Sexy Ride In The Woods


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So…… you give me a call saying you’re bored and fancy blowing out the cobwebs. It’s a scorching day and the sun is shining and the sky is clear. I arrive suitably dressed in my dirty overalls and boots and you hop on the back of my bike. I ask if you want to get dirty or just go for a ride. You of course say “let’s get dirty”. You are suitably dressed in a short skirt, tight low cut top that shows your ample cleavage and no bra so I can see your nipples poking through.

We start to ride up into the Cotswolds and you cling onto me round my waist and as we motor along you slide your hands into my overalls and can feel I am totally naked underneath. I take you down a few lanes and we come to a deserted ford. I ride through it just fast enough to soak us both and your white top starts to go see-through and I can see your full nipple in my rear view mirror. I then take us up a deserted lane and into some trees.

There is no one around and we park the bike and get off for a chat and a fag. As we start to talk about stuff you notice I keep looking at your nipples poking through your top and you notice my overalls starting to move between my legs. Its getting hot, in more ways than one, and I unbutton my overalls to the waist and I see you part your legs slightly. I can see you are not wearing any underwear. I can also see a pink ring sticking out from between your lips. We keep talking but we can both see that the sexual tension is getting to much for us both and you flirt and tease me with flashes and erect nipples for ages before I eventually decide I am getting way to hot. We dump the bike behind some bushes and walk escort kartal deeper into the woods till we find a clearing and as we walk closer I tell you how I love being naked. I turn to see you strip off your top half and continue walking topless. I watch out of the corner of my eyes seeing your boobs bouncing and shaking as we walk through the rough ground. I cant control myself anymore.

My cock is hurting it is so hard. I stop turn to face you, put my hand behind your head and grab your hair pulling you into me. With me free hand i grab your arse and squeeze it hard. I kiss you passionately and you respond the same. Within seconds we are both stood fully naked in the woods. I rub my cock backwards and forwards between your legs making you groan in anticipation. I push you back against a tree and slide down your body kissing, sucking, squeezing and nibbling your nipples and boobs. I slide further down until mu face is level with your pussy. I see the pink ring between your lips and slowly tug on it to reveal the toy you have in there. I pull slowly at first watching the first ball come sliding out from between your inviting lips. You tell me to just yank the rest out so I do and you love the sensation and moan as the rest of it comes out. It looked so sexy I decide to push them in again and i yank them out once more. All the time I have one hand squeezing your arse and a tongue on your clit which is driving you mad. I can now see your pussy juices starting to run down your leg and lick them up. You then drop to the same level as me and push me backwards onto the floor. You slide up my body straddling me and maltepe escort sit on my face. I start to lick your wet pussy and put my hands up to squeeze your nipples. I pinch them and pull them between my fingers and it gets to much for you. I feel your wet pussy convulse on my face and i can feel your juices flow as you cum really hard.

You then slide back down my body and start to play with my cock and balls. You start by sucking my balls whilst slowly squeezing my cock. You then take my rock hard cock and gently lick the massive amount of pre cum from the tip. It looks awesome as I look down to see your boobs hanging in mid air as your mouth circles the head of my cock. You start to slide your head up and down on my cock and I can feel the warmth of your mouth as you slide up and down. You play with my balls and a hand reaches up to play with my nipples as you suck my whole cock deep down your throat. After not long I have to stop you before I explode and I tell you to stand up and turn around. I put the balls back inside you and tell you to lean against the tree. I grab hold of your hips and slide my throbbing cock inside you. I can feel the balls inside you and they feel incredible. I reach up and grab hold of your hair again and start to ram my cock into you as deep as it will go. It is so warm and wet in there I can feel myself about to explode again so pull out quickly before it’s too late. You instantly turn around and slide my cock into your mouth licking all of my pre cum and your juices off it and then get up and kiss me. I can taste you and me at the same time and it feels so kinky.

You then pendik escort bayan push me back to the ground and slide my cock into your warm wet pussy again and you grab my wrists and put them above my head and hold them tight so i am at your mercy. You ride and grind yourself on top of me until I can take no more. I erupt in a massive explosion inside you. I cum so much and so hard I can feel it leaking down the side of my cock before i have even finished. It is dripping off my balls onto the ground. With my hands still held by you above my head you quickly slide yourself up my body and you rest your knees under my hands and sit on my face again. You tell me you had not cum and were so close you want me to eat you to climax. I can taste my own cum in your juices still and it gets me horny as hell so i do as i am told and lick, probe and flick my tongue inside you. All of a sudden you explode on top of me. I can feel your pussy contract and your juices and mine running down my face. You get off my hands and lye next to me totally spent.

I can feel your boobs against my naked chest and they make my cock stand us again. You reach down and slowly start to stroke my cock and balls. I push you over onto your back and slide my cock inside you again. It is so wet and warm it is incredible. I fuck you hard and fast and it is so wet and slippery inside your pussy with all our combined juices it feels awesome. You can feel all the juices running out of you and it makes you wild. You moan with pleasure as I pump harder and faster into you. You cum again making your whole body contract and I can feel your pussy contracting round my cock. It’s all to much for me and I pull out as you sit up slightly and I shoot my hot cum all over your tummy, tits and face. It goes everywhere as we both collapse onto the floor. We lye there all covered in sweat and love juices and we are both totally spent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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