Snow Daze Ch. 02


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Large sections of the road between the accident and Rebecca’s were covered in snow but the plow made light work of the obstacles. Within an hour we were inside her home and finally out of the cold. It was still early morning and after turning on the central heating, Rebecca made us both hot chocolate and we drank them together in her welcoming, warm lounge room. Neither of us said anything about what we’d done in the car. Now that we’d both sobered up it seemed like it hadn’t really happened. The phrase “what happened in the car, stay’s in the car,” came to mind and I think Bec must have felt the same. After something to eat, Rebecca called the mechanics in town to arrange for the car to be towed. I heard her call Dean and inform him of the accident and reassure him we were alright. We were both tired and agreed going back to bed was a good idea. I thought of all my clothes in the back of the car and asked Rebecca when we’d have a chance to get them. “I’ll find you something to wear in the mean time Chrissy, don’t worry,” was her response.

Sunlight filled my room when I awoke from a dream of snow and the winter cold. I looked at my phone for the time and was amazed at how late in the day it was. I heard the shower running down the hall and looked around the room. My jacket was over an armchair and leaving the bed wearing only my shorts I walked over to it and checked the pocket. Sure enough Rebecca’s black opaque tights were still there. I pulled the now dry stockings out, lifted them up to my face and inhaled the material and the scent of my sister. “Oh are you fucking serious?” Came a voice from behind me. It was then I realized the shower was no longer running. I turned to find Rebecca standing in the open doorway. She was dressed in a satin, thigh length robe, her hair still wet. Holding what looked to be sweat pants and a top, she looked at me with an incredulous expression on her face that turned to a smirk. “You’re worse than I thought little brother. First you look up my skirt, now you’re sniffing my underwear. You’ve got problems. I was going to give you Deans old clothes to wear but I’ll have to rethink that. The showers free if you want it!” And with that she turned and walked away down the hall to her room, leaving me feeling completely humiliated, still holding her tights.

I really couldn’t believe it. In just two days I’d been caught by my own mother masturbating, sprung looking up my sister’s skirt and now discovered sniffing her underwear like a common pervert. How things could get any more humiliating, I didn’t know. But they would.

I took my sister up on the offer of the shower. The main bathroom was large, white and minimalist. I luxuriated in the warm water, taking my time soaping my body and washing my hair. The shower itself had no walls or glass screen, so when Rebecca entered the bathroom and stood watching me, I had nowhere to hide.

She looked amazing, dressed in an extremely short grey skirt, black stockings and heels and a white shirt. Her hair was up in a bun and she wore black rimmed reading glasses. She wouldn’t have looked out of place in an office or at least an office hosting a porn shoot but why she was dressed this way at home, I wasn’t sure. “Fuck Bec!” I exclaimed, covering my cock. “A bit of privacy?” She laughed at this and again smirked at me.

“What privacy were you affording me when you were looking up my skirt Christopher, hmm?” And I had to admit she had a point. “Were you thinking about my privacy when you were smelling my stockings? Or what about when you were pressing that cock of yours against me in the car?” It was the first time she’d said anything about us spooning. “What, you think I didn’t feel what you were doing down there?” One whole side of the bathroom was mirrored and I could see my face and chest flushing crimson. “Did I say you could cover yourself Chris? Take your hand away from there.” I did as I was told, wanting to please her in any way I could. “God you are small down there aren’t you, it felt bigger in the car. Oh well. I’m glad to see you don’t have any hair around it, I didn’t think you would. You really are a sissy aren’t you Chris?”

There it was, she’d called me a sissy. That was Dean’s favorite putdown for me and now my sister was adopting it as well.

“Show me your underarms Christopher,” she ordered and I lifted my arms to reveal my hairless armpits. “Good. Ok, turn around. That’s it, my god you really don’t have any body hair at all do you? This is going to be easier than I thought.” I didn’t know what she meant by the last statement but I soon understood where she was heading. “You’re just like a girl aren’t you Chris? Maybe I should call you my little sister from now on, hmm? Are you my little sister Chrissy?” She asked and I nodded in obedience. “Good girl. Now all you need to do is shave that little bit of stubble from your face and you can come back to your room. I laid out some clothes for you!”

With that, Rebecca placed shaving czech couples porno creme and a razor on the vanity and left me alone in the bathroom. My mind reeled. I actually questioned whether I was in fact dreaming. It was all so bizarre. The events in the car could have been put down to the alcohol and the uniqueness of the situation but what had just transpired was absurd. She’d called me a girl, her little sister. Why did I have to shave? What was the deal with me being hairless? I quickly did as she’d demanded and shaved what little shadow was on my face and completed my shower. I was actually nervous about what was going to happen, I knew she could be cruel but she could also reward me. I dried and wrapped a towel around my waist and with trepidation walked back to my room.

Walking into the guest room I found Rebecca seated on the armchair. “Took your time didn’t you?” She looked me up and down. “A towel around your waist?! A good girl would have her towel up around her boobs Chrissy!” She observed.

“But I don’t have boobs Bec.” I offered in response.

“Well you don’t have a man’s chest either do you? Whatever, drop the towel and get changed, you’ve delayed me enough.” It was then I noticed the clothes she’d laid out for me on the bed.

“Oh Bec are you for real?” What can only be described as a “naughty schoolgirl” uniform lay on the bed beside long white socks and white panties and a bra. Black high heels sat on the floor before them. “I can’t wear that, why would you want me to?”

“You CAN wear it and you will! And why, is because you need to be schooled in respect Chrissy. Whilst you’re a guest in our house you’ll do as I say. Alright little broth…little sister.”

I’d never worn women’s clothing before. I wasn’t gay or for that matter did I think I was bi. I knew I was feminine, I took after my mother more than my father and I often did look at my own body and see female lines and curves. Right then, before I dropped the towel I made a decision to submit fully. To accept whatever my sister had in mind and possibly open myself to a new understanding of my very own nature, to enjoy what was to come.

Rebecca giggled as I allowed the towel to fall to the floor and she spied my small penis again. To willingly expose myself to my sister’s gaze was a thrilling experience. I reached down and picked up the panties. They were full backed briefs, silky to the touch and and had a seam of lace around the top. The feeling of stepping into and sliding up my smooth legs a pair of my sister’s panties was wondrous. When I’d finally pulled them up to my crotch, my penis had begun to swell and it wasn’t lost on my sister. “Oh so it does get bigger Chrissy, that’s nice to know,” she exclaimed. I ignored her comment and tucked it into the panties. I had no problem with the bra, made of the matching material it fit on me snugly, Rebecca herself not having large breasts. I next slid on the socks and pulled them up to just below my knees. The skirt was a blue pleated tartan and was short enough to leave my panties visible at the rear, I put on the tight white shirt and sat on the bed to place the black heels on my feet. I had some doubt as to whether I could walk in them but when on, I twirled for Rebecca to seek her approval of my new look and found I handled them fine.

I stood before my still seated sister and awaited her response. She said nothing and I had a horrible feeling she was about to laugh at me and mock my appearance. To the contrary, still without speaking she stood and took me by the hand down the hall to her room. I was seated at her dressing table and I finally knew what was happening. She began by tying my hair into pig tails, then applying a foundation on my face, followed by mascara and eye shadow. Lastly, Bec applied a deep red lipstick to my lips and my transformation was complete. She again took me by the hand and we stood together before her full length mirror.

I was a girl. If I’d been shown a photo of myself before this moment I wouldn’t have recognized me in it. I turned to Rebecca and almost in tears I asked if I looked OK?

“Oh sweety, you look beautiful. I finally have the little sister I’ve always wanted,” she replied and took hold of my other hand. Our bodies facing, merely inches apart. Her dressed as what I now saw as a teacher and I her student. “But now I have to teach you to be a girl, are you ready for that Chrissy?”

I nodded in assent and allowed her to lead me back to the chair.

“Show me how a girl sits Chrissy,” Bec asked.

I sat down and crossed my legs, placing my hands on my thighs as ladylike as I thought possible. To my amazement it displeased her. “Oh no, no, no Chrissy. That’s how a lady like me would sit. You are a dirty little slut! You’ll spread your legs whenever you sit.” Just as I knew she could, her demeanor had changed from saccharine to sour in the blink of an eye. She walked over and czech estrogenolit porno forcibly spread my legs, the skirt riding up over my now fully erect cock.

“Oh there it is again! My how it’s grown. You like being a girl don’t you Chrissy?” She asked, and it hadn’t been lost on me that she was only calling me ‘Chrissy’ now. “What does it want Chrissy, does it want this?” Bec stood back and lifted the front of her skirt. It was only then I noticed she was wearing stay-up, thigh high stockings. The tops of which came just below her bare, bald vagina. She wore no panties. My sister presented her pussy to me, the skirt, the stocking tops, her hands, all forming the frame around the most beautiful sight I’d ever laid eyes upon. I could see no labia, just the perfectly vertical slit of her cunt. I wanted to kiss it, to lick it, to smell it but dared not act until given license.

She must have seen the desire in my face. “Oh you do want it don’t you Chrissy? You want your sister’s pussy!” I could tell she was getting off on it. The dirty talking, the exhibitionism. She wanted to fuck as badly as I did but she wanted to build it up for as long as possible and I wouldn’t complain. “You want to lick my pussy little brother?” She’d stuffed up, calling me her brother and not her sister but she went on regardless. “Maybe I should let you lick my pussy, you have been a good girl up to now.” She backed away towards the bed and turned, lifting her skirt up around her waist, revealing her amazing bottom to me for the first time. “But I don’t think you’re ready for that.” She leaned forward on the bed and still standing, spread her legs. With one hand she clutched her right ass cheek and spread, displaying her anus. “You can lick my ass now Chrissy. If you do a good job I’ll let you lick my pussy!”

I needed no further prompting. Within seconds I was knelt behind my sister, my face level with her butt. She let go of her cheek and I took over, spreading both globes wide, pulling apart her most intimate hole. I spied her pussy beneath her pink anus, dripping with juice. The desire to taste it was overwhelming but I dared not touch it until allowed. I kissed her sphincter directly, her hole, hot upon my lipsticked lips. Rebecca sighed at the first contact then groaned when my salivating tongue tried sliding inside her passage. She was still puckered tight so I returned to kissing and licking around her anus, up and down her crack. Again I tried penetrating her sphincter and found her loosened. My tongue able to probe deep into her asshole, tasting her feminine earthiness. My mouth hermetically sealed around her anus, my tongue wriggling inside her, I pulled her hips back onto me, burying my face in her ass. “Oh yes Chrissy, lick my ass. Lick your sister’s asshole. Taste my breakfast you little cunt!” The talk spurred me on. I wasn’t sure if it was possible to bring a girl to orgasm anally but I was trying my best. My jaw ached, my tongue ached but I would’ve kept going all day if she’d allowed it.

It was Rebecca who put an end to it. Unexpectedly she spun around and dropped to the floor before me. “You passed Chrissy, now I’ll give you something.” Kneeling together she pulled my cock loose of the panties and began masturbating me, the head of my cock was already covered in pre-cum and I knew it wouldn’t take much for the real stuff to follow. Rebecca moved in closer and our mouths connected, my face was covered with saliva and the smell of her ass but she showed no sign of revulsion. Our tongues met, entwined. she seemed hungry for the taste of her own butt and we kissed with passion. Her own saliva dripped from her mouth, she scooped it and smeared it on my cock. The lube sent me over the edge. Rebecca somehow knew it was about to happen. She leaned back, spreading her legs. Directing the head of my cock towards her cunt she made the last few pulls necessary for me to cum and then it happened. Spurt after spurt of my hot cum sprayed between her legs. The pubic mound taking the most, then her upper thighs and stocking tops. Cum ran down her slit to drop to the floor between us. She milked me until the last ounce of cum had seeped from my cock.

“Did I do good Rebecca?” I meekly asked, seeking her approval.

“It was a very good start princess. We’ll have something to eat and drink then continue your training, OK.”

“Yes Miss.” I said and this seemed to please her no end. She kissed me again, not sexually or with passion, just a friendly kiss on the forehead and I knew I’d done well.

I thought my sister would have been quick to shower again but she seemed content to just wipe my cum from her pussy and legs with the panties she now made me remove along with the rest of my uniform. Again I was standing naked before my big sister, awaiting her next move. She removed her clothing as well and my immediate thought was we were going to fuck. I should’ve known with her it wouldn’t be czech experiment porno that simple. Moving to her dresser she removed black lingerie and stockings and handed them to me. “You’ve graduated to women’s clothing now Chrissy. You’ll go to your room and put these on then join me in the kitchen for lunch, OK?” She offered and I nodded and reluctantly left the beautiful sight of my naked sister behind me.

The lingerie she had given me was a tight lace teddy that attached to the thigh high stockings with suspenders. It contained my erection well and as I admired myself in the mirror, my legs long in the heels, my hair still in pigtails, I firmly believed I could’ve been a trap for any red blooded man out there.

I did as was told and awaited my sister in the kitchen. She appeared shortly, dressed (surprisingly I thought) in tight brown suit pants and another white shirt. She still had her hair in a bun and the glasses on. I’d expected her to be dressed similar to me but she still looked hot, the pants clung to her immaculate behind and thighs. And then I noticed it. As she went about making us lunch I made out the front of her pants for the first time. Namely what seemed to be down the front of her pants. It lay along her left leg, stretching from her crotch to mid thigh. The unmistakable outline of a cock. She was wearing a strap-on.

Rebecca had said nothing about it as we sat at the table over our late lunch. She opened wine and we drank and talked much like we always had, as brother and sister. We finished the wine and opened another. We moved to the lounge room. I was anxious about what would inevitably happen but couldn’t deny, extremely turned on. Sitting together we drew closer and closer. Our legs touched then our hands. Soon enough we were making out like teens. Her hand was constantly caressing my cock through the teddy. I was kneading one of her breasts then began stroking the counterfeit cock between her legs. Finally it began. Rebecca lifted her bottom from the couch and slid her pants to her knees. The strap-on sprung up to sit against her stomach the way a real cock would. She again wasn’t wearing panties and I could smell her aroused cunt, the aroma sending me wild. Without her even instructing me I took hold of the veiny appendage and sucked on the head all the while looking in my sisters eyes for approval.

I was shocked at my ability to deep throat. It always looked uncomfortable for the girls I watched in porn, the choking and salivating but that was what made it so fun. Rebecca held me by my pig tails and guided my head up and down on her cock. Drooling all over it she pulled my mouth off and looked me in the eyes. “You know what happens now don’t you?” She asked and I once again nodded. I stood up and climbed upon my sisters lap, straddling her hips. I reached behind and pulled aside the rear of my teddy and with Rebecca’s help guided the head of the lubed strap-on to my anal entrance. The feeling was indescribable. The cock was thick and at least 8 inches in length. Once the head penetrated me I used my body weight to slide the entire length of the shaft into my body. Rebecca unbuttoned her shirt and revealed her black lacy bra and small tits. I held each in my hands and leaned in to once again kiss her as I rocked back and forth, up and down on the dildo.

Bec pulled my cock from the lingerie and again masturbated me. I arched my back and placed my hands behind me on her legs, still fucking the strap-on. Rebecca put a hand up to my mouth and I took two of her fingers into it, sucking on her digits as I’d done to her toes only hours before. Again she brought me to orgasm, my anus twitching around the cock buried deep inside me. I was shocked at the amount of cum I managed to spurt across her breasts. Opposed to before, Rebecca scooped up the semen with her fingers and sucked it off, slurping my cum into her mouth. She then offered me her fingers to do the same. Pulling out of me and with her pants still around her knees I watched as she walked to the phone and dialed a number. “Hey honey,” she spoke after a short wait. “It’s all good here. She’s ready, we’ll see you soon.” She hung up and I sat there wondering what was going on.

“Dean’s on his way home Chrissy, he’ll be here within the hour. He’s looking forward to seeing all that you’ve learned!”

I was dumbfounded.

She’d lied to me. Dean wasn’t interstate, away for a week. He was working in the next town and had merely stayed overnight. If I’d been told a day before I would be dressed as a girl and not only that, in the presence of my brother-in-law I would’ve scoffed. I thought I would feel more nervous but right now I wanted him to see me. I was actually looking forward to his reaction, his comments, dare I say it, even his cock.

Rebecca hurried me into her bedroom for my third costume change of the day. She wanted us to look like twins. Twin sisters to be precise. I was beginning to wonder just how long her and Dean had been planning this when she revealed two matching schoolgirl uniforms. This time with red pleated miniskirts and white shirts. I was given white satin panties and white lace ruffled ankle socks to go with my black heels. When we were fully dressed and our hair in pigtails we heard the front door of the house closing and new it was showtime.

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