Stoned and Boned


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The kitchen timer rang, and I set my book down. I walked to the kitchen, feeling the plug in my ass shift with each step. My dick stiffened just slightly as I enjoyed the sensation, straining against the thin material of my thong. I turned off the timer, put some oven mitts on, and grabbed the lasagna out of the oven. I had just set it down on top of the stove when I heard the front door open.

“I’m home, babe!” Tracy shouted from the front door.

In a few strides, Tracy crossed our small living room and entered the kitchen. She ran up behind me and pressed her body into my back eagerly. I felt the gentle pinch of her teeth on my neck, and a curious hand traveled from the back of my right thigh to my butt cheek… and then to the space between. Tracy’s fingers found the buttplug quickly, and she gently pushed, sliding the plug in all the way down to the base. I moaned and leaned into her, tilting my neck back for a kiss. She gave me one – deep, wet, urgent. Then she broke away.

“I missed you,” I said.

“I missed you too,” she crooned, nibbling my neck again.

“How was work?”

“The usual,” she sighed. I could almost hear the sound of her eyes rolling. “Lasagna for dinner, I see,” she said, changing the subject. “That’s good. It’ll still be good when we reheat it later.”

Tracy slapped my ass and stepped away, smiling hungrily. I knew what that smile meant. My stomach fluttered in anticipation of the evening ahead, and my dick stiffened. My asshole contracted along with it, tightening around the glass plug in a familiar tug-of-war.

“I’m going to go shower,” Tracy said. “Make yourself loose for me.”

She winked and turned to walk away. Her hips swayed maddeningly, and her rounded, perfectly sculpted ass hypnotized me as it rocked back and forth. I’m an ass man – I’m not sure what it is, but I just love asses. And assholes. Hers, mine… I didn’t look away from Tracy’s until she passed out of my sight.

Then, I prepared for my ‘loosening up’ ritual. I fetched my bong from our room, along with a wooden cigar box. I set the bong up on our patio table and loaded the bowl with my latest favorite sex strain, something that never failed to leave me feeling relaxed, loose, and horny. Perfect for the night’s purposes. I took a long, milk-white hit from the bong and held it in, giving it time to absorb into my lungs. My asshole loosened just slightly, as usual. I scooted over to the edge of my chair so that I was only sitting on my right butt cheek. I pulled my jeans down to my thighs and pushed my thong to the side, exposing my plugged hole to the evening air.

Something about being naked outside always felt deliciously naughty, even though our neighbors were too far away to see through the trees. I inhaled again, at the same time pulling gently on the plug. It was a little tight on the way out, but it slid back in effortlessly. I sighed eagerly. I sat outside for a few more minutes, gently playing with the glass between my legs as I finished off the bowl.

I pulled my pants back on and went inside, upstairs to our bedroom. I could hear the water running in the adjoining bathroom. Tracy was still in the shower. I shut the door and stripped naked, leaving my clothes in a pile on the floor. I climbed onto the bed ataşehir escort bayan on my hands and knees and then laid my head down, leaving my ass up in the air – a nice view for Tracy when she finished her shower.

The warm waves of the high washed through my body, and I felt heavy. I sank into the bed, feeling it conform to my body. It was unbelievably comfy. I closed my eyes, and I waited.

When I woke – no, I didn’t quite fall asleep – there was a hand on me. It touched my right butt cheek first and then slid down, cupping my ass and then my inner thigh. The hand traveled back upward, this time in between my legs. A few fingers traced their way around the butt plug and then down to my taint. I shivered with pleasure as they gently caressed the sensitive skin there, and then they moved on to my balls. The hand stroked and massaged them gently, and then caressed my stiffening cock. I moaned quietly and pushed back onto the hand.

“Someone’s eager today,” Tracy teased.

“As always,” I said.

Tracy laughed and slapped my ass.

“I’ll always love that about you,” she said. “Always ready for some fun.”

The bed shifted as Tracy climbed on behind me. She slid her hand up my ass crack until she got to the glass plug, and then she pulled. The glass slid out effortlessly. I moaned as it left, leaving me relaxed and open. Tracy caressed the wet, slippery opening. It contracted involuntarily in surprise, but only for a moment. Then it opened again, and Tracy slid two of her fingers in.

“It’s so hot, how loose you are,” she breathed.

I moaned as her fingers traced a gentle circle on my prostate.

“You like that?” she asked.

“I love it,” I moaned, moving my hips backward so that her fingers slid deeper, sending jolts of electricity through my body. My voice comes out a little higher that it does when I speak. I used to worry about that, thinking I sounded “too girly” or that it made me less masculine. I don’t worry about it anymore. I’m not excessively masculine man, sure, but why should that be a problem? The only thing that matters is how well Tracy and I fit together, and how our bodies fit. I moan again as her fingers press slightly harder on my prostate. Now I just want her inside me. I want to be hers, to be taken. I want her to fuck me.

“What was that?” Tracy asked.

“Fuck me. Please,” I repeated. I hadn’t even noticed myself say it, the first time.

Tracy’s fingers slid out, and I felt empty again. I wiggled my hips instinctively, wanting – no, needing – to be filled. I heard something buzz behind me, and I knew what it was. Tracy’s favorite strapon harness had a strap that went between her legs, and a short, vibrating dildo was mounted there. Right now it was inside her, vibrating gently.

I didn’t have to turn around and look to know exactly how Tracy looked, or what she was doing. I could hear, and I could imagine. She looked like a goddess, as always, with her purple silicone cock dangling between her legs. I heard the click of a button, and the sound of the vibrator inside her got a little louder. She gasped slightly at the increased pleasure.

“Fuck me,” I repeated.

She slapped my ass, harder this time.

“Don’t be impatient,” she chastised me. “Do escort kadıköy you know what happens to boys who can’t be patient?”

She slapped my ass again, this time on the other cheek.

“You’ll just have to wait even longer, now,” she said. “I’ll fuck you when I decide to.”

I groaned, but I wasn’t truly disappointed. A little anticipation never hurt anyone. If anything, it only made me more excited. Tracy slid the glass plug back into my ass. It went in easily, and I had to exert some effort to hold it in. I was loose, ready to be penetrated. But I would have to wait. Tracy put a hand under one of my hips and pushed me over. I rolled onto my back obediently, and Tracy straddled my face. Then she pulled the strap between her legs out of the way with one hand and lowered herself toward me. I closed my eyes and parted my lips, leaning upward just slightly to meet her.

I was not greeted with the silk-soft, yielding flesh of her labia. Instead, my lips met something tight and puckered.

“This is punishment for your impatience,” Tracy said. “Lick my asshole!”

I almost smiled, but I controlled it. Eating Tracy’s ass can only be considered a ‘punishment’ in the context of the games we play – I love it too much. I leaned into her, lapping eagerly at her wrinkled skin. Tracy moaned, and relaxed slightly. My tongue slipped deeper, and I began pushing it gently in and out.

“Oh, yeah,” Tracy moaned, grinding her ass on my tongue. “Get that tongue deep inside me. Find out what I taste like on the inside.”

I complied eagerly, thrusting my tongue as deeply as I could into her ass. She had just showered, but if I got close enough I could just barely make out the scent of her sweat, and the natural musk of her asshole. Even the trace of the smell was enough to make me rock hard. Then, suddenly, Tracy pulled away.

“That’s enough,” she said. “Get back on your knees.”

I resumed my position, ass up in the air, and Tracy knelt behind me. I heard the slimy, wet sound of her hand sliding up and down her silicone cock, lubricating it. I wiggled my ass, but I didn’t say anything. I wouldn’t want to seem impatient.

Tracy pulled the plug out of my ass once again, and this time she replaced it quickly with her cock. I moaned as it slid in slowly, gently, until her hips brushed my butt cheeks. I laid my head down on the bed, relaxing. Tracy clicked the remote again, and her vibrator sped up as she began thrusting faster, harder. I grabbed handfuls of the bedsheet beneath us for support as Tracy rocked my body, pounding my asshole.

With each thrust, Tracy’s dildo slid across my prostate. A warm, electric feeling built, growing stronger with every movement. I moaned louder, giving in completely to the sensation. A wave of pleasure washed through my body… and then broke. A very un-manly scream left my lips as I reached a shuddering climax. I collapsed on the bed, sliding forward off of Tracy’s cock. I felt cool air on my asshole, gaping open in the dildo’s absence.

Tracy slipped two fingers on each hand into my hole and stretched it even further. She knew my body, and she stopped just a hair before it became uncomfortable.

“Mmm, look at that,” Tracy said. “Your asshole looks good like this. Always ready for bostancı escort me.”

“Always,” I echoed. My world felt warm and fuzzy, bathed the afterglow of the climax.

“Flip over,” Tracy commanded. Some air escaped my used hole as I moved, exiting as a low-pitched fart. Tracy laughed.

“It even sounds loose!” she exclaimed.

I laid down on my back and felt something wet and cold – no doubt the puddle of precum that had leaked from my cock while Tracy fucked me. The climaxes I had with her cock inside me always felt incredible, but they didn’t always result in a full orgasm. My balls were heavy with semen, and I was dying to cum again. But I knew it’d happen, sooner or later. I heard Tracy’s vibrator suddenly get a lot louder, and I lifted my head. Tracy had taken her harness off and taken out the vibrator inside her. She detached it from the harness and slid it into me. It was designed for vaginal use, but it had a flared base, so it worked for me just fine.

Tracy knelt over my face once again. I inhaled her scent eagerly.

“Eat me out,” she commanded, more gently.

She lowered herself onto my lips, and I closed my eyes. She was so, so wet. Dripping. I went deep, licking up and down in broad strokes. Her wetness covered my face and dripped down my cheeks, but I didn’t care. She was delicious. After a bit of exploration, my tongue settled down on the sensitive area around her clitoris. I licked across it with wide, gentle strokes of my tongue, gradually increasing my speed until I reached the perfect rhythm. Tracy gyrated her hips in time with my tongue, moaning with pleasure. My cock stiffened as she rode, ready for more. Tracy reached behind her and grabbed it, squeezing gently.

“Wait,” she said, sitting up so that my tongue couldn’t reach. “I want you inside me.”

Tracy crawled over to my waist. I gasped as she sat down, taking my full length in one fluid motion. She was so wet and aroused that it went in without difficulty. She put her hands on my chest for balance and started bouncing. I reached up and caressed her breasts, and then grabbed her nipples, holding each one between a thumb and forefinger and twisting gently.

“Harder,” Tracy moaned.

I pinched harder, and twisted more aggressively. I felt Tracy tighten just slightly, and I knew she was getting close. She bounced a few more times, and the contractions in her pussy pushed me over the edge as she came, screaming in ecstasy. I exploded, pumping a huge load of pent-up semen deep inside her. My tired asshole tightened one last time and ejected the vibrating plug as I came.

Tracy collapsed on top of me and I groaned, exhausted. I could feel Tracy’s heart beating quickly, and we were both breathing hard. Neither of us said anything, and the room was silent except for the incessant buzz of Tracy’s vibrator. After a few moments, Tracy flopped onto the bed beside me. She grabbed the vibrator and turned it off, and laid her head on my chest.

“That was fun,” I said. My voice came out deeper than usual and cracked, as if I had forgotten how to speak after all my moaning.

“It was,” Tracy said slowly, tracing her fingers gently across my stomach.

I closed my eyes for a moment, and when I opened them the bedside clock said 7:30. We had slept for almost an hour. Tracy must have felt me stir slightly, because she yawned and blinked her eyes open. My stomach growled.

“Want me to reheat that lasagna?” Tracy offered.

I smiled and gave her a quick kiss.

“That sounds great.”

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