Summer of Indian Aunties Ch. 09


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Big Tits

Chapter 9 — Taking Taiba

The second aunt is taken by her nephew

Author’s note: This is a story of a cheating wife, of adultery, of incest. If that is not your thing, skip this story. And remember while adultery can be a great source of enjoyment in fantasy and erotica, in real life it damages souls and destroys marriages. Please treat the following story as a fiction and fantasy piece only. It is written to deliver pleasure, and has no other purpose. — Tarek Zia

Taiba paid the rickshaw driver, stepped down from the rickshaw, put the suitcase on the ground and walked up the steps to the door of the lodge. She seemed to be giddy and eager; there was a spring in her step, a swing in her big hips, and a smile on her beautiful lips. She rang the bell and was surprised to see me open the door almost instantaneously. I had been listening for the rickshaw so I opened the door almost immediately as soon as she had rung the bell.

She looked ravishing. As in, I wanted to ravish her. There was something about her. Despite being chubby and fat, this curvy aunt of mine oozed a sort of sex appeal the modern skinny Bollywood actresses just couldn’t. The meat that she displayed on her waist and tummy was just begging to be squeezed and jiggled. Her light pink blouse, barely constraining her large breasts, looked warm and inviting. The pink sari, draped loosely around her body, resembled a refreshingly cool flower on a hot summer day. As I said, she had a smile on her face, and a spring in her step. She was happy to be here. Ladies, don’t ever let someone tell you that you are fat. A smile, and if you display a little bit of skin, always goes a long way in boosting your sex appeal. Especially if you have big boobs.

I greeted Taiba with a hug and a kiss. Well, actually a big, nice, long hug and LOTS of kisses. My hands snaked their wait around her big hips, rested flat on her giant bum, and I pressed my lips on my fat aunt’s pudgy cheeks.


“Welcome back, Taibee!” I said, using the pet name I sometimes used for my favourite aunt, as I gave her gaand a nice squeeze. “Welcome, home, darling.”


My hands continued to grope her fleshy derriere.

“Thank you, Nazu!” Taiba gushed. “I am so happy to be back!”


“Oh I missed you, mamani. My sweetheart.” I said, my hands pinching her buttocks hard. Taiba squealed.


“I missed you too, beta. Ouch! Beta, my peechwade!”


I was still pocking my finger in her ass.

“We are going to make up for some lost time now, Taibee. My beautiful, my sweet, my sexy mamani!”


The rickshaw driver who had dropped her off had watched, big eyed, as I had hugged her, kissed her cheeks and felt up my aunt’s big bottom. I saw him looking, and for some reason that simply heightened my desire for my aunt. I should have been more discreet — my aunt was a married lady, and she had a reputation to protect in Tinpur. Yet here I was, openly putting my finger in her ass crack, and then pinching her bottom, in full view of this lowly rickshaw driver.

I gave him a wink, pinched my aunt’s big bottom again, grabbed the meat of her ass cheek and jiggled it, and then made a shooing motion for him to get up on his rickshaw and leave. I wonder what stories he was going to tell about me and my scandalous aunt back in the village. That batchalan aurat!

After almost five minutes of hugging, kissing, groping, pinching and molesting my aunt right on her doorstep in full view of anyone the street, I had to reluctantly let go of her so she could come inside. Taiba was breathless from being groped and kissed, and I could see her cheeks flushing. She was bright red with excitement and I could see a sparkle in her eyes. Any thoughts I had that she had taken this break to re-evaluate her playful nature with me was now gone. This lady was ready for fun! If I play my cards right, I might even get to fuck her tonight!

I then turned and as Taiba walked past me into the house, I raised my hand and gave her buttocks a biiiiiiiiiiig, firm swat.



“Oof!” She giggled, somewhat helplessly as I smacked her buttocks again, and again. “Thanks for the warning, beta. I can see I am going to be a busy woman for the next two weeks!”


“You bet, mamani! I am going to not let you sleep at night!”



Taiba chuckled.

“Oh, my poor peechwade! I better put some lotion on!”

My eyes followed the curvy figure of my chubby aunt as she walked in and headed for her room to freshen up. Her pink sari kept going in and out of her ass crack, outlining the shape of her huge buttocks. With her suitcase in my hand, I followed her and walked in to her room behind her.

“Where should I put this?” I asked her, standing beside her bed. The same bed in which I had slept beside her and had spanked her buttocks and had ejaculated canlı bahis on her when she had been sleeping. Two weeks ago. My dick sprang to life as I thought about that night.

“Oh, put it on that side.” Taiba said. “Thanks, beta.”

I watched as my aunt took off her hair clip and placed it on the dressing table. Her long jet black hair, which had been held in a bun at the top of her head, fell down to her hips. The journey on the hot and humid bus ad made her sweat a little, so I could see beads of perspiration still there on the back of her neck, on her waist, and there was a damp spot under each of her arm pits, visible on her blouse when she had raised her hands to remove the hair clip.

There was something loose and carefree about her. She was beaming, and I saw her give me glance out of the corner of her eye, and then smile, and then quickly she went back to adjusting her pallu. She then took off the rings from her fingers, and the bangles from her hand, and kept them on the dressing table. She then once again turned back to give me a brief smile, before turning her back to me as she stood in front of the mirror.

Oh I wanted to fuck her right there and now!

Unable to control myself, I stood behind her and hugged her from behind. My hands rested on her bare tummy, my fingers went into her navel, and I pressed my hard manhood against her buttocks, and pulled her from her back towards me.

“Oooh, beta.” Taiba murmured, as I hugged her from behind tightly. There was no way she could have missed my hardness, which was now burrowing its way deep into the cleft of her big buttocks. I pursed my lips and placed a kiss on the nape of her neck. This wasn’t a platonic kiss of a nephew on his aunt. I was nibbling on the nape of her neck like a lover on his mistress.

“Mmmmm.” Taiba murmured.

She placed her own pudgy hands on top of mine. I humped her again. My hardness was now definitely rock solid, and poking her in between the crack of her ass.

“Oh, beta.” She then giggled. “I can see that you have missed me … and my peechwade. I can feel you!”

“Oh, yes, mamani.” I moved my hips, rubbing myself against her behind, leading her to gasp. I was dry humping her like a dog humps his bitch. “Oh mamani! I missed your big peechwade, Taibee. And you can feel me now? Wait until tonight, mamani. You will feel me more thoroughly!”

There! I have said it. I have told her I wanted to fuck her tonight. Let’s see what she says.

“Beta. Beta.” My aunt softly stroked my hand with hers. “You have so much hawas — lust — for me! No one has ever … treated me like this before! I am surprised, beta, that you haven’t grabbed my peechwade and spanked me already!”

Oh, she wanted to be spanked, did she? Well, fucking can wait a bit!

I moved my left hand from her tummy and placed it squarely on her left butt cheek. I patted her rump, somewhat vigorously.

“Did you put on a little weight, mamani?” I asked her, pinching her behind.

“I … I don’t know … beta.” Taiba mumbled coyly as I continued to paw her ass. “I … I have been eating the same foods!”

“You HAVE gained a little weight, mamani.” I told her in a disapproving voice, as I raised my hand. “I have to teach you how to eat healthy, mamani.”

“Oh yes, beta.” Taiba gleefully played along. “Please teach me how to eat healthy, Nazu.”

Before Taiba could realize what was going on, I smacked her hard on her buttocks, even as my other hand held her big belly firmly. God! This woman was all meat!


“Ooooh!” Taiba could only murmur helplessly, as a sting must have spread on her butt cheek where I had hit her. I raised my hand again.

“Mamani. You should really watch what you eat.”


“Yes, beta, I will.”


“Samosas and pakodas are now banned for you, mamani.”


“Yes, beta. I am sorry, beta. Please punish me.”


“I told you before you had left that you need to reduce some weight.”


“Yes, beta. I really needed some discipline, beta. I am sure you will give that to me.”


Taiba stood there meekly, her face blushing bright red with shame, as I, her nephew, spanked her on her left butt cheek again and again.



“I am sorry, beta.” She apologized, when I stopped spanking her, and caressed her bottom. “I will try and eat healthier from now on.”


“You should, mamani.” I grabbed her by the rump and jiggled it. Then I jiggled her belly. “A little bit of meat is nice, mamani. But too much is not good. You start getting diabetes and other diseases.”

“Yes, beta.”


“Ok, mamani.” I gave her a final smack on her ass and then pinched her gaand sharply. “How did it feel, Taiba, getting a spanking from me, your nephew?”

I could see Taiba blushing a deep red once again. She continued to stare bahis siteleri down at her feet, unable to say anything in shame. Her hands tenderly rubbed her butt cheek where I had spanked her. I then turned her around so that she was facing me, and once again placed my hand on her bare waist, and pulled her to me in a tight hug.

“From now on,” I told her, “I will spank your peechwade every time I feel you need it. Do you understand, Taiba?”

My aunt remained still, and then nodded, still looking down.

“What did you say?” I asked her. “I didn’t hear anything.”

“I …” Taiba hesitated, and then spoke in a rush. “You will spank me, beta, if I need to be punished. I … I am OK with that, beta. I am yours to be punished.”

“Good.” I hugged her tightly and then once again kneaded her buttocks. Taiba gave a slight yelp but otherwise remained quite as I mauled her bottom again. Then she giggled.

“Oh, that spanking felt nice, beta.” She said. “The way you took command of the situation in so masterly a fashion — made it very exciting, beta.”

“Er … thanks, mamani.” I replied. “But remember, I will spank you whenever I feel like you deserve it.”

“Yes, beta. As your mamani, I give you that right.”

“Good. Now, Taiba, it is time for you to freshen up and take a bath.” I told my aunt. “I want you to wear a nice, light, chiffon sari, blue if you have one. Leave your waist and navel bare, and your big tummy exposed when you tie up your sari. And don’t wear a bra; just the blouse. I want your big breasts to roam freely inside your blouse.”

“Er … yes, beta.” If Taiba was surprised at my ordering her crudely about after having spanked her, she didn’t show it at all. Her face was still a flushed red; I guess she was still embarrassed at how I had punished her. As I let go of her, she gingerly rubbed her sore bottom, her eyes still cast down, and she found herself unable to meet my gaze. She was feeling humiliated, of course, getting thrashed on her bottom by me, but I could also smell something else in the air.


Taiba was wet! I could smell it in the air! She was leaking like an open Indian faucet! My spanking and groping had succeeded in deeply arousing her! Unlike Shaheen, Taiba was a natural submissive, and humiliation turned her on.

“Taiba!” I decided to take another risk and continue my bossing of my aunt. “When you go to the washroom, don’t close the door fully. Leave it slightly ajar.”

“Er … yes, beta.” Her eyes became wide, but still she did not refuse my order! “Beta, I … um… are you going to … er … see me in the … uh … shower … I …”

“No!” I replied firmly, and then forced a laugh. “You will take a shower, mamani. But you will leave the door ajar. I may or may not come in — it doesn’t matter. You are not to shut the door. I want to hear what you do. Is that clear, or do I have to spank you again?”

“Er … clear, beta.” Taiba stammered, clearly flustered. She was panting now. “But … er … Nazu … please don’t come in now. Maybe later tonight …”

I grunted my assent. Taiba, noticeably, would be a little nervous at things moving fast. She was fine with what we were doing now, but I would have to progress things slowly. She indicated later tonight, which meant she was fine with things progressing — just she wanted some time to process. That was fine with me.

I said nothing, but watched as my aunt rummaged in the closet for a blue chiffon sari. Her buttocks jiggled as she moved, and it was all the self control I had to not take her in my arms and spank her again on those big, fleshy buttocks. From time to time she rubbed her ass where I had spanked her. O Taiba! By the time this weekend was done, I was going to have your ass in more ways!

She gathered her clothes, turned and gave me a nervous smile, and then walked into the bathroom. As per my instructions, she left the door slightly ajar. I sat down on the bed, so I didn’t peer into the bathroom directly, but I could hear what was going on.

There was a rustle, which I understood was the sound of Taiba taking off her clothes. First to come off must be the sari, and then the petticoat. I heard a small click, which I understood were the buttons of her blouse. And then I heard the distinct sound of metal clasp as she must have undone her bra. That is it — my aunt Taiba was now completely naked in the bathroom.

I heard her footsteps, and then the heavy thud as she must have sat down heavily on the commode. Then there was silence.

And then there was the unmistaken sound of a trickle made by a stream of liquid, as she must have began to pee. My aunt, fully naked, was unabashedly and shamelessly peeing, knowing that her nephew was in the room, just outside the door, able to hear everything, and could walk in on her any moment.

I heard the sound of the flush, and then the water running in the sink as she must have washed up. There bahis şirketleri was another pause in the noise. Perhaps she was waiting for me to enter the bathroom? But she did ask me not to.

I then got up and walked to the bathroom door. Taking hold of the door handle, I then shut the door firmly. I then walked downstairs to the kitchen to wait for my aunt to emerge after her shower. I didn’t need to hear any more.

I sat down at the bar and decided to take stock of the situation.

I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly and smoothly things have progressed with Taiba. I started from hugging and kissing her and groping her peechwade to rubbing myself against her and then ordering her about, and spanking her. Not only it was almost as if she never left, but we picked up right from where we had left. Her break did not seem to have dampened her enthusiasm nor did she appear to have any second thoughts about moving things ahead with me.

Then again, I reflected, I had moved fast with Taiba. No sooner was she here I was hugging and groping her. Barely had she the time to catch her breath before I was spanking her. I didn’t even give her time to think or reflect. She had to go with the flow. And this was possible because Taiba was not Shaheen.

With Shaheen, I had to move slowly. Very slowly. Shaheen was a conservative prude, but that was her exterior. Her interior was a sex-starved slut that was repressed for so long. It had taken a long time for me to break that shell, but once it was broken — and it was broken when she succumbed to her desires and gave me that blowjob — that was when she became a full fledged sex slut.

Taiba, on the other hand, was a natural submissive, and her relation with me was already to a different level. We fooled around, in a fun and joking way, and I would do things to her that I wouldn’t do to other women of my family. That was before this summer. This time, she just decided to move things to the next level, so all I had to do was take charge and play along.

Now would she go with me all the way? This was something I had thought about, but didn’t delve on fully. Taiba could be slutty with me, but she could have some limits. She may decide, for example, spanking and groping is fine, a little fooling around is fine, but she doesn’t want me to fuck her because that she would consider cheating on her husband and a step too far. Or she might want to do this and not that. Just because she’s a sub does not mean anything goes. She would listen to me because she is getting some kinky thrill about being dominated. As soon as I ask her to do something she doesn’t want to do, that would be that.

One thing I realized, things were not what they appeared. For example, Shaheen was the bossy aunt, the conservative aunt, but once she succumbed to having an affair, she lost all control and that made me the one in charge. Hence I practically used Shaheen’s body as I willed. Taiba was different. True — she ceded control, but only on her terms. I realized how she had goaded me into spanking her.

“Beta. Beta.” She has softly encouraged me. “You have so much hawas — lust — for me! No one has ever … treated me like this before! I am surprised, beta, that you haven’t grabbed my peechwade and spanked me already!”

And me? So enthusiastically did I spank her that I didn’t realize it was Taiba who wanted it, and made ME do it to her! So in reality, who was in charge? I would have to manage it so that by the end of her stay, she was another sex slave of mine.

I don’t know why I was so bent on fucking my aunts and turning them into my chattels. I mean, if before the start of the summer you told me I was going to be able to friendly enough with my aunts to kiss and cuddle with them I would have been happy. But now, the affair with Shaheen had woken up something inside me as well. I was determined to … how shall I say it … “conquer” my aunts. They were a peak that I had to mount and climb. They were a farm that I had to plant my virile seed in.

The noise of bangles alerted me that Taiba was coming down the stairs after her shower. I turned from my seat to face the door, and my jaw dropped as Taiba entered.

There’s something about an Indian lady who had just taken a bath and put on a sari. Nothing can describe the beauty and feelings aroused by that nazara — that sight. Taiba was truly something to behold. Her jet black hair, falling to her buttocks, was still wet and clinging to her, her sari was wrapped tightly around her voluptuous and chubby body, snugly sticking to her due to her wetness. Beads of fresh water like crystal drops glistened on her tummy and navel and neck where she hadn’t dried herself completely. Her milky white fair complexion radiated a warm fresh glow, her skin smooth and ripe after a relaxing bath, and as she turned, the sari disappearing into the crack of her huge ass. Her blouse stuck closely to her big breasts, and I could see a damp spot where her nipple brushed against the material of the blouse on each breast. Despite being slightly overweight, she radiated oomph and a raw sex appeal. She was the untamed wild tigress that I had to tame and her large bosom called out to me.

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