Sex Sells Ch. 03


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Sex Sells Ch. 03

This third installment of the Sex Sells series takes a different turn. Hope you enjoy it. For maximum enjoyment, please be sure to read chapters 1 and 2 beforehand. And don’t forget to comment! –Petitmort

Denise’s eyes fluttered as she awoke from a long night’s sleep. The morning sun streamed through the large picture window next to the bed where she lay, caressing her face like an attentive lover. She raised herself onto her elbow and gazed outside — and beheld one of the prettiest views she had ever seen.

An expansive lake, with dark blue water as far as the eye could see, lay placid in the still morning air. The rising sun cast a golden glow on a small patch of water lilies and several trees lining the shore, an eclectic mix of oaks and palms. An open-air boathouse seemed to float magically on the water.

For a moment, she completely forgot where she was.

She looked around the room. She was lying in a king-size bed, curled under a billowy white comforter. A piano sat at the far side of the room, facing the picture window. She was in Jared’s house and this was his bed.

And she was buck naked.

She recalled the events of the previous night. The long drive to find Jerod’s house. Having dinner together. Flirting. Leading him upstairs to his bedroom. Undressing him. Stripping for him. Kissing him for the first time. Then, wild, orgasmic sex. All this, with a handsome older man who just happened to be her boss.

She felt a flush of embarrassment in her face.

It wasn’t that she found him unattractive. He was anything but. He reminded her of that actor — Mahershala Ali — if he was about twenty years older. Smooth. Sincere. Sexy. And it certainly wasn’t because she disliked him — he had been wonderful to her. Both kind and generous. A real gentleman.

No, it was the whole boss thing.

She had lost her last job working as a stripper at one of Dallas’ top gentlemen’s clubs because of her boss and sex. In that case, it was because she wouldn’t have sex with her boss that things went south. In this case, she had gotten off to such a great start — she had made a good impression and was making really good money. Then she ends up sleeping with him. Sure, the sex had been great — fantastic in fact. But mixing sex and work. Never a good idea.

She gazed out the window. The lake, all but invisible last night, was now presenting itself in all its glory. And it was pretty damn glorious. Birds were flying overhead, a small sailboat bobbed just offshore, the wide open vista — it sure beat the view in the trailer park.

Denise had never been to Banff, Canada or Lake Tahoe, California or any of those other lakes she’d heard about, so she didn’t know how Lake Weatherford, Texas compared. Truth be told, she hadn’t been much of anywhere outside of Texas in her entire twenty-two years. She grew up on food stamps and welfare so adventure travel wasn’t exactly an option.

To her, lying in bed and taking in the lakeview from a third-floor window was pretty damn sweet. She felt like she was at a resort.

Looking out the window, she noticed something moving in the water. She could see someone swimming towards the shore in front of the house. She watched the figure move steadily through the water, using a strong, freestyle stroke. When he got to the boathouse, she watched him climbed up out of the water on a wooden ladder. It was Jerod. He was wearing black swim trunks and his body looked toned and muscled. The water seemed to sparkle on his dark skin.

Denise watched him grab a towel and walk across the lawn to an outdoor shower. He turned on the water, and after a few moments, stepped inside, shutting a swinging half-door. She watched him as he pulled down his swim trunks and hung them over the top of the door. She thought about what he must look like, naked in the shower, his long cock swinging between his legs. She remembered how she felt when she first lowered herself onto him. She imagined being in the shower with him right now. Her heart began to pound.

She kept watching him as he shampooed his nappy salt-and-pepper hair. When he was done, he turned off the water, reached for the towel, and dried off in the shower. Then, he opened the shower door and stepped out wearing the towel cinched around his waist. He grabbed his swimsuit and walked purposefully towards the house.

Denise ducked down so he wouldn’t see her watching him. She hesitated for a moment and then quickly hopped out of bed, collecting her clothes which were folded neatly atop the piano bench. Jerod must have folded them for her, she thought.

She peered out the bedroom door and into the stairway. The coast was clear. Naked, she tiptoed down a flight and scampered down the hall and into her room, shutting the door quietly.

Several minutes later, she was casually descending the stairway to the first floor wearing a t-shirt, running shorts, and some running shoes.

She found Jerod in the kitchen making breakfast. He had changed into sweatpants and a t-shirt.

“Good kartal escort bayan morning,” he said in a friendly voice.

“Good morning,” she answered.

She didn’t know whether she should hug him, or maybe give him a kiss. Instead, she just sat on a chair at the breakfast table.

“How’d you sleep? Okay?” he asked, glancing at her.

“I slept great,” she said. “And then waking up to that view. Wow.”

“Yeah, that’s the best view in the house. From the bed.”

“That’s convenient,” she said, not sure what she meant by it exactly — it just came out.

He glanced at her again, to read her mood. She just smiled.

“I’m making a little breakfast. Some toast, fresh fruit, coffee. Sound good?” Jerod asked.

“That sounds great,” she said. “I’m gonna take a little run first. Just to get some exercise, see the surrounding area.”

She grimaced inside. Why do I sound so frickin’ weird?

“Oh okay,” he said. “There’s a trail if you go out that way along the shore. It’s really pretty and it takes you out to the point where you can see the whole coastline.”

She stood up.

“OK, that’s what I’ll do then. Just … get the lay of the land. And some exercise.”

“OK,” he smiled, “See you in a bit.”

She backed out of the room awkwardly.

Soon, Denise was jogging and shaking her head.

“Why am I such a nerd?” she thought to herself. She decided she would have to have a talk with Jerod to make things less … awkward. She just wasn’t sure how exactly to talk about it.

She mulled over what she might say. One option was saying: “this was all a mistake; we’ll just pretend it never happened.” She’d taken that route with guys before. But she didn’t feel that way with Jerod. She didn’t want to forget it.

Or they could set some rules and boundaries around their “relationship”. They could be boss and employee during the day and romantic and sexual at night. They could try to compartmentalize and see how it goes. That didn’t sound very workable to her the more she thought about it.

She decided just to run and clear her mind. Maybe something would come to her later.

The trail was indeed pretty and it gave her a great view of the coastline. There were several homes lining the shore, nice ones, with a good amount of space between them. She found Jerod’s three-story house and the boathouse. It looked like it had a lot of space between it and the other houses.

She made a U-turn and started heading back. She didn’t want to be away too long seeing how Jerod had made breakfast and all. When she arrived, he was sitting out on the deck.

“There’s a plate on the counter for you,” he said. “Help yourself to some coffee and join me.”

Denise found a plate carefully arranged with sliced fruit covered by plastic wrap. She poured herself some coffee and joined him on the deck.

“This is one of my favorite times of the day,” Jerod said. “Before the sun gets too high. See how still the water is?”

“I noticed that,” Denise said. “It’s so pretty. I saw two big white birds with yellow feet.”

“Great egrets,” he said. “There’s a whole flock of ’em up that way. They nest in those tall trees. It’s fun to watch ’em.”

Denise took a sip of coffee, peering out to the lake.

“Listen, Jerod,” she said, “sorry if I seemed a little weird this morning. I was just feeling a bit awkward. After last night … I didn’t know how to act.”

Jerod looked at her and smiled.

“You don’t need to act,” he said simply. “Just be.”

She thought about this. It sounded right, but it wasn’t that easy.

“It’s just … you are my boss.”

“I like to think of us as partners.” he answered simply.

“OK … I think I know how to behave as a partner, I’m not so sure how to behave as a … whatever I am to you.”

“I get it,” he said, nodding. “Things moved pretty fast. That can be … confusing. You’re not sure how to feel about it.”

“Yeah. That’s it. Exactly.”

He always seems to understand where I’m coming from, she thought.

“I know how you feel,” he continued. “We were on a certain trajectory and suddenly we changed course. It’s hard to get your head around that.”

“I mean,” she said, “I enjoyed last night. A lot. But I’m not sure what it means exactly. For our business relationship or our … relationship relationship.”

Jerod chuckled.

“Our relationship relationship. Good one.”

“Do we revert back to business?” Denise asked. “Or, do we go forward to … wherever this is going?”

Jerod looked at her sincerely.

“Look, Denise. I think you’re amazing. I like your style, I like the way you think, I like your company. I know we’re in business together — and it’s a pretty unusual business for two people to be in — but I like the way we are together. And I’d like it to continue.”

“I like it too,” she said. “A lot.”

Jerod turned to face her.

“Listen, I don’t know where this is going, but I like our heading. You know when you’re sailing, sometimes escort maltepe you catch the wind just right, the sails are full, you’re heeled way over, knifing through the water. It’s working. The destination is … secondary. That’s how I feel right now. We’re working.”

“I agree,” she shrugged. “We make a really good team. But I’m talking about more than business now. I’m talking about us.”

Jerod looked at her with a piercing gaze.

“I’m talking about us too. I like the heading we’re on.”

Denise looked him straight in the eyes.

“Can I ask you one question?” she said.

“Of course,” he replied.

“How should I think about us?”

Jerod thought a moment.

“Look, I can’t tell you how to think about us. You’ll need to decide that for yourself. I’ll tell you how I feel about us. I want to continue what we started last night. I want us to get to know each other. I want to learn what makes you tick. And I want you to learn what makes me tick. I want to experience things with you. And, to be perfectly honest, I’d like to make love with you as often and in as many different ways as we can think of ’cause last night was something else!”

Denise laughed.

“Yes, it was,” she chuckled. “I can say, without a doubt, that was some of the best sex I’ve ever had in my entire life. No one’s ever made me scream before!”

“You were havin’ a good time alright!” he laughed. “C’mere.”

She got up from her seat and slid into his arms.

He took in her entire face, looking at her eyes, her nose, her mouth.

“I’m not a player, Denise. I say what I mean. I mean what I say. I promise I’ll always be honest with you.”

Denise nodded.

“Can you do the same?” he asked.

She looked in his eyes, first one then the other.

“Yes,” she said softly. “I’ll always be honest with you. I promise.”

He leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips.

“Now, I have a proposition for you,” he said. “In the spirit of honesty, I want you to know that this is entirely up to you. It’s your choice.”

“What is it?” she asked.

“You were talking about finding a place to live. I wanted you to know you’re welcome to stay here with me. If you want. You can have your own room, your own space. Though to be honest with you, I’d love it if you slept in my room with me. If you shared my bed. But I want it to be your choice.”

She looked at him with resolve in her eyes.

“I appreciate that, Jerod, I really do,” she said, looking around. “You know, I really like it here. I can see myself being happy living here. How about we try it out, and if we need to change our heading, we’ll talk about it.”

Jerod smiled and nodded.

“Oh,” she added, “And I’ll be happy to share your bed and I’d like to have a room of my own.”

Jerod let out a contented laugh.

“We have a deal,” Jerod said, kissing her deeply on the lips.

So, Denise made the big decision to move in with Jerod. She had never lived with a man before. Hell, she had never lived with anyone who wasn’t a family member before. But this felt like the right thing to do. Not just because of the prospect of making a lot of money. She had a good feeling about him. She felt she could trust him and she liked the way they communicated. All the other guys she’d been with seemed like boys. Jerod was a man.

There were logistics to attend to. They decided to spend the first half of the day getting her moved and to buy a few things. Then, there were clients to see in the afternoon. It was a Sunday and that meant there were golf widows to sell to.

Denise didn’t have a lot of stuff to move from her Mom’s — mainly clothes, books, her laptop, and some personal things. She decided she’d leave all the kitchen and household things she’d bought. Jerod had all those things already and her Mom would need them. She figured she could fit it all in the back seat and trunk of her car and handle it herself with one trip.

Jerod, meanwhile, would work on getting her room fixed up. They decided to buy a desk, chair and bookshelf so she could use it as an office. They picked out what they liked on the Ikea website and he headed to Grand Prairie to pick it up.

Pulling into the trailer park, Denise found herself feeling excited about her decision. The cookie cutter quality of the double wide trailers felt oppressive to her now that she knew what the alternative was. She was glad her Mom had Mac living with her — he seemed to care for her and she for him. She hoped it would work out okay.

Neither one was home so Denise made quick business of packing her stuff. Two hours later, she was back at Lake Weatherford, pulling into Jerod’s driveway.

She found Jerod in the second floor bedroom, sitting on the floor, assembling her new desk. He had most of it finished and was just attaching the hardware for the drawers. She leaned against the doorframe and smiled.

“Well, look at you,” she said. “Hard at work. You didn’t have to do that, you know. I know my way around Ikea furniture.”

“I pendik escort actually enjoy it,” he said. “I think it appeals to my engineer’s brain. Hey, I cleared out the closet so you can hang up your clothes. And the bookshelf’s all ready to go.”

“Perfect. I’ll unpack the car and then give you a hand.”

After a few loads, Denise had her clothes hung, her books shelved, and her bath stuff set up. Jerod finished the desk and they moved it next to the window overlooking the lake. Jerod had an extra monitor and keyboard which they set up with her laptop. Once Jerod gave her the WiFi info, she had herself a functioning office.

Denise stood at her new desk, looking out the window.

“This is the first time I’ve had an actual office,” she said, half to herself.

“What do you think?” Jerod asked quietly.

“I think I could get some good work done here,” she said looking around. “For school and for our business.”

Jerod nodded.

“Why don’t we celebrate out on the water,” he said.

“The water?” she asked.

“I thought we could go for a sail,” he said. “Wind’s about seven knots. Should be perfect conditions.”

“That’d be great,” she said, excitedly. “What should I wear?”

“Shorts, t-shirt. A bathing suit if you want to swim. Sunglasses. Maybe bring a sweatshirt in case it gets chilly.”

“Got it,” she said. “See you downstairs in a few.”

Denise grabbed her sandals and a sweatshirt out of the closet and rummaged through the bureau for her shorts and swimsuit. She found a one-piece she’d worn in high school and a two-piece she had “borrowed” from the Gentlemen’s Club. She and the girls at the club had done a beauty pageant routine and she’d made her own suit to save money. It was skimpy but she figured she’d have her shirt and shorts on anyway.

After changing, Denise headed downstairs where Jerod was stuffing a paper bag with snacks.

“What about our appointments this afternoon?” Denise asked.

“I made an executive decision and rescheduled them for later in the week. Figured we could use some R and R.”

“Jerod,” she said touching him on the shoulder, “thanks for everything. You really helped me land on my feet.”

He looked at her and smiled.

“It’s my pleasure, Denise. “I’m sure you’d do the same me.”

Jerod’s sailboat was a white, fiberglass beauty — a Catalina 22 he called it — with a single mast and a small cabin. He stowed the food and extra clothes and set about freeing the mainsail and jib. He used an oar to push off from the boat dock and before long he was raising the sails and they were moving across the water.

“You been sailing before?” Jerod asked.

“Never,” Denise answered. “I’m a newbie.”

“Not much too it,” said Jerod, as he settled in at the tiller. “You want to keep your eye on this — it’s called the boom. It swings pretty fast when we change direction. Gotta watch your head or you may end up in the drink.”

Denise settled into her seat in the cockpit, taking in the sun and scenery.

Jerod was eyeing the top of the sails, trying to find the wind. He set his course and then leaned back against the curved molded corner.

“You want a drink?” he asked Denise.

She nodded.

“There’s a cooler in the cabin. Help yourself.”

“Want something?” she asked as she stepped down into the cabin.

“I’ll have a beer, thanks,” he said.

A few moments later, she was bounding up the steps with two open bottles of beer. She handed one to Jerod.

“Thanks,” he said.

“Where we headed?” she asked.

“I thought we’d go down to the south end of the lake. It’s pretty down there. Good place to swim.”

“Sounds good,” she said.

They were heading downwind and heeled over pretty good. Denise was holding on and grinning ear to ear.

Before long, they had reached the south end of the lake. Jerod luffed the sails and settled into a little bay.

“This is a nice spot to hang out,” Jerod said. “No houses nearby. We may see some birds.”

“It’s pretty,” Denise said, looking around.

They were out of the wind, sitting still in the water. The sun felt hot suddenly, without the cooling effect of the breeze.

“I’m just going to lower the sails,” Jerod said, standing.

He started to work the halyard to lower the mainsail.

Denise stood up, hesitatingly. She realized she probably should have worn her one-piece. Oh well, too late now.

She unsnapped her cutoffs and pulled them off, then took off her tee. When he returned to the cockpit, Jerod froze in his tracks.

Denise was standing in a micro string bikini that covered her nipples but not much more. Her full breasts were spilling out both sides of the tiny triangles of fabric. To top it off, the fabric itself was a sheer mesh that clearly showed her nipples and pussy lips.

“Wow,” Jerod said. “You look good in that.”

“I was thinking I probably should have worn my other suit,” she said sheepishly.

“Why?,” Jerod asked. “It’s so private here, you could probably skinny dip.”

“Maybe after another beer,” she laughed.

She picked up her shorts and shirt. Her thong was so deep in her ass, it might as well not been there. Her beautiful ass was glorious in the sunshine. Jerod couldn’t help but check her out.

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