gasped, ‘it’s Don! He said he would call just before midnight in St. Louis!’

“I raised up and started to pull away, but Dennis held me by the hips and kept his cock in me, saying, ‘Go ahead and answer. He can’t see you over the telephone!’

“Having little choice, I reached over to the bedside table and picked up the receiver to hear Don say, ‘Happy anniversary, honey, and happy new year!’ I had the most peculiar range of feeling go through me! I actually had forgotten that it was our anniversary, and here I was, another man’s cock buried in me while I talked to my husband! I felt a wave of guilt, but also a surge of exhilaration, of doing something that was totally unacceptable, yet was also daring and audacious. If I hadn’t already have been hot, I certainly would never have dreamed of doing such a thing, but I was already engaged in that depraved act, and talking to Don suddenly made it more exciting!

“The amazing thing, however, is how I maintained my composure. If I had been surprised at my aplomb earlier, this was beyond comprehension. Somehow, while continuing to raise and lower myself on Dennis’s cock, I talked on the phone as if I were lying alone in bed. It was if I had two minds, one focused on what Don was saying, the other suffused with sensations ?ooding from my cunt. I was able to not only respond to Don’s comments with no dif?culty, but also to tell him of the wonderful evening I had enjoyed. When he asked what time we had left the party, I said about one o’clock, clearly implying – and maybe even saying…I don’t remember – that Dennis had left immediately. I know that I told him that the evening had really helped Dennis get over his depression, but I didn’t say how he got over it!

“While the conversation was going on, Dennis continued to fuck up into me, his motions indicating that he was close to coming. Impossible as it may seem, I, also, was approaching orgasm, my body ?exing up and down, grinding against him to get the fullest contact. It was like suppressing a cough, ?ghting to hold back while, somehow, I continued talking. Finally, when the explosion was all too near, Don said ‘Goodnight, honey, I’1l call you around 11:00 tomorrow night. happy anniversary!’ I responded, ‘Happy anniversary, dear. I love you!’ and hung up. At the precise moment I spoke, Dennis climaxed, ?ooding my cunt. I barely had the receiver down when I exploded, a tremendous orgasm that had been restrained and now burst forth. I rolled off onto the bed beside Dennis, both of us exhausted, but laughing together as if we had just won a contest.

“So, Susan, that is what all this has been leading up to. After it was over, I asked myself why I hadn’t felt guilty over such a ?agrant example of in?delity – fucking another man on my anniversary, in my own bed, while talking to my husband on the phone! You can’t get more unfaithful than that! The answer, of course, is what I told you before – the screwing and the phone sex had nothing, really, to do with Don! I wasn’t doing it because of him, not trying to fool him, certainly not trying to get back at him for anything. When I said ‘I love you’ before I hung up, I meant it. It’s just that there is real perverse enjoyment in doing something that is immoral, even indecent – like those wild fantasies I talked about. Thinking of screwing with another man is not being unfaithful, it’s just a fantasy. What I did with Dennis, and you did with Robert, was nothing more than living a fantasy, with no more impact on my feelings for Don than a dream would!”

“My heavens, Jean, that was a fascinating experience! I don’t know how you carried it off, but I certainly know that you care for Don, and I guess I see what you mean – it’s almost like a game, or a dream, not real, in a way! Was that the ?rst time you had done anything like that?”

“Susan, when we were married, I certainly wasn’t as innocent as you were – if nothing else, Don had screwed me long before the wedding. I’d petted quite a bit in high school and college, having my breasts out and my cunt felt through my panties, but, the night when I was played with when wearing my red dress, was the ?rst time anyone but Don had felt my bare cunt! No, this was completely new – not only my ?rst adultery, but my ?rst real sexual experience aside from Don. That’s why my composure on the phone was so amazing – I was not some experienced wanton!” Jean hesitated a moment, then added, “There is more to this story, if you want to hear it.”

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