Sisterly Love Ch. 13


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Aunt Elaine

Climbing off the bus the following morning, I made myself a promise that I wouldn’t let the excitement of my Aunt’s coming to visit that night take away from the John Travolta-like walk from the opening credits of Saturday Night Fever I had practiced since the girls fought over me.

I had been right to think I would be the talk of the school today, especially since Becky and Regina were suspended for the remainder of the week.

Both boys and girls peeled away as I strolled down the corridors enroute to my classes. By lunchtime, I wasn’t thinking about anything else other than bedding my aunt and her gigantic tits that night and had a perpetual boner to prove it. The guys saw it and laughed as they nudged one another. The girls took note as well and tried to hide their interest, but fell short since I expected them to check me out and more than once met their eyes with mine, followed by a knowing smile that had them flushed and embarrassed and not knowing what to do, or how to act.

Except for Sydnie-Ann Jablonski, who approached me in our Civics class.

“Nice boner you have there, Howie. Who is it for?”

“Hi, Sydnie-Ann. You noticed, eh?”

“Everyone’s noticed, even Mrs. Kranick, but I think she’s seen a few of them in her time.”

“I, um, talked with Reggie after the um …” I said

“I know. We talk a lot, Howie. So what she wants to know is: what’s the deal with Becky?”

Now Reggie and I had gotten together already and agreed that her fighting Becky over me was stupid and that they had already agreed they would share me on an every other day basis. I had to assume Sydnie-Ann was acting on her own and not with Reggie’s permission, so I tried to dig deeper into her reasoning and asked, “What do you mean, what’s the deal?”

“She didn’t seem pissed at you. After what you pulled she should have been furious. I mean, she fought Becky in front of the whole school over you and that got her suspended.”

I decided to be honest with her. “Sydnie-Ann, Reggie and I have made up. We’ve even resolved the Becky thing. I had hoped she would have included you in her plan and maybe she has but hasn’t told you yet. See, they, and I mean, Reggie and Becky are going to share me on an every other day basis. No hard feelings. No jealous tantrums, and no fighting.

Sharing equally.”

“How Reggie works you in is her decision. I like you just fine and I’m willing to keep going with the both of you. But it’s Reggie’s call. I hope you understand. I really am sorry if this comes as a surprise and hurts you. I don’t mean to do that, but I couldn’t let things go without telling you.

A few minutes later, it appeared our little moment had ended until she scooted over a bit more to push against my leg. We were way too exposed to do much else and this didn’t seem like much, though Mrs. Kranick looked our way and sharpened her eyes. We continued to pretend we were going over our notes while I whispered, “I like you, Sydnie-Ann. I especially like fucking you.”

“Me too,” she replied.

“We’ll work it out. I won’t let you be cast aside. I like you more than Becky for sure. Maybe you, Reggie and I can get together this weekend.”

“Oh, I’d like that, Howie.”

“Are you two studying or having a personal conversation?” Mrs. Kranick said, ending our talk for good.

Sydnie-Ann kept staring at me. She didn’t cry and for that I was grateful. She did however pack up her things and left the classroom moments before the bell rang.

I couldn’t stand being the center of attention and not having anyone approach me to ask the apparently unaskable question: Had I screwed both Reggie and Becky? So I cut the last two classes of the day and went home to a massive surprise.


I don’t recall being unusually quiet as I entered the house. Perhaps I was, but if so, it wasn’t intentional. I saw the suitcase two steps into the living room and knew my aunt had arrived.

I stood stock still and listened. They weren’t talking … the television wasn’t on … why was it so quiet if my mother and Aunt Elaine were in the house together?

From my mother’s bedroom I head a long drawn out sigh. I took off my shoes and carefully placed them on the carpet and edged toward the bedroom on stockinged feet.

I hadn’t expected to see them kissing on my mother’s bed.

They lay there, arms entwined, wearing only panties and bras. My mom wore a garter belt and dark stockings as well. They looked beautiful together as they held the kiss and fondled each other’s breasts.

I slowly resumed breathing and reached down to clutch my erection through my slacks.

“Oh, it’s been so long, Rach,” Aunt Elaine said huskily as she pressed her leg between my mother’s legs.

“Mmmmm,” My mother whispered, humping her younger sister’s thigh in return.

They both giggled as if recalling a moment long ago, which of course is exactly what they were doing. And they kissed again. I watched as my mother’s tongue slid easily into Elaine’s slightly opened latin sex tapes porno mouth and my aunt pushed her leg deeper between my mothers’.

I realized at that moment that I was almost sick with jealousy at my aunt’s being where I lusted to be. My cock was so hard I couldn’t feel anything else.

Ending the kiss, my mother lifted one of my aunt’s tits from her brassiere and put her mouth to it, sucking wantonly while Elaine calmly unsnapped mom’s brassiere and her lovely breasts spilled into my aunt’s hands.

Elaine moaned with pleasure as mother moved her head and tugged lightly on her dark nipple. I wished desperately that it was me making her moan with so much pleasure. I watched, still squeezing my cock, as mother’s moist lips opened, pursed, and then her pink tongue joined the pleasure-giving celebration around the enlarged brown nipple.

Elaine purred as she straightened her back so as to thrust the nipple further into my mother’s mouth. Her eyes were closed in silent pleasure and her hands fiddled with the front clasp of Elaine’s brassiere. It sprang apart and my eyes were greeted with the excitement of my aunt’s breasts; two round, wonderful, firm melons gleamed in the soft light as the brassiere was tossed aside.

Elaine moaned loudly as my mother rubbed the strap marks away, her hands swirling all around the newly freed orbs.

“Shhhh!” my mother cried nervously, and then giggled.

I watched her fingers pulling on Elaine’s large nipples, twisting, gently pulling, rolling them between her fingers, as my aunt writhed with pleasure, still mouthing my mother’s nipple.

I watched as she opened her mouth as wide as possible and sucked more of her tit into her mouth, and then let it slide glistening from her lips. She kissed each nipple once briefly and leaned back to let my mother suckle on her breasts. As she assumed this posture, her leg pressed harder against the crotch of my mother’s panties.

I couldn’t stand it any longer. As silently as possible I lowered the zipper of my fly and carefully eased my cramped cock out. I glanced down at the white pole jutting before me and saw the tip was already oozing precum and absentmindedly smeared it around with my

Thumb, and then decided not to touch it just yet for fear of ejaculating all over the place.

“Elaine … what have you got us into?” my mother laughed.

Elaine gasped as the soft breath of my mother’s mouth lingered over her nipple. Then my mother planted a series of soft kisses over both breasts and said, “You have such pretty breasts, Elaine!”

And then the nipple disappeared between my mother’s lipsticked lips and I could see her begin to suck. I could tell that her tongue was bathing the stiffened nipple as her mouth suckled. Her head turned pulling the nipple away from the big soft orb of Elaine’s breast and then with a soft pop, snapped from her mouth.

Elaine moaned with pleasure and her hands lifted and squeezed my mother’s breasts.

Mother gasped with pleasure and that sent Elaine off in search of other treasure. Her hand stealthily moved to the gusset of mother’s panties and began making small circles. At the same time she was nipping at biting at each of mother’s nipples in turn, leaving both of them panting with excitement.

Moments later they were kneeling and facing each other, locked in a torrid kiss. Their swaying breasts were perfect in the soft light. Then they shuffled together and the undulating tits made contact and I watched their utter and complete pleasure as they moved them against each other. Again and again they pressed and rubbed their breasts together and kissed. It was beautiful; perfect and beautiful.

“Are we really going to …?” I heard my mother say.

Wordlessly, Auntie Elaine slipped her fingers into mom’s panties and began sliding them down her generous hips.

“Ohmigod …” I heard her mutter.

But she helped her sister take them off, and I watched the ring of pale pink nylon sail across the room. My aunt shucked her own white panties off in a quick swish of motion and the two were nearly naked at last. Only the sexy dark stockings and pink garter belt remained.

“Me first,” Elaine said quietly.

I watched her breasts hang down pendulously as she kneed her way along the soft creaky mattress and knelt in the Islamic bow position between my mother’s legs.

Caressingly, she parted her legs and raised my mother’s knees. She kissed the dark patch of hair and slipped her hands under her bottom. Elaine moved her head from side to side and kissed some more. The light and their positioning were not good enough to see exactly what was going on.

I could only see my aunt bury her face and lips deeper between my mother’s wide spread thighs.

The curve of Elaine’s ass was like that of a classic Greek statue, full, mature, ripe, soft, wonderful. Occasionally she would rub her cheek against mother’s stocking, or kiss her thigh just above the dark band of the stocking; then kiss her way down the lezbiyen porno triangular path of hair now glistening with moisture from her deep, sensual kisses.

“Come here…” my mother whispered.

Aunt Elaine turned around so that my mother could kiss her pussy too. They struggled with the position but finally, they were a lovely mass of soft feminine curves for me to stare thoroughly enthralled at. Slowly and lovingly the lips and heads delved into the secret crevices between their legs. They wrapped their arms around each other, molding body against soft body.

I could hear little moist sounds, moans of pleasure, little words of love exchanged. First one and then the other body jerked and strained hard and more moans of pleasure drifted up to my ears.

Then they lay back for a moment, exhausted, before turning to face each other with a kiss on the lips.

My mother’s clit seemed to be pressed against my aunt’s thigh. She groaned and arched her hips upward. Elaine’s mouth was now pressed against mother’s ear. I saw her tongue dart out and lick it and almost came without having stroked myself.

From the top of the ear, she ran her hot tongue around to the ear lobe. Then she gently started trace the inside of my mother’s ear.

Then she sucked the ear into her mouth. A wave of sexual pleasure overwhelmed my mother. She moaned loudly as my aunt continued sucking on her ear. Elaine’s hips were rocking back and forth against her thigh. My mother could not stop herself from humping back.

Elaine’s tongue left her ear and began traveling down my mother’s neck. She began bestowing little sucky kisses to the top of my mother’s shoulder. My mother moaned and turned her head. Elaine just went on with those sucky kisses only now it was to the other side of her neck.

It was evident to me that my aunt was driving my mother crazy with this technique, and I memorized it and would use it on Reggie and Becky and Sydnie-Ann within the week; and again the next time I was with my sister and Candy.

It occurred to me that I was watching sisterly love first hand. A second later, I realized that what I had with Stephanie was also sisterly love, and then and there I decided to tell my mother about Stephie and me; only not just then.

My mother, unable to take any more of this sensuous treatment, seized her sister by the neck and brought her mouth to her own, kissing her almost violently.

Elaine’s hips began grinding against mother. I could only assume she was masturbating herself that way. The thought of it added to my arousal.

My aunt parted mother’s legs by slipping a thigh between hers. Then she raised one leg so that her pussy rested comfortable against my mother’s pelvis. If she needed to masturbate herself against mother, then mother was certainly making it easy for her.

It was clear that Elaine was close to her climax. Mother must have known this too, for she reached out and took hold of Elaine’s right breast and brought the excited nipple to her mouth.

Sweat was dripping off Elaine’s face. She was breathing heavily as my mother bit down hard on her nipple. My aunt was tribbing with all she had. (I would only lean the term ‘tribbing’ later after discussing what I’d seen them doing.)

The bed began squeaking louder and louder and I thought it might collapse from their almost violent activity.

“Don’t moan so loud, Elaine, he’ll be here soon we don’t want him to catch us like this,” my mother cooed into her ear, and then began kissing her mouth before moving to her neck where a vein could be seen throbbing wildly.

“Oh God … Oh God … I ‘mmmm … going to … ooohhhhh!!”

Elaine’s hips went wild as she came and began riding the waves of her orgasm.

I’m pretty sure Elaine’s orgasm touched off my mother’s as well, for she was suddenly grinding crazily against her sister, masturbating by rubbing her cunt against Elaine’s inner thigh.

My mother was actually grunting and snorting pig-like and the sweat flew off her in all directions before she reached the point of unbounded pleasure and squirted her love juices for what seemed the longest time but in reality lasted only twenty or twenty-five seconds. She did, however, thoroughly saturate the bed sheets and Elaine and herself in the process.

They were both laughing hysterically when she finished. “That was incredible Rachel. I’ve never had two orgasms in a row like that. God that felt good!”

My mother sat up slowly, and wiped the sweat from her lovely face. Then she looked down at Elaine’s pussy. My aunt’s legs were wide open; her pussy lips swollen and wet. She brought two fingers to Elaine’s cunt and touched the puffed-up lips. My aunt groaned happily and rose up to meet the inquisitive fingers.

“I’ve never seen you this wet before Elaine. Did I turn you on that much?”

“Yes,” My aunt moaned. “Go on, touch me some more. I can cum again …”

My mother began to slowly rub her vaginal folds.

“Ohhh, yesssss!” Elaine groaned happily. “Sooo liseli porno close now!”

“Elaine!” My mother exclaimed, “I didn’t know you had such a large clit. It’s almost as big as mine.”

Elaine’s hips were rolling with the movement of her fingers. Mother was rubbing her fingers gently in an up and down motion against her sex.

Suddenly a series of erotic currents roared through my aunt. She began bucking against my mother and her next orgasm swept over her. While this was in progress, mother leaned in and kissed her sister on the mouth, sending her tongue in and out as the climax rushed to its inexorable ending.

I noticed that mother’s fingers never left my aunt’s cunt, fingering her even more vigorously than she had before.

Aunt Elaine came again and then pleaded that she ‘couldn’t take anymore,’ begging my mother to ‘stop, please stop.’

“Then you finger me!” mother demanded, and Elaine did, using her forefinger and middle fingers to sluice away at her cunt while rolling a thumb over her heavily engorged clit.

In the surrounding silence of the house the wet sloppy sounds her fingers made sounded remarkably like that of a plunger being applied to a stuffed up toilet.

My mother exploded with her orgasm.

Elaine did a most amazing thing, and I have since adapted it for my own use in bringing my various partners to a stimulating climax. She leaned in and took my mother’s clitoris into her mouth.

I watched my mother cum several times in succession. Holding her sister’s head to her sex with both hands as she sucked and fingered her to one tumultuous cum after another.

Only then did they lay motionless on the ravaged sheets, panting hard like a pair of horses after a long, hard run through the countryside.

Neither of them heard me walk into the room. Only when I sat down on the edge of the bed did they realize they had company.

“Oh, God!” My mother wailed in embarrassment.

“Hello, Howie,” my aunt managed a moment later.

“It’s nice to see you again, Aunt Elaine,” I said forgetting for the moment that my strident cock was pointing directly at her face.

Aunt Elaine sat up and reached out to me, touching me softly on the face, saying, “You’ve gotten very good looking, Howie.”

My hardon nestled into the valley between her breasts. We both glanced down at it and smiled. I put my arms around her and said, “So have you Elaine.”

“Not Auntie?” she said with some amusement.

“I think we’re long past those formalities,” my mother said as she got up from the bed and still unconcerned about her nudity said, “I’ll put some coffee on, if he tries anything that you don’t want … let me know, okay?”

“He’s so cute, I don’t know if there’s anything I wouldn’t want from him,” my aunt replied impishly.


“We all know why I’m here, Rachel.”

“I’m not sure I do, Elaine,” I said, smiling my best smile.

My mother feigned throwing up her hands in exasperation and left the room to make the coffee. I knew she’d be back momentarily.

My aunt pointed to my hardon and said, “Oh … I think you do, darling. That compass of yours is pointing in all the wrong directions.”

“You’re right. I confess. I’m gonna cum any second now. I really can’t hold off any longer.”

“Well bring it here, sweetie. Let’s not waste it!”

She reached down, grabbing my firm erection and said, “You’re so much bigger than any man I’ve ever been with. I can see why Rachel has such incestuous feelings for you. So you two spent the night together—in bed?”

“Yes, Elaine,” I responded putting my hand on her face, touching her softly.

In turn, she carefully removed my hand and kissed me softly on the lips. I tasted both of them when I licked my lips immediately afterward.

“Would you mind if I sucked that magnificent cock of yours, sweetie?”

“No, not at all,” I answered.

Later I would realize that her form had been perfect. She knelt with her knees together, toes pointed straight out behind her and of course, her back was slightly arched. She tilted her head back to look up into my eyes, and her mouth was aligned with the head of throbbing dick, now mere inches apart.

Elaine took her time, savoring my agony, but somehow admiring my patience in not jamming my cock into her mouth. She took hold of it, and then let it go. It rudely slapped her in the face and we both laughed.

From the kitchen, my mother called, “What’s so funny in there?”

“His monster slapped me in the face Rachel.”

“What! Howie, act like a gentleman!”

Both Elaine and I burst out laughing.

“No—no, Rachel,” my aunt yelled back. “I had him in hand but lost control and it slapped me because I failed to control the damn thing. It was all my fault!”

She stopped talking then and gobbled me into her mouth. I was kneeling on my pants and my cock was poking out of my shorts and well into her hot little mouth.

Even though I was ready to explode from the moment she touched my manhood, she still took her time with me, and that made this blowjob the best one I’ve ever had. She rubbed it all over her face, watching me the whole time. Holding me firmly in one hand, she slipped the other underneath and took hold of my balls with the other and gently stroked them.

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