Strokes of a Genius Ch. 1


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How the hell did I get here?

The question entered my mind as if making a final plea for my return to morality as I watched Sire’s head move stealthily between my legs. His hands were planted on my breasts, massaging them firmly as he rolled my stiffening nipples under his palms. I opened my mouth to speak, but could only gasp in surprise, as he tasted my clit for what would be the first of many times to come. Sinking back on the mattress, my gasp became a sigh of acceptance, and I gave myself to the adventure unfolding before me.

I never imagined that a new job could become such a potent aphrodisiac. It took six months after my college graduation, 15 interviews and four rewrites, but finally, two of my dreams were coming true. I’d been hired as a copywriter by an advertising firm, and my theatre group downtown wanted to develop one of my plays for a reading and performance. A new job and career may have sounded like overwhelm-city, but I only felt the glorious rush of victory. My accomplishments meant new faces, new events, not to mention getting the HELL out of real estate and finally dumping a bad-news boyfriend. Only two more days, and I would be free!

“These good vibes should be shared,” I thought, and immediately thought of Sire from my performance group. Strange name, I know, but there was such a smooth, regal quality about him, he definitely deserved a title! He was a fellow artist, but more towards music and paints. Together, we made the strangest bedfellows whom had yet to touch a bed, but we had clicked in other ways and stayed friends.

On impulse, I dialed his beeper number and two minutes later, he greeted me with his familiar “Hey you”, in a voice that stayed sexy no matter what he did. I filled him in on my good news, and he congratulated my emancipation. “In fact,” he said, “why don’t we really do something to celebrate? Let me cook you dinner.”

“At your place?”

“No, at my grandmother’s. Come on! I’ve never showed you my world before, and soon, you’re going to have lots of adventures, writer girl. Why not let me be your first?”

Two hours after quitting time, I was mentally clapping myself on the back for calling Sire. His place may have screamed “starving artist”, but the works that crowded his walls made it plain he wouldn’t be starving for very much longer. Neither was I, having gorged myself on pasta in wine sauce, Long Island Ice Teas and General Tao’s chicken from a take-out place near his apartment.

“Okay, so I don’t cook much,” he grinned. “Anyway, we artists are supposed to be creative creatures.”

“Well, you get points for inspired desperation.” I laughed, taking another big bite as a little sauce trickled escort ataşehir onto my chin.

“You know,” he said, wiping my chin with his finger. “That’s a good way to say it.”

“To say what?”

“Why you came over here tonight. Girl, I’ve known you for almost a year now, and it’s taken this long to get you alone!” As he sucked his finger clean, he touched my chin again and asked, “Did “inspired desperation” change your mind?”

“Sire!” I lowered my head and caught his finger between my chin and neck. Blushing, I raised my head and looked in his eyes as he slowly drew his callused finger underneath my chin, then back to the remaining drops of wine sauce. As he came closer to my lips, I bit him, teasingly. My tongue tasted the creamy warm liquid against his cool, hardened flesh, and I asked him, “How can such gentle works of art come from such hard, rough hands?”

“Looks can be deceiving,” he said, “and you still haven’t answered my question.”

“Well, it’s like what you said. Soon, I’m going to have a lot of adventures to write about. I just thought you’d be perfect to share this one with me.”

“Then why don’t we make this a memorable adventure? Let me eat you.”

For a moment, I thought The Long Island Ice Teas had gotten to me, and I wasn’t sure I’d heard right. Jokingly, I said, “But we’re still having dinner.”

“I know, but I like my dessert first,” he said, pushing my plate away and pulling me to my feet. “Now if I remember correctly, you have a sweet tooth, so you must be sweet all over.” His lips and tongue pressed against my chin, then moved to my neck, making small sucking noises as if to draw out my urge to resist.

As he pulled me toward his small bedroom, my ability to speak finally returned to me. I stammered, “Sire, this is crazy! We’re like old friends!”

“And don’t friends make the best adventures?” He lay me down on his bed, which was actually just a large mattress on the floor. As I watched him light two candles, I noticed how soft and firm his bed was. “Just like him,” I thought to myself. I must have closed my eyes, because his low voice in my ear startled me. “Hey, we’ll have time for that later. Now turn over.”

“Sire, I…I don’t know if I should be here…if we should be here…”

“And that’s why you need to turn over. I’m just going to get you relaxed, that’s all. You know, a little massage.”

“Just a massage.” I said firmly, my head still floating on my ice tea cloud. “Just a little massage for the lady, Sire?”

“Whatever you want; it’s your adventure.” Sire tugged at my pullover until my back was uncovered. His hands were warm as he began his work. His finger had felt rough before, kadıköy escort bayan but it was much softer now. “Just like his bed”, I grinned to myself. Suddenly, I felt something cold dripping onto my back.

“It’s just baby oil. We’ve got to do this right, don’t we?” he began to knead my shoulders with just the right amount of pressure. I didn’t realize how tense the last few months had been as my shoulders melted under his ministrations. With my shoulders and neck relaxed, I noticed how drawstring-tight the rest of my body was. “I’ve needed this for too long,” I moaned in appreciation, indulging in the release of six months’ pressure under the warm, slick movements of his hands against my skin. I didn’t want the sensations to end.

But did I dare go further? College boys were one thing. Sire had five years on me and worlds more experience. But naively, I thought, as long as my pants stay on, I should be fine.

Aloud, I said, “Sire? When are you going to massage me from the front?”

“As soon as you turn over again,” he said huskily.

“I like it when you come from behind. Unhook me.”

“That’s right, girl. Tell me what you want,” he said as he unhooked my bra, slid his hands underneath me and squeezed my breasts for the first time. I gasped, and threw my head back as if I’d been struck by lightning. I felt limp as I trembled under his hands for a moment. Then he resumed his delicious work, his hands kneading and rubbing my breasts, pinching my nipples into hardened buds.

Suddenly, he rose and turned off the lights. I felt myself being turned over roughly, and then, he kissed me hard, his hands encircling my breasts again. “I’m sorry,” he said thickly. “Your nipples…I just have to kiss them.”

“Go ahead,” I told him. “It’s your adventure, too.” The only light in the room flickered down from the candles, but I could have sworn I saw him smile. Diligently, his hands kneaded my breasts while kissing and suckling one nipple, then the other. Slowly, he began to move down my body, kissing me with his lips and tongue, leaving a fire trail down my belly, his hands still massaging my breasts. It felt like a scene out of my wildest fantasies; having a man who could feel my breasts while he kissed my…

A thought flashed across my mind and my body tensed. What the hell was I doing? Sire was a friend; a good friend that I didn’t want to lose! And yet, what he was doing to my body, I felt like one of his canvases. I had been remade, and because of it, I’d never felt so gloriously enhanced. So alive!

I felt his hot breath rustle through my bushy mound, every hair on full alert under his lips. I gasped and sat up, trembling. “Please?” he escort bostancı whispered, placing his lips to my moistening thighs. I was sure he could smell my hidden desire melting down between my tightly clenched legs. Oh God, I thought, how’d he even get my pants open anyway? We’ve got to stop this!


He raised his head, and the candlelight found his eyes. Thankfully, they were not the eyes of a hunter sensing conquest, but of a soulful being who only wished to offer pleasure. “My lady…please. Let me taste you.”

At that moment, the freedom I had claimed in my work, I craved for my body. I wanted his hands, his lips, and his tongue, oh yes, his tongue, to pleasure me all over. At that moment, I wanted my adventure.

Looking into his eyes, I leaned back, placing my hands under my back for support, and raised my hips to him. In one movement, both my pants and panties were pulled completely off my body. Lifting my feet, he pushed my knees to my chest, then spread them apart. “Hold your knees open,” he commanded, and I obeyed. He’s spread-eagled me, I thought numbly. With my legs pulled back, every inch of my body was open to each new sensation. The tip of his tongue began to probe my opening, sliding around my panicked clit, then poking it, teasingly, over and over. Then he dove into my quivering hole, scooping up some of my juices. I felt my eyes widen in shock as his wicked tongue speared deeper inside me. As I clutched my legs tighter, I knew I was completely open and exposed to him. There would be no escape from this glorious torture.

Suddenly, he placed a hand under my ass, lifting me to him. As his tongue stroked my clit, his rough finger slowly slid into me. I winced in pain from the sudden entry, but Sire was there, suckling my pussy, and I felt my folds relax around him. I heard wet, sucking noises as he sucked harder on my clit and his finger plunged inside me slowly, then faster and faster. He’s making me so wet, I thought. God, I can feel everything! It’s too much! I…

Just then, I felt a fierce tingling pierce my moistened core. It was the moment in time when pain and pleasure become each other. The tingling flowed to my ass and belly, from my hands still holding my knees to the tips of my heaving breasts. I heard myself begging him to stop, but then I could barely feel my mouth moving. The tingling grew into a vibration, then a shock wave, and suddenly, my whole body, every pore exploded. I screamed my release as my satiated pussy gave one, two, then three spasms of acceptance and relief. My hands fell limp to my sides, allowing my legs to do the same. I tried to speak, but could only sigh as my eyes began to close, wrapped in the afterglow’s warm embrace.

“I told you there’d be time for that later.” Sire’s sexy voice jolted me slightly, wresting me from my orgasmic cloud and placing me back in his room, in his arms. “Now turn over, girl, ’cause your adventure’s just beginning…”

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