Seven Deeds Ch. 02


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Seven Deeds Ch. 02: The Second Deed

The next morning, Tonya went to school, like always and took her place in the back of the classroom, prepared for another day of listening to Greek.

“Tonya?” said Mrs. Drisden.


“Your schedule has been changed, dear, your first period class is now down the hall, Room 225, Mrs. Smith’s,” she answered.

Tonya had momentarily forgotten about the “7 Deeds”…… “Ok, thanks, Mrs. Drisden,” she said, getting up and leaving the room.

Once she recovered from the embarrassment of being “the new kid in class,” Tonya began to relax a bit, almost proud of herself for making something good happen for her.


Two hours passed and the lunch bell rang. As all the other students took off in a stampede to the lunch room, Tonya was headed in the other direction, towards Mr. Sharp’s office.

And, just like yesterday, Connie greeted Tonya with the same smile, “Go right in, he’s expecting you.”

Tonya faked a smile and headed down the hall, unsure of what today’s deed would be. She nervously knocked on the door, and again, was told to come inside and lock the door. And again, Mr. Sharp buzzed Connie and told her to hold all his calls.

“You are looking very sexy today, Tonya,” he said, walking towards her and giving her a hug.

“Thank you, Mr. Sharp,” she answered, half way hugging him back.

“Well, how did it go?” he asked, “Is the new class more your speed?”

“Yes, thank you,” she answered, smiling.

“Good, baby, that’s good,” he said, stepping back and staring at her, “I really enjoyed yesterday, I hope you did too.”

Tonya swallowed hard and nodded her head yes.

“Tell me, Tonya, are you still a virgin?” he asked, again loosening his necktie and unbuttoning his shirt.

“I’ve made out with guys, but they never fucked me, mostly just fingering and licking my pussy,” she answered.

“Mmmm, so you ARE a virgin,” he said, unzipping his pants and sliding them and his boxers to his knees.

Tonya watched him stroke his massive cock as her mind drifted back to yesterday, having it in her mouth.

“Come here, baby” he whispered.

Tonya obeyed and made her way over to Mr. Sharp as he reached out for her, kissing her deeply. She could feel his cock mashed between their bodies as their tongues danced. She moaned into his mouth kartal escort when he slid his hands up her skirt, bunching it up over her small hips.

Mr. Sharp broke the kiss, “Oh, is someone getting horny?” he asked.

“Yes, Mr. Sharp, very horny,” she answered.

“Mmmm, take your clothes off baby,” he said as his eyes suddenly became serious and dark, “Hurry!!”

Tonya wasn’t sure was the urgency was, but she obeyed and quickly stripped down to nothing, waiting for his next command.

“Oh, God, I can’t get enough of your body, so tight and tan, so flawless,” he said as a small trickle of drool slipped from the corner of his mouth, “You wanna lose your cherry to me, baby?”

Tonya looked into his eyes and whispered, “Yes, take my cherry, I’ll never tell anyone.”

“Oh, I know you wont, baby, it’s your word against mine anyway,” he answered smugly, before leaning in to kiss her again.

His cock began to ache, almost hurt when he felt her hot, round, young tits pressing into his bare chest. He began dry humping her as they kissed passionately. Tonya moaned into his mouth as she slid her hands around his naked waist.

Suddenly, Mr. Sharp broke the kiss and slid his hands around her hips, turning her around and pushing her over his large oak desk.

“I’m gonna fuck you today, Tonya, I’m gonna shred this cunt, you’ll remember who your first time was with,” he whispered, slowly lowering his body to his knees.

Tonya wasn’t sure what he was doing. Although she had never had sex, she knew enough to know that he had to be standing if he wanted to put his dick in her, “What are you doing?” she asked nervously.

“Shhhh, baby,” he whispered, slowly parting her ass cheeks with his large hands, “I wanna taste this hot little ass.”

And, just like that, his tongue was flickering around her tight, virgin rim, sending chills over her naked young body. She gripped the corners of the oak desk and slowly began rocking her small hips.

“Mmmm, my little slut likes this, huh?” he moaned, then pierced her asshole with his tongue.

“Ohhh, Godddd,” she moaned, slightly falling forward.

“Get on your hands and knees on my desk, baby,” he ordered.

She quickly obeyed, again grabbing the corners of the desk, as her young, round ass pushed its way back.

“Mmmm, fuck, you look hot like this, baby,” maltepe escort bayan he whispered, taking his cock into his hand, gently stroking it as he put his mouth back to her rim.

Tonya’s body began to shudder as she struggled to hold herself up. She was having sensations completely unknown to her at this point. She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip, slowly rocking her small hips side to side. Her nipples hardened like glass as Mr. Sharp’s tongue probed in and out of her sweet asshole. She moaned like a slut in heat as his warm breath danced over her shiny wet rim.

He brought his hand up and began teasing her soaking wet slit, gently poking 2 fingertips in and out of the tight little hole.

“Oooohhhhh, God, Mr. Sharp,” she moaned.

He only smiled as he continued sucking her rim and fingering her cunt.

After a few minutes, he was convinced she was ready to become a woman. His cock could no longer stand being out of her young cunt. He stood up and placed his hands on her hips, digging his fingertips into her creamy flesh.

“I can’t hold out any longer,” he whispered, slowly slipping the head of his cock into her virgin cunt, “Ooooh, fuck, mmmmmm I forgot how tight you virgins are.”

Tonya instantly arched her back and let out a long, heavy sigh, so close to cumming she no longer even knew where she was.

“Yeah, baby, arch that sexy sweaty back, push that hot little cunt to my cock,” he moaned, slowly working another few inches of his meat into her.

“Mmmmm, Mr. Sharp,” she moaned, “Oooohhh, mmmmm.”

“Tell me to put my entire cock in you, baby,” he hissed, slowly bucking his hips into her ass, “Say it loud, I wanna hear you beg for my cock.”

“Please, please, Mr. Sharp, please fuck me hard with your huge cock, put your entire dick in my pussy,” she moaned in a high pitched slutty groan.

That was all he needed to hear. He no longer cared about being slow and gentle. Between the heat of this virgin cunt and the delivery of her slutty pleas, Mr. Sharp was ready to tear the fuck outta this girl.

He gripped her hips tightly and began bucking his hips into her, slamming his monstrous cock into the very soul of Tonya. He wanted to hurt her, he wanted to stretch her and rip every vein in her slutty cunt. He wanted her to moan, both in pleasure, as well as pain.

Tonya screamed escort pendik out, “Mr. Sharp!!!!!! Oooooohhh, Oooooohhhh, Mmmmmm, Ooooooh, God, it hurts, it hurts!!!”

“It hurts so good, doesn’t it, baby?” he hissed, fucking into her like a wild animal.

“Mmmm, yes yes yesssssssss, ohhhhhh, God, yesssssssss, don’t stop, Mr. Sharp, please, please don’t ever stop!!!!” she pleaded.

He smiled, knowing he had this little slut almost to the point he wanted her. He knew she was about to cum any minute, she was about to release and have the hottest orgasm of her life.

“Oooohhhhhh Aaaaahhhhhh,” she screamed, “Ohhhhh, mmmmmmm I’m cumminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng!!!!!!!”

Just then, Mr. Sharp pulled out of her and demanded that she turn around and face him, “Suck me off, slut,” he ordered, “Suck me good.”

Tonya was barely able to keep her balance on the desk. She was in the midst of a hardcore climax.

“I SAID SUCK ME OFF,” he yelled, grabbing her long, blonde hair and shoving his cock down her throat.

He looked down and watched those pouty, red lips working his engorged cock. He knew it wouldn’t be long.

“That’s it, slut, you taste your nasty juices on my cock? HUH? Do you??????” he hissed, using her hair as a handle, working her mouth up and down his cock.

He threw his head back as his balls tightened painfully, “OOOHHHHHHHHHH, FUUUUUUUUUUCK,” he screamed, “OOOHHHH, HERE IT CUMSSSSSSS, SUCK IT, SLUT, SUCK ME OFF, DRINK IT ALL!!!”

His hips bucked wildly as he pumped his thick seed into Tonya’s young mouth. He could hear her gagging and this only made him hotter. He pumped, what seemed to be, gallons of his seed into her mouth before finally stopping.

“CHRIST,” he yelled out, his cock still jerking in her mouth, “Fuck, I think that was better then yesterday, baby,” he said, releasing her long, blonde locks of hair and sliding his spent cock from her mouth.

Tonya swallowed every thick drop, a bit angry that Mr. Sharp had not continued fucking her through her own climax.

“Get dressed, I have members of the School Board coming in in 15 minutes for a meeting,” he said sternly.

“Don’t forget ……..” began Tonya.

“Don’t worry, baby,” he said, smiling and opening the top drawer of his desk, “Your deeds are being marked off.”

Mr. Sharp got up and walked over to Tonya as she began to open the door, “Kiss me, baby, I wanna taste my cum on your tongue.”

She smiled and leaned in, kissing him hard before finally leaving the office again.

As she made her way to her classroom, she smiled. She was beginning to like being the principal’s whore ………

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