Spying on Mom


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All characters in this work of fiction are over 18. The following is also being submitted, in fragmented form, as a “story within a story” in Awakenings, Ch 4. The various interruptions needed for that chapter have been removed.


It was 11:00 on a Saturday in late July, and Marie was not surprised to find that neither of her kids was up. She’d just come home from 5 hours at her office and was heading to the kitchen to make some lunch. She was too starved to even think about changing.

As if on cue, the two 19 year olds (10 months apart) stumbled down the stairs one following the other a minute or two apart. John, the first to arrive, called out, “Hey, Mom, what’s for breakfast?

“Eggs okay?”

“Sure thing – scrambled with cheese would be great.

John was tall, muscular, and handsome. Shy for some reason, he’d only had a few dates. He was dressed in shorts and an undershirt (and nothing else, though Marie did not guess this), unshaven and with tousled hair. He pulled out his phone and took a seat in the den, feet on the coffee table, facing the stairs.

Marie, always well dressed (at least outwardly!) and well kempt sighed – but it was Saturday, after all. Plus both kids were smart, kind, and generally well mannered. She’d done well.

Kelli, who followed John a minute later, reminded Marie of herself at 19 – long honey blonde hair (Kelli’s, like John’s, was tousled from the bed), and an amazing figure. Until recently, she’d been steadily dating a fellow. Marie was not sad to see that end.

But their greatest similarity was that both women had amazing boobs.

Marie had been a late bloomer, but then shot through a bra size every three months, settling out at a very full D, and Kelli had followed the same pattern. On their small frames, their boobs looked even larger. Neither had seen the other naked in a decade, but they also shared the same nipples – long (something like 3/8′ when aroused – which was often!) – milk chocolate brown, and very erotically sensitive.

But whereas Marie had never been comfortable with her large tits, Kelli had been waiting impatiently for her breasts to fill in, and she had welcomed their arrival with open arms – and open hands and opposable thumbs. But more on that later. Kelli had also developed into what Marie considered a tease.

John’s choice of where to sit was strategic. He’d taken rising a bit early on the weekends (relatively speaking), then listening for Kelli to hit the bathroom. That was his cue to amble downstairs and take up his “viewing spot.”

John’s shorts were actually tennis shorts. He liked them because they were kind of silky, plus they were, well short – at least shorter than is typical for regular shorts these days – plus the leg holes were wide. When he was inclined, he could easily reach up the leg to his dick. He was often inclined.

But not in the Den with Mom around the corner. Still, he DID pull the legs of the shorts up a bit, then he spread his own legs some. This allowed an irregular swirl of air from the ceiling fan to wash over his dick and balls. The former had started to swell minorly in anticipation of Kelli’s arrival.

Fact is, Kelli, who’d been sleeping in the nude since she was 18, had been up even earlier to hear JOHN use the bathroom. She was on to his routine, and today, she was planning to take things a bit further, if she could summon the determination.

She threw back the covers and swiveled her head to take in her reflection in the mirror-covered closet doors. She loved swimming (her best style was the breasts stroke [she loved to add the extra “s” and the pause between words, at least to herself], and had an athletic body – really nice legs, a small but shapely butt, and a flat tummy. But there was one thing (well, two) keeping her from really being a competitive swimmer – her bountiful boobs.

They stood straight up on her chest, only conceding a few degrees of shift to gravity as she lay on her back. And all she had to do was THINK about touching her nipples and they sprouted, pushing up the better part of half an inch.

But then, she DID touch them, toying with both at once, then pausing to cup her more than a handful breasts. Alright, if we’re going to do this plan, we need inspiration. With that, she grasped her nipples and pulled them straight up toward the ceiling time and again, whimpering softly each time they slipped from her grasp, reveling in the resulting contractions in her pussy as she felt the orgasm coming on.

Then it hit, and she allowed herself a long, low moan, her whole body going tense. It was nice being able to give in to those needs – to moan and writhe. She had learned to stifle all that in certain circumstances, as will be clear later.

Kelli clearly loved her nipple orgasms, but, since turning 18, she had also gotten used to screwing with her boyfriend. It had been three months since their breakup, and with college up north looming, she had taken herself off the dating circuit. No reason to get serious canlı bahis with anyone right now. But if she could summon the will power, she might have a plan to get some cock back in her life.

With the glow of the orgasm helping with her resolve, she laid out the clothes for the morning. It didn’t take long. There was a new pair of frilly short shorts, which she slid up her legs, forgoing any underwear (she’d have to be careful about developing a damp spot, though!) and a new crop top, soft and bright yellow. As she pulled it down over her boobs, she looked in the mirror and saw a whole lot of abdomen below the end of the fabric.

More than that, while it hugged the outside half of each tit, it gave up contact once it got to her nipples. The fabric did not touch her skin from between her nipples running up until nearly to her collarbones. And the cherries on top, as it were, popped out obscenely, just begging for attention. The shadowy ghosts of her nipples and areolas took no effort at all to discern.

Ah – John just opened the bathroom door and went into his room. Once I hit the bathroom, he’ll head downstairs.

Kelli did her business, washed up, and looked in the mirror. If she said so herself, she was hot. For luck and more resolve, she reached up under the top and twisted both of her nipples. Oh, my … Yes, I’m ready.

And then, John heard her footsteps on the landing upstairs. While John held his breath and pretended to check his phone, he was actually intently watching his barefoot younger sister as she bounced down the stairs in a skipping kind of fashion, planting her right foot hard, pausing for a tenth of a second, then bouncing down two steps, barely touching the first with her left, then a full stop again on the right.

Given the fact that she was braless and was only wearing a flimsy cut off T shirt, her boobs were going through serious gyrations. And, of course, all that action had her nipples poking out like bullets by the time she hit the floor. That and the fact that she had primed her nips to hardness before even reaching the top of the stairs!

John let his breath out slowly as he tried to control the growth of his cock down his left shorts leg. What a freaking beauty he had for a sister!

Marie sighed again. Kelli had been going braless on weekends for three months now – ever since she broke up with Dick, now that she thought about it. But they had agreed, no oversight on clothes after high school. She’d soon be off to college and beyond reach anyway.

John took a moment to check out Kelli’s legs, which were long and lithe and were only barely covered by some very short frilly shorts with wide leg holes. But first and foremost, he watched her tits bound and sway as she strode to the kitchen with exaggerated hip movements. “How was work, Momma – glad you could get home,” she said.

“Thank you, dear. I hope we’re ready for Monday, but the staff is still working. Hope I don’t get a call to go back in. Scrambled eggs?”

“Sure. Let us know when they’re up.” With that, she plopped heavily into a seat opposite John. John almost convulsed watching her boobs ripple and sway before they settled; then Kelli slumped down and put her feet up on the coffee table as well. In this position, her torso was at more like a 45 degree angle. As a result, the lower edge of her crop top, instead of being suspended from her between nipples, now came to rest on the undersides of her boobs. Or at least, as much of the undersides as the length of the fabric allowed.

John looked up (yes, to her eyes!) gave her a nod, then pretended to work his phone for all of five seconds before once again staring at her nipples while making mock movements on the phone screen.

Wait – holey crap! It was only then that John discovered that he had a clear view of a couple of inches of the undersides of her amazing breasts, just resting on her rib cage!

Kelli spent 10 seconds working her own phone before glancing over the top of it to verify the focus of John’s attention. She felt her nipples stiffen further.

Then began a series of texts between the two. Rather than make you try to read teenage text-speak, here’s the (mostly) plain English version:

K: Turn off the sound on your phone

J: OK. I’m right here. Whaddup

K: Like what you see?

J: (After a pause) Huh?

K: My nipples. I know you’ve been staring

John shifted uneasily before replying.

J: Not me (smiley face)

K: It’s OK – I kinda like it

K: In fact, I really like it.

J: Nice to know

John gave Kelli a broad grin and stared openly at her tits until the next text arrived.

K: You know I can see up the leg hole of your shorts

K: NO! Don’t move! I’ve got a great view right now

J: How far up?

K: Far enough to know it’s not a banana in your pocket

John’s dick gave a spontaneous twitch.

K: Have you checked out MY shorts

John hadn’t paid attention to anything more than her texts and her nipples, bahis siteleri but Kelli had been slowly opening and closing her legs the whole time they were texting. It was actually a subtle and slow motion massage of her clit, and by now, there was a faint sucking noise whenever she spread her legs.

J: Holey …

K: How far can YOU see?

J: Well, it’s clear you’re a natural blonde!

K: Like that’s news.

J: Well, I’m sure believing what I’m seeing!

J: Do you know what you’re doing to me?

J: With your nips AND your um your lips??

K: Uh, huh. And I believing I’m seeing that you like what you see!

J: You’re amazing!

J: You know that I can see nips, right?

J: I mean I can see two darker bulls eye circles on your boobs, not just your points

K: Ayyyyuuup. They’re called areolas

J: I knew that. You make it hard

J: To think! Hard to think! Dang.

J: You know I can see the underside of your boobs too, right?

K: Cool! Hadn’t planned that. It’s called underboob. You like?

J: You have no idea

K: Oh, I think it’s clear your interest is rising

K: Nope – not a banana – they don’t come that long or wide.

John hadn’t been paying close attention, but his hardon was no long just down his leg; rather, it was going pretty much east-west, and had lifted the edge of his shorts over the middle of his thigh.

John flashed Kelli a smile, then glanced over his shoulder; Mom was now making toast and pouring juice. His “problem” was well out of her view.

K: Check this out

With that, Kelli feigned a yawn and a stretch, raising her hands high over her head and straightening her torso. She smiled and watched in fascination as John’s dick twitched uncontrollably.

J: OMG! Half of you AREOLAS just slid into view!

J: You’re a real PT – and I love you for it

K: Guess that makes you a CT, right?

K: Wanna swim later? I bot a new suit I think you’ll really like!

J: You got it!

“Breakfast!” called Marie. “Would have been nice if you’d set the table,” she muttered under her breath.

John chose his moment to get to the table, trying to hide his hardon with his phone as Marie moved the food from counter to table, but Kelli was positioned to see it head on, as it were, and gave him a sly smile and a wink.

Bringing the last of the food over, Marie chided “No phones at the table, John,” just as he’d managed to take a seat without revealing his problem to his Mom.

“Sorry, guess I was distracted,” he said with a quick glance at Kelli’s nipples, then to her subtly smiling eyes. Much to his disappointment, she’d pulled the crop down to cover her areolas and underboob. Oh, well. But Mom was right there.

The three gathered around the table and made light conversation through half the meal, with John, of course, glancing at Kelli’s still stiff nipples every chance he could. And the morning sunshine had the room toasty, so there was no chill involved to explain their hardness. Marie snuck in her own glances to determine where they were looking, but at 19, the die was cast. Plus, they were siblings – what’s the harm in a little teasing? Today’s semi-see through crop top was an escalation in the tease game, though. Marie sighed and thought, I wish someone had appreciated my boobs at that age. Or any age.

Marie had been in law school when Ken had met her and put her under his spell. He was handsome, funny, and at the top of the class. But when they screwed around (looking back, she couldn’t call it making love – there was no increase in that commodity), he demanded that she keep her “udders” away from him, taking her from a spooning position.

Ten months later, they were married and John followed not long after, then Kelli 10 months after that.

They stayed together for the kids, but the sex, never great to begin with, petered out altogether a few years later. But Ken repressed any desire she had to show off her figure. Nearly any bra gave her cleavage, so all blouses needed to button pretty high. Marie was almost thankful when he died, even though she needed to step up her lawyering game to support the kids. The scars on her confidence as a woman, though, were slow to be overcome.

Just then, Marie’s cell rang. It was the office – they needed her to see something.

“Be back soon, kids. Be good.”

The two looked at other with libidinous thoughts in their heads, quickly finishing off the eggs and throwing the dishes in the sink.

“Time for that swim, John? I hope you like my suit – I kinda bought it with you in mind.”

“Really?” Interesting and curious, he thought. “Well, sure, I’ll be in the pool in a few minutes.”

John arranged his timing so as to be following Kelli up the stairs. The frilly leg holes of Kelli’s shorts flared out, and John got great views of her nicely rounded tush – but not of her lips, to his frustration.

Kelli, of course, knew EXACTLY what John was doing – or trying to do. bahis şirketleri At the last stair step, Kelli stopped short, and John almost face planted in that curvy tush.

“So, do you like the look of my ASSets more than my FRONTsets?”

“Um … well, from what I can see, you have an A grade tush. But as you may have gathered, I’m partial to the forefront – the more fore the better.”

“Prepare yourself for a treat, John – you ought to be able to make a clear choice soon enough.”

“What has gotten INTO you recently, Sis?”

“Not enough, not enough. But I’m making up a plan as I go to fix that.” With that mysterious comment and a coy smile, she just said, “See you in the pool,” and ducked into her room.

“She had me in mind when she bought her suit. … Man, I can’t wait to see it.” John gave his meat a few quick strokes in his own room, then donned his bathing trunks and was in the pool in short order. It was hot out, and the pool was maybe five degrees short of bathwater temperature. Not great for swimming laps, but fine for treading water and keeping an eye on the patio door. While he waited, not at all sure what Kelli might be planning, he pulled out his dick and relived the morning, stroking himself to a solid state.

Kelli, in her room was naked in a flash. Oh, I am so horny, she thought. Dick wasn’t the nicest guy nor the best lover, but I do miss the sex we did have.

She pulled out the skimpy bikini that she’d bought with her Mom last week. The cups, such as they were, were only about three inches wide where they attached to the string that circled her torso. Then they slowly narrowed as they approached the band that went behind her neck. But what made it so sexy was that the material of the cups was only solid up to just barely over her areolas. From there on up, there was just a narrowing ladder of crocheted strings. Plus, it was unlined. If her nips stayed the way they were, John would definitely be staring!

The effect of the cup structure was that, from a distance, they sort of looked like solid cups running way up toward the neck. But just a little closer, and it was clear that the whole upper portion of her boobs was paying peek-a-boo through the wide holes of the mesh.

Plus, of course, with tits Kelli’s size, that three inch wide cup base was going to leave a lot of breast flesh oozing out both the sides and into her cleavage area.

Kelli knew all that from trying it on in the fitting room. But now was the moment of truth. Would she wear it for John, and for how long?

“Well, nips, how horny are you?” Looking in the mirror, she lifted her heavy boobs – not that they sagged, but she enjoyed their heft. Then she let her tits fall through her hands, letting her nipples course through her fingers. She winced as she felt her pussy moisten instantly – well, further moisten – showing off to John downstairs had her perilously close to leaving a damp spot on her shorts.

Yep, I’m definitely wearing it. But for how long? With that she grabbed both nipples and pulled them straight out – hard. When they popped free, she felt her knees weaken. Right – I’ve been horny for too long. John is hot, and he’s hot for me. Now is the time.

Kelli donned the suit, which did nothing to hide her stiff nipples. She slid the cup bases together a bit more, really magnifying both the sideboob view and the exposure between the cups. Lastly, she pulled up the thong bottom. She looked in the mirror, both front and back. Yep – if this doesn’t get him hot for me, nothing will. She gave her nips another tug, then, before she lost her resolve, she bounded down the stairs.

As she closed the patio door behind her, giving John a great view of her naked rear, she heard John call out, “What took you so lo … Oh, my goodness!”

Kelli sauntered over, rolling her shoulders to exaggerate the sway of her boobs. Although she hadn’t intended it and didn’t notice, this was just enough to expose a half inch of her right areola. John, on the other hand, DID notice. “You like?” she asked coyly, as she twirled and slowly entered the pool.

“Your boobs, not to mention your ass, could give a dead man a hardon!”

“Glad to hear it. Especially since you’re NOT dead, and I’ve decided I need you to screw me.” There, the words were out.

“What?” John said, sure that he had misheard.

With that, she splashed some water on her front, which instantly turned the bikini transparent. Kelli looked down, pleased with the clear view of her stiff nipples and surrounding areolas. Then, lifting her eyes to John while pulling one her nipples, she smiled seductively and repeated, “I said, I need you to screw me. You like even more?”

John’s dick, which he had not touched, was twitching like crazy. “Oh, oh, oh …” Then, somewhat regaining control, he managed, “Dang, Sis … I’m more than hot for you, but your my sister!”

With a few swift strokes, Kelli was next to John, pressing her amazing tits into his chest. “Get over it. It’s not like we’re going to get married, but before I go to college, I’ve decided that I really need sex – sex with no strings. Who better to give it to me than you? We could be ‘siblings with benefits,’ right?”

“Um – impeccable logic, Kelli.”

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