Sex with a Stranger


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It is Friday night and I am in the mood for a quiet drink on the way home from work. Not wanting to go with my friends to one of the busier bars I make my excuses and head out. There is a small English style bar on my way home that has always interested me but I have never been to. Tonight I decide to check it out. The bar is very quiet considering it is Friday night, just a few old guys sitting at one table and playing poker. The lighting is very dim and it takes a few seconds to adjust to it. As I walk towards the bar to order a beer I notice you. You’re sitting on a bar stool towards the other end of the bar and the back view is very impressive, sexy back and a cute ass. I check out the room expecting to find your female companion somewhere but unless she is in the bathroom you are alone. There is no one behind the bar but when I reach it one of the guys that was playing cards pushes his chair back and calls out that he is coming. I order my drink which he pours, then the bartender tells me to call out if I need anything and heads back to the game. This bar is so different from the usual places I go to. Totally laid back and damn empty.

I take a sip of my drink and look down the bar towards you, you’re still alone. You are wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and the shirt is hugging your body in all the right ways. Clinging tightly over your torso and I would bet heavily that there is a six pack on the front side. I’m thinking that maybe company wouldn’t be so bad and since you are alone I move down next to you. I walk up to where you are sitting, casually brushing against your arm which is leaning off the bar holding a cold glass of the frothy stuff. I feel an electric shock as our flesh touches and look directly in to your eyes. We look at each other and I smile as our eyes connect for the longest time. Then you lower your gaze ever so slowly taking in my full red lips which I lick as you stare at them, rolling my tongue over my upper lip in one fluid motion. Your eyes move lower over the clingy top I am wearing and you make no attempt to hide the fact that you are staring at my breasts. My nipples actually harden under your lengthy gaze and you raise your head to eye level with me and there is a devilish spark in those beautiful dark eyes. You then continue your slow appraisal of my body moving your eyes lower, down over my short black business skirt, the sheer black stockings covering long shapely legs, all the way down to my high spiky heels. I have never before felt so naked when fully clothed, and my body is tingling from head to toe.

I ask you if you are about done and you raise your head and give me the sexiest smile and ask me to sit down next to you. My shirt rides up as I lift myself on to the high barstool next to yours and as you turn your body to face me your knee bumps between mine forcing my thighs apart. You make no move to change position and the feel of your hard thigh resting between mine is making me hot all over. I swallow some of my drink and wait for you to start the small talk. It doesn’t happen. Apart from the muted voices of the poker players, and an old song playing on the jukebox it is very quiet. We are sitting so close the smell of your aftershave is very noticeable. It is a sensual male scent and I can feel a dampness growing in my panties as I look at your hard canlı bahis body. I start picturing what you would look like naked, what your hard body would feel like stretched and draped over mine.

As if reading my mind your hand moves over until it is brushing my knee and you move it gradually up my stocking clad thigh, your palm sliding higher up my inner thigh, over the lacy tops of my sheer stockings until it is under my hiked up skirt. I put my hand over yours stopping you from moving further and give you a questioning look. You are a stranger to me but my body is on fire. I can feel the wet patch on my panties growing as the feel of your hand so close to them makes my pussy wet. “You want it” is all you say as you brush my hand away and move your fingers up until you are touching the wet silk covering my cunt. I turn my head to see if the card players have noticed but they are intent on their game and I breathe a sigh of relief. Your finger moves in light circles over and around the wet patch between my legs, and my breathing gets faster. I can feel the blood rushing through my body making my breasts swell and my nipples are two aching peaks pushing out against my top, wanting attention of their own. You continue stroking my pussy through the now drenched material of my black silk panties and I close my thighs tight against yours, loving the feel of that hard thigh trapped between mine. You edge your fingers under my panties and I gasp as I feel one long finger brush over the scant pubic hair above my shaved pussy, and push it’s way past my pussy lips to the juice drenched skin beneath.

I no longer care if the whole bar was full and everyone was watching us, the feel of your hand cupping my cunt is incredible. I shift a little on the bar stool and relax my thighs so that you can easily move within them. I just want to close my eyes and drown in the sensation you have stirred within me. Glancing at your lap I check to see how your body is reacting to this and I give a very satisfied grin when I see your hardened cock pushing against the restraining denim at the front of your jeans, your cock wants to escape and it look big enough, and good enough to eat.

You continue your sexy assault on my pussy and your whole hand is drenched by my escaping juices and your finger slides in and out of my cunt making a wet slurping sound. It is very hard to think with your hand gently squeezing my pussy and your finger fucking me so intensely. I move my hand over to your lap and start to move it over your covered cock, but your other hand stops me and you tell me “no”. I don’t understand as I can see your penis is rock hard and must need some release of it’s own. You just tell me to wait and keep up a steady rhythm with your finger, sliding up and down my wet slit, sliding gently over my clit, entering my dripping hole over and over again. I am breathing heavily and I can feel my body tensing as my vagina walls close around your finger tightly as it passes in and out. I’m biting on my lip to keep from calling out and when I hear a chair sliding backwards, scraping against the floor behind us, I look at you in wide eyed panic.

One of the poker players walks past us on the way to the bathroom but you don’t stop, you actually wink at him as his eyes take in the scene. I want to slap you but my bahis siteleri whole body is liquid. You see the outraged look in my eyes and lean forward to finally touch your full masculine lips to mine, kissing away my anger as your tongue slips between my red lips and starts playing with mine. Warm juices are escaping out of my pussy and running under the palm of your hand, past my panties and down my inner thighs. Small tremors are coursing through my body and my release is imminent. The old man returns from using the bathroom and shoots a long look at the scene before him as he walks slowly past. He rejoins his friends at the card game and a few moments later we hear the low rumble of laughter and a few low comments along the line of “lucky bastard”. I am past caring what other people think and keep our mouths locked together in passionate French kisses. My body is on fire and my pussy is aching, each feel of your finger as it fucks me has me on edge. The convulsions start to build up and waves of heat flow through me, I dig my long red nails in to your thighs as I cum to stop from screaming out and raising everyone’s attention. The feeling just goes on and on as you keep tickling my hardened swollen clit through my orgasm. I am humping your hand as I cum, whimpering and lost in pleasure. When my body finally stops shaking I am gasping for breath and a sheen of sweat covers my forehead.

You remove your hand slowly from under my ruined panties, and I shocked to see you bring it to your mouth and suck & lick your palm clean of my juices, you lick each finger slowly then lean forward to give me a long searching kiss. “Get rid of the panties” you whisper roughly as you move your mouth closer to my ear. You glance down at your erection then back up to me. I realize I should get rid of them fast and slide off the bar stool and towards the bathroom on shaky legs. Inside, I quickly wipe away the wetness on my inner thighs and put my saturated panties in my hand bag. Glancing in the mirror above the sink I see my flushed face staring back at me and smile thinking about our encounter so far. The music on the jukebox is suddenly louder and I move back quickly to the bar.

You are standing by the jukebox and don’t look at all comfortable with such a constrained cock. I leave my bag on the bar and move down to the secluded corner where you are. A corny country song is playing but I am only interested in you not in how the man in the song was done wrong, and I move in to your arms and press my body tightly against yours. I can feel your erection hard against me as we sway slowly to the music. I admire your restraint as you have been in a state of arousal for quite a while now. You entwine your fingers in my hair and move your lips to my neck where you suck on my exposed skin. My hands are free now and I move them to the front of your jeans, unzip them and slip my hand inside your boxer shorts to touch the big, hard cock there. “Hands or pussy?” I ask as we sway, not quite believing what we have just done or what I am now offering.

“Pussy” is the only word you utter. I pull your cock through the opening in your shorts and stroke your now freed cock with one hand and cup your balls with the other. Your hands move down to push my skirt up until it is bunched around my hips and you release your hold on bahis şirketleri me so you are holding me loosely in your arms. With one hand I part my pussy lips and use the other to guide your cock closer to me. I rub the tip of your cock over my tender skin, wetting the head, stroke around the entrance to my hole, you draw in your breath and squeeze my upper arm almost painfully. I realize you are past the point of being teased and when I guide the first inch of your big, fat cock in to my cunt you suddenly grasp my ass and thrust hard inside me, while pushing my ass forward to meet your thrust. I gasp as I feel your cock ram in to me filling me up, you let out your breath and start thrusting inside me fast. I lift one leg and wrap it tight around your body so it is easier for you to thrust in to me. The pace of your thrusting is wild and the length of time you maintained your erection is beginning to tell. This is going to be a quick fuck I realize but the power of it takes me by surprise. Your balls are slapping wildly against me as your cock keeps thrusting faster and faster inside me.

I can feel sweat dripping down my body as the pace of our movement overheats my skin. It is not long before I am aching to be filled with your semen. My pussy is saturated with juices again and waiting to be filled with yours. You keep pumping in to me, our bodies moving crazily against each other as the next song starts. Your thrusts are faster and I feel the tension in your body begin to give way, the pressure finally climaxes and pushes your sweet seed inside me, a rush of hot spurting semen far up in to my cunt, splashing over the walls of my vagina, mingling with my pussy juices. I clench my leg tighter around you and hold you tight until you have released everything inside of me. I kiss your neck, your face, your eyelids while holding you close. Your penis is still inside me but you have relaxed in my embrace, breathing hard and sweating as you recover. I bring my leg down, and we stay together in the dark corner all the way through the next song, ignoring the state of our clothes, the fact that there are other people in the bar, quietly content and satisfied.

When we finally move apart you ask me if I want to continue this somewhere we can get naked. I don’t even think about the question, just nod my head. We both go to the bathroom to clean up a bit before gathering our things. I am still flushed and take a long gulp of my now warm drink, not caring. You ignore yours. We leave some notes on the bar to pay for our drinks and then you take my hand and lead me out of the bar. The card players call out to come again as we pass them and we laugh along with them.

It is very late and the dark streets are very quiet but you manage to hail a cab and we both get in. You give the driver an address and lean back against the soft leather of the car seats. I am sitting straight with my back about a foot away from the seat back, doubts beginning to set in. You gently run your hand along my thigh and say with a laugh “Relax. It’s a hotel, lots of people to yell out to” and move your hand along my inner thigh over my still damp stockings, sending new waves of desire through me again, making me forget I am going off with a stranger I have just fucked in public. You look at me, lean towards me and kiss my warm lips. I feel them part and feel your probing tongue. You cup my large, firm breast with your left hand, gently running your fingers over and around my hardened nipple.

“How about some tit fucking when we get there?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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