Stacie Visits Grove City, Ohio


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Stacie was married as was I but we could not keep our hands off of each other. We would routinely find reasons to go to Columbus, she from Cincinnati and me from Cleveland, and meet at one of the dozens of motels at the Grove City highway exit. Whoever made it to Grove City first secured a room and waited for the other—sometimes figuring out a way to set the tone for our rendezvous.

This particular day Stacie got the room, and by the time I arrived 20 minutes later she was spread eagle naked in the middle of a king-sized bed, with an ten inch vibrator shoved up her gaping wet cunt, as she bucked against its nub filled top. She looked at me and never missed a beat, closing her eyes and cumming over and over again. I stood there for about 10 seconds watching her—admiring her sexy beauty—before climbing onto the bed, replacing her hands with mine on the vibrator, and beginning to fuck her by thrusting it into her to the hilt and bending it up and grinding it against her g-spot. At the same time I leaned forward and sucked Stacie’s engorged clit into my mouth, gently securing it with my teeth while flicking it hard with my tongue.

In no time at all Stacie was in a state of perpetual orgasm—not knowing where one ends and the next one begins. Her breathing was shallow yet long groans and gasps of pleasure came from her. At that point I was still dressed and I began to take ataşehir escort my tie off and was ready to toss it aside, but instead I took advantage of Stacie’s state of arousal, flipped her over with the vibrator still in her cunt, and tied her hands to the bed’s iron head board. Stacie immediately began to hump against the vibrator, offering her sexy ass up as a prize. Instead of loving her ass, I slapped it, sucked on it, and now naked and hard, fucked it.

All the way into Stacie’s ass with one thrust, I could feel the vibrator in her close by cunt buzzing against my cock. I was up on my knees and wildly fucking her back hole and it wasn’t long before the vibrator’s batteries began to fade, and then the buzzing stopped. A few moments later I reached between my lovers legs and pulled the vibrator out of her gaping, soaking, red cunt while remaining in her ass. Stacie now finally realized that her hands were tied and my cock was in her ass. I had pushed her flat onto her stomach and was lying with my full weight on top of her back—I was ready to cum but fought off the urge—wanting to draw her reaction to what had happened and what was happening.

Stacie’s senses were heightened and every time my body moved against hers or my hands touched her sides she withered in mini-orgasms. I was being ‘gentle’, no longer fucking her ass, just grinding inside her. She kadıköy escort turned her head trying to kiss my face and told me that our lovemaking is incredible. Instead of accepting her sentimentality, I got up on my arms, grabbed her around the waist from behind and got her up on her knees. And then I proceeded to fuck Stacie’s ass in earnest. Stacie was screaming out of a combination of pain and pleasure, and just before I loaded her ass full of cum she came in a wild noisy explosion.

We were slowly coming down from what we had just done, but I was far from done. Stacie expected me to untie her. I had one other thing on my mind, and I had Stacie right where I wanted her. At the same time that I pulled my cock out of her ass, I thrust my three fingers of my left hand into her gaping cunt while beginning to spank her ass with my right hand. When I sensed that she was close to crying out from a combination of pain and embarrassment, my left hand went right for her g-spot. Her g-spot was now sandwiched between my fingers and the mattress and she was cumming over and over once again. After about ten minutes of this ultimate ‘finger fucking’, exhausted, Stacie fell fast asleep.

Laying there watching my lover peacefully sleep, I finally untied her while considering what to do about my raging hard on. I knelt next to her face and masturbated until three streams bostancı escort bayan of my hot sticky cum were resting on Stacie’s sexy face—one glob was slowly running down from her cheek to her mouth—she opened her green eyes, looked at me and smiled and asked “What the fuck did you do to me?”

She sat up, ran her hands through her curly red hair, and it was then that cum began to trickle into her mouth. Stacie reached up and felt her face, scooped the cum onto her fingers and joyfully sucked each finger clean. She then took me by the hand and pulled me close saying “Payback’s a bitch. But I’ll deal with that later. Come here and make love to me.”

We slid under the covers and French kissed and purposefully groped each other’s bodies for what seemed like a moment but was for a full hour. I made her cum by playing with and sucking her nipples. She sucked my cock until she knew I was on the brink, and then backed off and we began kissing all over again. Finally Stacie mounted me and without using her hands to guide her, she just impaled herself on my cock, easily taking me all in with one downward thrust. She and I had been lovers for 3 years, but her cunt was juicier, wider, and hotter than ever before. We ground our bodies together, while never releasing each other’s lips—our tongues were one. Finally, Stacie’s mouth became cold as her blood rushed to her clit. She moaned into my mouth and I into hers as I emptied my balls into her sexy snatch and she soaked my balls, hips and legs with her gushing pussy juice.

And this was all before noon.

Make sure to look for the next installment—“Stacie’s afternoon delight”.

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