Selecting Blinds is Hard Work


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It was when our new house was almost completed that my wife changed her mind from having curtains to wanting vertical blinds, so off I went to get some quotations.

As my wife was in the armed forces she would regularly be away for months on end, so I was put in charge of sorting this out all on my own. Being a plumber by trade, being left to pick styles, colours etc was rather daunting at first, but when I went looking around the showrooms for the 3 main suppliers of vertical blinds it became easier.

Having made appointments at the first 2 showrooms for a sales rep to come around to do measure and quote I made my way to the last showroom, admittedly near closing time on a Saturday, but hey, it can’t be helped.

Browsing around the showroom while the two ladies serving looked after the last minute rush of clientele I was off in my own little dreamworld when Heidi tapped me on the shoulder; “Can I help you sir,” she asked. Noticing her shoulder length brown hair and warm brown eyes looking at me with a friendly smile on her face I was immediately warmed by her open demeanour.

Yes, sure you can help, I need all the help I can get, I said with a sigh. Got a new house, almost finished and the wife has changed her mind from curtains to blinds, she’s off for two months so I gotta sort it out all by myself.

“Oh, that’s what we’re here to help you with,” Heidi said with a warm smile, her eyes glinting with a devilish streak. I don’t know what it was, but I was turned on by this look in her eyes.

Her tall and trim form only added to the excitement, slender with smallish breasts, slim hips and long legs that were topped by a pert little butt hugged tightly by yellow cotton three quarter length pants. Her feet with red toenails slipped into a casual chunky heeled slide and a scoopneck top that kept slipping off her shoulders to reveal no bra straps at all….damn, that’s what I love, a cotton tee shirt type top with nothing underneath….yum!!

Anyway, putting those thoughts aside for the moment I concentrated on picking the material, then the colour for the vertical blinds presented a problem, but Heidi quickly solved that by saying she’d have a whole book of colour swatches with her when she’d come around to do the measure and quote.

It was at this time that the naughty thoughts returned with a vengeance, then seeing her firm nipples hardening when she told about measure and quote I was somewhat taken aback by her open flirting. As if to make sure I’d gotten the idea she then leaned over far enough for her top to slide down…. enough to show me her pert little boobs, complete with hard nipples….

I just smiled as she said something about her not usually being on showroom duty, two of the girls being off sick so she was called upon to help out at late notice.

Well, you do a good job at doing the showroom justice, I said, kicking myself at the double meaning of this statement. Instead, this lady in her early forties just smiled as she now was sure I’d seen her perkies in all their glory when she’d leaned down in front of me. It put some spice into the situation.

On the appointment day I received a phone call from Heidi a few minutes before she was due to arrive, her apologising profusely as she had written the address down incorrectly…perhaps she’d been too busy flashing her titties at me to pay close enough attention huh?

I told her not to worry, I wasn’t going anywhere and made sure she knew exactly where to come. She duly turned up about twenty minutes late for her appointment, looking flushed and delicious I thought.

Being such a warm escort bostancı summer I was wearing just a pair of shorts and tee shirt and was walking around barefoot on the new carpet, installing security latches on all windows and doors.

As Heidi came in the front door she took off the same chunky soled slides she was wearing on Saturday and walked around barefoot with me, her short sleeved blouse and knee length skirt now business like enough yet cool enough for the warm season.

Excuse the attire, Heidi started, it’s just so warm that wearing the full getup is too stifling… smiling as she saw me thinking whether this meant she was without her bra again, like on Saturday….

“No worries to me, just do your measuring,” I said. With that Heidi clicked into her work mode properly and in short order she’d measured the whole house for blinds.

“OK, measuring done,” she announced loudly, “can I borrow you to do the colours,” Heidi asked.

Going thru the colours became difficult as it quickly became apparent that her company didn’t have the colour that suited the interior colours of our new house….much to Heidi’s disappointment. It was when I showed her a competitor’s product that she became enthused, holding it up against the kitchen cabinets, doors and walls to see how this particular fabric and colour were what was in my opinion the perfect match….

“Nick, I have to say that on this occasion I would actually recommend you buy from the opposition,” Heidi said thoughtfully as she seemed impressed with the quality of the full length sample the rep had left me. “Damn, this is nice fabric, and the way the colour seems to change depending on how much light falls on it, would love to see how this makes the house look,” she said, thus leaving me an opening to invite her back for a look.

I didn’t miss it, offering to call her in for a lookie when the blinds were installed. She still finished off her quotation, even though we both knew it was pointless. “Gotta get the boss to see I am doing the job,” she explained.

So that was it for the moment, but it was hard to forget her sneaky smile she offered as she let me perve at her firm titties in the showroom, and her flirty mannerisms…. Even so, I was in no hurry to ring Heidi when the opposition’s blinds were installed, dismissing the flirting as one of her ploys to gain business.

Heidi’s phonecall came as a surprise to me, so much so that when I finally realised who it was I felt like an idiot, saying: “Oh yes, how could I forget,” another double entendre….

Anyway, she started by saying that some customers are memorable and then she stopped herself by saying she was getting herself into hot water here, again leaving it open for me to continue or put an end to the flirting.

“Oh come on,” I said calmly, “I know you only rang ’cause you wanna have a look at the new blinds from the opposition.”

“Yes,” she replied hesitantly at first, “when is a good time to come around for a look Nick?”

“Anytime this week Heidi, working around the house still, finishing off this and that,” I replied.

“Will your wife mind if I come around to look at the blinds,” she asked coyly.

“Don’t know and I can’t ask her either, she doesn’t come back for another two weeks,” I replied. The silence that lasted too long gave away that Heidi wasn’t just coming to look at the blinds.

“Oh, OK then, can I come over now then,” she asked.

“Sure thing, I am not going anywhere,” I said as calmly as I could and hung up the phone.

Her car turned into the driveway only a few minutes later, ümraniye escort thus adding to the excitement. As she drove right up to the open garage door I watched as she put one high heeled foot on the driveway, then the other and slid her bum out of her car, causing the already short skirt to ride up almost to her crotch.

Once she was standing beside her car I couldn’t help but admire her slender form, long legs, high heels, short skirt, tight fitting blouse that was rather sheer with the sunlight behind her, revealing at once that her perkies were sans bra, again!

I looked at her for several seconds before inviting her inside, her smile showing that she appreciated her form being admired.

As I closed the garage door and we got to the carpet she turned and asked if she should take off her shoes, I was too quick in my response for she grinned broadly at my rapid NO answer. Heck, I love the way woman’s legs look wobbling atop a pair of heels…..

I took off my boots though as I led her into the kitchen to first look at the cedar blinds, nicely matching the outdoor trim and also making a nice accompaniment to the kitchen decor. Getting to the dining room window I saw Heidi’s firm nipples making their presence known thru the flimsy tight fitting top, the way she stood side on with the sun behind her made the top almost transparent. That must be why she was wearing it I figured. As she walked around I swear I could smell the aroma of aroused pussy wafting around…..

The fun started at the first ranch slider with full length blinds, Heidi took the opportunity to bend over at the hips and let her skirt ride up her thighs a long way as she took the bottom weight of the blinds in her hand for inspection. In the meantime I was giving her firm backside a visual inspection of my own, she looked at me when she was bent over and her eyes just had this smirk in them….damn I was getting hot and horny!!

This woman a good ten years my senior was prancing around in my house, looking good enough to eat and taking her time to let me get to it…..

At the second ranch slider Heidi instead squatted down on one knee, making sure that I was opposite her so I got a good view up her thighs. Figuring I better kneel down too she made sure to spread her thighs a little so I couldn’t miss the fact she was naked underneath her skirt, staying long enough for me to take in her naked sex and look at her smirking face again.

My cock was now making a tent in my shorts, something which caused Heidi to smile even more. “So, young man, are you gonna just keep perving at me or are you gonna get serious,” she said as she unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it on the floor as she got up from her squatting position.

“You lead and I’ll just follow,” I said as I watched her small breasts’ nipples protruding proudly.

She unzipped her skirt next, also dropping it on the floor and then she bent over the sofa, offering me her naked hairless pussy and tight bum. For a few seconds I stared in wonderment at how this woman had just done exactly what I had wanted her to do…..

“Well, are you going to look at me or use me the way I was meant to be used,” she said with some anger in her voice, this disappeared as soon as I dropped my shorts and placed my knob at the entrance to her red hot cunt. Wriggling her tight butt a little Heidi just said; “don’t muck around, I have been dripping since I hung up the phone earlier, just fuck me….and fuck me good… Go on, just drive that cock into me, I want you to fuck me like I know you’ve wanted to since you were in the showroom….looking kartal escort bayan at my perky tits….your eyes gave you away young man….”

With Heidi bent over my couch, her high heels being the only thing she was wearing now, I grasped her hips and began plowing away into her surprisingly tight pussy that seemed to be getting wetter with each stroke. For several minutes I just kept shafting her, pussy slurping away as my shaft kept sliding in her juices….

The surprise came when Heidi said she wanted to be on top, standing up as I withdrew, leading me around to the front of the sofa, between the coffee table and the two seater she beckoned me to the ground. As she squatted over my cock, she said this was her favourite position, squatting on her heels, with a nice fat prong stuck up her twat!!

Watching her pussy slide down over my rigid prick I couldn’t help but just lie back and let her ride me in this position, it was only when she began slamming down onto me without abandon that I was getting worried. My nuts were getting trapped between my thighs and her firm buns each time she slammed down onto my root, she was getting so energetic that I was afraid she’d squash my poor nuts in this way….

I need not have worried for she soon came with a rush and a roar, groaning and moaning; “oohhh fuck, that’s a beauty of a cock there young man….gggrrrrr….oooohhhh mmaaannnnnn……your wife must love riding that puppy!!”

Soon after that she climbed off my cock and planted her wet beaver on my mouth, ordering me; “lick and suck, and hurry up about it!!” She obviously was used to getting her way, ’cause she told me exactly what it was that she wanted, until she started on her next orgasm that is, then she just moaned and groaned away again…..ggggrrrrr……oohhhhh…. and so on until she gushed a load of juices into my mouth.

I had never had a woman cum with a squirt or a gush before, but it didn’t taste bad and it didn’t worry me at all so I just kept kissing her tasty box until she climbed back onto my cock. Her face was flushed and sweaty, but she simply ordered; “When you are ready to cum I want you to just let go in my cunt, I want to feel your spunk dribbling out of me later on…”

It was when she was riding my cock this time that the doorbell rang, Heidi just kept riding my cock, groaning away a little quieter than before but still rather noisily. The doorbell rang several times more, but Heidi didn’t care, she just kept slamming herself down onto my rampant dick, cumming again just as the doorbell rang the last time. This time I spewed my cum deep into her juicy cavern, making for a nice cocktail of love juices.

She just smiled at me as she stayed impaled on my shaft as it started to deflate, gushing some of our juices onto my balls. After a minute or so she scooted onto my face once more and pretty much ordered me to lick her cunt clean, to the last drop she said….

I laughed and said; “the more I lick the wetter you’ll get.”

To which she sharply responded: “Just do as you’re told slave, you’re mine now, so worship my beautiful pussy and lick it clean, or you’ll regret it….”

This last statement came as a shock to me, I had not figured her for a dominatrix, but she had definitely made it clear she wanted to be worshipped now, all on her terms, and hey, with a pussy as tight and tasty as hers, perhaps I was willing to play ball….

After licking her cleft for a while she announced that she was clean enough now.

With her pussy now nice and clean, and thoroughly fucked I might add, she got back into her skirt and blouse, grabbed me by the cock and said: “Next time you can be in charge bad boy!!” She leaned down to give my cock a little kiss and then she walked out the door, wafting a trail of sweaty well fucked aroma as she left.

Damn, that was better than I had expected!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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