Steamy Showers


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The water would be very hot, because that is the only way I take showers. Mist would be rising up all around us, from the walls, and the floor, and your very own skin, which I would be kissing all over, starting from the back of your neck. I push you up against the shower wall, which is still cold to the touch, and the contrast immediately makes your nipples hard. You twist them in your fingers as you feel me growing hard behind you, my cock resting in the small of your back. I pull your wet hair to one side, as I nibble on your right ear, then down your neck again, and out across your shoulders. You feel my hands sliding down your body, as smooth and slick as the water, caressing every inch of you until they come to rest on your hips. You slowly start to grind back into me, your back arching, as my hands hold your hips tight in their grasp. My mouth lips are kissing along your shoulders, and down your spine, biting at random opportunities, making you gasp, and keeping you literally on your toes.

It is at this point my hands leave your hips, travelling in two different ataşehir escort directions. The left hand goes up, over your ribs, ever so gently, like being tickled with lightning, journeying towards your beautiful breasts. The right hand goes down your legs, and then back up the inside of your thigh, heading towards your pussy, which by now is as wet inside as it is outside. My hands work in tandem, the left squeezing your breasts, and twisting your nipples while the right massages your clit in slow, small circles. Your legs widen, inviting me in more, telling me what your moaning mouth is too preoccupied to say. My cock slides down the small of your back, over your ass, and comes to rest right at the entrance of your pussy.

The teasing is incredible. My hard cock slides up and down your slit, the tip reaching your clit, and sends electricity through your veins every time. You beg for me to slide inside of you, and finally, I agree to. As I slide my head inside of you, you gasp in shock and pleasure, as I begin to fill you up more than you ever dreamed you could kadıköy escort feel. As I slowly slide deeper and deeper inside of you, you stretch more and more around me, your pussy so wet and so tight around my hard shaft. When I finally reach the base, I stop. You feel me throbbing and pulsing inside of you, and the tension and anticipation is thick in the air. Your moans are muffled by our kissing as I begin to pump in and out, still teasingly slow. I slide out, almost to the point of pulling out, but then I fill you all the way back up again. Over, and over, in and out, until eventually, the pressure gets to me as well, and I pick up the pace, driven by passion and lust.

You lay your hands on the wall for support as thrust into you, hard now, and wild. One hand is gripped tightly on your hip as the other pulls your hair back, and your screams and moans echoes off the walls around us. Again and again, I slam into you, your hips matching my rhythm, desperate to take as much of me in as it can every time. You feel wave after wave of orgasms wash over you, as bostancı escort bayan the warm water does, and your legs get weak, I wrap my arm around you, pulling you back into me to hold you up as your tremble and shake.You hear my grunts so close to your ear as I continue to pound into you. Your words are mostly unintelligible by now, but I manage to catch the phrase “Don’t stop.”

At this, I turn you around, and balancing you against the wall, I left you up into my arms, and you wrap your legs around my waist, and your hands around my neck, and slide back into you again. The shower water on your face seems to re-energize you, and you begin to control the pace, jumping up and down on me, loving the way you feel wrapped around my cock, and begging me to cum with you, as yet another orgasm takes hold. By now, I’m not too far from my own, and my hips begin to match yours in speed, and you can feel me growing larger inside of you, my orgasm inevitable and imminent. At one last final thrust, I explode inside you, as you cry out as the last one take hold of you as well as you feel me throbbing and pulsing inside of you. As you collapse onto me, no longer able to hold your own weight, I remain hard inside of you, and we hold each other there, against the wall, as the water, almost gone cold now, continues to fall down around us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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