Sub Sister in law , Sub Wife Pt. 02


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Sub sister in law and wife Part 2 – this the second of a 2 part experience but both stories can be read independently. (The first is Sub Sister in law & Wife Part 1)


We were at my in in-laws for Thanksgiving, We hadn’t seen Kelly since the summer. I was in the back yard with her father while he was moving a flat tire into the garage, when he said,

“She’s been like a new girl since she got back here, I don’t know what’s in the water at your place but whatever it is, it worked, she’s been going to her courses and working, it’s been fantastic,” he said with a big smile.

I simply nodded.

Since arriving the day before Kelly had been more reserved than the girl I had known, but she was very touchy and gave me a big hug when we arrived. She sat next to me at dinner and was overly interested in any conversation I was part of, asking all kinds of mindless questions and laughing at nearly everything I said. My wife Katie, her older sister just smirked and shot me a smile

After dinner, I went out the garage to clean up a heavy items for her Dad.

Kelly appeared at the door in the garage,

“Whatcha ya doing?”

“Moving some things for your father,”

“Can I help?”

I tilted my head at her and put the tools down,

“What is it dear, you have been following me around like a puppy since we arrived?”

“I know, I just, well I am excited to see you!” she touched my bare arm, “well like both you and Katie.”

She was playing with her hair in her mouth and looking at me with the pouty lips and her big brown eyes.

“I mean, like, I was thinking maybe we could hang or something, like go to a movie or whatever…sometime?”

I shifted my weight and touched her shoulders.

“Listen, Kelly, that sounds like a date and we can’t go on a date?”

“Why not?” she said and almost stomped her foot like she was going to have little tantrum.

“Kelly,” I started to say and she cut me off,

“It’s just I can’t stop thinking about Labor Day weekend, like, I tried to forget about it but I can’t, it’s like an itch in my tummy that I can’t get rid of, well, it’s not really in my tummy,” she said giggling touching my chest while she said it.

I remained silent and motionless, starring her down.

“Can I show you something?”

“I guess that depends, do I have a choice?” As I looked at her with caution.

She looked over her shoulder at the door, her hair flipping back and forth as she looked back at me, she began to unbutton her skinny jeans.

“Kelly,” I stammered, “what are you doing?”

She unzipped her jeans and flipped the button, “I shaved for you, I’ve shaved for you ever since I’ve been home, just like you asked.”

She pulled her pants open just enough for me to see her panties, baby blue, she pushed them down deep into her crotch and revealed her pelvic region, which was in fact bare and smooth. It was beautiful. I couldn’t believe this was the girl carrying flowers at our wedding.

We heard a voice from the house, her Dad, letting the dog out and could I shut the gate? She shot me a smile and quickly zipped up her pants. She waited for me to react. I didn’t.

“Awe come on, I thought you’d be proud of me?”

Only she pronounced the word proud instead like, “pwoud,” with pouty face. Her pussy flash was an obvious attempt to get me to bite and regain control of her position in our new relationship.

“Kelly that kind of thing might have worked on your boyfriends at the pool and that dip shit you were dating but I’m not entertaining you on your little escapade here”

“But like I’ve done some research on-line, you know, like about…stuff!”

“Research?” I asked rhetorically.

“Like sexy stuff, like… you know?”

“What is sexy stuff?”

She paused for a long moment, “like I read some stuff and watched some porn on you know, like discipline and whatever, like the stuff you and Katie do but without the paddle, I don’t want the paddle again, that really hurt.”

I let the silence hang in the cool fall air, I knew she would speak first.

“Like, like I read some stuff about being like a sub,” she looked at me with baited breath.

She recognized the sternness in my eyes, she was all doe eyed.

“Kelly this isn’t the time or the place for this conversation and I need to finish this for your Dad.”

“Okay, okay… I get it but think about it K, I know I will be,” she gave me a peck on the cheek and a half a hug pushing her flat chest into mine, I didn’t hug back but I didn’t resist either, she bounced out of the garage making sure her perfectly shaped little ass was in full view. I took a good long look as she danced away.

On the drive home I told my wife about the conversation in the garage, “awe, my lil’ sis has a crush on you, that so cute,” she said dripping in sarcasm, giving me a wink. I sighed.

“Aren’t you funny?” I said and she laughed and put her eyes back on the road,

“Well, I think we found out how much she liked it, I mean, it makes sense, I like it and she’s a young women looking for someone to canlı bahis show her more.”

“I know but it’s was inappropriate to do that in your parents’ house, besides I’m not looking for sub, I have one,” I said shooting my wife a smile.

“I know but she was practically begging you for it, I mean she showed you her shaved pussy for Pete sake, who does that?”

“I suppose,” I said

“Why don’t you give her a taste of what she wants then?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, she’s obviously curious about kink and she’ll go seek more, you know her, she could end up meeting some asshole on Craig’s list or something, and it’s not like I mind, I mean she’s my little sister and all that but it’s not like you’re going to leave me for a 19 year old in community college who lives with her parents in the house, I grew up in, are you?”

She shot me a giant smile, another wink and touched my arm on the steering wheel.

“Are you dear?” said laughed again.

“Smart ass!” I pinched her on the thigh and I gave wicked glance and looked back at the road.

“Although I will say she has some balls hitting on my husband, the little tramp!”

A few later weeks we hosted Christmas, the whole family. The week between Christmas and New Year’s Katie’s folks asked to take the kids for a few days.

Kelly stopped me in the kitchen and quietly said, “so like, could I like stay for a few days, I’m off until New Years and I could use a break from Mom and Dad, pretty please, Ill be a good girl, I promise!” using her blonde airhead pouty voice.

“Ask you sister,” I said in a Dad voice, exchanging the left overs in the fridge for a beer, “sweet,” she said with smile and scurried off to ask Katie.

A few hours later Katie went bed she worked early in the morning but I was off for the week. Kelly and I were watching some terrible romantic Christmas movie on the WH channel.

“So, like did you give more thought to what we talked about in the garage?”

“About what?”

“Like about me being like a… you know…um…like a… a…Sub?”

“Kelly, I have a sub, I don’t need two.”

“I know but maybe you could show me some stuff, I think I’m a little”

“Kelly, too much information and what happened last time you were here was because you were a brat and did some silly shit and I punished you for it.”

“I know, I know but pleeeaasssse I can’t stop thinking about it… and you.” She smiled and shot me a sexy look.

“Kelly submission isn’t just something you show up and start doing like a part time job.”

“Right,” she was sitting up with her chest out, pointing her little itty bitty tittes out as best she could covered by her thin white T-shirt and I was pretty sure no bra.

“Okay, fine.” I said getting tired of her tactless advances.

“Do you masturbate?”

I caught her off guard.

“Uh no.” I shot her stern look.

“See, you can’t even answer a simple question?”

“Okay, okay, yeah like sometimes, like, I mean not a lot but like yeah, I guess, I do.”

I’m going to give you some instructions and we’ll see if you can follow them? She sat up on the love seat, attentively like a teacher’s pet in class.

“You won’t wear panties while you are here, ever, but you will be dressed at all times, you won’t touch me and you will drop the pouty face girl act,” she nodded, “in fact I want you to go gather all your panties, including the ones you are wearing now and your dirty ones and bring them to me, I’ll hold them for safe keeping.”

She nodded.

“The next time you want touch your pussy, you won’t, do you understand?”

Another nod.

“But I want you to text me in one word about what you are thinking if you were going to finger your cunny,” I used a filthy word for some extra shock value.

“K,” she said in an excited tone.

“And while you are here, after you pee, you will send me a text with the word, “tink.”

“Ohhh…mmm… Kay,” she said sounding unsure of the words she just heard.

“Do you understand?”

“Yes sir,” and smiled and skipped off to her room.

She returned with a clump of dirty panties and 2 thongs folded nicly and handed them to me as she sat.

While looking her in the eyes, I took a sniff of the pink, pair, they were freshly laundered and neatly folded. The next pair were used, I took a long whiff of the crotch and enjoyed the pleasant smell of her pussy stained area.

“Good girl, Are you wearing any now,

She shook her head and dipped her PJ’s down just enough for a moment, to see her pink slit.

“Now off to bed,” she leapt up and gave me peck on the cheek.


“Oh right, no touching you or me, haha,” she giggled.

I was up early off In the morning to the hardware store for a few items.

Katie called me and we had a brief chat, I told her about my deal with her baby sister and she laughed and said,

“well this might be interesting dear, if nothing else entertaining, you’re such a dirty dog, I love how deviant you are,” I laughed, so did she.

While I was in line waiting bahis siteleri to pay at the store, maybe 9:30, my phone buzzed.

I looked at the text, “Tink,” it read.

It buzzed again twice.

The next text read, “I think about you and Katie but mostly YOU,” with a heart emoji – I didn’t reply.

I did take a screen shot and texted it to my wife at work. Katie replied instantly with a smiley face and, “oh my!”

I was on the road again and after a few more stops including the grocery store my phone buzzed again.


30 seconds later, “HELLO!?! why are you not responding?”

I pulled into the drive way. When I opened the door she was right in my face.

“I did what you asked and you didn’t even reply, what the fuck?”

“Kelly, remember what happened last time you couldn’t shut your mouth?”

She searched her memory for a moment,

“oohhh no, not the paddle, that’s not what I want, please no more paddle,” but almost taunting me with her tone.

I let the silence hang again and then I grabbed her ass and gave it a good long grope, rubbing her tight little bum and pinching her. I was looking at her in the eyes. I told her she needed to cool it, she was forcing it and to let it happen naturally. She apologized and calmed down. Seeing her need for an instant gratification was obvious trademark of her millennial generation.

“Kelly, I think we need talk about what it is you are searching for.”

It was mid-afternoon and we hopped in my truck and drove the 15 mins to the state park. Its not really beach park but there are trials in the area. We walked for 45 mins and discussed a wide variety of things on domination and submission. She listened and asked a lot of questions and by the end she felt better about where she was at. She told me for 4 months she’d been on-line reading stories and message boards on all things submission. She mentioned, meekly that humiliation and being a little interested her most and she was 100% interested in exploring more. She told me she hadn’t been with a man since Labor Day. She also told me she had been sending naked photos of herself to some men, on-line, she liked exhibitionism. I perked up.

I told her if this was going to happen she would do as she was told and her pussy would belong to me and me only. I knew she was eager to please me and that anything that was demanded of her, she would do, we talked about things she was afraid of (needles and poop) and I also guaranteed her we wouldn’t be doing those things she and she would be safe always, after all, “you are family,” I said with a devilish grin.

I reminded her if she disobeyed me she would get the paddle, like the first time. She winced at the paddle reference and she knew I wasn’t fucking around. We ended up back near my truck and I need to use the john, so I wandered into the public restroom near the parking lot.

At urinal, there was an older man using the one to my right. As I was taking leak I noticed from my periphery vision he was standing a little further away from the wall than I was. I stole a glance and sure enough he was slowly stroking his cock, eyes forward. I continued to pee. He didn’t make eye contact with me but for sure he was cruising for men.

I turned my head and I looked at him directly and whispered, “sorry man, that’s not my gig.”

He suddenly looked frightened and slipped his cock into his jeans. I whispered to him “it’s cool man, I’m no cop or anything and I’m not judging, it’s just not what I’m here for.”

He looked a little more settled but said nothing. I zipped up and tuned to him.

“Do you like pussy or are you only into that?” pointing at his crotch. He still looked uncertain but replied in a whisper,

“of course, you know I like pussy as much as the next guy but I’m not getting any at home, it was a silly idea to come here I guess, I just needed some, you know relief”

I cocked my eye at him, “so you came here?”

Very quietly he said, “I’m not even into men, you know, I just wanted a hand job, I have been with the same women for 27 years but she’s not well and can’t do, you know, do it anymore, I know that things like happen here,” as he pointed at the stalls, where there was some shuffling of feet in one of them. I nodded.

He looked to be in his late 50’s, neatly parted hair, mostly blonde with a few whips of grey in his moustache, a wedding band and he looked like he was a photo right out of a brochure for small town US.

“Tell you what I think I can help you out.”

“oh,” he said,

“wait right here, I’ll be back in 30 seconds,” he looked perplexed.

I walked out of the can and summoned Kelly who was as usual, surfing on here phone. I grabbed her by the arm and said, “now it’s time to start your submission, you are going to suck come cock”

“What errr, where, really, where are we going?” she asked innocently with an hint of excitement in her voice as she looked up at our destination.

We went in the door around the corner and she was startle to see someone standing there. He looked equally as bahis şirketleri startled. I looked at him and said, “so this one here will help you out.”

Kelly looked at me with bewilderment in her face and mouthed the word, “what,” with no sound but it was eyes that gave her away.

A look for safety from me and of fear, as how how could I have led her to this place and situation?

“You heard me Kell, you going to help our new friend out here.”

“You aren’t fucking serious?” as she looked at me getting angry in the face.

I tugged on the back of her hair and whispered to her that the paddle was at home waiting for her.

“But,” she stated to speak and I gave her menacing look.

Our new friend didn’t know what to do.

“Look man she’s submissive and she’s going to help you out. I’m no cop,” and to prove it I grabbed her hoodie and whipped it up showing her flat little tummy and the bottom her sports bra, it was so small it almost look like a training bra.

“Kelly, I said sternly, “show him your sweet little shaved pussy,” she didn’t move.

“Come on now, be a good girl, you showed me your pussy at your parents’ house, now you can show him,” I said in the most patronizing tone I could muster.

She was red in the face and trying to pull her shirt back down over her tiny waist with no success.

I squeezed her ass, “go ahead touch her,” I said dead serious.

Our new stranger friend reached out tentatively and stroked her thigh gently.

Suddenly one the stall doors swung open with a bang against the wall, Kelly jumped and the three of us saw two men appear from the stall. The first was sharp looking maybe late 20’s in jogging gear and he stood next to the sink, ipod in hand.

The other was a 65+ year old, chubby man with thinning grey hair, gold rimmed glasses, scruffy unshaven, in a pair of grey sweat pants, wearing cheap worn brown dress shoes with white socks and a tired red golf shirt which barely covered his big beer belly.

The old fat guy spoke to the younger guy, “sorry boy but I had to see what this was about?”

He was staring at Kelly like an animal ready to pounce on its prey.

“Well gentleman looks like we have a little party, so here’s the deal, you can touch her anywhere, cum where you like but no rough stuff and if say stop, it fucking stops, understood?”

The old fat guy hadn’t taken her eyes off Kelly once since exiting the stall and he was rubbing his crotch. He addressed me, without looking at me.

“Is this a pay for play kind a deal?”

“Not a chance friend, this ones on me, but that’s a hell of an idea!” I replied.

Kelly shot me an angry look.

“Oh yeah you got a deal she’s a real sweetie,” said the fat man, still locked on Kelly.

I looked at the young guy who was still furthest from all of us and he said,

“er sorry mate, I’m here for him but don’t mind if I have wank, do you?” he questioned, in his British accent

“No problem, suit yourself!” I said sol long as you watch the door.

My original friend was watching the scene in front of him unfold, saying nothing but nodded nervously at me.

The old fat guy had already positioned himself in front of Kelly licking his lips and he reached out to touch her flowing brown hair. He her touched her cheek with his chubby fingers. She closed her eyes and turned her face away.

“Oh yeah you’re a pretty one aren’t you, a real sexy girl!” he said like he was thinking out loud. He reeked of booze. I reached for me phone and started recording video.

His hand went under her shirt and I helped him undo the hoodie from the waist of her tight black yoga pants. She was so sexy as they hugged the tight curve of her ass and tiny legs.

He wasn’t tall but he towered over her skinny frame, he must have been twice her weight, easily, maybe more.

He was groping he little itty bitty titties and running his hand over her flat chest, which was now exposed to all of us. Her dime sized nipples already hard in the cool air as he flicked them with his chubby fingers.

Kelly opened her mouth and I cut her off, “hush hush, little one.”

He looked at me, hungry, a man who’d I’d just been offered a lamb for slaughter, “how old?”

“Just tuned nineteen!” I announced proudly and I winked at my other new friend.

“Um good… you’re just a little older than my granddaughters, except they are much smaller than you are, um… yes, yes very nice, this will do.”

His eye going up and down her body slowly. He fumbled around and managed to get his chubby hand into her tight yoga pants.

“No panties?” he said excitedly and looked at her in the eyes, she wouldn’t make eye contact with him.

“Oh that’s nice piece of tail, what a hot little cunt.” He was clumsy with no care for her pleasure, only his.

He reached back and fished his cock out with his other hand. He was frigging her pussy aggressively but not rough enough that I needed to intervene. Kelly was now bending at the knees trying to slow his hand and I saw an opportunity to slide her tights down to her knees.

With one hand I whipped her pants down, exposing her pussy for all for us to admire. Our other friend watched, memorized by the pornographic scene in front of him. He was massaging his own cock through his pants.

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