Stella’s Joy!


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Stella looked into the mirror at herself. She was dressed exactly as he had told her he wanted her to be. She could remember his call exactly. He never gave her mundane conversation. It was always short, direct and to the point.

“You will wear the blue plaid skirt, a white blouse, white socks and the black and white Buster Brown shoes.” He didn’t have to tell her no bra or panties. she was never allowed to wear them in his presence.

Stella was a kept young woman. She had not thought of herself that way but that was the reality of it all. She did his bidding when he told her and how he wanted. She had no other lovers. She even masturbated in the manner he had instructed her to. She could use only the dildo and vibrator that he had brought her. It was half his size in width and two inches shorter. He had told her that he never wanted anything in her holes that would stretch them. That was his job.

Stella was excited about his visit. It had been almost a month since she had last been with him. Their relationship was a strange one but one that she had grown used to. She felt that familiar wetness begin to start between her thighs.

Damn! Just the thought of his coming could get her this way. She applied the last touch to her appearance. She picked up the lip-gloss and applied it to her soft full lips. Looking in the mirror, Stella had to smile. She looked exactly like a young high school girl. And that was how he wanted her to look.

Sitting on the sofa in the apartment that he paid for, Stella sat to wait for him to enter. He was always on time. She couldn’t stop her legs from opening and closing, causing the muscles in her pussy to pulse as she did. The desire to reach between her thighs and finger her cunt was strong, but she knew better than to do it now.

She heard the keys outside the door and her heart beat faster. The door opened and she saw him come in. He was always dressed so fine! Pants with a crease so sharp you could almost cut your finger on them. A nice shirt and shined shoes. She looked up at his face and smiled. He just stared at her as he closed the door.

He walked over to the counter where she had placed a glass, ice and his favorite liquor. Stella watched him pouring his drink then walk over to her. “Have you been a good girl Stella?” She looked up into his face. He was so fuckin’ handsome. “Yes Sir!” He set the drink down on the coaster that was always there and unzipped his pants. Stella could feel her cunt get wetter. He pulled out his dick. Even soft he was big.

Stella looked straight at his dick. The head was smooth with the big pee hole in the center. It looked almost like a cap sitting on a shaft. His shaft was thick and she could see the thick veins that wrapped around it. Soft he was about 6 inches long. It would only get about two inches longer, but it would swell and fatten.

Without saying a word, he cupped his hands behind her head and eased her mouth forward. Stella gave a soft moan as her lips closed over the head. She heard him sigh, as her tongue started to work on the cock head. He had taught her exactly how he wanted her to suck his dick and she had learned to love it.

Slowly she washed the head with her tongue. She softly sucked and nibbled on it, letting him feel her teeth gently scraping the skin. She looked up into his eyes and found him staring down at her. Another moan escaped her lips.

“You are such a nasty slut! Look at how eager you are to feel my dick in your mouth. Suck it! That’s it! Make it grow. Make it so big that you have a hard time fitting it down your throat. You’re my dick sucking, cum drinking little whore aren’t you Stella?”

Stella took her mouth from his dick. A thin line of pre-cum and saliva stretched from his dick to her lips. She could smell the sweetness from her candy-flavored lip-gloss. She licked her lips and smiled at him.

“Yes Sir! I’m your dick sucking, cum drinking slut whore. You made me this way and I love it!

He smiled at her and her world lit up. “Open your blouse whore. Let me see those big melon tits.” Stella unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it from her skirt. He gazed at her tits. Stella was not a tall curvy woman. In fact, she was short and fat.

She had tits the size of melon and a big wide ass. Her nipples shined with the same lip-gloss that she had applied to her lips. He didn’t touch her tits, just looked at them. But she could see that he was growing excited.

Without being told to, she bent her head and once again had his dick in her mouth. This time, she worked her head back and forth slowly. She could feel him growing fatter in her mouth. Stella had a small mouth and he filled her nicely.

She felt his hand on the back of her head and settled herself more comfortably. Guiding her, he pushed in until she gagged. Once! Twice! Again and again, canlı bahis he fucked her mouth making her take almost every inch. Stella knew that if he wanted to, he could fuck her mouth for a long time without Cumming.

After a couple of minutes, he withdrew. Stella reached up and unbuckled his belt. She unbuttoned his pants and they dropped to the floor. Letting him step from them she picked them up and folded them neatly. She slowly pulled his boxers down and folded them also.

Pushing his semi-hard dick against his stomach, she bent her head and licked down the shaft until her tongue touched his hairy balls. Stella heard him moan and smiled to herself.

“You miss this don’t you slut? You love to use your mouth to give me pleasure. Don’t you whore?”

Stella looked up at him, never stopping her tongue from licking his balls. “Yes Sir! I play with my soaked pussy thinking about the things you do to me. The things you make me do with you.”

Stella’s hands were sliding up and down his thick hairy thighs. She reached around and caressed his hairy ass. She could feel her pussy throbbing. It had been a month since she had felt him fill her cunt with his delicious dick. Why did he always make her wait so long?

“Would you still love to do this if I stopped giving you money slut? Would you still suck my dick, lick my balls and let me fuck you the way I do if I didn’t pay you?”

Stella was hurt. She knew that he did this only to make her react. And each time he did, she came close to tears. How could he think that it was only his money that made her act this way? Couldn’t he see how much she loved him?

Stella sniffed back the tears that were welling in her eyes. “I would do this even if you didn’t give me one dime! I would do whatever you wanted me to do if you did nothing for me. I would do it because I love you. Why can’t you believe me when I tell you that?”

He smiled and stroked her hair. Placing his dick between her soft lips, he pushed slowly. This time Stella relaxed. She felt him push to the back of her throat. She took a breath then let it out slowly. He pushed even more. Stella felt him push down into her throat.

He had taught her to take all of him. And it had taken a while but she had learned. She had to! He fucked her throat slowly. She knew that she would have a sore throat and not be able to talk tomorrow but she didn’t care. He was getting pleasure and that was all that mattered.

She could feel him pulsing his dick as he slowly fucked her throat. He never rushed when she would deep-throat him. He always wanted it to last. Feeling his hard fat dick pushing in and out of her throat always caused her to climax.

Stella wrapped her hands around his hairy ass and held him tight. She began to shake and buck her body. Her eyes closed as she felt her crème oozing down her slit. But she didn’t stop. She wouldn’t stop until he told her to. It seemed like she had gone into sub-space just from having her throat fucked. He did things to her that no other man ever did.

She felt him pulling his dick free. Breathing hard, Stella opened her eyes and looked up at him. He looked down at her and smiled. Helping her to her feet, he sipped his drink. Stella stood by him not saying a word. He took a big gulp from his glass then pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

The mouth full of liquor he had was pushed into her mouth as they kissed. Back and forth they shared his drink. This was the only way he allowed Stella to drink when he came to visit. Each would swallow a little until it was gone then their tongues would duel.

Stella was breathing hard when he pulled away. He led her over to her desk. Not an ordinary desk, this one was made of fine oak. It was very heavy. Stella smiled as he gently bent her over the desk. She shivered as his hands caressed her big fat ass thru her skirt.

She felt him slowly easing the short plaid skirt up until it was bunched up over her hips. Then he was caressing her soft ass cheeks. “I’m glad that you have such a nice ass. So soft and fat. If you were skinny, I don’t think I would want to be bothered with you. You could never give me pleasure if you were one of those skinny whores.”

Stella smiled. To others she was a short fat dumpy woman. To him she was all that he wanted. Oh she knew that he had another that he visited. And she knew that he treated her the same way that she was treated. But there was no jealousy there. In fact, the two of them were very close.

She felt his hands caressed her naked skin, causing her to shiver. Then she felt his fingers stroking up and down the crack. Stella sighed as she bent forward causing her ass cheeks to spread wide.

“You know what I like.” His deep voice seemed to float to her. Her sharp intake of breath announced to him that he had found her opening. Even though bahis siteleri she was wet from her cunt juices dripping down between her cheeks she knew that she was not wet enough to let him in.

His hot breath caused goose bumps to rise on her dimpled cheeks. Then she felt his hands spreading her cheeks apart. He pulled them apart until it almost hurt. Then again, she felt his hot breath. No other man ever did this to her. No other man ever took pleasure in loving her ass the way he did.

She sighed as she felt his tongue licking and stroking her ass cheeks. She slid her hands behind her and grabbing her cheeks pulled them apart and holding them open for him. His tongue found her rosebud and she moaned out loud.

He was a master with his tongue. Whether in her cunt or her asshole. He could make her cum over and over again without even fucking her. He rimmed her ass until she was withering against the table. Then she felt his fingers on her slit.

First one finger slid into her dripping cunt. Stella steeled herself for the hard jab she felt was coming next. But this time he eased his finger deep within her. She groaned, pushing her ass back even more. His tongue was stroking her pulsing asshole.

Another finger entered her. Stella was slowly humping her hips against his finger, working it deeper into her cunt. His slow tonguing of her ass making her hotter. As he pushed a third finger in, he spread her cunt open. She could feel the thick juice running down her leg.

Stella groaned as a fourth finger pushed up into cunt. He was stretching her open. Her heart was beating so hard she could feel it through her whole body. Her ass shook, wanting nothing more than to feel filled by him.

His tongue was pushing in and out of her hole. He was tongue-fucking her tight asshole. Stella started to shake. Her hips bucked almost making his fingers slip from her now juice running cunt. Still, he never said a word as he continued to invade her the way he was.

When she felt him pushing his thumb along side his fingers she began to cry. Not tears of pain or shame, these were tears of pure lust. She knew how hard she would cum when he told her to. She knew what would happen as he pushed his whole hand up into her cunt.

Stella took a deep breath and held it. She tried to relax. How do you relax when your lover is shoving his whole hand up your cunt? But he had taught her well. She felt her cunt open as his hand slide in completely. He stopped. Stella bit her lip to stifle the scream of pure joy she felt.

Then he began to move his hand slowly. This time she couldn’t help letting him hear her cries as she humped her cunt against his hand. His tongue pushed deep in her asshole as she felt his fingers curl into a fist.

If there was one thing that he had taught her to thoroughly enjoy, it was fisting. And Stella was big enough for him to slide his hand up her cunt from front or back. She loved when he was behind her, cause he would spend so much time licking her asshole as he fisted her.

Suddenly, she felt him lift his head from her ass. His fist was slowly twisting and turning as he worked it deep in her dripping cunt. “I think that it’s time you and Ariana spent a weekend with me. It’s been a long time since I had the two of you together.

Stella’s heart nearly stopped. The last time he took her away for a weekend with Ariana, it had turned into a marathon fuck-fest! He seemed to be rejuvenated with having the two young girls attending to his every whim. And Stella had to admit, she loved being with Ariana.

His fist began to slowly work back and forth. Stella wanted so much to let her cheeks go and fold her arms. That way she could lay her head on them. But he liked her face pressed against the hard cold desk as he fisted her.

Slowly, so very slowly, he increased the tempo. Stella was gulping air as her body rocked back and forth. This was the way he liked her. Bent over, obediently taking what he offered. Her heart was racing! The blood pounding in her ears.

How long would he keep her like this before allowing her to cum? Sometimes he would work her for what seemed like forever. And no matter how much she may have wanted, needed to cum, she never let go without his permission.

Only once! There was only one time when she lost it! he had only been fisting her for a short while when suddenly, Stella came! With a scream that seemed to rock the room, her whole body stiffened, her cunt muscles clamping down on his fist as she came.

She jerked her ass hard, as jet after jet of her cum squirted from her pussy. Once started, she couldn’t stop it! And he didn’t remove his fist until she had calmed. Stella knew immediately, that she had fucked up.

Without saying a word, he slowly, gently worked his hand free. Standing he walked to he bathroom and bahis şirketleri washed. When he came out, stella was standing with tears running down her face. He looked at her but never uttered a word. She cried as he dressed, and cried long after he had walked out. Not a word had passed between them, but she knew he was very disappointed in her. she vowed then, to never disappoint him again.

Stella’s body rocked back and forth. He seemed to be punching his fist up into her cunt. she could feel the pleasure/pain of his use of her. “Cum whore! Cum for me!”

Stella threw her head back. Eyes wide! Head twisting this way and that, hips bucking furiously! Stella came! Her screams echoed off the walls. She knew that he could kill her as she screamed and no one outside the door would hear her cries. He had made sure of that long ago.

Over and over she screamed! And over and over her jets of cum shot from her pussy. Suddenly, her screams stopped. It was as if a door had opened for her. Stella’s whole body began to move. Like a wave in a bathtub, her body began to slowly move.

Her head would go down and slowly come up. But the rest of her body would keep the movement going until she lifted up on her toes. Then the wave would start from her toes all the way to her head. he had only made her cum this hard a few times. But each time it was as if stella had suddenly left her body and was looking down at herself.

She knew this place! “Subspace!” AS she watched herself, it seemed so surreal. Her eyes had rolled up in her head. she could only see the whites of them. her breathing had slowed. But the intense look on her face scared her the most. She was lost! Lost in a world of infinite pleasure/pain. A place she could stay forever. Oh please! Let him keep her here! Never let her go back to waiting weeks to hear from him. It seemed to last forever.

When Stella opened her eyes, she was lying on the bed. He had her cradled in his arms and was kissing her softly. She could feel that he had cleaned her up. There was no lingering feeling of the sticky wetness she knew her cum would have left.

With a sigh, she kissed his lips. Her hand slipped down to his crotch and she felt his hardness. He had not cum. Stella slowly slipped her head down his chest. Her soft moan was all that was heard as her lips slowly closed over his hard dick.

He allowed her the pleasure of servicing him. And stella took pure pleasure in giving him pleasure. As much as she wanted to feel him fill her mouth with his hot sweet cum, she also knew that if he didn’t cum in her mouth he would take his pleasure out on her ass.

He let Stella suck his dick for a long time. Then without a word, he gently eased her mouth from him. Standing up, he walked over to the closet. When he turned, he held the long thin dowel in his hand. Stella looked into his eyes before she turned and got up on her hands and knees.

This time she was allowed to cradle her head in the pillow. Her scream at the first blow was loud. His strikes were slow and methodical. He knew exactly where to place each one. Stella felt herself slipping into “Subspace” for the second time.

But just as she felt it coming on, he stopped. Pulling her to the edge roughly, she felt him smear her tight rosebud with crème. Then with a hard shove, he planted his thick dick deep in her ass.

There was no tenderness! She knew that his need was great. She knew that her desire to fill that need was greater! He wasn’t fucking her! He was using her! Using her to fill that demon that hid deep within him. It wouldn’t last long, but it would last long enough to satisfy them both.

When he came, it was as if he was filling her. he had once told her that fucking her big fat ass was the most enjoyable pleasure that he had ever found. That between her and Ariana, he needed no other women to fill his life. And she knew him to be telling her the truth. She felt it in her heart.

Spent, he lay across her wide back. His breath coming in great gulps. Stella smiled. She had pleased him. And she knew that later on, when she described everything to Ariana, she would cum over and over. Just as Ariana would moan and cry out her own orgasms. She loved sharing her experience with her twin sister.

When he came from the shower, he was once again the handsome man that had stolen her heart and mind. To see him, no one would have suspected that he had just given her hours of pleasure. He smiled at her as he walked up to her. holding her in his arms, he bent his head and kissed her tenderly.

“I love you! I love no other but one! Between the two of you, you have stolen my heart. Taken my love. And I am so glad that you share with each other the pleasure that both of you give to me.”

Stella wanted to cry. Not just from the words of love that came from his lips, but from the feeling of love that shined in his eyes. His kiss was long! Soft! Sensuous! And filled her heart with joy. Then he turned and walked out the door. As the door closed, she whispered back at him. “I love you to Daddy!”

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