Sunday at Annie’s Ch. 02


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Double Penetration

Annie whispered in my ear, “I’ve been a naughty girl. You should take me to my room and spank me good. I got it comin’.”

She ran out of the room, but not before stopping long enough to flash her ass, one more time.

I had to go after her. I found her sitting on her bed, hanging her head and looking up at me with her pitiful, little girl look, that was just adorable. I wanted to kiss her and hold her tight, but my blood was still boiling.

“How dare you treat my little brother that way!” I declared.

“Oh lighten up. He loves it.”

“You hush!” I said. I knew that she was right, and that ate me up. “And to do that sort of stuff in front of me. He was so embarrassed.”

“I did all that just for you,” she said, “He wasn’t embarrassed, you were.”

“I thought I told you to hush!” I said sternly. I had never spoken to Annie this way. I had never spoken to any one that way.

I could see that Annie was trying not to laugh. “I’m serious, Annie!” I said.

She gave me her pitiful little girl face again. I wanted to kiss her again, but I went on, “And why would you tell him that I want to see…him naked?”

“Because you do!” she said, “And you know it.”

“Even if I did, that’s no reason to say it in front of him!”

“I knew it!”

“That’s enough!”

“Oh, you gonna spank me now?” she was mocking me.

“Yes I am,” I said and plopped down beside her on the edge of the bed. Without my saying another word, she lay across my lap and bared her beautiful ass. I looked at the smooth, white, tender flesh and wanted to caress it. I wanted to fondle her ass-cheeks. I wanted to kiss her creamy thighs. I remembered the mocking tone of her voice and my anger returned.

Annie was much tougher than I was and she doubted that I could hurt her. When the role was reversed and I lay across her lap to receive her spankings, I always gave in quickly and begged for mercy, swearing I would never be naughty again. I knew it wouldn’t be like that with Annie.

I was reminded of a time that she spanked me with her hairbrush, rather than her bare hand. We had been at a party together. Usually we would rescue one another from the advances of the guys at these parties, but that night I had met a pretty girl named Karen.

I had slipped away to a secluded little corner with Karen and she was about to kiss me. I can still remember how cute Karen was that night, her short, brunette hair and her brown eyes. She had freckles on her cheeks, a turned-up nose and the cutest little pouty lips. She had her hand on my butt and was pressing her breasts against mine, with those lips of hers, just inches from mine. I closed my eyes and moistened my own lips in anticipation. I had never kissed anyone other than Annie at that point. It was so exciting to be kissing somebody new.

Just then I felt Karen violently snatched away from me and Annie was suddenly in my face, “What the fuck do you think you’re doin’?” she growled under her breath.”What are you? Some kind of lesbian slut? I turn my back on you for a minute and you’re off with this…” She aimed her glare at Karen who recoiled in fear. Karen’s pretty brown eyes grew so wide in her fright that I wanted to cry for her.

Then Annie focused her rage on me once more. Annie’s eyes cut to the core of me. I shared the fear that Annie had brought to poor little Karen. I was afraid that Annie might hit me, or throw me to the ground and really beat me up. Instead she took me by the hand and pulled me after her, muttering, under her breath, what were probably some of the most vile and contemptible things she might have ever uttered to me. I was glad that I couldn’t understand what she said.

I looked back to see sweet little Karen, staring in wide-eyed, opened-mouth, disbelief. I tried to relay my apologies in some sort of expression, that, I’m sure either fell far short of my intentions, or was sadly misinterpreted.

My feelings for Karen were soon displaced by my own fear as Annie shoved me into her car. I sat silently in the passenger’s seat as Annie drove me back to her house. It was an agonizingly silent drive. I was so scared and ashamed that I couldn’t help but cry. I struggled to keep my sobs to myself, so as not to anger Annie any farther. Annie heard me choking back my sobs and barked, “Shut the fuck up!” I cried, silently, all the back to her house.

Annie dragged me into the house and up to her room. She glared at me with such disdain that I was not sure what to do. I followed the procedure that we had set in similar circumstances. I stripped to just my panties and fell to my knees. I knew I was about to be punished and I felt I deserved what aver Annie was about to mete out. I deserved it and I was some how looking forward to it.

I knelt there, waiting, anticipating her wrath, as she stalked about me, taking off her own clothes and lashing me with them. I was ashamed and embarrassed. How could I have done this to my Annie.

Finally Annie sat on the edge of her bed. She was stripped down canlı bahis to her panties. She was sweaty, hot and flushed. She had never looked so beautiful to me. I was wishing that the look on her face would soften and allow me to wrap my arms around her, but I had yet to be punished. It was then that she stood and strode to her dresser. She picked up her favorite hairbrush. It was huge, made of maple, with a long, slender handle. Annie had brushed my hair with it a hundred times, and I had brushed her hair with it just as many times.

She sat on the edge of her bed, and I knew that her expression meant that I should lay across her lap. She pulled my panties down, enough to expose the cheeks of my tender ass. She struck the right cheek of my soft little bum firmly and I gasped. The next blow found the delicate flesh of my left cheek, I grunted, but held my ground.

Annie continued to swat my soft little butt, alternating from left cheek to right until I reached that point where pain and pleasure collided, then my pussy began to gush. I’m sure that she enjoyed the feeling of my juices flowing down her legs as much as I enjoyed them running down my thighs. I hated it that I liked that feeling. I didn’t want to love the pain she inflicted on me, but it was part of loving my Annie.

Once my juices began to flow, Annie spread my legs, slightly, and ran tip of the brushes handle across the lips of my tender, sopping twat. She found the center of my slit and slowly drove the handle home. She pushed every bit of it into me. I was soft and hot and wet. I welcomed every inch of it. She pulled it back and plunged it all the way into me again, and again. She fucked me with her bush, over and over, until she knew I was on the verge of orgasm and then she pulled it out.

I hung there in suspended animation, not sure what to expect next. She let me linger there for what seemed like an eternity, but was really only seconds. Then came the crashing blow of that glorious brush, on my tender little ass, once, twice, three more times. It was then that I started to cum. I had never experienced such an intense orgasm.

Annie pushed the brush deep into me and laid her hand on my ass as I convulsed in orgasm, my juices flowing down my thighs and all over her legs. She dragged me into her bed. I begged her forgiveness and pledged to her that I would for ever love only her. I would be forever faithful. I caressed and kissed and touched her until she was awash in orgasmic pleasure. I was, from that moment, her eternal slave, I wanted nothing more than to please my Annie.

Then, I found myself, back in the present moment, with Annie at my mercy. I wanted to punish her as harshly as she had punished me in the past. I gazed upon her beautiful ass. I wanted to gently caress the soft skin of her sweet little bum.

I resisted my urges to touch her tenderly and slapped her bare bottom, as hard as I could. She offered no response. I slapped her naked ass again, still no response. I swatted her again and again and again. She was determined not to make a sound, other than to draw a deep breath.

I delivered four or five more swats. My arm was getting tired. I gently rested my hand on her bum I felt it was hot and I could see it was red. Still not a sound from Annie.

I fought back a tear and said, “Have you learned your lesson, young lady?” I asked.

She let out a long low moan, and then sighed, “I guess so.” It was then that I felt her juices on my leg. She got up off my lap and crawled onto the bed. She lay on her stomach and bared her ass, just as I had often done after she spanked me.

Annie would sometimes kiss each cheek of my butt, then my thighs or the small of my back and then we would end up making love, as I promised to be good.

I crawled up between Annie’s legs and stared at her red butt cheeks. I was sure she was in some pain, my hand was still stinging. As I moved close to her gorgeous ass, my hair brushed the back of her thighs and I saw the goose-bumps rise. I slowly lowered my face to her bum, my hair fell across her legs and goose-bumps ran all over her, especially her tender red butt. I felt so bad for having hurt my Annie.

I softly kissed her left butt-cheek. I could feel the heat on my lips She sucked in several staccato breaths and exhaled a soft, “Oh.” I kissed her right cheek and got the same reaction.

Each time I kissed her she drew a quick breaths and exhaled a soft moan. I kissed every inch of her sweet round butt. I kissed down the back of her left thigh and back up her right.

Annie raised herself up on her knees and spread her legs a little farther. I kissed the inside of each of her thighs. My lips were within an inch of her hot wet pussy. I could smell her musk. Her juices were flowing and my lips found them. I licked them from her thighs. I was as close to eating her out. I wanted to eat her pussy so much, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I loved the smell of it.

Annie was breathing harder and her juices were flowing even more. My juices bahis siteleri were flowing as well. I wanted to make love to my Annie. Just then she whispered, “Eat me!” I wanted to eat her, but I paused. “Eat me, Leslie,” she said. “Eat my pussy!” It was an order. I was no longer in charge, and that made me mad. I bit her bare, red, wet ass, hard.

She rolled over so fast that she almost kicked my face. She looked up at me in amazement. “Look who’s gettin’ feisty,” she said. She rose to her knees and moved to within inches of my face. I was determined to hold my ground, but I was about to lose my nerve. “Damn! You beautiful little bitch, you’re even prettier when you’re mad at me.” She ran her fingers through my tangled hair and then grabbed a handful of it and pulled me to her face. She kissed me forcefully and jammed her tongue into my mouth. We kissed with a passion that was almost violent.

She pushed me down on the bed and grabbed a handful of my hair again. She kissed me hard once more as she pulled my hair back. It hurt, but I loved it. For some reason I liked it when Annie hurt me. I became a little more submissive. Annie was in control now She started to stroke my hot wet pussy. She plunged a finger in, deep and fast. It hurt a little. I wanted her to hurt my pussy. We had played rough in bed before, but this time she seemed mean.

“You like this, Baby?” she asked.

“Oh yeah,” I said. “I love it.” I knew what she wanted. She wanted me to talk dirty. “Oh yes, Baby! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy!”

She started to stroke me slowly and gently. “Is this how you like it Sweety?” she asked softly. She loosened her grip on my hair slightly.

“Oh yeah, Baby,” I breathed, “I love that. Fuck me, Baby!”

She fucked my little pussy gently for a minute, as I repeated, “Fuck me, Baby! Fuck me, Baby!” over and over. I drew a deep breath and begged her, “Oh, fuck me hard , Baby!”

She paused for a second and looked me in the eye. She gave me a wicked little smile and went back to work. She slid a second finger into me and began to bang me faster and harder. She added a third finger and dug in as deep as she could. Harder and faster with me grunting on every stroke

She stopped and reached under her mattress and pulled out a pillow case. Out the pillow case, she drew a dildo. We had used a dildo on one another before, but I hadn’t seen that one. It was bigger than the one we had used before and it had a head on each end. She slowly slid one end of it up into her own pussy. I started to tremble in anticipation. I watched as she fucked herself for a minute or two. I couldn’t believe how much of that thing she could take into her twat. I was dripping. She pulled off her t-shirt and touched her nipples. I watched them get hard between her fingers.

“Fuck me, Baby!” I whispered. She brushed the hair from my sweaty face and then wrapped her hand in my hair again. She leaned down and pressed her mouth to mine with force again. We shared another of those violently passionate kisses. She was fingering my pussy again. She pulled my head back by my hair and whispered through her teeth, “Call me Teddy!”

We had played this kind of game before. She would have me call her “Linda”, or some other name, and she would call me “Patty” or something. It was fun to kiss and touch “Linda” or whoever, in the dark. This was different though. I hesitated. She pulled my hair back and pushed four fingers up in me as far as she could and repeated. “Call me Teddy!”

That hurt even more. I knew it was useless to resist. If I hadn’t given in she would have shoved her whole fist up into me. Annie always got her way. “OK, Teddy.”

“Tell me that you love me.” She had started the slow gentle stroking again.

“I love you, Teddy.”

“Do you want my dick?”

“Oh yes, Teddy, I want your dick.”

“Beg for it!”

“Give me your dick, Teddy! Please! Give me your dick.”

I felt her fingers deep inside me, and then she pulled them out. She took hold of my hand and placed it on her dildo, saying, “Do you like my dick, Baby?”

I ran my hand up and down the smooth cold shaft and said, “I love your dick, Teddy. I want your dick so bad.”

She went back to fingering me as I stroked her dick. She was using two fingers again. As I slid my hand up and down the shaft, it slid slightly back and forth in her pussy. I tightened my grip and began to fuck her with her own dick. I knew what she wanted to hear, so as I fucked her, I repeated, “I love your big, hard dick, Teddy. I want your dick so bad, Teddy. Fuck me, Teddy!”

“Do you want to suck it, Baby?”

“Oh yes, Teddy, I want to suck your dick. Please let me suck it. Let me suck your dick, Teddy!”

She slowly pulled the dildo from her pussy, turned it around and pushed it back inside her. She moved up near my face and I rolled over to take “Teddy’s” dick in my mouth. This end was warm now and it tasted of Annie’s box. Her juices were dripping off of it. As I started to lick her juices off the dildo, she slid her fingers bahis şirketleri back into my twat, three of them. We had played at sucking cock before, but now I found myself really wanting it, really wanting a hard, hot, fleshy cock in my mouth, really wanting Teddy’s cock in my mouth.

She finger-fucked me as I sucked her. I loved the taste of her juices, but soon they were gone, and I only tasted rubber. I pulled her rubber cock from my mouth and said, “Fuck me, Teddy! I want your dick in my pussy. Oh, fuck me, Teddy! Fuck me! Fuck me, Teddy!”

Annie crawled between my open legs and suspended herself over me, with half of the dildo buried in her twat and the other head pressed against my hot, dripping pussy. We looked each other in the eye and time stood still. “I love you, Teddy,” I moaned. “Fuck me, my…Brother.”

That wicked little smile rose on Annie’s lips again as she pressed her big rubber cock into me. It was huge. I had never had anything that large inside me. She eased the head inside my quivering pussy and reached down and twisted the thing. It was glorious. She drew a deep breath and released a deep moan. “I love you too, Baby,” she groaned.

“Fuck me,” I moaned. “Fuck me, Teddy!”

Annie lowered her weight and plunged her cock several inches into me. I had never had anything as thick as that. It hurt, but I loved it. I had wanted her to hurt my pussy and now I was about to get my wish.

“Oh god, Teddy,” I breathed. “I love your dick so much!”

Annie pushed another inch, or maybe two into my twat. Nothing had ever been so deep inside me. That thing was huge.My senses were afire. I welcomed the pain. This was real sex, not the girly-girl kind I was used to. I looked into Annie’s face and could tell that she was going through something special. Maybe she’d never had this thing so deep inside her, I don’t know. I hoped it was more special than that.

Annie had her hand wrapped around that thing between our twats. She twisted it again, I quivered and she chuckled.

She laid back with her head away from me and positioned herself between my legs so that her pussy was inches from mine with her giant, two-headed dick in both of us. She slid one of her legs under one of mine and threw her other foot up on my shoulder. I kissed her foot.

She inched closer and pushed more of her huge cock into me, deeper than anything had ever been. The pain was magnificent. “Oh, Teddy! Fuck me!” I said out loud. She pushed it in deeper still. I felt her hot wet pussy touch my sopping, twitching box. She began to grind against me, left and right, back and forth, up and down, all over my pussy.

I felt her pussy lips slid across mine, in every direction and this great big thing moving around inside of me. It felt like it was all the way up in my guts. The pain was intense but the pleasure was incredible. I wrapped my arms around her leg and squeezed it between my breast.

“Oh God, Teddy!” I cried “I love you so much. I love your dick Teddy. I love how you fuck me Teddy!”

Annie started twisting her foot into my hair. I grabbed it and began kissing her ankle. I kissed down to the bottom of her foot. I licked the arch, which tickled her. She let out a sound that was part laugh and part moan. I took her big toe into my mouth and started to suck it. She stopped moving for a second and then she began to quiver. She started to shake and tremble as the throes of an orgasm came over her.

As she shook, her pussy began to bounce against mine, causing her dick to vibrate inside of us. Then I began to shake and we came together, our juices mingling on our pussies and running down our thighs and asses.

We just lay there for several minutes with that giant phallus inside of us. Annie slowly withdrew and pulled that great big thing out of me. She rose to her knees. She looked like some sort of mythical creature. Her hair was fiery in that light. It was all tangled and hung in her face. She had the face and body of the most beautiful woman on earth and between her legs hung that enormous penis, dripping with my juices. Her gorgeous body was glistening with sweat, she was breathing hard and she was obviously exhausted. She looked as if she had just finished some epic battle. She was breath-taking. She was a goddess. At that moment I worshiped and adored her.

I watched as she pulled that gigantic thing out of her and tossed it aside. She shook her hair back out of face, looked me in the eye and said softly, “God, I love you.”

“I love you too!” I whispered.

She looked down at my pussy, gently placed her hand on my thigh and said, “Ooh, does that hurt?”

“Yeah,” I said. “Just a little.” I lied. It hurt a lot.

“You want me to kiss it and make it better?”

I just nodded my head. She slowly bent down between my legs. I shivered as her hair brushed against my thighs. I felt her hot breath on my wet skin, then I felt her lips touch my tender, swollen labia. She gently kissed my pussy again, a little lower, and then again, lower still. I raised my hips to allow to her go farther. She kissed her way down, almost to my butt-hole. She extended her tongue and licked me all the way top of my twat. Her soft, smooth tongue slightly parted the sore lips of my cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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