Stuart’s Wake Up Call


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Stuart entered his office, expecting to find another surprise from his daughter Samantha. She was eighteen and she was always pushing his buttons. One of these days, he wanted to toss her on the bed and rip her clothes off before pounding her pussy. She was always a tease and she was always teasing him. It was even worse when his wife, Samantha’s mother, was around.

The past three weeks, she had been walking around the small condo they lived in wearing nothing but his old t-shirts. She’d bend over and show him her bare ass. Once he’d caught her on the couch petting herself. He’d been walking around with a hard on for atleast two weeks.

Samantha’s daily surprises began last weekend. She’d left her panties, soaked with her juices, next to his morning coffee. They were silky and thin, his fingers had felt the silk, felt her juices. He’d brought them up to his nose and breathed in her scent. She smelled so damn good. Her scent had brought him an instant rock hard erection. He’d spent that morning jack off with her tiny panties. He’d even soaked them with his cum. He took them to her room and lay them on her pillow. His juices running down onto her pillow.

Today’s surprise was in his e-mail notifications. Between the work messages and his bank statement, it was there. He clicked on the e-mail and it instant opened into a large box. There sprawled on the back deck, wearing nothing but a smile was Samantha. She was on her knees, her bare pussy glistening with wetness. Her breasts canlı bahis so perky and bouncy, their nipples hard with pleasure. Her fingers spread her pussy lips and showed him her clit. Under the photo was a message, “For my daddy, I could use your loving today!”

His cock got hard and his face lit up. This was his chance. She was practically begging him to fuck her. How could he get this underway? He thought to himself as he quickly stroked himself to orgasm.

When he’d cleaned himself up and went back to his room to ready himself for the day. While he was preparing to shower, his wife popped her head in the door. She announced she was heading into the city for the day to shop with her sister. He realized he was getting the opportunity he so desperately wanted.

After his shower, Stuart went to his den to work on clearing out his e-mail inbox before lunch.

When Samantha stopped by dressed in another old t-shirt, he knew it was almost time. She invited him to join her for lunch, which he quickly said yes to.

After tuna sandwiches and lemonade, Samantha served chocolate pie she’d made herself. During dessert, she teased him repeatedly. She bent over to get something from the fridge, showing off her round ass. She’d even spilled her drink down the shirt and quickly she’d pulled it over her head revealing her fully naked body. As she passed by him, so close to his skin, he could feel her heat.

After she’d went to the shower, he retreated to his room to cool off. bahis siteleri He wasn’t sure how far she was willing to go, if she was even willing. He’d read about girls who just wanted to tease their fathers while exploring their sexuality. He lay there thinking about her bare skin, her breasts, pounding her pussy. He drifted off to sleep.

When he awoke, the room was dark and he could feel someone in the bed with him. He assumed it was his wife, home early from shopping. He groaned and pulled her close. She was naked and her hair hung loosely around her face. He couldn’t see her, but he felt her. His hands cupped her bottom, ran up over her hips. Then his hands skimmed over her soft skin and cupped her breasts. They were so firm and perky. He teased the nipples and his lips found hers.

They were hungry for each other, he thought they should be as they hadn’t made love for months. He played with her hair while their lips made love. He slowly kissed her neck, teasing her earlobes. His erection was so hard, it hurt. He breathed in her flowery scent and pulled her closer. Her breasts pressed against his chest and her leg was over his.

His fingers crept down over her skin, finding their way to her sweet spot. Her lips parted easily for him, his fingers teased and flickered her clit. She spread her legs wider, allowing his fingers more access. He teased her clit, feeling her get wetter.

She ran her hands down over his chest, slipping down to his cock. She tugged his pants down, bahis şirketleri letting his erection free. As his fingers teased her, she wrapped her hand around his cock and stroked him. Slowly, then faster. His breathing was heavy and he was close to orgasm. He pulled her to him, heavily breathing the words, “If you don’t stop, I’ll explode before I’m inside of you baby.”

She pulled him onto her, allowing him inside of her. She cried out as he pressed inside of her, filling her up. She was tighter than he remembered, but he figured it was because it had been so long since they’d made love. He gently made love to her, pumping in and out.

Before he could climax, she did something out of the ordinary. She pushed him over onto his back, keeping him deep inside of her. She rocked her hips, allowing him to fuck her deeper. She rode him harder and harder as he gripped her hips. He tried to slow her, he wanted to enjoy the sex he rarely got while it happened.

She couldn’t be stopped, she jerked harder. He couldn’t hold her, he let her have her way with him. He cried out, “You’re going to make me explode baby, I’m about to fill you with cum.”

She laughed, he recognized that laugh. Samantha spoke for the first time since their love making session began, “Fill me daddy, fill up your baby girl’s pussy with your cum!”

He couldn’t stop, her words were enough to throw him over the edge. He exploded inside of her. Filling his daughter with his cum. They collapsed onto the bed, spent from their illicit affair.

She lay her head upon his chest, breathing heavily she said, “I’ve been wanting that for so long. Next time, I want fucked doggystyle!”

He couldn’t do anything except agree.

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