Sherrie’s Birthday Party Ch. 3


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I love feedback from my stories! Please though, keep in mind my intent is not to just write another wham-bam sex tale. So, please spare me feedback such as “Get to the sex!” Anyone can write those and they are boring. This story is written with the intent to try to TEASE and stir the reader’s imagination! If you have feedback along those lines, please send it and Ill eagerly read it! Thank you!

* * * * *

As they walked arm in arm through the house Sherrie nuzzled her full breasts to her brother’s arm mashing them hard into him hoping he would notice the full cleavage visible rounded deep between the crease of her top. Giggling as they whispered to each other chatting, Sherrie was nervous as she looked at her brother’s large body. She admired his large muscular shoulders and chest, flat stomach, narrow waist and muscular thighs.

As Sherrie looked at her brother, in a fraction of a second her mind’s eye flashed to an imaginary image of them naked in his dark bedroom late one night. Sherrie could see her brother’s massive frame on top of her as she lay on her back, her legs spread wide. Sherrie imagined him positioned between her outstretched legs holding him off her body by his muscular arms. Sherrie could see his muscular ass cheeks pumping furiously as he pistoned his long cock balls-deep into her tight pussy as she clawed his back stifling moans of pleasure so as not to wake their parents in the middle of the night.

Sherrie imagined the room filled with the sounds of “fucking.” Their stifled moans and deep gasps of pleasure rhythmically in tune with each hard thrust of his hips as his balls hit her upturned ass cheeks making a soft paddling sound. Sherrie could almost see her tits shaking back and forth in time with each thrust of her brother’s massive cock searing deep in her tight pussy. Sherrie imagined looking up at her brother’s handsome face as he stared down watching each ripe mound of tit flesh shaking back and forth with each deep thrust…

Paul nudged his sister as he repeated his question to her. Sherrie awoke as if in a trance realizing that she was getting so hot imaging the scene in her mind. “Yes” Sherrie said, “What did you say?” Sherrie realized the alcohol was going fast to her head and she was developing quite a buzz.

Paul stared at his sister trying not to visibly drool over her tanned ripe cleavage as he looked down and said, “I hope no one bothers us! I’m looking forward to spending time alone with you. Just us! I’ve thought a lot about you while I was away at State.” Sherrie smiled and replied, “And I’ve become good friends with Jenny while we where both away at school. You remember her don’t you Paul?” Sherrie giggled letting her breasts jiggle as she saw Paul’s reaction.

Paul’s eyes widen as he thought of Jenny, his old girlfriend, and his mind flashed to thoughts their naked escapades in the pool late at night after his parents and sister had gone to bed. Paul remembered what a wild cock hungry sex nymph Jenny was and how she was the only girl he ever dated who could deep throat all 9 inches of his thick cock!

As he thought of Jenny and risked glances at Sherrie’s full tits straining in their tiny halter, his cock had come to life. He remembered fucking Jenny naked in the pool while his parents and sister were sleeping late at night. Paul’s cock throbbed bone hard just remembering what a whore Jenny was!

As they walked out of the house Sherrie felt the familiar humid heat of the beautiful summer night on her skin. “Oh Paul its so warm out tonight, the water is gonna feel sooo good!” Paul could hardly take his eyes off his sister’s ass and the sway of her skirt as she stepped ahead of him to walk down the steps though the garden leading to the huge pool.

The pool was down the hillside behind the huge house and surrounded by a wall covered by tall shrubs and trees. The entire area was a private retreat for the family.

Paul could smell the sweet scent of Sherrie’s long hair and perfume ever so gently in the night air. His cock throbbed as he took it in. Following behind her they walked into the pool area which was barely lit by the underwater lighting of the pool. The dim lights gave off a romantic faint glow to the beautiful clear water.

“Oh Paul lets hurry and change,” said Sherrie. Paul followed behind his sister as she walked to the pool house cottage. As she walked in front of her brother and knowing he was right behind her, Sherrie reached down on her hip and in one quick motion unzipped her short skirt. As she quickly whisked down the zipper she pulled the small skirt off into her hand revealing her firm heart shaped ass naked except for the wisp of a tiny thong. Sherrie hoped her brother was looking!

Paul took a deep breath and his eyes grew wide when he saw the smooth round globes of her ass cheeks in those first seconds. Paul took in the luscious sight of his sister’s ass cheeks split only by the tiny thin white thong. The cheeks of Sherrie’s firm ass swayed czech couples porno and jiggled as she walked ahead of Paul to the pool house. The stockings and heels only accented the curves of her tiny waist, rounded hips and that ass, ooohhh that ASS Paul thought!

He could not believe what a hot creature his sister turned out to be. She must have made every cock at school rock hard. Paul took a deep breath as he felt his cock twitch as he walked behind his sister to the pool house. How erotic she looked walking in the heels, stockings, the thong and a little halter-top.

God his sister looked like some high-class stripper Paul thought as his cock pounded in his pants. Oh my god how am I going to NOT be obvious that I’m staring he thought!

Opening the door to the tiny pool cottage Sherrie stepped aside and turned to her brother looking straight into his eyes as she held the door open. Sherrie hoped her brother’s eyes would be glued to her ass and she wasn’t disappointed when she turned to catch him staring. Paul smiled and let his arm wrap around her waist as he guided her into the door.

Neither horny sibling said a word as they smiled, getting very close as they squeezed through the tiny door. Paul could feel his cock twitch as his hand grasped the smooth firm skin of his sister’s rounded hip and rested on the waistband of the thong.

Walking in the tiny pool house Sherrie turned on a lamp near the couch. Paul stared at her ass as she bent over in the pale glow of the light. Paul took a deep breath as he stared at her stocking clad legs and smooth rounded hips.

The pool house was a one-room cottage decorated with a long couch and two huge leather chairs near the front door facing the fireplace. The wall was almost entirely floor to ceiling windows on the poolside so that the pool area could be seen when the underwater pool lights were on. In the center behind the couch was a huge four post California king sized bed.

“Oh god the water is going to feel so good!” Sherrie said as she bent over pulling out a drawer from the night stand. Paul tried to not gasp aloud when he saw his sister bend over with the tiny thong straining not to pop as it stretched tightly between her ripe ass cheeks. Sherrie reached into the drawer and pulled out a tiny string bikini and tossed it over onto one of the nearby huge leather chairs.

Sherrie continued to search through the drawer as she said, “Paul, I’m trying to find your swim trunks in here, do you know where they are?” Paul stammered a little as he came back to reality trying to not think about the throbbing cock in his pants and his sister’s almost naked body only a few feet away. Paul admired Sherrie’s firm round hips and ass thinking for a second how they would feel in his hands if he buried his cock to the hilt in her tight pussy.

“Paul! I can’t find anything but this tiny pair of racing trunks you had for your swim class.” Sherrie said as she stood up turning around facing her brother holding them up. “I think you guys call them “Speedoes” or something like that?” Sherrie said as she giggled loudly.

Embarrassed Paul took the tiny swimsuit from her as he smirked, “these are a little small to wear tonight, don’t you think?” “These won’t cover a thing.” Paul said, looking for a reaction from his little sister.

Paul knew at this very moment that he should run for the house, and fast! His cock throbbed in his pants and he knew that if he was bold enough to put on the tiny suit that there was no way he could hide the size and shape of his cock from his little sister.

Sherrie smiled as she glanced at her brother in response to his comments. As she walked the few steps to the leather chair where the tiny string bikini lay over the back, Sherrie unbuttoned the buttons of the halter-top holding the two halves together. When the last button was released her tiny sheer bra was exposed as the two halves of the halter fell away. Now Paul could clearly see the mounds of her ripe breasts except for the small cups of the bra.

Sherrie took the bikini and held it up giggling with a deep sexy flirting voice, “Well, this is really tiny too so I guess we’ll be even, right? I mean we really don’t even have to wear anything at all. I mean, after all you are my brother.”

Was this his little sister he was lusting over? Paul’s cock throbbed hard when Sherrie spoke those words. As she moved to hold up both pieces of the bikini, Paul took in the sight of his sister dressed like a stripper in stockings, a thong, and the tiny unbuttoned halter. Paul could not believe Sherrie was talking about skinny-dipping even as she stood there wearing almost nothing! She must know the effect she has on men, Paul thought as his head pounded. No way she could be this much of a “prick tease” and be totally innocent!

Paul laughed nervously as he took the tiny suit and stepped into the bathroom to change. Stripping off his clothes Paul’s cock waived heavily czech estrogenolit porno in the air. Standing naked in the bathroom only a few feet from his sister, Paul took a deep breath and wrapped his hand around his massive cock shaft giving it a few long strokes. Paul shook his head thinking about the relief he would need later from jacking off his massive meat.

Paul shook his head thinking the cool water would help him as he stepped into the tiny trunks and slid them up his muscular legs. Paul eyes widen with a twinkle as he pulled them up higher. Paul’s cock was so hard he had to carefully tuck it to into the small triangle of the front of the suit. Looking down Paul admired the size of his own cock clearly outlined in the thin fabric. His cock head looked like a plum hidden inside the thin swimsuit.

Paul remembered seducing more than one girl while wearing these very trunks for a swim on long hot summer nights. But Paul remembered he’d better be careful because the sexy creature he would be swimming with tonight was his very own little sister!

Paul took a deep breath as he emerged from the bathroom trying to think clearly about the temptation.

As Paul walked into the room Sherrie was reaching behind her neck to tie the two strings of her bikini top. She had changed in the open floor while Paul had been in the bathroom. Paul tried not to be obvious as he took in the sight of Sherrie in one of the smallest bikini’s he had ever seen. The suit was a bright orange color with thin long strings tied in a bow on each hip. Paul admired the incredible sexy body of his little sister. As she dropped her arms the motion set her breasts jiggling and the nipples were clearly visible. Paul’s eyes roamed as Sherrie struck a couple of sexy poses for her brother saying, “Well, what do you think? Like it? It’s new!”

“Ooh yeeaahh,” Paul said, and blushed afraid his words had just given away his passion. He stared trying not to be so obviously turned on by the sight of Sherrie’s incredible curves and tanned golden brown skin.

Smiling at Paul’s embarrassment Sherrie giggled nervously wondering if her older brother approved of her looks. His reaction told her that he did. “What are you staring at? You act as though you’ve never seen a girl in a bikini. I bet you’ve seen lots of girls naked, um…I mean , in bikini’s…I mean…you know…at school,” Sherrie stammered nervously realizing what she’d been thinking. “Come on lets go!”

Sherrie watched silently as her brother stepped from the shadows into the pale light and she shivered when she ran her eyes down from his hairy chest to his flat stomach stopping at the outline of his massive cock bulging in the tiny bikini briefs. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from his crotch and almost ran into the doorframe when Paul asked, “Is anything wrong?” “Oh no,” Sherrie said, “not at all. It’s just that both our suits are so small we might as well not be wearing anything!” Sherrie giggled.

Both teenagers giggled nervously at the remark as they each grabbed a towel and headed for the water. There was no doubting the obvious sexual tension filling the little pool house.

As the two teenage siblings engaged in their naughty flirting at the pool, the party was going wild up at the house. The crowd was busy dancing and drinking. Mirc looked at his watch through the fog of too many strong drinks and wondered what Sherrie and Paul would be doing right about now.

Mirc remembered the way his daughter looked in her outfit. She was really some type of flirt he thought. My own daughter, a “cock teaser.” She can’t possibly keep that up at college too long before some young horny college boys find a way to get her into their bed.

Mirc slipped off from the crowd after making sure his wife’s drink was fresh and strong. He did not want to be followed as he slipped off from the crowd and made his way down the back hallway of the big house to look for his children at the pool. Mirc imagined his daughter wearing only a tiny little bikini.

He shook his head trying to rid his mind of the guilty lust but couldn’t control the feeling as his cock began to lengthen and swell.

He remembered the way Sherrie smelled and looked earlier tonight. Her smooth skin, those legs, her ripe tits and that heart shaped ass! Mirc had the naughty idea of spying on his daughter as she swam in the pool with Paul. Maybe he could get a good glimpse of her in her bikini in the dim light. He knew it was so wrong but he had to get a quick look.

Mirc knew he’d be jacking off later tonight after his wife passed out from too many vodka tonics. And he’d be jacking off to the image of his very own daughter’s smooth ripe skin and firm forbidden flesh.

Mirc walked down the dark pathway leading to the pool still hearing the loud music from the house. His huge cock throbbed in anticipation of just one quick glimpse of his teenage daughter. I’ll just take a quick peek czech first video porno then go back to the party so as not to interrupt them Mirc thought as he reached down and cupped his hard cock through his shorts.

Stepping outside the pool house Sherrie ran up to the diving board bouncing up and down before taking the dive into the water. SPLASHHHHHHHHHH. Paul’s cock throbbed stiff as he watched his sister’s ass and jiggling tits when she bounced on the diving board. Sherrie giggled loudly when she surfaced splashing water yelling for Paul to join her.

As Paul walked to the edge of the pool he took his time hoping Sherrie could get a clear look at the outline of his massive cock before he dove in. Paul stood on the pool’s edge letting Sherrie splash him before diving over her and into the cool water. As he came to the surface he felt something like cloth floating right into his face. Reaching with his hands he grabbed what he quickly realized must be part of a bikini, Sherrie’s bikini!

As he surfaced and held up the bottoms of the orange bikini Sherrie giggled saying, “Oopsss! There they are!” Laughing Sherrie grabbed quickly for the bikini bottoms in her brother’s hand.

Reacting before he could even think Paul pulled the bikini bottoms away from his sister’s grasp and diving under the water he swam to the shallow end of the pool. Giggling loudly and squealing for her bikini Sherrie splashed the water and dove after her brother. Wading ahead of her to the shallow end of the pool Paul went to the corner and sat on the pool’s edge.

Paul smiled watching his sister come toward him as his legs paddled in the cool water. The cool water had done nothing to reduce the ache in his hard cock from his sister’s blatant cock teasing.

Paul was feeling the effects of all the previous drinks and as his head spun he watched his sister come closer exposing more and more of her hot body as she waded into the shallow end of the pool. Sherrie stopped with the water level across her stomach just above her pussy. Paul’s cock throbbed as he watched her and he knew he should jump up and run for the house getting away from this sexy little bundle that was his very own sister.

What would people think if someone came from the party and caught him trying to fuck his own sister? What would his DAD and MOM do if they caught him actually fucking his own Sister!

Mirc had trouble letting his eyes adjust as he walked down the pathway to the pool gate. He could hear Sherrie giggling loudly and he thought of just how much the two siblings must have been enjoying the pool. Mirc’s head pounded and he knew it was wrong to come down to peek at his own daughter.

But he realized after seeing her “dressed” tonight he knew he had to see her undressed or at least as much in an “undressed” state as he could see.

Mirc took a deep breath as he quietly approached the gate to the pool. Stepping off the pathway Mirc quietly moved into the shadows of several over hanging trees where he could stand up on an old tree stump near the pool wall. Mirc could feel his cock twitch with the image of how his daughter might look clad only in a tiny bikini. He knew it was wrong but he was powerless to stop the pounding in his head!

Mirc stepped up on the stump and peered carefully over the wall as he heard Sherrie laughing loudly. Staring over the wall he instantly realized what a perfect view he had of the pool looking directly at the shallow end. And he was close enough to hear their every word!

Mirc’s eyes widened and he gasped aloud when he glimpsed Sherrie wading toward Paul who sat on the pool’s edge facing away from him. Mirc’s eyes strained to take in the incredible sight of his daughter wading toward Paul. Mirc could see his beautiful daughter moving toward the shallow end of the pool and his cock throbbed as he could see her bikini top straining to cover her full ripe breasts.

Mirc’s dropped his hand to his shorts feeling and squeezing his long throbbing shaft wishing he could jack off right there as he stared at Sherrie’s body.

What Mirc saw next took his breath away as he stared wide-eyed at his own daughter and son not wanting to believe his own eyes! Mirc’s mouth dropped open in shock as he saw his own son holding what appeared to be orange bikini bottoms in his hand!

As he watched Sherrie get closer Paul admired the curve of her hips and flat stomach visible above the water line. Unaware of his father’s presence just over the wall, Paul slowly laid the tiny bikini bottom across his crotch covering his huge cock encased in the thin excuse of a swimsuit. As he draped it across his bulge he had an excuse to feel his hard shaft in his hand.

Paul could feel his cock pulsing with his heartbeat and even though he knew it was SO wrong he couldn’t turn back. Sherrie’s teasing had been so obvious and it was too late now to turn back from what he knew he wanted to do. Alcohol and a hard cock had taken over all of Paul’s judgement.

Sherrie’s pussy became wet instantly as she stared wide-eyed at her brother watching him drape her bikini bottoms over the huge bulge in his suit. His cock must be huge she thought as she noticed how bold he had suddenly become. I know its wrong but I just have to find an excuse to see that cock Sherrie thought.

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