Sex and the Sheldrakes Ch. 01


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Author’s Note: Thank you to those of you who took the trouble to comment on my stories and I am thrilled that, overall, most have been positive, especially since I have only just started writing erotic stories. Thanks too for all your ideas and suggestions and for those of you who requested a sequel to “Happy Mother’s Day” – especially the ladies in the UK and Australia – I have written this first part with more to follow – hopefully! Enjoy!


Luke let himself into his parents’ house after his morning run and smiled as he heard the grunts and groans of pleasure coming from Ray and Carol’s bedroom. He almost ran up the stairs in his haste to join them, his ass cheeks working together inside his white shorts as he took the steps in twos and his hardening cock already forming a considerable tent in the front of the tight skimpy shorts.

When Luke got to the landing, he could see through the open door of his parents’ bedroom and his mouth drooled with saliva at the sight which greeted him. Carol and Ray were, as Luke had expected, both naked and Carol was in one of her favorite positions, flat on her back on the bed with her legs in the air while Ray was on his knees, treating his wife to an intense and legitimate cunt-licking.

“Hi, mom, hi dad,” said Luke, smiling and advancing into the room and making no attempt to disguise the now quite formidable bulge that threatened to split his shorts in two, “mind if I join you?”

Ray looked up from licking Carol’s cunt and glanced over his shoulder and smiled at his handsome horny son, thinking not for the first time how great he looked in running gear. Luke’s shorts were exceptionally tight, framed by a matching white singlet which reached level with the wasteband of his shorts while his ass cheeks stood out prominently, his well-rounded athletic buttocks showcased to perfection by the tightness of the shorts.

“Hi son,” said Ray, smiling with pleasure, “you don’t need to ask. Get that tight ass and package of yours over here and come and join the fun.”

“Hi sweetheart,” said Carol, “you look fabulous. Those shorts look like they were designed specifically to enhance your lovely bottom.”

“Thanks, mom,” said Luke, “I’m glad my bum gets you and dad going. Here,” he continued, turning his back to his mother, “have a good long look.”

Ray, of course, assumed the invitation to ogle Luke’s ass applied as much to him as it did to Carol and he withdrew his tongue from his wife’s cunt again and moved round to get a better view. Luke looked over his shoulder, smiling and feeling no embarrassment whatsoever that the visual delights of his tight shorts-clad ass were capable of giving so much pleasure, just an overwhelming sense of pride that his bum turned his parents on so much. His cock had responded accordingly and was now straining the material of his shorts, the appendage swollen to its full length of nearly eight erect inches, the pink engorged knobhead peeping enticingly out the right leg of Luke’s shorts.

“Pity Ryan’s not here,” Luke said, referring to his elder brother who lived away from home and who had last visited a couple of months ago to celebrate Mother’s Day with lots of hot taboo sex and in the very room where the three remaining members of the Sheldrake Family Sex Club were now assembled. It had certainly been an evening to remember, one that would be looked back on with pride and joy by everyone for years to come and, of course, captured on video as a permanent memorial, expertly directed by Ray.

It had been a full meeting of the sex club too, with all four members present which, because of Ryan’s job in the city, didn’t happen as often as any of them would have liked. That was because Ryan, as a trainee accountant, had to spend long evenings at his own apartment miles away in the city studying for his exams.

“It is indeed,” said Carol in answer to Luke’s comment about his absent brother and still eyeing up her youngest son’s ass in his shorts while images of her first born son appeared in her mind’s eye. Ryan had just as superb an ass as his father and brother, not to mention matching them every inch of the way in the cock stakes. Both Ryan and Luke had made their mother presents of their pricks on that special occasion, treating her to a deep double penetration of her ass and cunt simultaneously and showing their love for Carol by shooting seemingly endless gallons of white hot incestuous spunk over her still youthful face and delectable tits and which had made Ray almost fall over himself with paternal pride.

Carol still had fond memories of that momentous day in the history of the Sheldrake Family Sex Club when she had ended up buried under what seemed like a ton of her two sons’ thick glossy sex juice, not to mention her husband’s loads as well. Carol loved being facialised and her three hornier-than-average men had all managed several helpings during the course of the evening, cumming inside her too in both her cunt and mouth as they’d creamed czech first video porno themselves with lots of spunk consequently flying about, fast and furious, until finally their balls had run dry.

Carol had been determined to enjoy her Mother’s Day party to the full, after a long busy day nursing at the infirmary, and as the spunk had gushed fountain-like from the three hard pricks of her talented menfolk, she hadn’t stopped swallowing until she had managed to savor as much of their outpourings as possible. Alas, with such copious amounts, some had been bound to escape from the corners of her mouth and had run in separate slithers down her neck and onto her tits, little tributaries in a long winding river of spunk.

If Ray and Carol had been in any doubt about their sons inheriting the Sheldrake family’s love of sex, then that now almost mythical Mother’s Day party had put paid to that misconception once and for all. The brothers were now fully experienced fuck sluts, not ashamed to show their gay sides, neither, since as well as fucking their mother, they’d fucked their father too, as well as each other, and been fucked by Ray in return, employing all the tricks of the trade that membership of the club had taught them. It really had been a family fuckfest like no other.

The Sheldrake Family Sex Club had taken some time to come to fruition since Carol and Ray had strict rules about incest and had not allowed either of their sons to join in with them until they were both officially consenting adults. This had been a bit difficult for Luke who was two years younger than Ryan and had had to sit on the sidelines while Carol, Ray and Ryan did many threesomes. Now, much as Luke loved his brother, the pair of them having fucked each other many times while their parents watched, and also plenty of times when they were home alone, Luke felt now as if he was redressing the balance even though, in his heart of hearts, he knew he would much rather Ryan had been there.

Indeed, the morning after Mother’s Day, Carol, Ray and Luke had gotten down to another hot and horny threesome almost before Ryan’s car had disappeared from view as he drove away, Ryan’s sore ass a pleasant reminder of all the fun the Sheldrake family had had the night before while feeling very pleased with himself at having fucked not just his mother and father but his brother, too.

“Never mind,” said Ray, reaching out a hand to stroke Luke’s ass through his shorts, enjoying the feel of the texture of his youngest son’s firm masculine butt cheeks through the material, “Ryan will be back soon and I’m sure he wouldn’t want us to forego any fun just because he’s not here at the moment.”

“That’s right,” said Carol, kneeling down next to Ray so that Luke’s bum was in the direct line of vision of both his parents’ eyes, “I can’t pass up this opportunity of having some fun with Luke and that lovely ass of his.”

With that, Carol leaned forward and began to kiss the back of Luke’s shorts while Ray stood up and began masturbating as he watched. “That’s it, honey,” he said, “lick our boy’s ass.”

Carol didn’t need to be told what to do, she was an expert sexualist with just about every facet at her disposal and as she continued kissing Luke’s ass, Luke lifted his singlet over his head and threw it carelessly on the floor.

“Hey mom,” he said, as the singlet landed with barely an audible thud on the shagpile carpet, “that feels really great you licking my ass through my shorts but it’ll be much nicer if I take them off.”

Carol smiled as she stopped kissing and rested back on her haunches, giving Luke’s ass a little pat. “Go ahead, sweetheart,” she said, “drop your shorts.”

Luke wiggled his nineteen years old body as he slid his thumbs into the wasteband of his shorts and slowly started to lower them southwards. Little by little, his tight hairless and now denuded buttocks came into view, the cheeks jostling together as he lifted his right leg and stepped out of his shorts, throwing these too on the floor where they landed on top of his singlet.

Then Luke stood naked in front of his parents with his back to them, giving Carol and Ray a delightfully erotic view of his naked ass, his

bare buttocks complemented by the long narrow gash of his crack. He let them feast his eyes on his bottom for a few moments before turning to treat them to a full frontal with his aroused prick standing up at an acute angle from his perfectly slim athletic body …


Ryan hurried home from the office at lunchtime, having asked his boss for the afternoon off. The old git hadn’t been too keen, at first, to grant Ryan’s request; he was one of those creeps who built their lives around work, his own being so empty, and expected everybody else to do the same, not realising that a life outside was just as important. Ryan had been working hard by day and studying for his exams in the evening practically non-stop for months, or czech game porno so it seemed to him, and he was heartily sick of looking at figures and checking those that had already been checked by somebody before him which he then passed onto somebody else to check after him.

Such a bore it was and Ryan often wondered why he’d ever decided to be an accountant in the first place, sitting in a stuffy office all day with a load of soulless men in grey suits, looking after their jealousy guarded territory and content to stay on doing the same thing day after day until they retired or dropped, whichever was the soonest. Ryan often thought of them as a Boring Old Farts Convention, not to mention his loathing of having to wear a suit and a shirt and tie to boot. For one brought up in a family firmly committed to the joys of social nudity, wearing a suit was anathema to somebody like Ryan.

Maybe he should throw it all up and take his mother’s advice and become an adult movie star, after all both Carol and Ray never stopped telling him he was every bit as good as Peter North, producing quality cumshots to rival the great porn actor himself. Getting paid handsomely to have sex before the cameras sounded great on the surface and there was no shortage of horny men and women only too keen to get into the porn industry and let the world at large ogle their nakedness and sexuality.

But Ryan knew that he could never have sex for sex sake, just to keep a lot of voyeurs happy. What made his unorthodox relationship with his family so special was that the sex they enjoyed together was sex with true meaningful love and that mattered a lot to Ryan.

And so Ryan had decided to bide his time until he was fully qualified as an accountant when he hoped to start his own business and not be at anyone’s beck and call and would be able to take time off for sex when he wanted to without having to ask the boss first. In that respect, his boss had relented after Ryan promised to work late the following day and, as soon as the clock ticked round to lunchtime, he was back on the subway to the apartment he shared with three of his female colleagues in a downtown part of the city and with all of whom he enjoyed a platonic relationship.

Very. He didn’t fancy any of them but he still enjoyed their company on a social level, after all, Ryan often thought, you don’t have to fancy someone to be friends with them. There was only one woman in the world he really fancied, a fancy born our of true love, and that was his mother Carol.

It wasn’t just the fact that he was temporarily sick of accountancy that had made Ryan ask for the afternoon off. He had woken up that morning feeling really horny, more than he usually did, and he knew he would have to do something about it. He’d resisted the temptation to lock himself in the loo at work and have a wank since he wanted to save himself, should the old man consent to his request and set him free for the afternoon. Now, Ryan couldn’t get home quick enough to get out of his wretched suit, shower and change, and then get in his car and spreadeagle himself away from the frenetic pace of city life to the far more salubrious surroundings of the small town where his parents and brother lived – and, of course, where he had been brought up and lived himself until he had reluctantly moved to the city because of his job.

As soon as Ryan entered the apartment, as silent as a tomb since the girls were all out at work, he stripped off and went into the bathroom, his hard cock leading the way. Getting a hard-on was second nature to Ryan, he always felt as horny as fuck when he was in the nude, and as the hot jets of water rained down needle-sharp on his athletic twenty-one years old frame, he had to summon all the willpower he possessed not to play with himself and bring on an orgasm, difficult for someone like Ryan who thought about sex most of the time, his life ruled by his cock. In that respect, however, he was probably no different to 99% of men on the planet, young or old.

Ryan’s hard-on throbbed under the cascading water as thoughts of visiting what he considered his real home filled his brain, along with the mind-blowing memories of Carol’s recent Mother’s Day party.

“Fuck,” said Ryan to himself, rubbing shampoo into his neat short hair, “that was some party, ‘specially when Luke and I double penetrated mom. She couldn’t get enough.”

Ryan was still musing on these delightful thoughts as he finished washing his hair, rinsed himself and then turned the jets off, before stepping out and beginning to towel himself down. He was still fully erect yet managed to have a piss in the bowl and then went out to get dressed, selecting a crew-necked T-shirt and a pair of black shorts that fitted snugly around his buns. It was a perfect day outside, the weather dry and warm and sunny with just a slight hint of a breeze, ideal for wearing T-shirts and shorts although, once inside the sanctity of his parents’ home, czech gangbang porno Ryan knew they wouldn’t be staying on for long.

“Mom’ll like these,” giggled Ryan to himself as he pulled his shorts on, fully aware of Carol’s ass fetish and happy to go along with it, just as his brother Luke did. He glanced over his shoulder and checked himself in the full length mirror in his own private bedroom, the one part of the apartment that nobody else entered, making sure his shorts stretched tight across his ass to showcase his buttocks to their best advantage. Satisfied, he grabbed his bag and headed out into the heat of a glorious summer’s day and climbed into his car, having decided not to telephone his family to let them know he was on his way. It would, Ryan figured, be much nicer to surprise them …


Ray sat back in the divan chair by Carol’s dressing table and stroked his impressive hard-on as he watched his wife and youngest son climb onto the bed and get into the sixty-nine position after several minutes of Carol licking Luke’s balls and sucking his cock as the young man had stood proudly before her.

As soon as they were on the bed in the requisite position, Luke began licking his mother’s pussy with hungry enthusiasm as Carol’s mouth simultaneously engulfed his cock. In the year or so since Luke became old enough to participate, he had soon picked up the art of cunnilingus, not to mention the art of fucking, and it was with a confidence beyond his nineteen years that he continued to run his tongue along the groove between his mother’s silky soft cunt lips.

Carol squealed with joy as Luke’s tongue found her aroused clit and began to encircle it while Ray increased the pace of his wanking as he watched. He was always inordinately proud of both his sons but that pride went through the roof when the sex club was in action even if one of its members was missing.

“That’s it son,” Ray said, “you’re doing really well. Lick it hard.”

Luke was thrilled to hear his father’s words of admiration and started to lick as hard as he could, digging his tongue deep into Carol’s pussy and savoring the sweet taste of nectar emanating from it as he worked up her juices. At the same time, Carol’s face cheeks had almost caved in as she sucked hard on Luke’s prick, tasting the salty gobs of Luke’s pre-cum as she deep-throated her horny loving son.

“I’ve gotta get some pictures of this,” said Ray, “where the fuck did I put the camera?”

If Carol and Luke heard Ray speaking, they made no sign, they were too busy enjoying sixty-nining each other. Luke let out a cry of sheer pleasure as Carol let his cock fall out of her mouth and started to go to town on his shiny sweaty balls which, even at that early stage in the procedings, were bubbling up with spunk.

“Oh yeah, mom,” Luke cried, releasing his tongue from his mother’s cunt to speak and smiling up at his father, “that feels beautiful. You’re just as great licking balls as you are sucking cock.”

“Thank you, sweetheart,” giggled Carol, gasping as Luke returned his tongue to her pussy, “I’m glad it meets with your approval.”

“Yeah, mom,” replied Luke, “but I don’t want to cum yet.”

“What DO you want, sweetheart?” asked Carol, lasciviously.

“I want you to lick my ass, mom,” said Luke without a moment’s hesitation, “nice and hard like you did last time.”

“In a moment, sweetheart,” Carol answered, “I’m enjoying sucking this nice hard prick of yours too much.

Ray had gone over to the cabinet near the bed to search for the camera, smiling at the slutty small talk which was always a feature of their regular gangbangs. During the Mother’s Day gangbang, Ray had used the camcorder and made a porno movie of the Sheldrake Family Sex Club in action,just one of many that Ray, as an amateur adult movie director, had made of his sex-mad relations in action since Ryan and Luke came of age. Now, however, Ray wanted some still shots to add to the family pornographic album with Carol and Luke as the stars.

“Found it!” Ray cried, turning back to face his wife and son, Carol still hungrily licking Luke’s balls while Luke simply could not get enough of Carol’s cunt. Ray moved slowly round them, the camera in one hand while wanking his cock with the other, looking for interesting camera angles and leaning in every now and then to snap what he considered to be some particularly mouth-watering shots.

After ten minutes, Carol manoeuvred herself and Luke round on the bed while Ray went to change the camera’s batteries. When he got back, Luke was on his hands and knees with his asshole gaping open and Carol’s tongue plowing its depths in a long hardcore incestuous rimming, happy to comply with Luke’s request of a few minutes earlier.

“Oh, fucking hell!” cried Ray, “that is fantastic. Don’t stop, I’ve gotta get some shots of this.”

“Aaaagh!” screamed Luke as Carol licked along the lines which had formed on the walls of his asshole as he spread his cheeks wider, “keep going mom, that feels fabulous.”

Ray snapped away, determined to get as many shots as possible and from as many different angles, too. Carol and Luke were absolute naturals in front of the camera, in Ray’s estimation they should have got into professional porn as should Ryan.

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