Sleeping Sissy


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One night, I passed out downstairs on the couch and awoke to a ton of snoring going on. I sat up groggy and couldn’t imagine where it was even coming from. I started walking around the house, made it up the stairs, and realized it was coming from my sisters room. Holy crap was it loud! I was so tired and really wanted to get back to bed, but there was no way that was going to happen with that hibernating bear in the house.

I thought to myself, “I will just go in and maybe plug her nose and she will shut up.”

I open the door and creep in real quietly, and there in the moonlight I see my sister Stephanie, passed out and laying on her stomach. She is fully clothed, and I thought to myself, “that is unusual for her?” Then I had remembered how earlier she had gone out with a few of her girlfriends. I cant believe this bitch is passed out drunk! I walk closely to her and notice she is wearing a short black skirt. Peaking from under teen porno the skirt are her pink cotton panties. Instantly my dick gets hard! Holy shit, this is my sister, what am I thinking? What the hell is my dick thinking?

Stephanie is my older sister by 9 years, she is 27. I have never found my sister “hot” before, but most of my guy friends say they want to bang her. Now that I am seeing her from this angle, in this light, I am going to have to agree with my friends.

She is pretty tall, about 5’9. She has sun kissed skin year round, long golden blonde hair, and big brown eyes. I can’t help but stare!

At this point my dick is pounding and begging for some attention. I whip it out and think, “maybe it would be ok if I just whacked off over her sleeping body?” I start stroking myself and my heart is beating right out of my chest. I am so afraid I am going to wake her, but I can’t help but take advantage of this travesti pornp moment and the immense pleasure I am feeling. She’s still snoring like a banshee anyway… My mind is racing and I can’t help but want to see more. After a few minutes I can’t take it anymore and decide to take my chances. I lift her skirt up, to expose her sweet little round ass. I still want to see more, so I grow a pair, and slowly move her panties over to the side. Seeing her ass crack drove me wild and I had to touch it. Some of my precum dripped out right onto her tight hole and I couldn’t stand to let it go to waste. I start rubbing the tip of my cock on her crack, and with my other hand, I move her panties over a little more to expose her pussy.

Holly shit was it beautiful! Nice, tiny, tight and pink, just the way I like them! I am jerking it hard now, while rubbing it back and forth between her pussy and her crack. She is still sound of sleep, tricky masseur so I decide to take it a step further. I lick my finger and start caressing her pussy lips softly. It felt so fucking good! I slowly stick my finger inside, and just as I suspected, she was tight as fuck! Oh how I wish my finger was my cock right now! I was feeling so good and knew I couldn’t take this much pleasure with out cumming soon. I am trying to hold off for as long as I can. I keep jerking harder and harder and continue fucking her pussy with two fingers now. I feel her get really wet and I take some of her juices and rub them around her clit. “Oh Shiiiiiiit! This is it!” It sent me over board and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I pull back and jizzed all over her pussy. That was the best nut I have ever experienced and can’t believe it was over my sister! I am still feeling the spasms! I put her panties back in place, pull her skirt down, and go running out of the room to clean up.

I am now looking at myself in the mirror, guilty over what I have just done, but holy shit did it feel good! I can’t wait for Stephanie to go out drinking again. Next time I am going to stick it in her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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